Hayley’s naughty night out with her sister

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Standing in her apartment, Hayley looked at herself in the mirror. Petite with short dark brown reddish hair, big brown eyes and a cute smile, she checked out her ass. Wearing a tight pair of black jeans, she was glad that she’d been working out lately as she ran her hands over her perfectly formed behind. She turned and put her hands over her tits, which she was never very happy with, but at least they were a good handful.

The door opened behind her and her sister, Chloe, walked into the room. A dirty blonde with a slim frame and big lips, she looked great in her sky blue trousers and a top that exposed her tight stomach.

‘Hey sis, ready to go?’

‘Yep’ replied Hayley, adjusting her low-cut top to expose her breasts a little more

‘You’re not thinking of him, are you? Tonight’s not about him, it’s about you having fun’

‘I know, I know’ said Hayley, hugging her sister tightly before pulling away and saying ‘and I am going to have fun!’

‘You should’ said Chloe, gently brushing her hair behind her ear ‘you deserve to’. Hayley felt a little tingle as she looked into her sister’s eyes. Her sister had been staying with her for a couple of days and, having shared a bed, Hayley had gotten to know how hot her younger sister really was.

Before leaving, Hayley called to her flatmate, telling her she’d be back later.

‘Okay, have fun!’

Oh, I will, thought Hayley, I will.


Hayley was drunk. She walked around the nightclub looking for her younger sister. She had lost her earlier after wandering off but now she really wanted to see her again. They had sort of been fighting about her boyfriend, the cheater. Hayley couldn’t stop thinking about him. She knew Chloe were right though, it was time to move on.

Chloe had stormed off over the dance floor and Hayley hadn’t seen her since. Her sister was gorgeous and she wouldn’t have any problem finding someone else to spend the night with if Hayley didn’t find her first.

Hayley herself had just turned thirty but still had the look of a twenty-five year old and her drunken stumbles around the club were attracting a lot of attention from leering guys. Walking across the dance floor she bumped into some guy. He turned around and she realised that he was pretty well built. She touched his chest.

‘Well, howdy’ he said

‘Hi’ she returned, still touching his chest and looking up into his eyes. Right now she made a decision. Tonight, she was going to be a slut.

They began to dance closely, Hayley grinding her ass against the guys’ dick, which grew hard quickly. She felt his hands begin groping her, moving below her top and gently caressing her tits.

Turning around, she moved her hand towards his crotch and, hidden by the darkness, plunged her hand inside his jeans. He raised an eyebrow and grabbed her ass, pulling her towards him.

‘Wanna play?’ she asked, flirting outrageously.

‘Damn straight!’ he replied, as Hayley dragged him towards the toilets. It wasn’t the sort of thing she’d do on a normal night but right now she wanted to act like a whore. Her boyfriend had cheated on her and now she was going to do the same thing.

She was about to bring him into the woman’s toilets but then saw the queue and thought ‘fuck it’ and they both went into the men’s. As she walked in, every guy looked at her, knowing what she was about to do. She loved it. Opening one of the cubicle doors she dragged the guy towards her and starting kissing him passionately, almost aggressively.

‘Wow, you are a feisty one, aren’t you?’

‘Just get your cock out’ she said impatiently, dropping onto her knees. She almost tore at the guy, releasing his eight inch dick. She licked her lips in anticipation and dived straight in, slurping noisily and trying to go as deep as she could straight away. She wrapped her arms around him to get extra purchase and began deep throating him. Gagging hard, drool began to fall out of her mouth.

The guy could take a hint; this girl wanted it rough. He slammed her head against the door and began face-fucking her. Only once or twice did she manage to pull back and let the cock slip out of her mouth.

‘You like that, whore?’

‘I fucking love it! Fuck my little mouth!’ she said, almost screaming it. She loved the feeling of her head being banged against the wall, her throat trying not to gag as he pummelled her again and again. Her big brown eyes bulged as she opened up her throat and begin working her way right down to the base of the guys cock. It was obvious that there was now a couple of guys standing outside and she could hear them laughing and encouraging the guy she was with. A couple of heads appeared over the top of the cubicle, turning Hayley on even more.

