Happy Ending Ch. 10

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This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 10 – The Staff Meets, Ami and Ben, New Training, Raina has a 3-way **

*** Raina faces Gil Cyrus ***

Raina was worried. Doctor Cyrus had discovered her at Michele’s clinic, when she probably should have told him about it. Now he wanted to see her in his office – here, at the Wellness Center – at ten o’clock. She had arrived for her shift at eight, finding that message waiting for her. What if he fires me? she thought.

Ten am arrived, and Raina knocked on his door. He called for her to enter and she opened the door and stood there.

“Come in, please Raina, and relax. Have a seat.” Gil Cyrus told her. “Please close the door” he added.

Raina did as he asked, taking a seat in the chair facing his desk.

“Well Raina, suffice it to say I was surprised to see you at Michele’s clinic.” he began. “So… is that another job because you aren’t earning enough here, or…”

“No, actually that isn’t it Doctor.” Raina replied. “I graduated with my associate’s in massage therapy, and wanted to get some experience. Michele offered me a position with her clinic with flexible hours, so I took it.” she told him, avoiding his eyes.

“Oh… well that’s wonderful! Congratulations Raina.” Gil said. I wonder just what sort of ‘therapy’ she’s providing? he thought, a chill going up his spine at the thought of Raina’s perfect rear riding his cock. “So how are thing going there for you?” he asked.

“Great!” Raina replied. “Michele is a terrific teacher. I’m learning a lot from her.” she added.

“Think I might be able to fit into your schedule?” he asked, giving her a wink.

“Oh… you’ll have to check with Michele.” Raina answered nervously. “Things are getting pretty busy there.”

“I’ll be giving her a call.” Gil said. “Well.. you just let me know if you would like to revise your schedule here.” he said. “And thanks for coming to see me. I just didn’t want the secrets is all. I won’t share it with anyone here.” he added.

“Um… okay… I’ll just…” Raina stammered.

“Get back to the front desk? Yes… please do.” Gil said. “The patients are used to seeing your smiling face to greet them.” he chuckled. He watched carefully to catch a glimpse of her perfectly rounded tush as she walked out of his office. She closed the door behind her and he picked up the phone to call Michele. She couldn’t fit him in with Raina for a couple of weeks; but that was good enough! Ami was fantastic, and would be just fine for his next session. But Raina…. He’d felt his loins stirring more than once just looking at her backside.

*** Staff Meeting – New Techniques ***

All three of the ladies arrived at seven-thirty for the staff meeting. It was an exciting time for them, now that all three were working the LSR clients successfully. Michele brought a large pot of green tea to the conference table, and a plate of freshly baked scones. Ami and Raina took their seats as Michele brought the tray of pastries.

“Ladies, the first topic I would like to discuss is related to the most recent sessions you two girls worked and – in particular – the very successful improvisation you each did in those sessions.” Michele began, taking a sip of her tea. “In both cases your clients were very vocal and very complimentary about the sessions, so I’m confident when I say the techniques you each used were valuable contributions to our LSR therapy regime.” she added.

“So.. is this about what I did to help stimulate Ben during the massage?” Raina asked.

“Exactly.” Michele replied. “You weren’t specific when we had our quick debrief; but Ben was.” she said. “Why don’t you share the technique with us.” she suggested.

“Okay… well… here’s what I thought at the time..” Raina began, sipping her tea. “I figured, since Ben was progressing; but still required significant extra stimulation to achieve erection, that if I gave him some of that extra stimulation earlier in our session he might benefit.”

“And what was that extra stimulation?” Michele queried.

“I performed… analingus… I licked his ass… while he was still on his belly” Raina replied. “For a few minutes” she added.

“A good explanation, a reasonable justification, and a well executed technique from Ben’s report.” Michele said. “Now before we discuss how we decide how to include this technique in our process, let’s talk about Ami’s session with Gil Cyrus. Gil said you did something kind of related to Raina’s improvisation. Why don’t you tell us about that Ami.” she suggested.

“I was thinking pretty much the same thing as Raina, that an earlier stimulus might help with the success of the therapy.” Ami said very succinctly. Michele nodded for her to go on. “So when I got to his lower back I just continued to his gluteus maximus and worked his butt muscles.” Ami told them.

