Helpful Librarian

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Sue was starting her new job as a researcher. Her first assignment took her to a library out of town to research the history of the town for a book. Sue was excited about traveling. This was her first job in a long time. Her kids were all out of the house now. At 45 she was back in the job market full time. Her husband didn’t really like the idea of her traveling and being gone for extended periods. But everything was so new and exciting to her.

After getting settled in the hotel suite that would be her home for the next few weeks, Sue headed to the Library. It was a short walk on a beautiful Fall day. Upon entering the library she walked around to get herself accustomed to the layout. She decided to ask the Librarian for recommendations.

Approaching the counter she found an attractive black woman, working diligently at the computer.

“Excuse me,” Sue interrupted.

The dark skinned woman looked up and right in to Sue’s eyes, a funny shiver went up Sue’s spine. They gazed at each other for a moment without speaking, each feeling something…. but not knowing what to label it.

Glenda smiled and cleared her throat. “Yes, how may I help you?” Glenda got up from her computer and walked over to the front counter. She hadn’t seen this dark haired woman before and could tell by her accent that she was not from around here.

Sue explained that she was in town for a couple of weeks researching history and asked for recommendations of where to start. They exchanged names and Sue followed Glenda to the section on Local History.

They were both full figured, voluptuous woman. Though Sue was several inches taller than Glenda’s smaller status.

“Let me give you a couple of general books to get you started. Or, you could start on the computer and access information on local history.” Glenda recommended.

“I’ll start with the books.” Sue responded, and noticed that Glenda was trying to reach a book on one of the higher shelves. “Here let me get that one.” As Sue reached up, her full breast brushed against Glenda’s shoulder. A shiver of awareness traveled through Sue and her nipple hardened. What was that??? She’d never had that happen before, at least not with a woman.

Glenda felt the softness of Sue’s breast as it brushed her shoulder. She noticed Sue’s hesitation and looked over her shoulder to smile shyly at Sue. Sue returned the smile, she felt her fair skin flush.

“I, um, I think this will be a good start. Thanks so much.” Sue said as she went back to her table. Sue sat there wondering what had just transpired. Her heart was beating faster and when she looked up towards the front desk she caught Glenda looking back at her, with a hand over her own heart. They both looked away quickly.

As the days went on, their awareness of each other grew, as did their friendship. Glenda’s help was invaluable to Sue. They started eating lunch together. And always seemed to be stealing looks at each other across the library, wondering.

Sue couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off of Glenda. She loved the way her clothes clung to her curves. And especially the way that Glenda always seemed to frame her beautiful cleavage. Sue noticed how soft the skin looked across the top of Glenda’s ample breasts. She wondered if it felt just as soft. Sue started to wonder about a lot of things. She had never been with a woman, but she knew with each passing day that she wanted to be with Glenda. And she was sure she could persuade Glenda to explore this as well.

Glenda was fantasizing along the same lines. She wondered what Sue’s nipples looked like under her sweaters. They always seemed hard, and she wondered if they were as large as her own. She caught herself thinking of Sue a lot, in a way she had never thought about another woman. But she could never act on it. It just wasn’t done.

One night they went to dinner together. Sue was telling Glenda about her family and that it was hard to be away from her husband. The restaurant was in Sue’s hotel, so she invited Glenda up to her suite after dinner. They opened another bottle of wine and sat down to chat in the 2 winged backed chairs that sat near the windows.

“It’s the first time ever in our married life that we’ve been apart for so long. We talk everyday, but it’s not the same. casino şirketleri I know he’s not very happy about me being here. We’ve been arguing a lot lately.” She explained.

“It’s probably very difficult for him to be without you. I’m sure he’s just missing you a lot.” Glenda sympathized.

“I think it’s just that he’s never had to go so long without sex.” Sue laughed, that second glass of wine loosening her tongue. “He’s sounding really horny lately.”

“Really, what does he say?” Glenda inquired shyly. She really was the quintessential librarian. She seemed very reserved and quiet, but with Sue, and some wine, she felt herself loosening up.

“Well, one night he wanted to have phone sex,” Sue shared. “It actually was very arousing, having him tell me what to do to myself. And hearing how it excited him. Have you ever done that?” Sue asked boldly.

“Ummm, I’m not sure what you mean.” Glenda stammered.

“Have you ever had phone sex, or had someone tell you to do things to yourself?” Sue asked as she looked into Glenda’s eyes.

Glenda thought of the past weeks, and how at times she lay in bed thinking of Sue, and touching herself. And each time, she imagined Sue’s voice, urging her on…… Sue had one of those smooth, husky voices that seemed to go straight to Glenda’s core.

“N, n, n, no. I never have, but…..” Glenda stammered, her eyes glued to Sue’s.

“But what, Glennie, you can tell me, you can tell me anything.” Sue urged.

“Sometimes I think about that, having someone take control, tell me what to do,” Glenda said softly. “Make me do things…”

“Like what, Glennie?” Sue’s nipples were hardening. It was senseless to ignore this attraction any longer. Sue was feeling so horny, and she figured that maybe she and Glenda could explore this undercurrent that seemed to have been going on between them since they met.

