Going to the men’s bathroom

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Going to the men’s bathroom
Friday afternoon I was walking through the shopping mall, trying to find a sexy lingerie outfit.
I had to use the toilet, so I went directly over there.
The ladies’ room was closed; so I sneaked out into the men’s bathroom and decided I could get there.
There was someone in the next cubicle. I could see a shadow under the partition.
It was moving back and forth very fast.
It looked as if he was wanking himself…

I started to feel horny thinking about it. I decided to get brave. I stood on the toilet and looked over the thin wall.
I saw a guy who was masturbating hard. I touched my bare pussy lips and pleasured myself as I witnessed the whole situation on the next booth. But then I let out an unexpected moan.

The man quickly turned his head, to find me staring at his hard dick. My face flushed red as I had been caught and I jumped off the toilet. I put my thong on again and opened the door hoping to make a quick escape.
As I was about to leave I was pulled in the opposite direction. “Not so fast, babe…” A deep voice said behind me… illegal bahis

Before I knew I was back in the cubicle. The guy entered with me and he pulled down his trousers, showing his growing erection. He pushed my shoulders down, making me fell on my knees in front of him.
I looked him in the eyes; but then I went for it. I started sucking his already lubed cock. It was thick. It felt so dirty and it made me so horny.

I continued sucking for more than five minutes. At this stage I thought why not go all the way with this guy.
Then I stood up and took off my summer dress, revealing my soaking wet thong. The guy opened his eyes wide in surprise; he could not believe his luck…

He stared at my bare round boobs, with my nipples fully erected.
Then he reached out and quickly his fingers grabbed my thong and slipped it down to my ankles. Then he smiled as he saw my pussy lips were oozing.
He just murmured: “Keep going on my cock, bitch…”

I got down on my knees and again sucked his engorged hard dick.
Suddenly I woke up again and turned around, putting canlı casino my hands against the side wall. I begged him to fuck me…
The guy quickly held me by the waist and aimed his hard dick between my wet labia. Then I felt him invading my cunt with his thick cockhead.

I screamed loud, because it really felt painful.
He hesitated; but he had shoved almost his entire dick inside of my cunt…
I begged him to continue, no matter at all with my cries…
Suddenly somebody entered the bathroom. Instantly our noise level decreased. But he continued to fuck me with no mercy.

Then the guy whispered in my ear we should change positions. He sat on the toilet. I straddled him, reaching for his hard dick. I guided it again inside of my pussy and this time I moaned softly on his ear.

It felt great to be fucked while some people stood only just some feet away. As we fucked I smiled, then I kissed him. He started to fuck me harder.
I did not care now if the other guy in the next booth could hear my moans.

As this unknown man finally left, he suddenly lifted me up and carried kaçak casino me with his dick still buried in my stretched cunt. As he held me up against the door he fucked me as hard as he could.
Then he grunted, saying he was going to cum.
“Cum in me, babe…” I could just say between moans…

Then I felt him filling my cunt with warm semen.
As his orgasm subsided, he put me down again. I sat on the toilet and the guy started to get dressed. He was quiet; he looked even a bit ashamed.

He had not made me cum and I was still very horny. The guy said goodbye and he just left. Then I started to touch me, looking for a good relief.

Soon I came in my fingers and I dressed again.
My beloved husband would be waiting for me at the coffee shop in the upper floor. I went there and found Victor enjoying a cup of coffee.
He asked if I had purchased enough for the day; but I answered I still wanted to see more lingerie. I knew my hubby would like my response…

Then Victor laughed and I asked what was so funny. He explained that a while before, he had gone to the men’s room. He had heard guttural noises from a couple fucking inside the next booth.
He said the woman moans were like mine; but he laughed again, saying he knew I would never dare to enter a men’s bathroom.

And I laughed too…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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