HFLS: Roommate Attraction

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I told you that I enjoyed watching the series Her First Lesbian Sex many years ago. This was the second story idea that I tried to submit to them to make into a movie. It’s another version of their standard story; I liked watching the videos, but I wanted a scene that didn’t quite go as expected.

Unfortunately, studios don’t read unsolicited scripts.

Episode 21: Her First Lesbian Sex: Roommate Attraction

Scene: Woman in mid-20s in a short dress walking across a college campus in the afternoon. “Let’s see if I can pick up any new girls today. This school’s been a good source for lovers in the past.” We spot two attractive girls, 20s, dressed casually near a landmark (like a fountain or statue) down the path. The woman smiles and waves at them and approaches them briskly. They wave back and are watching her arrive.

Woman tells them “I am so relieved to find you here. Linda and Danicia, right?”

First girl says “No, I’m Katy and this is my best friend Allison.”

Woman laughs – she thinks they’re teasing her. “Yeah, right. I’m Hope. We have an appointment to meet here (looks at her watch) right now.” She points to the first girl. “You’re Linda or Danicia?”

Second girl says “No, I’m sorry. We’re not expecting to meet anyone. I’m Allison, and this is my best friend Katy. We just got out of art class”

Now the woman is worried. “Damn! This can’t be. I’m supposed to meet two models here that I’m interviewing for a fashion cruise for a cable network during spring break. You’re not just teasing me are you cause I’ve been so stressed about this?”

Katy: “No, we’re sorry. We’re not models. We’re sorry we can’t help you.”

“Damn!” Hope looks at them more intently. “Say, but maybe I can get your help. Do you have plans for spring break? Today’s my deadline to sign two girls to a contract. They’re supposed to appear on a TV special featuring them modeling clothing and doing activities on a cruise. We’re talking about cocktail dresses, party dresses, swimwear, and other activewear. It’s a 10-day cruise to Panama and back with stops in Jamaica, Costa Rica, Belize, and Cozumel. We’ll pay for all of your expenses and pay you a modeling fee, too. Are you interested?”

The girls look at each other quizzically.

“You can even keep the clothes that you model.”

Both of the girls smile. Allison says “you’ve got two models. What do we need to do?”

“First, I’ve got to get you to come back to my office, in my apartment, so I can officially interview you and fill out the paperwork and take some photos.”

Katy takes a step back and gets a skeptical look on her face. “You’re not with some porn magazine or website are you? This isn’t some scam to get us to sign a deal for nude modeling is it, because we’ve already turned down those offers.”

Hope laughs. We’d be in a lot of trouble if we had any nudity in these videos. No, nothing more revealing than bikinis. Is it settled? Will you come for the interview?”

The girls agree and the scene fades out

Scene changes to Hope’s apartment. She’s sitting in a chair facing the two girls sitting on a sofa. Insert small talk here. They tell us that they’re both 20. They’ve been best friends since they got to college. They just moved out of the dorms and into an apartment together last semester. One’s a Journalism major and the other’s an English major. They don’t currently have boyfriends. She asks their measurements, and they tell her, so she can have the right sized clothes sent to meet them on the ship.

Hope asks “Do you have any prominent tattoos?” They both tell her no. “That’s good. I scheduled a shoot with a model once who had a large tattoo that we didn’t know about until we saw her in her bikini the in the middle of the shoot. It would’ve cihangir escort embarrassed the sponsor, so we had to find ways to only shoot her from the left side when she was in her bikini.” She pauses. “So I hope I don’t offend you if I ask you to take off your shirts and jeans for me. Ever since then, we’ve had a corporate policy that I have to give my guarantee that I’ve examined you and that you don’t have any prominent tattoos that can be seen in a bikini or I’ll lose my job. Is that okay with you? And then I can tell you more about the cruise.”

The girls look at each other and shrug. Allison says “Well, that sounds reasonable to me.” They both stand up and undress to their underwear. They’re both wearing matching bra and thong sets. Hope stays seated. The girls show her that they aren’t marked and sit back down.

Hope smiles again. “That’s wonderful. Now let me tell you about the itinerary. Friday night, we’ll fly to Florida to catch the ship. The ship leaves on Saturday, but we’re hosting a pre-journey party on Friday night. You’ll be wearing black cocktail dresses. We will furnish jewelry that we want to spotlight. You don’t get to keep the jewelry though. This jewelry will not be taken on the cruise.” She pauses. “One thing I haven’t mentioned yet. We’re going to be very ambiguous about your relationship to each other, but we especially want the cameras to see you hold hands at one point during the party and give each other a brief goodnight kiss.” She stops because she can see the disapproving looks on the girls’ faces. “You said you were best friends and roommates so I thought maybe you were lovers, but now I see that you are not. Is that right?”

