High School Romance Ch. 07

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I apologize for how long this took to finish but my dang math professor keeps assigning homework. I really enjoy writing and especially feedback from you people. It inspires me to keep writing. I hope you all enjoy 🙂


Same restaurant, different overly perky hostess. This time though, Brady wasn’t as nervous. He held Ezra’s hand in his and he knew that Mr. and Mrs. Lockheart were close behind him. Brady spotted Adam and smiled. They made introductions and sat down. Adam took a short moment to look over Ezra before turning his attention to the Lockhearts. “I wanted to thank you for taking Brady in,” he said.

“We’re glad to have him,” Mrs. Lockheart said. “He’s a great young man.”

Adam nodded. “I’ve recently learned more about his situation. I’m very glad he had you people there for him.”

“Really it was our son,” Mr. Lockheart said. “The boys care for each other very much.”

Adam looked at the young couple. Ezra shrunk back into his chair. He didn’t like being looked at too much.

“Brady tells me you’re a musician,” Adam said.

Ezra glanced around and nodded.

“He doesn’t like to talk,” Brady said, putting a protective hand on Ezra’s shoulder. “But yes, he plays piano, along with others.”

“That’s a good skill to have,” Adam commented.

Ezra seemed to relax a little. They enjoyed their meal and as they parted, there were promises of meeting up again.


It was dark. Ezra was cold. He was huddled in the corner. He was in trouble.

“I’m sorry,” he whimpered.

Sorry wasn’t good enough. It never was. He covered his face. “Sorry.” He couldn’t stop saying it. Why couldn’t he stop saying it? It only made it worse.

A big hand captured a small wrist and pulled the small boy away from the corner that was his only defense. Uncle Roger pulled Ezra’s pants to his ankles and tapped the several leather straps of the whip against Ezra’s backside. He sobbed, “Please don’t. Please. I’m sorry.”

Pain tore through him. His little body shook and he tried to get away. Tried so hard to get away.

Big hands grabbed him, hurt him. A voice that smelled like death said, “Stop fighting.”

Ezra tried to cry out. A big hand covered his mouth. More pain. He screamed. A hand around his throat. He couldn’t breathe. He choked and coughed. The world was red.

Then suddenly, a soft voice. “Open your eyes, beautiful. It’s OK. I’m here.” A gentle shushing sound. “It’ll be over just open your eyes.”

More pain. Blood ran down his legs.

Brady was there, just like he always was. Ezra clung to him. The nightmare was over. Ezra felt the seat of his pajama pants. No blood, no bruises. Just a dream. Brady’s hands brought warmth back to Ezra. He sighed.

“That was a bad one, huh?” Brady murmured.

Ezra closed his eyes, listened to the steady rhythm of Brady’s heart. He took a slow breath, in and out. It was over. Uncle Roger couldn’t get him anymore.

Ezra didn’t really remember his real mom and dad. bahis firmaları All he remembered was Roger. A big man with hard hands and breath that smelled like whiskey. He remembered beatings that got worse and worse. He remembered the night when Roger’s friends had come into his room and how they had called him a slut for what they made him do. He had been nine years old when his uncle had branded him with the word. Nights were hell, and during the day was just as bad. Roger would clean up what he’d done. He would bandage up his nephew, feed him the table scraps from the day before, and then it was time for lessons.

Ezra learned fast, it was his only option. He had to be smart, or at least try to be. He studied as much as he could every day, and did his best to make his uncle happy with him so that maybe when the sun went down he wouldn’t feel those rough hands around his wrist, or that biting pain of the whip.

He still remembered it every day and relived it every night. It was getting better now. Brady made the world seem like a brighter place, a place with less pain.

Brady yawned and held Ezra closer. “Go back to sleep, beautiful,” he muttered. “It’s alright now.”

Though it was obvious he was tired, Ezra noticed in his last moments of lucidity that Brady was still awake, watching over him.


“Good morning, beautiful,” Brady said as he kissed Ezra’s cheek. Ezra opened his eyes and looked around in a daze. Brady found it adorable how Ezra was so slow to wake up in the morning.

Ezra shut his eyes and sighed.

“It’s time to wake up, angel,” Brady whispered.

Ezra groaned and pulled the blankets closer to him.

“Come on,” Brady said, laughing. He tugged at the blankets.

Ezra let them go and instead curled up in a tight ball. Brady picked him up and carried him to the bathroom. He plugged the drain, started the water, and coaxed Ezra into raising his arms. His shirt dropped to the ground and his nipples contracted to little rosebuds from the cool air around him. Brady removed Ezra’s pants and boxers and led him to the tub. Ezra smiled at the feeling of the warm water on his skin as he sat down. Brady stripped his own pajamas off, turned off the water, and sat behind Ezra in the tub. It was a tight fit, and there wasn’t much room to spare, but Brady liked that.

Ezra laid his head on Brady’s shoulder and yawned.

“Wake up,” Brady whispered, sprinkling a few droplets of water onto Ezra’s neck and then kissing them away.

Ezra groaned and smiled, but kept his eyes closed.

“Are you going to sleep all day?” Brady asked.

Ezra nodded.

“Does this mean I have to wash you?”

Ezra nodded again.

Brady smiled and reached for the bar of soap. It was handmade by a friend of the Lockhearts, the source of Ezra’s lavender smell. Brady moved the bar over Ezra’s chest and stomach, leaving little pieces of lavender flower on his skin. Brady set the bar down and moved his hands over Ezra’s body. He found himself becoming aroused kaçak iddaa just from touching the one he loved.

