Her Cherry

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Big Cock

Edward loved school. Not because it was his final year in high school and he was 18, which meant he could drink all he wants, but he loved to check out the fresh, new girls that arrived at the school. Young, tight bodied females passed him, their light perfume drifting into Edward’s nose. And the way they seductively swayed their ass, causing some of the nerds to drool over them. Then, there is the cleavage. A girl’s ultimate weapon. Edward once saw a girl leaning over a lunch counter with a open blouse toward the fat serviceman and asking for a free soda. The fat ass gave 2 sodas in 2 seconds. Of course, Edward wanted to fuck all of them, but there was one girl he had in mind. Michelle. She was small, only 5’2 with long brunette hair and a tight body. Edward could tell she wasn’t as big-breasted as the others and guessed she wore a A or B-cup. He first caught her in his eyes as he was hanging around with his buddies at a party. Michelle was wearing a tight T-shirt and a silky skirt, which caused a lot of eyes to follow her. After that, he could not sleep and only think of reaching under that skirt and peeling off those panties and…Edward shook his head. Not only Edward was lusting after Michelle, he was nervous about the bet. The bet that had started it all….the bet for her cherry.


“Damn…she’s hot,” muttered Edward as he drained a cup of Budweiser, with his eyes still connected with Michelle’s ass.

The party was wild. After the senior ball, everyone had agreed on having a large party at this rich nerd’s house named Tony. Although Tony’s parents were out somewhere in Europe, he had positively disagreed to have a party at his house. However, the girls expertly seduced him and Tony could not resist all the cleavages that were combined to persuade him. So the party was approved and everyone was drinking, smoking, flirting, eating, and dancing through the night. Edward was hanging out with his buddies that have already graduated and were sophmores in college. They were checking out the girls that passed them but Edward knew all eyes were on Michelle.

“Who’s she?” asked one of Edward’s friends, Ryan his eyes quivering with excitement.

“Goes to my school,” replied Edward. “Possibly one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen. I even wonder if she is a virgin.”

“She is,” answered another friend of Edward, Martin. “She’s my best friend’s cousin’s sister.”

“And you never thought of getting together and getting between her legs?” demanded Edward.

Martin only shrugged and said, “I’d tapped that.”

Ryan laughed, “But you can’t.”

Martin froze and slowly glared at Ryan. “What do you mean I can’t?”

Edward understood what Ryan meant. Although Ryan was a star quarterback during his junior and senior years in high school, he never had a serious relationship with a girl. One day, he had a problem with a cheerleader, Tammy and his personality changed. He became quiet and unsocial. Picturing Michelle and Martin was unimaginable, since Martin was more silent as Michelle was a quiet, yet determined girl. But it was the first time he saw Martin stare someone down like that before.

“Well, for one thing, you ain’t her type,” Ryan pointed out. “And the second thing is she might already have a boyfriend. What you’re gonna do if he comes into the room and find you between her legs?”

“She’s a virgin,” smiled Martin and refilled his cup with ice cold martini. “She had a couple of boyfriends, but I never heard of her getting fucked.”

Edward and Ryan exchanged glances and raised eyebrows. They all knew what happens if they heard about a virgin girl. They must be fucked. The three friends weren’t loners but popular. All three worked out regularly and got a lot of attention from girls. All three were not virgins. However, hearing a virgin girl was like hearing a damsel cry out for help. So all three try to fuck the virgin girl first, before anyone does. It was competition.

“Wait a second!” Edward shouted. “Since we all want the same girl, how about a bet?”

Martin smiled. He was a champion dealer and gambler. He had grown up in the midst of L.A. in California so he knew everything about casinos and games. He knew every trick to the slot machine and every technique in a poker game. A bet was just a game for Martin. Ryan also grinned. As everyone hated to admit it, Ryan was the most popular out of them. He fucked the most girls and had the most girlfriends. The problem for him was he was too lazy to keep a relationship and eventually break-up. The funny thing is he just gets another girl the next day. Now Edward was nervous. Not only Martin and Ryan were older and smarter than him, they were more built and handsome. But Edward loved competition and he never gives up until the end.

“So shoot. What’s the deal?” asked Martin.

Edward pointed at Michelle and said, “First one to pop her cherry…means she’s ‘marked’.”

“Uhh, ‘marked’?”

“Meaning the losers can’t touch her. She only gets fucked by the winner and that’s that. No sloppy seconds.”

