Halfway House

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My wife Mary was a counselor for the child services department And I worked for a large company doing computer work one day I went to work and my company had a big layoff and now I was out of a job. I got a nice package which would keep use going for some time I started sending out resumes and going on interviews this went on for months. My unemployment was running out and we would start to use my savings. Mary’s job was a good job for the state but the pay was not that great but the benefits were good so I had medical.

She worked with teen age girls many were pregnant or just had baby’s most of them did not know who the father was or he ran off as soon as he found out the girl was pregnant. Many of these girls were also shunned by their families and had now where to go so a lot of these girls end up in a home for girls. Mary would go to the homes and counsel them and try to get them back into a normal life. Most of the girls give up the babies and do drugs.

Between the counselors in the home and my wife they try to get the girls clean and finish their education and get jobs this home is for girls mostly over 18 but age out at 21. Most of these girls are pretty rough and had a terrible child hood most did not have a father figure growing up and some were raped by the mother’s boyfriends at a young age while the mothers were high or drunk.

Mary came home Friday night and told me the house counselors had quit and she might have to stay at the house once a week till they could find a new counselor. This went on for several weeks and my wife was getting closer to the girls and was making progress with the girls.

Last night my wife got a call from her boss and asked if she could come into the office on Monday and bring me with her. We had no idea what was up but on Monday we both went into her office and met with her boss. Her boss was a cute woman a few years older than us she came out and greeted us and brought us into her office. She started by telling Mary they wanted her to take over the house on a full time basis. We looked at each other and started to tell her boss no when Carol her boss said wait and hear me out. She told us that the state wanted to try something new they wanted to put me on the payroll and have a husband and wife run the house so the girls would have a father figure in their lives she gave us a package and said go home and think about this for a week.

I started going over to the house and see what it would be like, it seemed like this might work ,we talked it over and went back in to see what all escort bostancı the details were They told me what they would pay me it was more than unemployment was paying but a lot less then I was making before.

We took the job and moved into the house after the State made some changes to the house so we had a little apartment that was separate from the girls. We decided to rent our house out and make some extra money. The girls were a little weary of me when I moved in but the girls were constantly changing.

One problems we found out rather quickly was our sex lives as we had all these girls would know when we had sex and would let us know all about it the next morning so the sex got further apart and we cut back on the quality of the sex till we got to the point we have not had sex for about two months now I was getting frustrated.

Now found that I was watching the girls as they seemed to be tempting me every chance they got wearing real short clothes low cut tops showing off their breasts we caught the girls on several occasions with short skirts and no panties and showing me their pussies.

One of our biggest problems was keeping the boys out of the house after hours we caught several boys in bed with some of the girls after hours we also caught several of the girls playing with each other. Since Mary and I have not had sex in a long time when my wife was not in the house which was several times a week as she had to do the food shopping and go and meet with Carol her boss. When she was out of the house I found myself watching the girls having sex with the boys and other girls. I would stand out of sight and watch them and pull out my cock and wank till I came. I found I was doing this more and more. What I did not know was the girls knew I was doing this and were having fun with me.

My wife was out of the house today one of the girls came running up to me and told me several of the girls were fighting so I ran to the room where they were fighting and tried to break up the fight as I pulled them apart I found that the girls clothes were ripped apart and most of their bodies were exposed I now I was trying to cover up the girls the best I could when all of a sudden I was attacked by a bunch of the girls and pushed down on to the bed they quickly tied me to the bed and holding me down then one of the girls crawled up my body she was naked she crawled up to my face and sat on my face and wanted me to eat her I resisted for about a second then started to run my tong up her slit while I was eating her pussy ümraniye escort the other girls started taking my pants off one of the girls took my cock in her mouth and started sucking now their were two girls on my cock the girl on my face started rubbing harder and moaning she put two fingers in her pussy and she stiffened up and came all over my face. While she was coming I did not notice that one of the girls climbed up my body and sat on my cock and started riding me when the one sitting on my face got off me I now could look around and see all the girls were naked and waiting their turn a couple of the girls were eating each other, no sooner the one got off my face another one got on my face. The girl riding my cock started going faster then I felt her orgasm and her juices run down my cock and on to my balls she got off me and another one climbed up on the cock and she started bouncing up and down on me she was starting to orgasm and then I felt my cock twitching and I shot my load up into her shooting about 4 hot shots of cum into her pussy.

She fell forward on to the girl on my face and they started to kiss they both got off me and started to eat out each other when they got off me two of the girls started to lick and clean my cock off. This went on for about an hour then they on tied me and let me up all the girls disappeared I quickly got dressed just before Mary came home.

Shortly after Mary got home she got a visit from Carol she told my wife she had to got a conference for about a week out of state. This was to discuss the set up we started Carol told her that she would stay with the girls while she was gone.

On Monday Mary left for the conference and would not be back till the following Monday night. Carol moved in and she was going to stay in one of the girls rooms. Monday night I did my usual bed check after midnight no boys tonight. I went to our apartment and got ready for bed I climbed into bed and was in bed for a short time and heard some noise then someone was getting in bed with me it was Carol and she was naked she cuddled up to me and ran her hand down to my cock and started to play with me I was quickly hard as a rock she then turned around pushed the covers down and started to suck on my cock I started to rub her butt then ran my finger’s along her pussy then inserted a finger in her pussy and rubbed her slit and clit before long I had 3 fingers in her pussy she started jerking and came on my fingers while she worked on my cock I than turned her over and aligned my cock with her pussy and started kartal escort bayan to insert in to her pussy after a few strokes I was all the way in and stroking in and out after a few more strokes I felt my balls churning and I started shooting my cum into her pussy. After we calmed down she said she was not on any protection and she might get pregnant. We stayed together for several hours eating each other.

About 3 am she got out of my bed and went back to her bed she thought no one knew about her trip to my room. It was time to get up and make sure all the girls had breakfast after the girls eat they cleaned up the plates and make sure the kitchen was clean. As the girls were finishing up several of the girls came to Carol and were telling her all about last night Carol put her hand up to her face in shock. The girls took her by the hand and led her to the bed room area and started to kiss her she resisted a little but it was not long before she was a willing partner. The next thing I knew Carol myself and the girls were having sex several times a day and at night each time I had sex with Carol the girls made sure I dumped a load of cum in her as well as each of the girls I would let my load of cum either in their pussy or in their mouth. We had a great week Monday morning Carol packed up and went back to home and office. Monday afternoon Mary came home and noticed something was different but did not what.

After dinner she told me about the conference and that several other states wanted to come and see our house as they see this as a positive for the girls. Mary told me that it seemed that the girls were calmer now and that they were happy that they had a father figure around. Little did she know what has been going on for several weeks now and the week that she was away.

Several weeks went by and Mary got a call telling her that several groups would be coming to visit the home in a few days. The day came and Mary took the visitors around to show them around as soon as they were out of site Carol pulled me aside and started kissing me with her tong in my mouth and she is rubbing my cock she gets down on her knees and pulls out my cock and gives me a blow job and I blow my load in her mouth. After she is done she gets back up I put my cock back in my pants she gives me a big kiss and tells me she is pregnant and she knows it is mine as she never had sex with a guy before. Just as she tells me this Mary and the visitors came back to where we were.

Mary walked the visitors back to the car all the girls came over to Carol and were so happy for her.

The girls told me they wanted to Get Mary involved but they were trying to figure out how to get her in our club.

One of the girls Lisa turned 21 and had to move out she was looking for a place close by so we can continue our games.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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