They both nod and say “yes, that’s right.”

“Does that mean you don’t even kiss.”

They shake their heads. Katy says “No, we’ve never kissed.”

“But that’s okay. You’ve kissed other girls, right?”

They shake their heads. “No”

Hope’s getting exasperated. “You mean you haven’t even thought of kissing another girl?”

Allison shakes her head and says firmly “no.” Then Katy, looking down, mumbles “yes.” Allison looks at her in shock. “What did you say?”

Hope grasps at the admission and asks “Who have you thought of kissing?”

Still looking down, Katy quietly says “Allison.” We see Allison look over at her clothes, wondering if it’s rude to put them back on now. Instead she crosses her legs and covers up more with her hands in front of her.

We can tell that Hope is ad-libbing to try to sign the girls to the show and its setup. “Katy. I admire your bravery. It takes a lot of courage to come out and admit this. It makes me feel so special that you trust us enough to tell us your secrets.” Hope asks Katy “do you feel that Allison is tolerant and kind.”


“Then I want you to remember that we’re both your friends here and no one here will judge you. We encourage you to be true to yourself. This is a safe space for you. Will you tell us what you’ve fantasized about?”

Katy looks up and takes a deep breath. She looks at Allison then at Hope. “Well, once we moved in together, we only have one bathroom so we use it at the same time in the morning. I got in the habit of brushing my teeth while she’s in the shower and then chatting with her. She has an earlier class so after she leaves,” (she looks at Allison) “I take off my clothes and sit on the bathroom floor and think of how lovely you look in the shower and play with myself while I think of how I’d like to kiss you.”

Hope asks Allison “You didn’t know anything about this?”

“No, not at all.”

“Katy, it’s important not to suppress your feelings, and it’s important to share these things. That’s why you’re in college, esenyurt escort too, to explore ideas and feelings, right?” Hope jumps up in excitement. “I just had an awesome idea. This is a safe space for you and we can help you explore these feelings. Let’s try something. Maybe you’ll it’ll be too weird and you’ll never do it again, but it’s only fair to you to try this once. We’re going to let you have your fantasy right here in my living room.”

The girls look at each other confused.

“First, take off the rest of your clothes and sit here on the floor. We’re going to let you masturbate while Allison stands over here and takes a virtual shower.”

Katy’s confused. “Huh?”

“You want to masturbate with Alison in the shower, right? Well, we’re going to pretend that my living room is the shower. Alison can act like she’s showering. You say that makes you horny and it’ll be even stronger now that you know that she knows. And then you’ll have fulfilled your fantasy and it won’t own you anymore and you can both move on being friends.”

Katy says very slowly “Okay, I’ll give it a try.” She takes off her clothes and sits down criss-cross with her hands on her knees and waiting for Alison to start her show.

Hope looks at Allison. “Next, you stand here next to her and take the rest of your clothes off and pretend to shower.”

Allison shakes her head. “No, this isn’t right. This isn’t a good idea. I’m going to go home.” She starts to gather her clothes.

Katy stands up. “I’m sorry, Allison. I never should’ve said anything. I’m so sorry about this.”

Hope looks at Allison and accuses her sternly “What kind of a friend are you anyway? Katy bared her soul — and her body — to tell us about her. fantasy We should be supporting her, but here you are shaming her with your hatred – when you could easily participate and it wouldn’t even inconvenience you.”

Allison looks a little confused and then sighs. “Maybe you’re right.” She turns to Katy. “Katy, you’re my best friend, and this is really hard for me, but I don’t want to make you unhappy.” She puts down her clothes and removes her bra and thongs while saying “I’ll pretend to take a shower here. Just this one time because you’re my best friend.”

Hope is standing next to Katy and tells Allison “come stand over here next to Katy.” Then Hope takes a few steps away from the pair. When Allison finishes undressing, Katy starts going on about how pretty and gorgeous Allison is and how much she admires Alison’s body.

