Her Submissive Spanking

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We have shared intense pleasure as you have submitted to me, learning to perform as expected. For this session, I am rested and ready to guide and train you to do what I will you to do. We have our separate lives but have made a commitment for the time being.

For the first time, you invite me over. I arrive at your door. You open it, your smiling face looking out from behind the door. You look beautiful, ready and eager for whatever it is I have planned to do with you. I step in, put down my bag, and you open your arms to me. I step close for a kiss. You are wearing three-inch heels, and a black teddy, with your nipples sticking out — pushing against the fabric, they’re nice and hard and I have to look at them. You’re also wearing a very short black skirt and black thigh high stockings.

I appreciate your fashion choice. All I requested was the thigh highs. Your look so lovely. I take your arm, pull you close, softly kiss your lips, your cheek, ear lobes, give you several trailing kisses on your throat and neck, running my hands down your back to your ass, caressing and massaging as I go.

I change the tone in my voice. Demanding now, and not to be trifled with, I tell you that I am going to take charge, and grab your hair at the back of your head, firmly. I step to the side, and push your head down, so you are bent over, and cannot get away. I start walking you around, pulling you along. I make sure you can keep up, and enjoy how you are handling it. I tell you I want to get you in a position I like. You softly say, yes, Sir. Your manners please me and empower me.

We are all alone. No friends, family, no phone will interrupt me as I do what I want with you. You are in my control. You are taking small steps in your heels, and can’t really see where I am taking you. I pull you over to a chair, and tell you to place your hands on the seat of it, still bent over.

Your delicious ass is there, smooth and ready for me. I stand to the left of you, still holding your hair firmly, and tell you it’s time for punishment, that you will be spanked until I’m satisfied as your Dom, to make you feel I’m in control of you. I pull up your short skirt and unsnap the crotch of your teddy. Your warm pussy seems ready and eager to be finger fucked, but I wait.

I bare your ass, and softly caress it for a moment, rubbing each cheek, softly moving my hand down, slowly towards your pussy. I can tell you are getting a bit aroused. I run my fingers lower and deeper, softly brushing your labia, then take hold of your pussy lips, softly squeezing you there. You casino şirketleri are getting turned on and wetter. Your pussy and inner thighs feel nice and warm. I tell you to enjoy my caress, you will soon be spanked.

You’ll really feel the contrast when I start to spank your ass. I want to make your ass cheeks feel even warmer than your pussy. I raise my hand, pause — and tell you the spanking will begin. We both wait, anticipating the first slap on your ass, then I bring my bare hand down with a firm smack on your bottom. I take my time spanking you. The sound of my strong hand spanking your buttocks is loud, even though I am not spanking terribly hard. I pace myself, taking my time and making each slap on your ass felt completely, not just another slap of many light swats on your ass.

Every once in a while I spank harder, with a louder slap, each time it is surprising for you. I don’t do it at a set time, I do it when I feel you need a harder slap, and each time it is unexpected by you. You are wiggling your ass a bit, the sensations are getting intense for you. I am spanking your ass, one cheek then the next, spanking you on and on, taking my time, and checking your ass cheeks to see how pink they are. You can’t believe what I’m doing to your ass. I can tell it’s getting to be a lot for you. When you try to move your ass like that, I know it’s getting intense.

You are starting to get a very pink bottom. When it’s getting hot pink, I stop. I place my hand gently against your sweet smooth ass cheeks, and feel the heat. I take a finger and place it against your pussy lips. You were getting turned on and wet even before the spanking, and now you are glad I stopped. My finger slides against your pussy lips, and with that, I gently part them, feeling the wetness just inside, using that slippery warm wetness to push my finger into your pussy lips, and quickly, I slide my finger right between them, add another finger and push them into your pussy lips, rubbing up and down, but not into your cunt. You moan involuntarily, so turned on. Such erotic warmth… Lovely. I briefly rub and pull on your clit, to let you know I like your wetness. You are so wet I can barely get grasp and pinch your clit. I can tell the clit stimulation is making you even wetter… such a good girl.

Then I start spanking you again, occasionally rubbing your clit as I hit your ass, making you wetter and more turned on, making you enjoy the pain along with the pleasure. Now I am thinking of how I want you to satisfy me, and what I want to do next. I stop spanking for a moment casino firmaları and use my other hand to slowly unzip my pants. You know what is coming next, and involuntarily, you lick your lips, knowing what will happen.