“And Gil had pretty much canlı bahis the same comments about that as Ben had about Raina’s technique. Both clients really appreciated the effort and thought you girls put into their therapy.” Michele told them. “Great job, both of you.” she added.

“Um… Ami… so you just massaged his backside?” Raina asked.

“Well, yes. I gave his rear a normal massage, knowing that the pressure would also be stimulating his penis.” Ami told her.

“Good… so let’s talk about how – and when – we apply what you two have improvised to our normal therapy regime. Doing either of these things has a lot of value in this therapy, and we need to talk about how to add that value.” Michele said, buttering a scone. “Ideas?”

“I think the important thing to remember is that it is applicable for any client – at least at the beginning of their therapy.” Ami said. “I would suggest that the cheek massage be included in every session, and the analingus be employed if the client’s situation dictates the need.” she added.

“Good thinking Ami. I agree.” Michele said. “Raina, what do you think?” she queried.

“I agree.” Raina replied.

“Done.” Michele said. “We use the buttock massage technique with every LSR session during the massage, and analingus if the situation dictates. Now I would like to discuss something that came up when I was talking to Gil about his session with Ami.” she said.

“S-something I did?” Ami asked.

“Yes.” Michele replied. “He said something about… you massaging his penis… with your rectal channel.” she added. “Now… I know that’s something all three of us think we do; but what Gil described to me was a slightly different technique from the one we trained for on the Syb.” Michele finished her scone and poured another cup of tea before continuing.

“Oh yes… I think I know what he was referring to.” Ami suggested. “Um… yes… what I did was to consciously let my inner and outer rings relax while using the rectal network to massage his organ while fully penetrating my channel.” she told them.

“Correct Ami.” Michele said. “So now we all need to be able to do that. It worked, and the client reported it with very high marks.” she told them. “So… I will ask you to use the StimSense tool to simulate that technique so we can capture the data, then Raina and I will use that to train.” Michele said. “Another great job Ami.” she added.

“One more thing to discuss, then we can have a break on the patio until Jim arrives.” Michele said, waiting until she had their attention. “The APT is referring another LSS client to us; but this guy is in Europe at the moment. We won’t see him until next month some time. His name is Brad Reynolds, fifty, good shape, no response to ED drugs.” she told them. “Okay. I’m taking Jim today and Ben won’t be here until this afternoon, so you two can work on that massage capture we discussed. Meeting adjourned ladies, and thank you both for some great contributions.”

They adjourned to the patio, bringing the remaining scones and tea with them.

*** Ami Works on Ben ***

Ben Stillman got the word from Michele that he would be seeing the Asian girl, Ami Park, for his next session. That was a pleasant thought, as he did have an appreciation for the more exotic ladies. He recalled meeting her, admiring both her eloquence and her elegance. Now he looked forward to her therapy techniques as he rolled up to the clinic. Between Michele and Raina he had definitely made progress, especially with Raina in his last session. Today perhaps he would achieve erection before the oral stimulation began. He could hope. He walked into the reception area to find Ami Park smiling to greet him. “Good morning Ami.” he said softly.

“Good morning Ben. I’m ready when you are!” Ami replied.

Ben went straight into the therapy room and took his shower, focusing on the critical areas before drying himself and climbing onto the table under the sheet. He could already feel a tingle down there at the thought of the pretty Asian woman touching him. I can almost feel those sexy lips… that perky rear… he thought as he heard her close the door. His cock twitched as she drew her fingertips up his thigh and over his buttocks to rest on his lower back…

“Okay Ben, do you have any areas you would like me to focus on today?” she asked, applying pressure to sense his tightness.

“Mmm…. you mean other than…” Ben chuckled.

“Well yes, other than…” Ami replied, reaching under the sheet to tease between his legs.

“Mmm…” Ben grunted, shifting his hips at her touch. Just keep that up and we’ll be just fine. he thought.

Ami began the muscle massage, finding the places where his body resisted and kneading out the toxins. She worked her way down his back, carefully uncovering only the area she was working on. The sheet pushed over his backside, she began kneading the fleshy cheeks as Ben moaned softly. bahis siteleri One hand slipped down between his thighs as fingers on the other parted his buttocks. Fingertips found his balls as her lips and tongue began stimulating his anal port. She sensed a twitch from his penis, and wormed her wet oral digit into his butt. Another twitch accompanied by a muffled grunt, and she eased herself down to continue the massage. “MmmHmmm.” she said softly, her fingers kneading his thighs and calves on their way down to his feet. Then she lifted the sheet. “Time for the flip side Ben.” she told him, watching as he rolled onto his back. His cock was partially erect. Yes! she thought.

