Hard Awakening

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“Mm good morning.”

“Oh my god babe you scared me.”

“Hm, why? Are you expecting someone else?”

“Of course not. I just thought you’d have to stay for training later than this.”

My boyfriend is in the military. Currently he is going through a weeklong training program, and since I never see him, I thought I’d travel down to where he is and stay in a hotel on his base to be near him. Words cannot describe seeing him walk through the hotel door in his sexy uniform. Every morning I wake up wet, rubbing my pussy to this image. Thinking about it turns me on so much.

“Well I got out early. Now aren’t you excited to see me?

“Definitely. Now I don’t have to pleasure myself. You can do it for me.”

“Oh, yes. Good girl.”

“Come here babe. I want to make your cock nice and hard for me.”

After he ripped off his uniform, to my disappointment, he walked over to me on the ground where I was on my knees waiting for him. Running my tongue from the base to the tip, I licked hungrily up and down. I love his cock nice and wet from my mouth escort kartal before I slide it inside. Sucking on his tip, I stuck my tongue out so he could thrust in my mouth. Taking him deep down my throat, I sucked hard, with my tongue also lapping on the underside of his cock. I moaned around him, using my hand to jack him off in between deep throating. Cupping his balls, I made my way down his cock so I could suck on them. Flicking out my tongue, I latched on to one, then the other, while gripping his ass.

I could feel myself growing wetter with every lick, so I stood up so he could pleasure me. I slid off my panties, lied back on the bed, and opened my legs for him.

Touching my pussy lips, he said, “Mm are you ready for me?”

In answer, I pulled him down to my level and lifted my hips to his mouth. Watching him worship my pussy, I ground into his mouth, needing his cock to be thrusting into me. Usually I enjoy a lot of foreplay. I love fingering myself and coming before we have sex. My pussy is much more sensitive and I’m likely to orgasm with maltepe escort his cock inside me this way. But anyway, we were both so horny, as always, so I told him I needed his cock to fill me up and fuck me hard. I changed positions and put a pillow under my hips so he could get a deeper penetration. Pushing my legs wide, he slid inside me. I threw back my head and moaned, needing him as deep and fast as possible. I started grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples while I fucked his cock, taking what I needed. After several thrusts, I pushed him back and pinned his shoulders down so I could ride him. This is my favorite position to cum and he knows it.

He loves feeling my muscles tense all around him while I grab the sheets and release all over him. We definitely enjoy my cum. Since I squirt, I always tend to make a ‘mess,’ but it always turns him on more.

“Yeah baby, cum on my cock.”

“Oh, yes. I’m going to. Then I’m going to lick it all up.”

“Ah, yes. Do it for me.”

Straddling him, I made his cock wet with my mouth again. Then pendik escort bayan right as I was about to put him inside me, I teased his tip against my folds, making me even wetter. I circled my clit with his cock and then reached down to lick off the pre cum that formed when I stroked his cock on my lips. As I was dripping pussy juice on his cock, I sat down on it hard, gripping him tightly. Bending down, I pulled my bra away from my tits so he could suck on my nipples while I rode him fast. Grabbing his shoulders, I tightened my muscles when I could feel my orgasm building, needing an intense release.

“That’s it, baby. Cum on me.”

“Oh god, I’m so close.”

My pussy was almost too wet to keep going. At last, I came forcefully, and squirted all over his cock, which dripped down to his balls. Collapsing on top of him, he pushed me back so he could cum in my mouth.

“Clean up your mess,” he commanded me after he grabbed my hair and put his cock in my face.

“Mm, yes baby.”

Licking up all the thick white pussy juice I made, I sucked his cock vigorously, using my hand to make him cum. I jacked him off fast until he released into my mouth. Looking up at him, I swallowed it, and then licked my lips to get any remaining cum. Lying back, I smiled knowing that the next day, the same thing would happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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