HotWife / Cuckold Contract

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HotWife / Cuckold Contract
“Ok, here are the key clauses for the husband:

1. Upon entering this agreement, your status will now be a cuckold or simply cucky. Your wife will be known as the hotwife/mistress and her black owners will be called black bulls.

2. Although you are still her husband, you no longer have permission to have any sexual intercourse whatsoever.

3. You will be required to wear chastity belt all the time and your hotwife will hold the key to your chastity belt. Or should your hotwife chooses, she can give this authority to her black bulls.

4. You will be refrained from any sexual gratification of any kind until you get approval from your hotwife. Or should your hotwife choose, she can give this authority to her black bulls.

5. Your sexual gratification can only be limited to self masturbating and under no circumstances will there ever be physical involvement from your hot wife.

6. You must stay loyal to your hotwife no matter what happens. This is a true sign of a loyal cuckold.

7. You must allow black bulls access to your home and your marital bed anytime to fuck your hotwife. Those that have c***dren must already consider this lifestyle and decision prior signing this contract. No black bulls will pretend in front of your c***dren and it canlı bahis şirketleri is always good to introduce early and explain why their mother chose this lifestyle.

8. You must accept your role as a cuckold which includes pussy cleanups after black bulls inseminate your hotwife. You must also start to do house chores including cooking because your hotwife will be busy entertaining and giving pleasures to black bulls.

9. You will accept the fact that your hotwife may not come home for few days if her black bulls chose to spend few nights with her at their place.

10. You may or may not watch your hotwife giving pleasures to black bulls, it all depends on your hot wife’s black bulls.

11. If in the most likeliest event, your hotwife is pregnant with black babies, you will support living expenses and education right up to college to ensure another generation of black supremacy is taken care of. And you must treat these black babies equal or better than your own c***dren.

I, hereby, allowing my hotwife, __________, to be owned and used by black bulls for the duration of the membership which therefore means Xenia is officially the property of black bulls”

“Ok, here are the clauses for the hotwife:

1. Upon entering this agreement, you will be the canlı casino siteleri property of black bulls. Black bulls are black supremacist, studs, black men with potent seeds, strong and have seeds of champions.

2. You will submit and surrender your pussy, ass, mouth, tits and ultimately, your precious womb at all times. No longer will you breed White babies, you will breed black babies and black babies only from now on. And yes, you will still be used by black bulls even when you are pregnant.

3. You shall be required to spread your legs for your black bulls as often as your black bulls desire. Should you have the sexual urge that needs to be satisfied by your black bulls, you are free to satisfy those needs for as long as it involves black bulls only.

4. You will obey your black bulls at all times.

5. You will carry your normal duties in your profession, but upon a summon from your black bulls, you will drop everything that you are doing at once, even if it means performing a sexual service in public places, should your black bulls chooses to do so.

6. You may be required to spend one or several nights at your black bulls’ side without seeing your husband or c***dren. You must also allow access for your black bulls to fuck and inseminate you kaçak casino on your marital bed upon request from your black bulls.

7. Your black babies must come first and must be breast fed and strictly no baby formula. Black babies are future champions and need full nutrition from their mother.

8. You will be branded and tattooed to display your submission to black bulls and to show black bulls’ ownership and control over your body. Indirectly, it is to show people that your husband is automatically a cuckold. You may also be required to wear an official Queen of Spade collar in public. All these accessories will fend off white or other men that tried to approach you.

9. In the likeliest event that your addiction of big black cocks become uncontrollable, you are encouraged to raise this to your black bulls. Upon your black bulls discretion, a gangbang may be provided with the help of other black bulls in the club. You are not allowed to masturbate, as this is seen as selfish self pleasure. Your sexual activities must involves one or more black bulls.

10. You will be called names from your black bulls, consider this a compliment.

11. As you can expect, sex with black bulls are not love making, so it will not be gentle. Black bulls are sexual a****ls that have one thing only in mind, that is to ravage hot wives married pussies. So sex will be rough. You must embrace this treatment.

I, _____________ am a property of black bulls and submit myself to be owned and used by black bulls for the duration of the membership.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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