She undid the top button on her jeans and began shoving her fingers up her pussy, sending orgasmic shockwaves throughout her body. Feeling his cock pulsing, she knew he was going to cum. Taking his cock out of her mouth he aimed the cum directly at her face, sending a stream onto her forehead and into her eyes. Finally, he shoved his cock back into her mouth and let the rest of the cum shoot into her mouth. He grabbed the top of her hair and knocked the back of her head against the wall. She sat there, cum drooling out of her mouth, still fingering her pussy.

The guy zipped up his jeans and opened the cubicle door.

‘Fucking slut’ he said as he left, leaving Hayley looking at a whole group of guys leering at her as she began to wipe up the cum from her face with one hand while the other kept furiously fingering her sopping wet pussy.

Two of the guys, big brutes of men, smiled at her and said ‘ready for a few more?’

She smiled and spread her legs. There izmir escort bayan was no doubt in her mind anymore, she wanted to be used and abused. Her fucking boyfriend had broken her heart, now she wanted her body to be broken.

‘I want you to fucking destroy me.’

They moved in for the kill…

Lifting her up, they carried her out of the cubicle and placed her in the centre of the room. Suddenly, Hayley was surrounded by a dozen guys, all rubbing their dicks as they watched her. Her heart began to pound heavily as she was lifted up and bent over the sink. Hands began to spank her ass through her jeans and grope her tits. She looked into the mirror to see a big black man lining himself up behind her. Realising it was the guy that usually gave out the towels to people after they washed their hands, her eyes widened as she saw the monster that flopped out of his pants.

‘Tear this bitches clothes off’ someone shouted and soon hands were grabbing and tearing at her, leaving her naked and bending over the sink. Someone stood on the counter and shoved a cock in her face, which she duly started devouring greedily. Letting it loose for a moment she turned her head and looked at the crowd.

‘Someone put their cock inside me now!’ she screamed, and the big black guy duly obliged.

He wasn’t gentle. He began pounding her pussy doggy style, slamming her against the marble sink, causing her to shudder violently.

‘Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, keep going, keep fucking going!’

She reached her two hands out which were both filled immediately with two cocks. She began jerking them off, trying to remain steady as the black guy increased his pace. Her pussy felt so full as his cock moved in and out. She wanted more. She wanted him to fuck her even harder.

‘Make me your fucking slut, you cunt! Harder, harder, harder, God dammit!’ She couldn’t help herself. The feeling of being used by this stranger as she was watched by a group of drunken louts was causing her to say things she had never even thought about. She began to push back as hard as she could against the massive dick pounding her pussy. The black guy responded by pulling her hair and increasing the pace.

He began tensing up, ready to come. Suddenly she was flipped around so she was facing the group. She could see a whole bank of camera phones recording her, which made her feel hornier than ever.

She was shoved to the floor and the black guy forced his cock into her mouth, shoving it so deeply she began to choke, nearly getting sick. Then he unleashed a huge load all over her face, with stream after stream jetting out. The first slammed into her forehead, the second hitting her right eye and the third hitting her mouth and cheek. He finished himself off by shoving his cock into her mouth and she began milking it for the last drop of cum. She didn’t swallow, and let it drip out of her mouth, collecting with the rest that rolled slowly down her lips and passed her tits, running in a stream towards her pussy.

It seemed that the whole crowd took a deep breath, looking at this cum covered slut. Hayley took a deep breath as well; she couldn’t believe what was happening. Then, all around her cocks began to move their way towards her mouth. She grabbed them greedily, sucking deeply and using her hands where she could.

She began to work her way around the circle, using her two hands to jerk two cocks while each guy took a turn fucking her face. Soon, one guy grabbed her off the ground and lifted her up and onto his cock. He began bouncing her up and down, tossing Hayley like a rag doll, forcing his dick deeper and deeper inside her.