Ben felt the fire igniting in his loins even before he sensed her lips and tongue at his asshole. Her fingers teased and fondled his balls, bringing tingles to his dick as it lay trapped between his body and the table. Then her tongue pushed into his butt, and the twitches made his partial hardon noticeable. “Ohhhhhmmm… that’s good Ami…” he moaned, wriggling his hips. I knew this would be good… he thought, relaxing his sphincter so her wet tongue could go deeper into his asshole. ohhh FUCK YEAH! he thought as he pictured the pretty girl with her tongue up his nasty butt. Then he sensed her gradual departure from his rear, and relaxed just a bit as her hands worked their magic on his legs. Oh… this girl is good… he thought. He rolled onto his back when she told him it was time, and could swear he felt his dick waving in partial readiness.

Ami finished the muscle massage in short order, realizing that the important part of today’s session would be to maintain Ben’s state of excitment and bring him to a satisfying release. She gently pulled back the sheet covering his genitals, revealing an organ still partially erect. “Mmmmm… he’s feeling spunky today Ben…” she said, giggling softly as her tongue curled around his sensitive glans. “Delicious.” Ami mumbled, taking his cock in her mouth as she palmed his testicles. She felt the twitch and nibbled her way down to his root. No prostate massage today! she thought, suckling at Ben’s meat. It took several minutes and a playfully sensual poke at his rear pucker; but Ben Stillman was hard and ready. Ami stroked her lips up and down as she reached back to remove her prep tool, picking up the lube bottle on the way back up. The fingers of the other hand wrapped around his shaft as she pulled her lips free and gave the head a friendly lick. “Mmmm… he is definitely ready Ben..” she told him, pouring a healthy dollop of the viscous liquid on his cockhead to coat the length with her fingers. As she was doing that she put the bottle back on the recessed shelf, then climbed up onto the table.

Ben knew what was coming, and after the warmth of her mouth he was eagerly anticipating the tightness of her ass. He opened his eyes, looking up at her beautiful face, wanting to reach for her lean body, knowing he could not – yet. He glanced down, watching her hand disappear between them, feeling her delicate fingers on his organ, then the head pressed against her wrinkled rosebud…. “ohhhmmmm…” he moaned as Ami wriggled and clenched her talented sphincter around his crown. It felt like oral manipulation of his dick; but he knew otherwise. ohhhgawwwwd.. that’s her ASSHOLE nibbling on my cock! he thought, squirming his hips as he fought the urge to grab her hips and pound his meat up her butt. “AHHHHYESSS.” he groaned as Ami eased her channel down to his root in one exquisite stroke.

“Feel good Ben?” Ami asked him, gently stroking his penis with her rectum. “He’s feeling his oats today, huh.” she suggested, squeezing his head with the muscles deep in her ass. After a dozen or so deep strokes she felt a twitch from his cock and relaxed her muscles. “Easy now Ben… No rush..” she whispered, letting her rear slide slowly down his organ until he was all the way in. She let him relax, his member cuddled in the velvet heat of her ass. “That’s it… just relax… let me do the work..” she said softly. After his trembling stopped she began her ‘specialty’, gently kneading at his fleshy rod with the network of muscles in her rectal sheath. “There we go… a nice little massage for him today..” she whispered, her channel rippling along his length.

“ohhhhFUCK that’s nice… ohhgawwwd..” Ben groaned, his cock being treated to the most exquisite massage he could have imagined. He could feel every ripple as this Asian beauty used her asshole to caress his penis. “amazing… incredible… so hot… ohhhhgawd Ami… never stop…” he begged, feeling his organ twitch in her seething tunnel. His hands moved instinctively to the silky flesh of her hips; but only rested there. The sensations were like a dream, then his eyes fluttered open to see her exotic features just inches away. She gazed into his eyes, then smiled.