“I don’t think I can say…” Glenda said nervously and looked away.

“Look at me Glenda.” Sue breathed.

Glenda’s eyes immediately came up to meet hers. A tiny thrill traveled through her.

“Now, tell me what kind of things you want to be told to do.” Sue inquired, authoritatively.

“I don’t know,” Glenda stammered, “touching myself, touching someone else……”

“Do you ever touch yourself?” Sue asked as she sipped her wine.

“Y y y yes. When I’m alone.” Glenda finished off her glass of wine in a gulp.

“Do you touch your breasts?”


“I would love to see you touch your breasts. Take off your sweater for me and touch your breasts…” Sue urged.

They stared at each other for a few long moments, and then, the dark skinned woman lifted her sweater over her head and dropped it on the floor.

The only sound in the room was that of their heavy breaths.

Glenda ran her hands over that soft, skin along the top of her breasts that Sue had been admiring for weeks. Her eyes closed and she moaned. Sue could see her nipples harden under her white silk bra. The contrast of the white silk against her midnight skin was very erotic.

“That’s so sexy, Glennie. You have beautiful breasts. Take off your bra and let me see them.” Sue prompted.

“Will you, too?” Glenda asked nervously as she looked at Sue again.

Sue felt the air around them energize. Her nipples pebbled as she removed her blouse. “Let’s play a game….. you do what I do….” Sue rasped as she felt the moistness gather between her thighs. How far would this go?

“Yes….” Glenda agreed.

Sue released the clasp on her pink bra and her large white breasts fell free. She dropped the bra on the table next to them. Three feet away, the woman in the matching chair did the same.

They sat there, each admiring the other’s breasts. Very similar in size and shape, large, soft, heavy. One pair white with large rosy nipples, the other pair chocolate with dark long nipples.

“Now touch them for me…. like this.” Sue ran her finger tips over the tops of her breasts, and down around the sides, back up again and then all around.

Glenda watched Sue’s nipples grow, and mirrored her actions, feeling her own nipples harden even more and her juices release.

“MMMMM, look at our nipples, they are the same size, and they seem to be enjoying casino firmaları this.” Sue whispered. She then ran her fingers over her nipples and moaned.

Glenda followed suit and moaned also. Their eyes holding all the while. They sat there, 3 feet apart, facing each other, in just their slacks and shoes. Their hands gently stimulating their large breasts. The only sounds in the room were their low moans of pleasure.

Sue ran her hands over her creamy white stomach and undid the button on her pants; she slowly slid the zipper down, her eyes daring Glenda to do the same.

Glenda hesitated, her hands holding her breasts.

“Come on Glennie, do as I do, you know you want to. I can see your heart pounding like mine. Undo your pants.” Sue encouraged.

Glenda’s hands moved down her soft stomach and found the button on her pants. She undid it slowly; watching Sue all the while, and then slid her zipper down. It felt good to release her pants, and she was excited and nervous about what would come next. Just how far would they take this?

They sat like that, stroking their rounded, soft bellies, up to their breasts, that seemed to be swelling with excitement.

“Stand up with me Glennie.” Sue said as she stood. She shimmied out of her pants. “Now you.” Sue challenged.

Glenda froze for a moment and then with trembling hands slid her pants down to the floor. They stood there facing each other. A contrast in color. Glenda’s dark, silky skin accentuated by her white panties; and Sue’s fair, creamy skin standing out against her black silk panties.

“I’ve never done anything like this before.” Sue stated.

“Neither have I.” Glenda agreed.

“I want to touch you.” Sue admitted. She held one hand against her fluttery stomach as she reached her other hand out trepidatiosly. She lightly ran the backs of her fingertips across the top of Glenda’s breasts.

Glenda’s skin jumped, but she leaned towards Sue’s touch. Neither of them could take their eyes off the pale fingers, running down around the rounded cocoa globe that trembled with a life of it’s own.

“Does this feel good, Glennie?” Sue whispered. “Tell me..”

“Mmmmmm, yesssssss,” Glenda breathed.

“Touch me now, I want your hands on me.” Sue groaned as she cupped Glenda’s hanging breasts in her hands. Two dark hands came up to hold Sue’s plump white breasts. Sue swayed into the touch and hissed, “Yesssssss.”

Both bodies strained towards each other. After many moments of learning each others breasts and nipples, hands weighing, fingers tugging at thick, hardened nipples, Electricity zinging all over their bodies, Sue’s hands traced down around Glenda’s waste and hips, pulling them together. Glenda put her arms around Sue’s hips. They relished the feeling of that first touch of body to body, the difference in their heights only made then fit together more tightly, breasts above breasts, heads on shoulders.

They swayed back and forth, taking each other in, their scents, the sounds of their breathing, the feel of their hot flesh against each other. Sue leaned back a bit and said, “Your skin is just as soft as I imagined. I want to taste your mouth.” Glenda looked up and offered her lips. Sue bent her head and gently their lips met…, touched…, retreated…, tasted…, retreated…, parted…, rubbed back and forth…, nipped…, and finally fastened to each other.