‘Oh fuck, yes!’ she panted.

Another guy came behind her and began trying to force his cock up her ass.

‘No, no, no!’ she said in terror, watching the guy position himself. She had never been fucked in the ass before.

He ignored her, instead pressing his cock against her ass. ‘Shit, this bitch is tight’ he complained, and began to thrust a few fingers up to loosen the opening.

‘Open up, open up for me’ he said, spanking her ass as she said it.

‘No, I won’t!’ she wailed, grabbing the guy who was ramming her pussy even tighter.

What he did next both scared her and turned her on more than she had ever been before. He slapped her on the face. Roughly.

‘You take what I give you, bitch’ he said, and rammed his cock as deep as he could up her tight little ass.

She screamed in pain, not quite believing what was happening. She was getting double penetrated in the middle of the men’s bathroom. The two boys began bouncing her harder and harder up and down. She could feel the cocks entering and leave her holes, and the pleasure mixed with pain became nearly too much to take. She was almost crying as she rested her head on one of their shoulders.

Despite the pain, she began to feel the rhythm of the two cocks as she bounced up and down. She began scratching the guys back, wanting to inflict some pain back. It made him fuck her even harder, and she began to feel another orgasm echo through her body. Pulling her head back, she looked directly into the eyes of the guy fucking her.

‘Fill me up… fill my tight little ass… treat me like your bitch’

That sent him over the edge, and she felt the guy come in her ass. The guy fucking her pussy stepped up the pace and she felt her insides flooded with his cum too. She felt the cock flop out of her ass and the cum drip out onto the floor. Before she knew it, someone else had taken the two places in front and behind her. When someone wasn’t fucking her in the ass, a guy would hold her in the air, two would grab her legs and spread them wide open while their friends would take turns fucking her as she hung in the air.

It buca escort all began to become a blur. The crowd began to really pick up the pace, with every guy trying to pound her roughly or shove a cock into her mouth. Sometimes, a guy would grab her and slam her against the sink, fucking her pussy violently before putting her on the ground and dumping his load. Guy after guy flipped her over and began ramming his cock inside her, causing Hayley to have wave after wave of orgasms.

Some guys threw a few coats on the bathroom floor and Hayley’s ass was soon lowered down onto a guy’s cock while the others took turn burying their cocks into her pussy again and again. She could hardly catch her breath as guy after guy stood over her and forced their cocks into her mouth. Soon ever hole was filled, her hands reaching out to jerk off any unattended cocks.

‘Fuck me harder!’ she screamed whenever she got a chance, and they all obliged, roughly pounding her in whatever way they could, swapping whenever they got tired. Hayley never seemed to be without a cock inside her, and she loved it, and wanted the world to know it.

‘Fuck my tight little pussy…. Oh God, just like that…. Treat me like a fucking whore… cum all over my face…’

A whole crowd had developed outside the toilet and she became aware of girls walking around her, calling her ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ every few seconds. She loved it. Whenever a girl would come close and talk dirty, she couldn’t help reaching town and rubbing her clit in delight. The whole place seemed like it was about to break out into a full blown orgy. One girl was particularly into it. A little brunette with jet black hair and amazing tits for her size and an ass of perfection came over and knelt beside Hayley. She looked like a podium dancer with tight hot pants and tank top, and she acted like it.

She began by licking the cum off Hayley’s face; at first using her fingers but then licking all the way up the side of her face, hovering it up like it was ice-cream. Hayley opened up her mouth, wanting the girl to give it back to her. The girl smiled and spat the cum right inside her mouth, causing Hayley to messily cough it back up.

The brunette smiled again, her beautiful cute dimples showing up before being replaced with a look of viciousness, and began feeling Hayley roughly. Hayley felt another girl’s tits rest against her back. A hand reached around and began fingering her pussy.

‘You like that, slut?’ the voice said behind her.

All Hayley could do was groan.

