Hitch-hike from Frisco

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Pete was due to do a Gig in Frisco but he got the dates wrong, it was not booked until the following month, so with no cash to travel he went for the hitchhike once more, like he did when he came down, he needed to get back home to New York.

By coincidence; holding his hand out on the highway this big guy in a big truck to match hooted him and came to a skid stop.

It was Jed and along with him, Ching the Chinese American, the guys who had gave him a lift down.

“Did your gig not happen son?” Jed asked.

“Nope I got the dates wrong, so now I need a lift home.”

“Jump in, bad news for you Huh? But good news for us.”

“How do you mean?” Pete asked jumping in between the guys with Ching at the wheel. “Payment in kind, yeah?” Jed laughed and then Pete knew exactly what he meant, the only way he could pay for his passage was by letting the guys have heirs. But that was no big deal, he’d been well fucked by them the day before and if that was the way to get home, it was no big deal – in fact he found the whole episode pleasurably strangely, even though his passage was still numb after the threesome fucking.

“What happened to Jason, ain the with you?”

“Nope, he got himself pissed and not fit to travel, but I think we can fill in for him sure enough” Jed said clutching his vitals – and of course, Pete knew exactly what he meant.

Soon they were burning rubber along the interstate highway and snuggled between the two hunky guys, Pete was inclined to give Jed a rub, not without some provocation on Jed’s part who’s hand guided his to the spot. But Pete was quite happy giving Jed a frig as they listened to country music on the radio,

About an hour later they pulled into a service station to refill and had some refreshment. When they returned to the truck Jed told Ching to take charge of the wheel for another hour or two because he had some business with Pete in the sleep -over cabin situated over the driver’s cabin. He was due to take over the wheel at this point but he said he’d make up later then he could have Pete aloft.

“I bahis firmaları saw Pete rubbing you up, but he no rub me!” Ching complained.

“Well I guess the reason for that is he did not want to put you off your driving.”

“But I still got big hard-on hearing your grunts!”

“Oh well. sighed Jed looking at Pete; “I guess you have got your work cut out again lad, for the return journey -with a dose of Chinese hot pot too Huh?”

They laughed and Pete too, he’d already tasted Ching and it was okay, so no problem, he’d take them both again, but he didn’t bank on Ching’s sweet and sour …

The truck guys had their rest cabin well set up with very nice cosy bunk bed to sleep one, because the other would be driving all through the night too. Of course young Pete had already been up there and in no time at all Jed was so hard for his fuck that he had him stark naked in the count of twenty and his rough and ready manner, although a bit scary when he first met him, Pete rather enjoyed, especially the masterful way of the American trucker and steeped himself on all fours at Jed’s blatant demand – Jed grunting that he was hot for the lad’s deep hole and it was like he was an animal licking him up, preparing Pete for the fuck, tasting his cock with vigour and getting deliriously horny stretching Pete’s ass cheeks wide so he could nudge his nose between, sniffing him up like a dog with a bitch.

Pete closed his eyes and took in the fervor of it all, loving the feel of Jed’s busy mouth and fingers stretching him there, squeezing his balls and sucking his cock.

Pete could have done with any amount of Jed’s pampering and showed his enjoyment of it by wiggling and pouting out his ass cheeks for more and more, enjoying the tease of Jed’s finger tips feeling up his thighs.

Below in the driving seat Ching heard the rumpus and imagined what was going on, and hearing the moans of sheer lust Ching could not avoid rubbing himself – imagining what was in store for him later.

Soon Jed was in there, feeling the deep fuck of Pete kaçak iddaa as Pete moved and assisted him slide deep up inside for the full length of sheer unadulterated throbbing stiff eight inch hefty cock.

Pete whispered Jed’s fuck was heaven and yelled for him to fuck harder and quicker. Jed took the hint and stabbed him furiously with all his might, causing Pete’s ass to shudder like blancmange with each invigorating thrust, making him yell with each thrust and Jed grunt and moan like a proverbial lion fucking its female.

Each deep fuck was better than the last and soon Jed wanted him beneath, but first to smother him with his fresh fucked cock, squeezing Pet’s head between his hairy thighs as he smothered all over his mouth and face, Pete writhing with ecstasy enjoying every moment; the taste and the smell of ripe earthy and pungent cock.

He felt Jed begin to mouth fuck him and soon his rich spunk was shooting out into his mouth and over his face. By then Pete, panting for breath, was on all fours again feeling Jed once more go inside him, fucking him numb, just like it had been before, until at last Jed had his fill and lay exhausted on the mattress, with Pete laying on top.

At the next stop Jed exchanged the driving seat with Ching.

“Was it okay, Jed?” he asked knowing it was a silly question, seeing the absolute look of satisfaction on his work mate’s face.

“That guy has some ass and fucks like a trooper, enjoy Ching and thanks for letting me go first.”

When Ching climbed into the rest cabin there was Pete still stark naked and ready for the second round. Ching just stood there awhile relishing the site of the lad’s firm and tempting body, then he slowly undressed exposing his all, his seven inch cock already at full hilt, all ready for the fuck of Pete’s ass. But he was into spanking and Pete knew it, but he endured it for the free ride, he knew Ching would thoroughly massage his ass cheeks with some sort of Chinese concoction which was very stimulating, so just being all ass for the guy was a real treat, the feel of his kaçak bahis big hands massaging him.

“I need for you to implant this in your mouth as I give you a sound after -fuck spanking, but first the fuck first – I need it!” Ching said and told Pete the dildo was an exact mould of his cock in plastic ” but not before I do this” and Ching proceeded to insert the dildo up Pete’s asshole, sucking his ass as he did so, gently fucking it up his ass, Pete moving to its rhythm, enjoying it, he said it was very nice and when the fucking was done Ching placed it straight into Pete’s mouth ordering him to suck it as he received the explicit and very sensual fuck of a china man.

Of course Pete couldn’t talk for the moment, but he felt Ching’s fuck slide up into him and started to enjoy the feel of a second cock inside, moving again to each deep thrust as it grew and grew until it was like a piston engine thrusting in and out of his well worked asshole..

“You have remarkable ass” Ching complimented in his broken American accent, “very good for honorable fuck, now I wish to suck you and then we taste and suck each other until we cum, and they were soon in the chosen position – head to toe – enjoying each other like there was no tomorrow and it was soon that they simultaneously reached a climax complimenting the prime fuck, sucking each other up like a cat with cream.

But now Pete was ordered on all fours again, the dildo placed once again into his mouth as he received the first of ten hefty open handed slaps across the breadth of his ass.

The pain was gross and Pete could not help spitting the dildo from his mouth as he yelped with pain, but Ching showed no mercy, indicating that for losing the dildo from mouth he would have to suffer five more spankings.

Pete took the punishment frantically grasping the dildo in his mouth until the punishment was done.

His rear felt numb and on fire, but Ching was not finished yet, Pete would receive another very strong and rough stiff fucking before the hefty china- man was done and he knew he would have to spend most of the rest of the journey exhausted on the bunk.

But later it was a repeat of all that had happened and again Pete was fucked soundly, it was a high price to pay for his lift but he would never forget it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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