Ryan scrunched up his nose. “Who escort kocaeli would want that?”

“Anyways, so are we in?” asked Edward and stuck out his right hand. “Or out?”

Martin and Ryan already had their hands on top of Edward’s, staring each other down with fire in their eyes.


“So,” shrugged Edward. “Let the cherry popping begin.”


Edward had the best advantage to take Michelle, because he was in the same school with her. Martin and Ryan were having hard times because they couldn’t enter the high school without a reasonable pass, so they could only wait until a party had started. However, since it was senior year, there were parties often and Edward began to despise parties for the first time. He watched Martin talking to Michelle but she would walk away and never come back. He saw Ryan stepping up to bat and flirting with Michelle. He caught her smiling and Edward broke out in sweat. Is she falling for his trap? He blew out a deep breath as he saw Michelle waved at him and walk away. Ryan turned his head toward Edward and frowned. Then he walked away, confused and lost for he was not able to seduce a girl. Edward had to give Michelle credit that she was a tough-nut to break. Even with Martin and Ryan flirting with her, it seems that she knows what they are thinking and easily rejected them in her most polite way. Even though they were competing, Edward was angry that Michelle would be such an arrogant bitch to his friends. If he ever got his hands on her, he wouldn’t take it easy on her.

A few more parties passed, but Martin and Ryan continually failed. The closest one to get between her legs was Ryan, since he was able to hug her but Michelle probably took it as a “friend/friend” relationship. It was all up to Edward now. He knew he had to be careful and not say stupid things in front of her but she was so hot that whenever she even walked passed him, Edward felt dizzy or extremely horny. He needed to control himself. It took him at least a week before he was finally ready to seduce Michelle.

“Hey, you’re Michelle, right?” asked Edward as he caught with her during a late bell.

“Sorry, I’m late for class,” Michelle said hurriedly and turned a corner.

“Yeah…umm, I’m in your class too,” chuckled Edward and Michelle did a double take.

“Oh! I’m sorry. I guess I never noticed you,” replied Michelle and entered class. “Sorry about that.”

“No problem,” grinned Edward but in his heart he pouted with frustration. He couldn’t believe this girl didn’t noticed him. Edward wasn’t prideful of his appearance, but he knew that it could attract girls. Having told to him that he wasn’t noticed made him feel like a failure. Michelle quickly found a seat next to a friend and Edward sat behind her. During the period, Edward could only think about Michelle naked and never paid attention to the teacher talk about the physics of the collision of two cars running 80 mph. Finally, the bell rung and everyone left, including Michelle. Edward just sat in his seat, defeated. How was he going to seduce Michelle?

Edward was tired of it. Enough of playing Mr. Nice Guy. He had tried to be the nicest person possible but it never works with Michelle. It only made him look like an idiot. He even tried to help her pick up her books when she accidentally dropped it when she bumped into a locker. She only took the books out of his hands and continued on as if he never existed. Little bitch…

He was going to his own way. He waited until Michelle was alone and wasn’t surrounded by her friends. Then he took his chance. Michelle was putting books in her locker after school. The hallways were almost empty and only the nerds were wandering around, looking for the right room to choose for their tutorial or science experiments. Edward spotted her a few lockers away. She was wearing a pink tank-top and a short denim skirt. It was the perfect clothing for him. He trotted down the hall and then suddenly slammed Michelle’s locker shut. She looked at him angrily but subsided when she saw him.

“Oh…hi, it’s – “

“No time,” Edward interrupted her and grabbed her wrist. “This way, hurry!”

Edward looked left and right for any school administrators or the janitor and flew down a flight of stairs leading down to the basement of the school. No one knew about it but him and janitor. Edward was friends with the janitor and today he had asked for him to take a day off. It was a perfect plan. Edward predicted Michelle to struggle as he led her down the basement but she only quietly followed, confusing in her face. The stairs finally ended and he turned on the lights to show a single door. He opened it and led her inside.

The basement as big as the classrooms upstairs. There were stools, chairs, desks, and even couches. A large bed was in the right corner. It was definitely a perfect place. Edward locked the door and pushed Michelle to a wall and pinned her. She was somehow in shock and no words escaped through her mouth. He slowly lifted a leg and gently let his knee slide between her legs. Michelle gölcük escort whimpered as she felt Edward’s knee rub against her and suddenly a wave of shock flowed through her spine. Edward noticed she was getting wet. It was time.