At the first touch of their tongues, that first shared exchange, they moaned into each others mouths and held each other tighter. Sue’s hands came up to cradle Glenda’s face and take her mouth more deeply.

Breathing heavily, Sue commanded, “Lay on the bed.”

Glenda backed up towards the bed, she lowered herself slowly, looking up at Sue through her long dark lashes. She slowly edged to the middle of the bed and lay down, as if offering herself up.

“You look so sexy, laying there, with your skin glistening, awaiting me.” Sue complimented. She sat on the bed and ran her hand from Glenda’s neck, down the center of her chest, over her stomach, across her pubic bone and down the center of her legs. Glenda arched up and groaned. “Your skin is so soft, so smooth, I can’t get over that you are older than me, you look so young.” Her hand went back up Glenda’s arching body again. “Mmmmm, güvenilir casino you like that, don’t you?”

Glenda didn’t answer, she raised her hands over her head and rested her arms on the pillows above her. Sue leaned over and slowly ran her tongue around the long, thick, hard nipple that beckoned her, first one and then the other until Glenda’s back arched again. “Your nipples are so sensitive, just like mine.” Sue straddled the prone body and her large breasts pendulummed about Glenda’s lips. “Taste me, Glennie.”

Glenda lifted her head and sucked one rosy fat nipple into her mouth. Sue threw back her head and groaned. That spurred Glenda to nip at the turgid nipple. She knew she had pleased Sue by the way her breath caught on a high groan.

“Now the other one.” Sue offered her other nipple to the waiting lips, rewarded with the same treatment. “That makes me wet…..” Sue confessed as she rubbed the crotch of her wet panties against the large thigh between her legs. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

Glenda could feel Sue’s hot juices against her thigh. She arched up and ground her pussy against Sue’s leg. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.” She conurred.

They rubbed their bodies together, taking time to revisit those sensitive nipples. They became hotter and hotter. Each could feel their pussies swelling and enflaming, dripping with their joy.

Sue’s hand reached between them and found it’s way into Glenda’s panties. “You’re so wet, it’s so hot knowing I did this to you. My pussy is dripping too, we have to find some relief.” Her fingers delved into the plush, wet, lips of the dark woman below her as she stared into her glazed eyes. She immediately encountered the hard button that peaked out of it’s hood reaching for fulfillment. Sue’s fingers ran around it, pressed below it, rubbed on each side of it, drawing it further and further out of it’s hiding place. Her middle finger dipped into the dripping well that awaited her. Glenda’s body jerked.

“Unh,” the dark woman gasped.

“Does that feel good, you’re so wet, dripping, weeping for my fingers. Do you want more, tell me what you want.” Sue commanded. But when Glenda just moaned, Sue pulled her finger out and said, “Tell me what you want…”


“More what?”

“Fingers, please, more fingers inside me” Glenda begged.

Sue pressed two fingers deep into Glenda’s pussy and her large body began to rhythmically ride Sue’s fingers. Sue pressed a third finger into the slippery tunnel. “So sexy, that’s it, you like all those fingers in you. Yes, take your pleasure, feel how deep they are, I can feel your pussy grabbing at them, you’re so close, aren’t you…..”

Sue leaned down and suckled at Glenda’s breasts, taking the nipples deeply and steadily into her mouth. The whole while riding Glenda’s thick thigh, rubbing her wet, silk covered pussy up and down at the same speed that the large black hips moved to ride her fingers.

Sue mouthed her way down Glenda’s black satin skin, swirling her tongue around her navel, in and out, in and out. When her lips reached the barrier of panties, she pulled them aside and had her first taste of brown sugar.

Glenda’s hips jerked off the bed, enabling Sue to delve deeper. Sue had gotten up on all fours and was half kneeling to the side of this midnight delicacy. She edged her legs up the bed and straddled the upper part of her feast to get a better angle. As her tongue teased the moist nubbin she felt soft hands caress up the back of her thighs to her full ass and back down between her legs, pulling her own panties to one side.

“Oooooooooo Glennie, yes, touch me, please touch me.” Sue urged.

Glenda mimicked Sue’s actions, following the game that had started all this. She ran a finger through the moist pink slit that sat inches from her face. She could smell the heady scent of Sue’s moist womanhood and just followed her instincts. Her tongue delved into the wet folds and round the sensitive tip of Sue’s waiting clit. She ran her tongue all around it as her fingers disappeared into the dewy cavern.

“Mmmmmmmm” she murmered at the heady taste that spread across her tongue.

The room filled with the wet slurping sound of aroused flesh being gratified by tongue and fingers. Over and over again they teased and tormented each other until they could no longer hold back and finally bucked and spasmed on each other’s lips.

The collapsed to lay side by side, panting and cuddling against each other’s legs, exchanging little kissed and soft caresses, each smiling sleepily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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