‘How about when I touch your pussy? You like it when I do that?’

Hayley groaned louder as the girl began to insert her fingers deep inside her. The brunette began kissing the girl behind Hayley before a guy grabbed her head roughly and started to fuck her mouth.

‘Put more in!’ the crowd shouted. Hayley licked her lips and kissed the girl deeply, encouraging her top do just that. Soon, the girl had her entire fist inside her, pumping her deeply as the crowd shouted, all the while whispering in Hayley’s ear.

‘You’re the biggest whore I’ve ever fucking seen, you tight little cunt’

Hayley couldn’t respond, all she could feel was the girls’ fist.

‘I always knew you were a slut; ever since I was a little girl I knew you’d be a whore’

Hayley looked around at the girl in shock, and then realised who it was. It was Chloe. Her beautiful blonde sister was fisting the fuck out of her. There was no going back, and she knew what she wanted.

‘Fuck me’ she whispered ‘fuck my pussy, sis’

Chloe flipped around to face Hayley, wrapping their legs around each other. Hayley saw that her sister was totally naked, her trimmed pussy thrusting towards her older sister. Chloe’s fist never stopping pumping in and Hayley began to return the favour, forcing more and more fingers up her beautiful sisters’ tight pussy until her whole hand was inside. They kept trying to fuck each other harder as cocks began to be shoved into their mouths.

Hayley watched as her young sister deep throated guy after guy, seemingly an expert at it. She could barely breath now as she herself was forced to deep throat cock after cock. Every once in a while she and Chloe would meet in the middle, their tongues meeting in a sloppy embrace.

A few guys, who couldn’t hold it anymore, stood above the two girls and came all over them, aiming at where their mouths were meeting in a deep, deep kiss. Soon, they were swapping more cum than they could handle and it began dripping everywhere as Chloe continued to move her fist in and out of Hayley.

Hayley could hear the brunette screaming in the background as a group of guys began fucking her viciously against the sink. She glanced over to see the girl’s tits bouncing under the force of the guy fucking her from behind and watched as another cock was shoved down her throat. Somehow she was managing to use her hands to jerk off waiting cocks despite the pounding. Even in Hayley’s orgasmic haze she thought, this girl isn’t just a slut, she’s an experienced slut.

A guy moved behind Chloe and started to move his cock towards her ass. Chloe looked back, grabbed the guys head and pulled it towards her. She put her lips right to his ear and Hayley heard her say through gritted teeth ‘Rape my fucking ass.’ Hayley watched her sister’s cum covered face contort in pain as the guy began pounding her ass from behind. He didn’t even try to gently ease it in, instead just ramming her fast and hard. Chloe began to orgasm with the feeling of her sister’s fist in her pussy and a huge cock up her ass.

Hayley couldn’t help herself now, she wished she had a cock in her ass too, but it was all she could do to keep fisting her sister as she began to feel that feeling rise in her stomach. izmir escort Her body tightened.

‘Oh my God!’ she screamed as she began to have an uncontrollable orgasm. She literally shook in Chloe’s arms as her juices spilled out.

The guy behind Chloe took his cock out and forced it into Hayley’s mouth. ‘That’s it, big sis, taste my fucking ass’ Chloe said aggressively, pushing the guy so his dick went deeper and deeper in Hayley’s mouth.

‘Do you want his cum all over you? Do you like the taste of my ass? You fucking whore, take it deeper… deeper!’

Hayley had never felt like such a slut. She sucked deeply on the cock, licking the taste of her sister off it. She grabbed his balls as he started to cum inside her mouth, and felt the huge load roll down the back of her throat. It became too much and it started to seep back out, exploding around the side of the guys cock that kept ramming Hayley’s face.

More and more guys began to dump their load on her as she lay back against the wall, sensing that the climax had come. The two girls lay there, hugging and kissing each other as the cum dripped down their faces. Even their hair was almost completely covered now.

