Helen, My Daughter’s Friends

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This story did not start with any intention to go wild or have any sexual encounters with my daughter’ friend Helen. It just occurs over time. It all started innocently. Helen and my daughter went to high school together. They became best friend and of course they were at the house often. Helen is not the type of women that will draw men’s attention. Yes, she is blonde blue eyes but she is 5’8″ approximately with a bit of extra weight. She has large breast around 38D and she is not a person that dress to show off. She is a bit awkward to talk too as well, as she has ideas of her own and portray herself has an asexual type of person. My daughter once told us, she is not even certain if Helen likes guys or girls.

When they graduated from high school, they both went their way but kept in touch. Helen also added us to her Facebook as she like chatting with us on occasion on many platonic topics. On occasion she posted some good stuff and sometimes really funny memes and I would comment and we would laugh a lot. We all kept in contact that way. At no point did I ever felt I was inappropriate or cruising her and I am certain it was the same from Helen side. My daughter is living a bit far away because of her husband work. That did not stop them from talking and visited each other every time they were in town.

One day Helen posted a meme that said “Do you want to know the difference between a man and a margarita? The Margarita hits the spot every time!” That’s when I answered, “That’s because you never found the right man.” She replied with an emoticon that had rolling eyes.

She then sent me a private message and said that she tried to find such a pearl of man but the best she found was her own toys. Of course, I had to have a smart-ass comment back and said, “Maybe you are searching for little guys instead of older man who they know where the spot is!”

It took about 10 minutes after seen my post before she answered and when she did, it was not what I expected. Her answer was, “That’s what you say, but I am willing to bet that even with an older man it would not work! I think I am doomed to be alone with my toys forever!”

I was not certain what to answer to this and was thinking of what I could come back and remain somewhat polite. This conversation was going somewhere I had never even though possible before. While I was thinking she started to write again and it was a short text, “If you know of such man, let me know I would love to find him!”

I got set back and without thinking I said “Me!” and hit send. Shit I thought did I go too far what if she gets mad and tells my daughter. So, I went to delete the comment before she see’s it, but too late she saw hit and I saw she was typing. I was getting ready for a blast of shit has Helen is known to say it, has she thinks of it and if you are offended, she would look at you and say fuck it.

My heartbeat was just in overdrive and I kept thinking why you said this. I was getting ready to apologize and to face the blast from my daughter and maybe even my wife. Especially that we have no sex life anymore and she would really get pissed at me and suspect I have tons of side affairs, which I do not.

Then the response appeared. I was sweating and afraid to read it. “Really, you think you are that good and could find my spot and replace my margarita! That would remain to be seen!” I did not know what to say as this by far güvenilir bahis was not the response I was expecting. I replied to her and said, “You are not mad at me!”

“Of course not, I find that funny to talk to you like this and you always have been nice to me. I find it is just any style conversation.”

“In that case my response would be to you, just invite me and you will see!”

She came back rather fast and said, “First explain to me what you would do to me, as I am not wasting times with people for nothing…Not that we would meet but this conversation could bring hope that I would find such a man one day!”

“Helen the problem with this type of conversation is I may have to stop to play with myself has this is sexy and hot to say the least!”

“if you do, tell me, I may just do the same! Also, would you think of me when you do it?”

“Of course, Why not?”

“Well, I am not what you call the perfect woman and that I know!”

“But you are still good looking and not all man like skinny woman, some like woman with that love handle has they tend to know what they want and how they want it. I am such a man!”

“I never knew that! Thank you! Now tell me as I just think you are just lying to me!”

“I am not lying; see first thing I would do as soon as I would walk inside your place, I would grab your long curly hair and pull you to me without a word and give you an intense kiss.”

“Hummmmm! Good start, I like a man in control!”

“I would pull back your head and turn you around to be in a better position to spoon you against my body really tight and just bite the back of your neck, while holing you onto my dick so you can feel it grow in my pants. As I would do that, I would stop just to say feel what you are doing to me.”

“That would be a plus to make me feel I am doing this to you!”

“I would ask, are you starting to be wet yet!”

“Yes! I am!”

“Tell me what you want to happen, do you want me to stop or you want me to suck on your clit until you can’t stop shaking!”

“Mr. Smith! Now you have me intrigue and horny. This is not what I expected with the two of us. If you keep this up, I will wonder if it can really happen! I would also be very shy the next time I see you at your place.”

“Helen! I agree this conversation is getting hot and we can stop if you are uneasy. I also never imagine having chats like this with you but one innuendo to another it led this way. I do like it if you do!”

“So far I like it but just wonder how you will make me change my mind on Margarita!”

“Well, I was at the point of grabbing your tits and play with them from behind, while I still bite your neck and start unbuttoning your blouse to free these tits out. I am rubbing my cock on your butt and you are breathing heavy!”

“That would feel good you are right. While you are typing I am playing with my nipples to keep me excited!?

“Are they big, dark, erect!?

“They are light in color, large areola and big nipples…They are sensitive to my touch!”

“I like big nipples to nibble on them with my lips just like if I bite but more tenderly and at the same time lick them fast!”

“That would feel good!”

“Your blouse is open and I turn you around and deeply kiss you. While I kiss you, I take your hand and put it on my now very erect cock! It feels great and we kiss passionately! You stop and you asked me to türkçe bahis go to your room, I follow you as you grab my hand to show me the way!”

“Mr. Smith, Can I ask you something weird!”


“what if this conversation gets too hot for me to handle, I might ask to see your cock?”