I take my cock out of my pants, out of my underwear, and holding your head, I tell you to open your mouth. I put my cock in your mouth. My cock is already hard, but you start sucking it and it gets incredibly hard. I hold your head in one place, and start fucking your mouth. You know you can provide satisfaction for me with just your lips and tongue.

I love to force my cock into your mouth, make you please me by using you orally, but after 5 minutes of holding your hair and making you suck, and letting you just suck away on your own, your ass is beckoning me. I pull your mouth off my cock, tell you to stand there. Your pussy is wet and throbbing, you feel like an animal in heat, ready to be fucked. I tell you to start rubbing and pulling on your clit for me, as I get my bag. I take out your black nylon collar and the short leash I had made. I put the collar on you as you stand there, pulling on your clit, moaning, pinching and pulling it. I attach the leash, and tell you to get on all fours, slut…

I walk around tugging a bit on the leash and you follow, crawling on the floor, while I’m deciding what to do to you next. I stop and tell you to get in the kneeling position, back straight, and put your hands together. I tie each of your wrists with nylon webbing that has buckles on it. I clip both wrists together with a metal double ended clip. I attach similar webbing to your knees, and hold them together the same way. You know you must please me before I will even think of releasing you. You look sexy and helpless in bondage.

I tell you to kneel, back straight. I stand in front of you facing away from you, still holding the leash, pull down my pants and underwear, and start pulling your face close to my ass with the leash. I want to have you rim me, and I tell you to start licking me, right there at the top of where my buttocks separate, and start working your way down. I am considerate and have cleaned myself, still, I know you will smell me intimately and in a very kinky way before you apply your tongue to my ass and lick me and taste me. I keep pulling on the leash, bringing your mouth closer and lower, and tell you to start licking my ass.

Your hot little tongue darts back and forth, soft wet pointed pleasure orally stimulating my ass. It feels wonderful. I tell you to lick with broad strokes, like an ice cream güvenilir casino cone, and you do that for a time until I tell you to lick me as you want, just get right in there, pulling on the leash. You give me an amazing rim job, the absolute best ever, your tongue is so warm and willing, it is pure pleasure, and I reward you by cleaning your face when I am done with you rimming me.

My cock is hard as a rock, and I want more oral from you. I have you suck me just a little and then get behind you on my knees. I take a small clit vibrator out of my pocket, turn it on, slowly reach around your hip to your pussy, caressing you as I go, and start rubbing your clit with it as I prepare to enter your hot wet, throbbing pussy. You start to moan quickly. It is a powerful little vibrator, and I am using it to maximum effect. I enter your pussy, and start fucking you really hard doggie style, vibrator in one hand, leash in the other. You are ready to cum, and tell me, asking to, and I let you, as I keep fucking you. You are giving me such a great fuck, I almost come myself. I stop, pull out, and let you rest on your side, sweating, and panting like a dog in heat.

I decide to spank you some more, as you lie on the floor, your hips and ass just lying there. I kneel on either side of your legs, my hard on sticking straight up, my balls erasing on your leg, and start, my strong hand spanking your ass cheeks nice and hard. I spank you until both buttocks are warm and pink again, then I stop. With each swat, your whole body moves slightly, and your tits and ass bounce and shake in the most delightful way.

I move to your face, and tell you to open your mouth again. I am lying on my side like you, and grab your head in one hand, and tell you to suck me off. You take your hands, and start caressing my balls, and sucking my cock. I gently pull on your leash when you move your mouth too far up my cock, I like it when it’s mostly in your mouth.

Your mouth feels so good, your tongue and lips giving me such pleasure, your willingness to do what I want is so erotic, and thinking about the spanking, rim job, doggie style fuck, and more spanking, I allow myself to succumb to your oral skills, I feel my climax building and building, my breath nearly taken away from passion and lust, and I start cumming what feels like a quart right into your mouth. You swallow it all, keep sucking, licking and using your mouth to give me pleasure, even after I cum.

I let you keep sucking, and licking my cock, until I slowly lose my erection. I tell you it’s time to get cleaned up. We both go to the bathroom, to bathe together, and I can enjoy watching the water streaming down your body as you get clean. I want to kiss you and finger your pussy lips as we bathe, and make you have a climax as a reward…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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