Allison pretends to be soaping her body and washing it off while Katy masturbates and Hope watches. Then Hope says “This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” She drops her dress and only has some skimpy panties on underneath and no bra. “I hope I don’t offend you, but I can’t watch without playing with myself, too.” She pulls her panties down around her thighs so she can masturbate while standing. “I don’t know how this doesn’t turn you on Allison – to know that one of the hottest girls on the campus and that every boy here would love to fuck her and she’s been fantasizing about you. It turns me on just thinking about how much she wants you and watching her fingers.

Allison watches Katy and Hope masturbating. Her hands with the imaginary soap move closer and closer and closer to her pussy until she finds herself masturbating, too. She closes her eyes.

Katy rises to her knees and reaches up to touch Allison’s pussy. Allison gasps when she feels Katy’s touch and takes a step towards Katy to make it easier to reach her and spreads her legs more. Katy stands up and continues rubbing Allison. Alison is breathing harder. She still has her eyes shut and she pushes out her lips. Katy kisses her on the lips. One of etiler escort Allison’s hands reaches behind Katy’s neck and pulls her close and we see their tongues moving in and out of the other’s mouth. Allison’s other hand starts to rub Katy. We watch them kissing and rubbing each other and then Allison says “I think we should go home and spend the rest of the weekend like this.”

Katy agrees. “Your kisses are so hot, and I love feeling your finger in me.”

Hope hurries up to them before they can go. “Wait, wait. You’re just getting started. Neither of you know anything about eating another girl, yet, do you?” They both shake their heads. “Allison, lie down on your back but bend your knees and spread your legs apart.” She and Katy look at each other skeptically. “Katy, you can lie down next to her if you want to keep kissing while I eat her.”

They smile at this idea and get on the floor and resume kissing, and Allison has her legs spread. Hope kneels down by the girls and rubs Katy’s ass. “Katy, you have the most irresistible tight little butt I’ve ever seen, but first I’m going to make Allison cum.” She licks Allison until Allison has an orgasm.

Allison’s ecstatic. “That’s better than anything I’ve ever felt before. Let me try eating Katy.” Katy gets on her back and Allison begins licking her. Hope maneuvers so she can continue licking Allison and also plays with herself. Allison has another orgasm, and then Katy has one. Allison climbs on top of Katy, and they hug and kiss while Hope caresses Allison’s ass. The girls have their legs spread so Hope can also continue to rub them both while still playing with herself.

Katy tells Allison “you’re the best roommate ever, and now you’re the best lover ever. Let’s go home and play in the jacuzzi.’ They stand up and start to put on their clothes. They’re in a hurry to go, so they skip their underwear.

Hope never stops masturbating during all of this and stands up, too. “What about me? I’ve shown you how to make each other cum, and now I need to cum.” She is so horny that she can’t stop fingering herself while she’s pleading with them.

Katy looks at her and gives Allison a kiss. “I honestly appreciate everything you’ve done, Hope, but I’ve got my dream girl now.”

Allison shrugs. “Sorry, but I just don’t want to share my roommate with anyone else.”

They finish getting dressed and Hope watches them leave and never stops rubbing herself. When the girls are gone, she turns and looks directly at the camera, still masturbating. Her body nearly fills the picture. “Damn, I can’t believe how close I was to getting them, and I’m so turned on!” She continues rubbing while looking at the camera. “It looks like it’s just you and me Lauren. Put down that camera and come over here and take your clothes off.”

We hear a voice from behind the camera say “yes, boss.” The camera is set down, and doesn’t move. A young, nice-looking girl walks into the scene. They kiss, and Lauren starts undressing. Hope is using one hand to help undress Lauren because the other is still rubbing herself. Once Lauren is nude, the two kiss. We still see them from other angles, but whenever we view them from the front, the scene is shown from the stationery camera’s perspective. Then Hope grabs a chair to raise her leg so that one foot is on the ground and the other on the seat of the chair. “You know what I want.”

“Yes boss.” Lauren kneels down and eats Hope while Hope plays with Lauren’s hair. Hope has her orgasm, and Lauren stands so they can kiss some more.

“You want to trib with me, don’t you?”

“Yes, boss, please let me trib with you.” They get on the floor in front of the camera, and we watch them trib, slowly at first and then faster until Lauren cums and then Hope does again.

“You can go turn off your camera, then come back. I’m going to go lie down in my bed, and I’m still feeling turned on. Join me there, and lick me some more.”

“Yes boss.” We’re looking at them from the stationery camera again. We see Lauren walk to the camera, reach out, and turn it off, and the scene ends.

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