Hell of a MMF

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Here is my first story….I would LOVE to find a MF couple into this in SC!!!


It would really turn me on to hear any and all positive feedback about my adventure. Interested females are especially appreciated. Anyone in SC?

I met a couple online some months ago, got to know them, traded pics, and kept trying to set up a meeting until it finally worked out. They said in the ad that they wanted to do it all and that the guys would play and kiss one another. While I was unsure about the kissing, I figured “In for a penny, in for a pound” and went with it. We had stressed safe sex and disease-free, and that helped put my mind at ease. We decided to meet at a bar here to do a “meet & greet” with no pressure. If we liked all involved, we would see what happens. If it was not a good fit, we could walk away–no harm, no foul. Well, we met and, after a few strained minutes of conversation, we all loosened up. Beer helps with this. They are a really cool white couple in their mid-thirties. She is a hot blonde, nicely shaped and he is a very attractive, in-shape guy with a shaved head.

After a few beers, Frank (not the real name) suggested that we go back to their house for some more beer. Carol (not the real name either) was game and I followed them home. I was really spooked as we neared their home. Though I have had one mfm threesome, I had never really done much with another guy. I had a buzz and really wanted this, so on I went. We got to their house and all sat on their front porch drinking beer and trading stories. While they had not hooked up with anyone in years, they had both been with the same sex in the past. We talked about my limited m2m experience and it was obvious that we were all getting a little horny. We talked about the kissing thing and I explained that, while I was a little hesitant, I was game for everything. We had 7 or 8 beers in us and were feeling pretty loose. He got up to get a beer and, as he passed me, leaned down towards me. I knew what was coming and took his face in my hands. We kissed and it was REALLY different. The beard stubble was totally unique. Anyway, we made out a little and then he pulled away and told Carol to kiss me while he went to get a beer. She was a great kisser too and casino şirketleri we were making out when Frank returned. We laughed and talked for another beer and, with it getting colder, we went into the living room.

Frank and I sat on the couch together and Carol sat in a chair beside us. We watched TV for a few minutes as it was obvious that I was working up my nerve. We started kissing again and, after taking a deep breath, I ran my hand down his chest to his crotch. He had a large bulge there and his hand was finding me stiff as well. We stood up and, between kissing, took off our shirts, rubbing one another’s chests. He was muscular and totally smooth, again a unique feeling. We hungrily stripped off one another’s pants too and we were left there standing, making out in just our boxers. We were rubbing our hard-ons into one another until I finally had to see him. I grabbed his boxers and pushed them down. His cock was about the same length as mine (7″+) but much thicker. It was hot in my hands and dripping precum. I grabbed his asscheeks and pulled him into me. Very quickly, he pulled my boxers down too, releasing my hard cock. They rubbed together as we ran our hands over one another’s bodies. I pushed him to the couch and kissed my way down his body. It was like I was in a trance as I slowly stroked his big cock. I leaned over and licked the drop of precum off of his head.

That was when Carol said “Damn! That is so fucking hot!” I had almost forgotten she was there and looked over. She had her legs spread and was rubbing her pussy through her jeans. That is when we decided to go to the bedroom and stretch out a little.

Once in the bedroom, Frank and I turned our attention to her. We slowly stripped her clothes off, kissing and sucking every inch of skin as it was exposed. She was soon nude, being kissed, nibbled and caressed by the two of us. She was moaning so loudly (total turnon for me). I couldn’t resist too long and was pleased to feel my finger easily slide into her hot, dripping cunt. She moaned eagerly into my mouth as we kissed. Frank was busy sucking and biting her nipples (she loved that). We laid her down on the bed and licked every inch of her body. I love going down on a woman more than ANYTHING else on earth and, once I started, she didn’t take too long casino firmaları before she was in the midst of a screaming orgasm. Fuck, she is so sexy. Frank then stood by the bed and brought his cock to her lips. That looked too good to pass up. I put on a rubber (they had brought out a big box) and slid into her, causing her to start moaning again. This put my face at her face as she sucked his dick. I began to help her with it and we both licked and sucked his long, hard cock. I was more and more shocked at how naturally this was coming to me. My fantasies were finally coming true and I decided to go with it. I fucked Carol and we took turns sucking Frank until he said he was getting close. We stopped and I pulled out of Carol’s pussy. She said she wanted to see us play some more and I was more than happy to obey.