“I wanted you the first time I saw you,” Edward whispered. “I wanted to fuck you.”

To his surprise, Michelle answered, “I wanted to get fucked too…it’s just that no one was brave enough to ask me.”

“Then…can I?” asked Edward and placed a hand on her thigh. She nodded. And he smiled.

Edward slowly massaged her thighs and then slowly crawled up her skirt. He pushed his finger through the cotton panties and felt the wetness and he smiled with victory. He pulled out and slowly put his hand on her shoulder. Then he slowly lowered her until she was on her knees. She looked up at him and rested her hands on the button of his pants.

“Give me a blowjob, slut,” whispered Edward.

Michelle took off his whole pants and held his cock with her two small hands. She kissed the tip and slowly sucked on it like a popsicle which Edward groaned with pleasure. She had a tight, wet warm mouth and a soft tongue. Edward felt his balls contracted but he held it in. Michelle bobbed her head, diving the cock deep in her throat and gagging.

“Looks like you had some experience sucking dick,” complimented Edward as he pulled a strand of hair back behind her ears and placed his hand on her head. It wasn’t long before Edward had another wave of orgasm coming from his balls and he held it in again. He knew if this cock-sucking slut continued, he would cum too early. Edward finally pulled out and led her to the bed. Michelle was on her back, her ass close to the edge of the bed. She spread her legs and let Edward get between her legs as she showed her panties. Edward sat down, his head close to Michelle’s trembling pussy. It had been a while since he had tasted virgin pussy. Not like other pussies, virgin pussy tasted fresh and sweet. He grabbed onto her thighs and kissed them softly, slowly advancing toward her panty lines. Michelle reacted with a moan and arched her back. When Edward was done playing with her inner thighs, he slowly pealed off her panties. She lifted her legs, closed so Edward could slide it off more easily. Then she slowly opened her legs again, her glistering pussy staring back at him. Now Michelle was getting hotter and hotter. Not only was she still had her short denim skirt on but no panties, which made her look like a total slut, she was shaved clean and her pink pussy was vulnerable to any sexual attack. Edward loved it.

“I can’t wait to eat you out,” grunted Edward.

He sat back down on the ground and smelled her honey pot and licked her clit. Michelle moaned softly as he wiggled his tongue into her. Then he unfolded her labia and started tongue-fucking her pussy. Michelle bloomed like a flower. Her pussy was pink and sweaty and she was already about to come. He could tell she never gotten eaten out before to her reaction. It was as if she was in ecstasy. He ate her out and then bit lightly onto her swollen clit causing her to finally release the wave of her orgasm. Even during her orgasm, Edward continued to eat her out, tasting her sweet nectar. He gnawed her clit again and another wave of orgasm hit her spine all the way down her pussy.

“Ahhh…” Michelle cried out as she rode her second orgasm.

“Damn…I love virgin pussy,” said Edward. “I could eat you out all night.”

It was long time when Edward finally stood and licked his lips. He couldn’t count of how much Michelle came but her body was spasming and trembling from the immense pleasure that had just hit her body. She came so much, she couldn’t ride them all out and she just gave into her multi-orgasms.

“Damn, I wish I could just keep you somewhere safe and only eat you out,” sighed Edward as he flipped Michelle over. “But now, it’s time to pop that cherry,”

Michelle put her hands on the edge of the bed and bent over and exposed her tight ass. Her skirt was hiding her pussy but Edward knew where it exactly was. He came behind her and then poked her pussy which Michelle gasped with anticipation. She looked back nervously but hunger of lust filled her eyes. However, Edward wasn’t going to go easy just because she was a virgin.

“This is for being a bitch to my friends,” said Edward and slammed his cock into her tight pussy. She cried out and her knees buckled. Her hymen was immediately dominated as his cock penetrated her virgin hole. He slammed back and forth, slapping her ass until it was red. Yet, she was quiet and only gave moans and screams of mixture of pain and pleasure. As he rocked her body, Michelle gasped for breath and lifted her ass to let Edward gain better access to her pussy. Finally, Edward pulled out and unbutton her skirt and pulled off her tank-top.

He laid on the bed and commanded her, “Get on top, slut.”

She obediently got on top of him, facing him. He reached behind her and undid her bra as it fell and exposed her 32A breasts. They were small but when Edward reached and held izmit sınırsız escort them, he loved the way it fit perfectly into his hands. Then he put both hands on her ass, then he looked up at her.

