House sitting for Jessica’s parents

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House sitting for Jessica’s parents
House sitting for Jessica’s parents

Jessicas dad took had got free tickets for his family to join him on a business trip.  They went to Cape town for a few days and He asked if I minded looking after the house while they were away. Not minding at all, being young and rather happy to have some freedom away from my parents for a few nights I accepted to look after their house.
I dropped them off at the airport midday Wednesday saying goodbye to my girlfriend and her family and head back to their home being rather excited to have my freedom.

On the way back home to their place I stop at the local bottle store getting myself a few beers and 2 bottles of whiskey, to hopefully last me till Sunday morning. That evening I still went to my parents and had supper there before returning to the freedom of Jessica’s house. The Wednesday night I more a less behaved, just messaged and chatted with my girlfriend, telling her how weird it felt to be laying in her bed alone, not having her under, in front or on top of me fucking. We teased each other a bit as we texted before saying good night and calling it a night.

Thursday soon arrived and with it being varsity holidays it was rather nice to wake up at a decent hour and not stress about work or lectures. Jessica and I texted most of the day, again teasing but on this occasion she got the better of me as her and her mom went shopping, and she bought a few sexy little outfits, which I was dying to see. During the day I also planned for my mate Marc to join me friday and Saturday night to have a few drinks and have some freedom in Jessicas parents home.
Before I knew it, it was 9pm on Thursday and Jessica sent me a few pictures. The first was of the jeans and top that she bought. The 2nd was of a thigh high skirt, rather sexy and all I could say I can’t wait to bend you over in that. She laughed in her reply and then sent me a picture of the three matching lingerie sets that her mom bought for her. Black red and white. All very sexy. I said I’d love to cover them in my cum while it on your sexy body. Hmmm she replied, got you all horny. Yes I said and güvenilir bahis siteleri you so far away.
(And that’s how the rest started) the conversation got hot as Jessica and I made plans to send each other sexy messages (pictures) tomorrow night, once she in her room alone and parents asleep. I was all excited even though Marc would be with me but him and I have always had our mutual respect and both not ashamed of our naked bodies as we seen each others cocks a number of times. Soon during all the excitement I fell asleep.

Waking up Friday morning with a serious morning glory. Laying naked on my girlfriends bed, I took and sent the first picture to Jessica. Rock hard cock and throbbing. She replied, I love to have that in my wet pussy right now, having you pounding me, making me scream. And that’s exactly what I would love as well. The rest of the day we kept send each other kinky little message, which kept my cock rather hard most of the day. Around 2 in the afternoon Marc arrive bringing some drinks. We chatted and rested at first, watching tv while Jessica and I still texted each other. I told Marc what Jessica and I plan to do tonight and he asked am I going to share the pictures. Yes I replied and then the day started getting more interesting as I started getting more horny every minute.

It was after 9pm, Marc and I had finished  eating when Jessica sent me her first picture. She had her new skirt on and took an upskirt picture of her wearing her new black g string. My cock instantly went hard as I replied, very sexy my babe, hope you know that later I’m gonna go through your lingerie draw and pick one of your g strings and cover it in my cum. I showed Marc the picture hot he replied and then we started talking about Jessicas pussy, body and how she fucks as we awaited her next reply. It soon came, a picture of her in her black matching bra and skirt, sexy belly Marc commented as we read her reply saying that’s fine just as long as you send me a picture afterwards.

I took a topless picture of my chest and replied say I will definitely send you a pic of my hot cum covering a g string of yours. Even tipobet more horny and with Marc we started making our way to the bedroom. Skipping past Jessicas bedroom into her parents, we made our way to her mom’s lingerie draw first. Her mom was also an attractive lady. Definitely a MILF. Opening her lingerie draw we had a good look at all her sexy underwear, 36D bra,  medium sized thongs and as we were going through all her lingerie, we came across a little toy…

A cute little pink vibrator that was hidden under her thongs. Immediately Marc and I start wondering and imagining the sight of Jessicas mom pleasure her cunt with this cute vibrator. The next picture soon arrived from Jess she had swapped under and on this occasion she was standing in just her matching white lingerie, sexy as fuck and said wish she was here on my cock right now. Off came all my clothes and I took a mirror selfie showing my hard cock to my naughty girlfriend, while saying that she looks absolutely sexy.
Marc and I then closed the mom’s lingerie draw and made our way to Jessica’s room. Off came his clothes, his cock too upright, rock hard and then I recieved the next picture from Jessica. Looking at it my cock started throbbing harder. Marc asked what she sent and I slowly hand my phone to him to have a look at Jessica standing in her new red g string topless showing off her firm tits. Oh gosh Marc commented while looking at her tits. I opened her lingerie draw and took a blue g string of hers and wrapped and tied it around my cock and balls. I took a picture of it and sent it back saying that soon this pair will be covered in my hot load of cum.

After sending the pic I placed the g string on the bed so its ready to be covered in hot thick cum. Marc took one of Jessica’s silk thongs and started stroking his cock back and forth with it. As I started jerking my cock the next picture arrived from Jessica, a picture of her wet cunt with two fingers inside as she pleasured herself. A real hot turn on and showing Marc my girlfriend fingering her cunt he exploded, shooting his hot thick cum onto Jessica’s blue g string. The sight of tipobet güvenilir mi him covering her g string in his cum got me to boiling point and my cock exploded as I shot my load as well onto my girlfriends g string doubling the load, making it look like a huge cum shot. I put the tip of my cock at the bottom of the g string and took a picture of the hot mess and sent it back to Jessica.

Having the pressure relieved from our balls, Marc and I made our way to the kitchen to get another drink and sat talking about the pictures and sexiness of my girlfriend. Wow that’s a lot of cum you shot out, she replied. Marc and I laughed at her reply, a great idea for both of us to cum over her g string. We both had a load of fun doing so and he enjoyed all the naughty pictures he got to see of Jessica. Jessica and I texted a little while longer before saying good night. Marc and I sat naked in the lounge watching tv and chatting before passing out.

Waking up the next morning naked, as I stood up and looked over towards Marc his cock was hard while still asleep, obviously having a good dream. It wasn’t long till he woke with his morning glory. I asked who he was dreaming of and he replied saying of your girlfriend sucking my cock. Off outside we went for our morning piss making it easy for him with his hard on. We soon ate and then chatted and before we knew it, it was already Saturday afternoon 3pm. Marc soon left for home leaving me alone in house for the rest of the day. Jessica and I texted again but on this night we weren’t naughty, although I was horny.

After dinner I went and had shower in the main bathroom and once clean and dry I again went into Jessica’s mom’s lingerie draw. Imaging fucked her my cock was soon hard. Moving to her cupboard I went through her dresses, finding a sexy kinky black laced dress. Being horny as fuck, I decided to put it on. It was rather tight and while looking into the mirror the silhouette outline of my throbbing hard cock was prominent. Feel horny and naughty for some reason I made my way into the back garden wearing my girlfriend’s mom’s dress. I lifted up the dress, letting my cock out. I started stroking my throbbing cock and it wasn’t long till I exploded. My hot cum shot into the garden relieving the build up from my balls. After a good cumming I removed the dress and put it away, ending my naughty horny house sitting weekend for Jessica’s parents.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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