“Do you want too!”


At that time, I unzipped my pants and take my erect cock out. I spit in my hand and rub it all over it. Then when ready to take a snapshot for her to see, she starts typing again. “Are you still there? Did I go too far!”

To those word I take a snapshot and send it to her with the comment, “For your eyes only!”

Her response was a snapshot of her tits with her fingers pulling on her nipple. Men I would have loved to be there. I answered, “Looks so tasty!”

“Yours too, looks tasty and I bet it would fill me just right! We have to keep this private I do not want your daughter to find out!”

“Is this an invitation for real? Or just the teasing!”

“Actually, it is a tease, but still a thought!”

“I imagine. You are now naked on the bed and I am spreading your legs apart and start kissing the inside of your legs starting from your feet all the way up, slowly kissing and biting your thigh. Then I get to your pussy and I lick all around it without touching the lips. Just licking slowly from bottom on one side all the way up and down the other side. You can feel my breath on your lips and I can smell your cum dripping from your pussy!”

“Miam! I like what I read!”

“Then I spread your lips apart and slowly start licking the inside of your lips but just so lightly going up to your clit but never touching it!”

“Ok! I am really dripping wet for real!”

“taste it and tell me what it tastes like!”

“hummmmmmmmmm! It is creamy and sweet!”

“Just like I love it!”

“Now I suck on the lips a bit and then release them! I then lick the inside of your pussy and inserting my tongue inside your pussy. While I am sucking those lips. You want more you want me to touch your clitoris but I hole back teasing. You are shaking and moving to try to force my tongue to go to your clit!”

“That would feel so good Mr. Smith, you are wicked you know! You should see me now; I am completely nude with a finger on my pussy! You are having this effect with you chat!”

“Now Helen, think of me licking the inside and swirling around your clit and barely touching it. I start slowly then pick up speed. Now I am applying more pressure on your clit and I can feel your orgasm built. Just has you start shaking more I grab your clit with my lips and start sucking it while my tongue is flickering it. Both my hands are holding your pussy on my face so you can’t move away! You are shaking and breathing so heavily and you start to convulse, can you imagine it!”


“Great, I wish I were there to taste you, but this chat is rather fun. I did not expect that at all. I hope you like it enough to chat again soon.”

“I am happily surprised and agree, this is unexpected and fun and yes I would like to chat more as long as we keep this private. I don’t want your daughter to find out.”

Then I received a picture of Helen pussy close up with 2 fingers spreading her lips and they were all creamy as well as the inside of her lips. I would have gone wild had I been there and seen this. “MIAMMMMM! güvenilir bahis siteleri This looks tasty!”

“It is!”

“I must go! My wife wants to talk to me. Talk soon!”

“Ok see you soon! Hihihihi!”

“Yes honey! What can I do!” Answering my wife.

“Honey, Helen Our daughters’ friends just wrote to me!” My heart almost stop I got so scared. “She asks me if you could help her with her computer, it is having issue and you know she is not wealthy and the cost can set her back! She would need some help, could you help her!”


“Today if you can!”

“are going to come with me!”

“No, I have too much to do here!”

“Ok! Tell her I am on my way!”

I could not believe she did this and get my wife to help her get me. I got ready and left with anticipation. When I arrived at her place the door was unlock with a note saying, come in and find me!

I walked in and her clothes was on the ground going towards her bedroom. I got to her bedroom and she was laying there her spread wide and she looked at me and just said, “Now prove it!”

I did all of what we had talk and she was wild. Then she laid me back, got on top of me and rode my cock like no tomorrow. She was actually very tight and I could feel my cock touching the back of her pussy. I told her I was about to cum and she went faster and I cummed so much inside of her. She slowed down and then just stayed there until I got limped. Then she laid beside me and nibble my ear and said, “You can fuck me anytime you want and used me anyway you want.”

“You realise that open the door to all sorts of kink!”

“I do not have any partner and the reason is simple I like weird sex and good partner that know what to do are rare!”

“Helen! I will fuck you in all kinds of way, but you know it can’t be often as it will be difficult to be alone!”

“We will find ways.”

Then we just laid there a bit and cuddled. After about 10 minutes I had to get ready to leave and mentioned it. She got up and straddled me. She then lowered herself on my limp cock and she rubbed it back to life. When it was hard, she pushed it inside her and slowly moved back and forth. She raised back up a bit and upon my cock set free, she lowered herself again while holding it and directed it to her asshole. It was soooooooo tight. As soon as I was inside, I could not hold back and had an orgasm. She looked at me and her first words were, “We will have fun! Now go.”

Needless to say, I was surprised and happy. When I got home my wife said, “How did it go.”

I told her, “Great the computer is fixed for now but it is getting old so it will need a lot of help in the next few weeks.”

“It is not a problem, you give it the help it requires, I am good with it. Helen is alone with no one to help her and I think she is ready to play with guys…”


“You heard me well, today was planned, just don’t tell our daughter! By the way Helen can suck a good pussy you know!”

“Hummmm you mean you, Helen, planned this and you play together!”

“Yes, it has been going on for a while now. It just occurred and we fucked. I liked it but we wanted to find a way to bring you into the mix but Helen was not certain she liked guys. I guess she does, she sent me this beautiful picture!”

She had taken a picture of herself straddling me with my cock almost all the way inside her pussy and sent it to my wife. Then my wife said, “She is coming for dinner tomorrow night and you are the dessert. You will have fun but first you will have to watch both of us and you can’t touch until Helen says so!”

This is the start of some fun.

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