The brunette disentangled herself from the group of guys manhandling her and made her way over to Hayley. Grabbing her by the hair she lifted her up and made her face the mirror.

Hayley looked at the cum covered mess before her, and smiled as the crowd moved in towards her with their cameras. Her hair was matted with cum, and the girls seemed to love to come up, take a taste of it before posing for a picture with her.

The brunette simply bent her over the sink, smacking her ass and demanded ‘arch your ass, bitch!’

Chloe moved in front of Hayley as the brunette began spanking her sister over and over again. The crowd almost went silent as the brunette battered Hayley’s ass. Always using her right hand, the brunette rained down blows on both of Hayley’s ass cheeks, only stopping once or twice to catch her breath and stick a finger or two up Hayley’s pussy. Chloe hugged her sister’s now tearful face to her chest as she watched her being brutally savaged by the brunette.

After what seemed like an age the brunette stopped the spanking and began shoving two fingers up Hayley’s already ravaged asshole, sending shivers throughout her body. The brunette made a sign to Chloe to join her. She went down on her knees in front of Hayley and soon Hayley’s pussy and ass were being filled by these two horny bitches. The crowd began chanting again ‘put more in! put more in!’ and Hayley began to feel herself becoming stretched as the two girls began pumping their fists in an out of her.

‘Take it you little whore’ the brunette whispered in her ear, grabbing her hair roughly and pulling her face towards her. Beginning from her chin, she licked Hayley’s face and then gave it a smack with her hand. Hayley, shocked, looked behind her and watched the brunette’s tiny fist going in and out of her ass. She didn’t know how it fit; she just knew it felt unbelievable.

Chloe began ramming her fist in and out of her sister’s cunt, using her other hand to grab Hayley’s tits, feeling the pools of cum that covered her big sisters body. The cum began to drip off and fall upon Chloe’s face, turning her on even more, and she started to pick up the pace even more as her sister began to shake against the force of the two girls.

‘Right’ whispered the brunette in her here ‘now comes to the real party.’ Hayley had no idea what she meant, but soon her body told her what the brunette meant. Once she had spoken the words, the brunettes fist became an arm. Hayley looked back to see the girl ramming her arm into her ass all the way up to her elbows.

‘How does it feel to be ass raped, you little whore?!’

Hayley physically collapsed under the weight of her orgasm, dropping to the floor beneath the two girls, shaking violently as her body and mind began to realise what she had just done. Her whole being seemed to be on fire.

Chloe and the brunette picked her up and marched her out of the toilet, still naked and covered in cum. In the hallway, Hayley could feel strangers grab at her body, some feeling her clit, some harshly slapping her tits, while others shoved her against the wall and shoved their fingers up her pussy.

The whole crowd began groping each other and the three girls began to get lost in the mayhem. They watched as one blonde girl with massive tits began to be groped by a whole group of guys, shoving her to the floor and forcing her to suck their dicks. The group had moved on. Hayley couldn’t help feeling jealous as the blonde girls clothes began to be ripped off, her massive tits exposed to the ravenous mob.

Chloe, who had taken her and Hayley’s clothes, gave them to her sister and they gingerly began to dress themselves, their bodies heaving and their breath coming fast.

Hayley stood there, looking at her sister, beginning to feel the cum seep through her clothes. She remembered that no-one in the club knew who they were. She grabbed her sister roughly and began kissing and feeling each other’s bodies, all the time discovering new pools of cum to lick.

There was still a crowd watching them, but the brunette broke away. Moving towards the two girls, she said ‘I know your secret…’

Chloe and Hayley looked at each other, fear crossing their face.

‘Don’t worry, I have a secret too.’ She called across the room to a guy lounging against the wall and following the action. Hayley felt her heart skip as she watched one of the best looking guys she’d ever seen walking towards them.

‘This is John’ said the little brunette, grabbing him by the back of his hair and kissing him passionately before saying ‘and he’s my brother.’

‘Want to join us and a few other friends?’

The two sisters smiled at each other; there was only one answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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