“Ride me, slut,” said Edward. “But I warn you, it ain’t going to be an easy ride.”

Michelle slowly lifted herself and began to lower herself onto his cock. When the head of his cock was inside her, he lifted his lower body and forced the rest of his cock into her, making a smacking sound. She screamed as she placed her hands on his chest for support. When she was ready, she breathed slowly as she slowly rode him, because she wasn’t comfortable yet. She was still tight and needed time to loosen her own pussy. But Edward didn’t approve of it.

“And this is for being a slut and not even giving us a chance,” grunted Edward as he slammed his cock into her again. She arched her back and cried out. “Ride harder, slut!”

Michelle obeyed and began to slam her pussy deep in his cock, as she whimpered from the tightness of her pussy. Edward looked at her face and wiped a tear off her eye. It must have hurt a lot when her hymen was owned by his cock. He lifted a hand and place it on her breast as it shook from her violent ride. Yet he did not give any sympathy to a slut that was hard to get. He knew and she knew that she deserved to be fucked hard if she was a bitch. He finally stopped her from her ride and told her to get off. Her tight pussy was getting him off and he couldn’t take it anymore. When she unmounted, his cock was still erect, mixed with her cum and virginal blood. He laid her on his back and he got on top. He placed his hands on her thighs and spread them so his cock was centimeters away from her pussy. Missionary-style sex was his favorite; getting to see the girl’s whole body wither below him and was his signature move to loosen a pussy because he pound her hard the easiest.

Edward smiled grimly and stared her down. “And finally, this is for being a bitch to me when I tried to get in your pants.”

He began to fuck her slowly, then harder, making smacking sounds from his balls hitting her ass. She grabbed onto the sheets of the bed tightly, as he fucked her harshly, her breasts bouncing up and down from the force.

“Ahh..harder…harder…” gasped Michelle. “I’m coming…”

Edward continued to smile. He had won the bet. But the best part was that she was craving his cock and his cum. She was just another hot slut, waiting to be fucked by anyone that had the guts to tell her they want her. It was that easy but he and his friends were too busy trying the “good-guy” way. He felt his balls contract again, but this time he didn’t hold it back. As Michelle came, he slammed his cock deep into her and came inside her womb. They laid on the bed, breathing loudly and Michelle lifted her head and kissed him, but not seductively. Passionately.


Ryan and Martin were waiting inside Ryan’s house, looking nervously towards the entrance door. Then Edward burst through, smiling as he waved to his friends.

“How’s it going you guys,” said Edward.

“Okay, you won the bet,” admitted Ryan. “But it still isn’t fair because we only got to see her a few times at parties. We really wanted to fuck her too.”

Martin nodded his head in agreement.

Edward laughed and said, “Don’t worry. I’m your friend. You can’t fuck her, but you can fuck her in your dreams.”

“What does that supposed to mean?” Ryan asked, offended.

Edward pulled out two videotapes from his jacket and winked at them. Ryan and Martin looked at each other, eyebrows raised. Edward went to the nearest VCR and turned it on, slipping one videotape into it. A blue screen appeared, then a recording was taking place.

Edward and Michelle were in the basement again. Edward was sitting up on a couch and Michelle was faced towards the camera. She was getting fucked reverse cowgirl-style. Michelle looked dazed, almost tired from the screen as her head was tilted slightly and was riding Edward’s cock slowly and steadily. Edward made sure he did not wash off the virginal blood so it looked as if she was getting her cherry popped all over again. Then Michelle was getting fucked doggy-style. And finally she was on her knees, sucking off Edward. The video ended as Edward came in her mouth. Michelle opened her mouth to the camera to show the puddle of cum and swallowed it all, confirming it by opening her mouth again, now empty.

“My gawd!” screamed Martin and laughed at the same time.

Ryan immediately turned to Edward and asked, “How much?”

Edward smiled and gave a high-five to both of them as said, “Of course, they are free. For you. I’m going to sell these and get some good cash off of them.”

Ryan and Martin promised they would help by selling them on college campus. Soon rumors began to spread and Edward was known as the “Cherry Popper” and at his graduation, he fucked Michelle’s younger sister. Of course Michelle didn’t know and her younger sister wouldn’t tell. Michelle and Edward began a serious relationship, but he was so caught up in sex that Michelle eventually left him. However, Edward left high school with many memories to hold and a nice stash of cash in his pocket to start his college days with Martin and Ryan. All because of the bet for her cherry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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