Ezra sighed and Brady saw the head of his erection start to peak above the water. Brady poured shampoo onto Ezra’s hair and started to massage his scalp. “I love you,” he whispered.

Ezra made a soft, musical, humming sound that Brady had come to recognize as Ezra’s shy way of saying ‘I love you too’. Brady knew that talking was difficult for Ezra. He often got frustrated with his stuttering and gave up. But Brady loved the sound of Ezra’s voice, really any sound Ezra made, and he sometimes wished that Ezra would open up more.

“Did I miss anywhere?” Brady asked, as Ezra rinsed the suds from his hair.

Ezra moaned slightly and led Brady’s hand to his groin. Brady gripped the throbbing organ and maintained a steady pace until Ezra gasped and came.

They stood and turned on the shower to rinse themselves off. Ezra knelt down and took Brady’s erection into his mouth. Brady moved Ezra’s dark hair aside and Ezra looked up at him as he moved Brady’s dick in and out of his mouth.


Just as Brady was getting ready to walk out the door, Ezra hugged him tightly again. Brady shrugged and leaned down to give Ezra another long, good-bye kiss. Neither of them wanted to be the first to pull away. Brady set down his bag and wrapped his arms around Ezra and he could feel Ezra smiling.

Unfortunately the time came that Brady had to leave. He was so ready to be out of high school. Graduation was in a few months and he couldn’t wait. He didn’t like not having Ezra there, but he knew it was safer for Ezra to be home-schooled. People were still very hostile as the rumor spread that Brady and Ezra were a couple. It was unheard of in a town like that. Of course Brady was certain there were other homosexuals, it was a well kept secret.

The parking lot was full of vehicles Brady had never seen before and it took him a moment to remember that there was some sort of college/career fair going on. As soon as he made it to his classroom, the seniors were called to the gym for the beginning of the fair.

Brady leaned on the wall. He hadn’t really given much thought to his future and he knew it was something he had to start doing soon. He visited the tables of a few junior colleges and a technical school before passing by an elaborate U.S. Army display.

He looked for a while. One of the guys passing by shouted, “Don’t ask, don’t tell!” His group of friends got a good laugh at it. Brady glanced at the soldiers sitting at the table and one of them gave him a sympathetic look.

“That shouldn’t be a factor,” one of the soldiers said. “It’s on its way out.”

Brady stayed for a while and walked away with a plastic bag filled with pamphlets, pens, pencils, rubber band bracelets, and book covers. He wasn’t really sure how he felt about it all, or what Ezra would think.

That was the most important thing. Ezra. It wasn’t just Brady anymore. He had to think. How would he support kaçak bahis Ezra through college? Or was Ezra even going? Brady had never opened discussion about their future plans.


“Ezra…do you ever think about the future?” Brady asked.

Ezra shrugged. They had returned to the place they used to sneak away to, back when their relationship had just begun.

“All I know is I want you there,” Brady said.

Ezra smiled widely and kissed Brady.

“Wait, smile like that again,” Brady said. He kissed Ezra’s cheek. “You have a little dimple right there.”

Ezra laid his head on Brady’s chest and looked at his ring under the starlight. Brady looked at it too, the way it seemed to shine in the night, and he felt reassured. He started to kiss Ezra’s neck and Ezra arched in his lap. Brady lightly bit him and goose bumps popped up on Ezra’s skin.

Ezra turned to face Brady, still in his lap, and started to move back and forth. Brady held Ezra close and kissed him deeply. Their tongues slid around each other. Ezra made a soft sound as Brady unzipped his jeans and freed his growing organ. Ezra shivered as Brady started to spread the pre cum with his thumb. Brady nibbled at Ezra’s collarbone as he laid back in the truck bed. He liked the feeling of Ezra grinding against him. He gripped Ezra’s hips and guided him up so that he was on his hands and knees and his erection was positioned over Brady’s mouth.

Brady started to lick him lightly. Ezra shivered and pressed himself into Brady’s mouth, but timidly backed off.

“I want to make you happy,” Brady whispered. “You know I love how you cum. Do what you feel like, angel.”

Ezra let go and started to slide in and out of Brady’s mouth. Brady focused on relaxing and was proud that he didn’t gag. He was really happy to be used for Ezra’s pleasure. He heard the soft series of moans that meant Ezra was ready. Brady kept the semen in his mouth as it spurted in and moved onto his hands and knees. He spread Ezra’s cheeks and let the cum run into the crack as he licked at the tight opening.

“Do you trust me, beautiful?”

Ezra moaned desperately and made himself more open to Brady.

“I love you,” Brady said. He pulled his shorts down and entered Ezra slowly. He heard Ezra gasp as he entered. Brady was concerned and paused. Ezra pushed back on him, taking Brady deeper. Brady entered him completely and reveled as he always did in the moment that they truly became one.

Ezra squirmed and Brady began to thrust in and out. Ezra was biting his lip and reciprocating every move. Brady reached around with one hand and gave Ezra’s nipple a pinch. His other hand roamed over Ezra’s scarred back. He swore he would make things right. The person who had hurt Ezra would suffer.

Brady sped up his motions and Ezra moaned as Brady stimulated his prostate. Brady closed his eyes and listened to the heavy breathing and flesh slapping against flesh and Ezra’s gasping and moaning.

Brady slammed into Ezra one last time and came. They were still for a moment. Brady pulled out and watched a little stream of cum dribble out of Ezra and on to the truck.

He smiled and took Ezra into his arms.

“Whatever life brings, I’m just glad I’m with you.”

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