“I can do this all day Ben, so you just let me know…” Ami whispered. Her bottom was in autopilot now, her velvety bahis şirketleri chute slowly bringing her client to his well-deserved climax. “Your cock feels so good in there Ben… so damn good…” she said softly. Her muscles relaxed as they sensed a spasm, and she smiled again. “He’s getting close, isn’t he?” she asked. Another spasm accompanied by a grunt. “Okay Ben… here we go…” she whispered, stroking his penis with the smooth walls of her butt until she felt his convulsions begin. She slammed her hips down to engulf his throbbing dick and put her muscles to work as she felt his semen flow deep into her bowels. “Yeahhhh Bennie… let it go… let it all go…” Ami told him, milking him dry with her clenching, convulsing asshole. “ohhhhkay now Ben… give me all of it sweetie… give me all of it…” she whispered, stroking her channel up and down his cock as the last of his seed oozed inside her. She lifted her hips with her sphincter clenched until she felt the ridge of his crown against her ring, then worked her hole until she felt him begin to soften. She opened her eyes again, looking into his as they both waited for the inevitable. When his cock slipped out of her rear she smiled softly. “Mmmm… That was nice Ben… very nice.” she said, leaning down to give me a kiss on his forehead before she climbed down from the table. She wiped herself, then took care of his genitals before covering him with the sheet. She pulled on her shorts and grabbed her prep tool, then walked back up to the head of the table. “You just relax now Ben. I’ll be outside whenever you’re ready.” she told him, giving his forearm a squeeze.

“Ami” Ben called as she was headed to the door.

“Yes Ben?” she responded.

“Thank you. I think this was definitely a breakthrough.” he told her.

“I’m so glad Ben. We have more work to do; but today was a good day for sure.” Ami replied, closing the door behind her. She glanced at the clock. The session had gone two and a half hours, with more than ninety minutes focused on LSR therapy. But Ben was right. It had been a breakthrough. Ami didn’t notice Michele behind the desk, busy with paperwork as she went into the office to sterilize things.

Michele caught Ami’s lithe form walking through to the office, perspiration glistening on her skin. She heard the water run in the washroom and waited for her newest therapist to emerge. “How’d it go with Ben?” Michele asked as Ami walked back into the room.

Ami gave her double thumbs up, then chuckled. “Breakthrough session” she said proudly, glancing at the clock. “Ninety minutes of LSR and worth every single second.” she added as Ben came from the therapy room. He walked over to her and gave her a warm hug.

“Michele, this girl is amazing.” Ben Stillman said, shaking his head. “Absolutely amazing.”

Michele gave him a smile. “I take it the session went well?”

“Oh gawd yes.” Ben replied. “She had me ready before the LSR session even began.” he said. “A month ago I didn’t think that was even possible.”

“Well then I’m sure she will be rewarded.” Michele told him, giving Ami a wink.

Ben was at the desk, and handed Michele his card before pulling a stack of bills from his wallet. He ruffled through them, then handed the entire stack to Ami who tried to avoid them. “Ami… please… you made me a man again today… that’s worth everything I have here” Ben told his therapist. She reluctantly took the money, stuffing it in her pocket before giving him a bear hug.

“Thank you Ben. I’m glad to be of service.” she said, bowing slightly from her waist.

Ben signed the receipt, retrieved his card, and made an appointment for his next session the following week. Then he was gone.

Ami pulled out the wad of currency and counted it. Then she counted a second and third time. “This is six hundred dollars!” Ami exclaimed. “Six hundred freakin’ dollars!” she restated the amount.

“Yes… well that’s a little breakthrough bonus sweetie. Congratulations. You’ll have to fill us in over a glass of wine later.” Michele laughed. “Ninety minutes of LSR must have meant well over an hour in the – uh – anal tract.”

“Um… yeah… must have been..” Ami responded.

“So… how’s your butt?” Michele chuckled at the question.

Ami sighed. “Mmm… wonderful” she laughed. “Honestly though, Ben is such a gentle soul. It was never anything other than me applying therapeutic techniques.” she added. “I was in 100% control 100% of the time.”

“Perfect.” Michele told her. “You have the rest of the day off, so if you’d like to run home for a shower and a change of clothes you’re free to do so.” she added.

“Cool.” Ami responded, grabbing her bag from the office as she headed for the door. “See you at five.” she said.

The girls gathered at Michele’s place at five, Raina coming from the Wellness Center while Ami came back from her refreshing break. Michele threw together a healthy snack plate and had a bottle of white and one of red to start their evening. Chat ensued, and the topic quickly migrated to sex.

“So… either of you two girls ever do a DP?” Michele asked, getting an evil grin on her face.

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