I decided I wanted to try something new and had Frank lay on his back. After putting on a new condom, I got the KY and slathered up my cock. Then, after having him pull his knees up to his chest, I used my coated fingers to rub his asshole, spreading it slowly. He loved that (and later told me he is more of a bottom), so I decided to replace my fingers with my cock. He moaned as the head of my dick passed into his hole. After that, my shaft slid in easily. I didn’t know it then but Carol fucks him with a strap-on (and I want to try that with them next time), so we were quickly fucking away. At his insistence, I was soon fucking him with all my strength, grabbing him by the ankles and pulling him to me. We did this for a long time, sometimes taking a break to stroke his cock. I was amazed that I was lasting as long as I was (nerves?) but we kept going.

I eventually pulled out and he went to wash up. Carol, who had been cheering us on as she fingered herself, was ready for some more attention. I ate her pussy hungrily, taking breaks to lick her asshole from time to time. She was soon screaming again and was pulling my head harder into her pussy when Frank returned. I was on my knees between Carol’s legs as I felt him playing with my asshole. I moaned, hoping I knew what was coming. I could hear the condom wrapper ripping and redoubled my licking of Carol’s cunt. Frank’s lubed fingers slowly explored my asshole and I had to pull my mouth away to say how good it felt. Then, güvenilir casino for the first time in my life, I felt a cockhead slowly entering my ass. Damn, it felt good. He was so big but thankfully took it really slowly. Soon, he was buried balls-deep in my ass. I just had to lay my head on Carol’s stomach, repeating over and over the same things: “Fuck me!” “Harder!” “YES!” It was so good and Carol loved it too. She was squeezing her nipples in one hand and fingering her cunt with the other.

Frank fuck me for what seemed like forever (though it was probably around 15 minutes or so). He eventually pulled out and ditched the rubber. He said he had to cum and asked Carol where she wanted it. Though I didn’t say it, I would have loved for him to fuck Carol and then have her sit on my face. Alas, she said she wanted me to lay down on my back. Then, with him on my left and her on my right, she told him to cum on my chest. It was so great watching him stroke and I would occasionally lick his cockhead. Soon, he was panting and said he was about to cum. The first stream of cum shot out, all over my hairy chest. Carol almost screamed as she continued fingering herself. I don’t know what came over me but I leaned up and, after missing a shot or two, wrapped my mouth around his still-shooting cock. Carol yelled “YES! Fuck that is so hot!” as she then came too.

I couldn’t bring myself to swallow the small amount of cum I had captured, so Frank bent down to kiss me again. He sucked his cum out of my mouth. It was then my turn to cum. They slowly stroked my cock, gaining speed as the minutes passed. Carol then asked me if I would make myself cum and I was more than happy to. I was soon moaning and, after sucking and fucking for hours, shot a HUGE amount of cum into the air and passed my own nipples. It was almost like a porn star and both Frank and Carol loved it. Fuck, what a great time.

After that, I did feel a little silly (that post-orgasm guilt) but it quickly passed. We cleaned up and talked for a little while. I was glad to find them really fun, sane, normal, kinky people. We are talking about getting together again, perhaps with a girlfriend of Carol’s. I want to see that and we also have her strap-on to try out.

So, it is all true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. If you hated it, please don’t bother commenting. If you like this story, PLEASE let me know. This was a big step for me to write and I hope some of you like it. I’m not bi but it would be fun to try again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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