Giving and Getting a Ride Ch. 03

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The receptionist, a handsome Arab, had given Marco the one over, but Marco hadn’t seemed to notice. Or maybe he did, or maybe he had already been there once and fucked the hell out of the Arab. Anything seemed probable with this guy. I got my key, and we found my hotel room. Our hotel room. Hell, what was happening? How had it come to this, that all of the sudden I was bringing a young man with me to my hotel room? A man that had just made me, against my will, suck his cock?

Once in the room, I had excused myself, and gone to the bathroom for a shower. I needed some time for myself, some time to sort things out. As I was drying myself, just in my briefs, the door suddenly opened. My jaws dropped. It was Marco – that didn’t surprise me – and he was buck-naked. He walked in slowly and determined. His dark complexion was almost shining in the artificial light.

And his cock.

My eyes dropped to it immediately.

It was limp, thank God. But it was still magnificent. Seeing it again brought back the sensation of feeling it, holding it in my mouth. Running my tongue all over it. Smelling it. I closed my eyes, and tried thinking about something else, whatever, before I made myself hard. Maybe he just needed to take a leak.

I mumbled some lame excuse, and left the bathroom. Without seeing him, I knew he came after me. He stood behind me, very close. I could feel his breath against my neck, his wonderful scent seemed to penetrate my skin. He stroked me over my thighs, than let his hands explore upwards. I stood as still as I could. I should have walked away, gotten dressed and left the room altogether, told him he couldn’t just play with me this way. But I was paralyzed. I just let him touch me wherever he pleased. His hands wandering over my arms – I couldn’t help but flexing my biceps. He smiled. His fingers found my nipples, and slowly circled around them. By now, he was pressing his crotch into my ass. His log was firmly lodged between my ass cheeks. Slowly and gently, he started pumping back and forth, upwards and down. Through the fabric of my briefs, his hands carefully caressed my cock. I couldn’t it help but closing my eyes, and sighing heavily.

“Imagine lying over the hood of your car.” he whispered.

“Imagine the hood being warm, because you had just been driving. Imagine lying over the hood because this stud you picked up, was forcing you to lie there, because this stud loved to fuck helpless, straight, family fathers, lost in Europe.”

He pushed my upper body forwards, until I lay on the bed. His hips were gyrating harder, his cock felt as if it was well into my crack. But I was still protected by the fabric of my briefs. Thank goodness for that. I could picture the view he was having, my toned body stretched out before him, my chalk white briefs against my tanned skin. His hands were on my hips.

“I could have done that to you, you know.” he panted.

“But I went easy on you. Figured you might be too scared. I remember once…”

My briefs were slowly peeled downwards. My arms were stretched out in front of me, or I would have pulled them straight up. I think. I didn’t want to think. I was still a guy, my ass had never been fucked by anyone. Jesus, listen to me, I thought. I was already preparing a speech casino şirketleri of defense. As if all of this was inevitable. But even as I hated myself for it, I just so loved listening to his stories about he had taken other men. Strong, straight, men, men like me.

“He was a sports journalist.”

I could feel his throbbing, warm, cock directly against my skin. My ass.

“He seemed like a real man at first. Earlier that evening he had bragged about how he was fucking the female photographer. But I never heard anyone scream like that upon being impaled by my dick. The louder he was screaming, the harder I had to fuck him. He creamed all the way to the end.”

Marco’s fingers started to work on my glutes. At first lightly, and gently squeezing. Kneading the muscles to relax when I was flexing, squeezing them as I was relaxing. His powerful, yet gentle, hands were playing on my ass like an instrument. Shit, he was making me respond to him. I’m sure I must have blushed feeling how Marco was taking control, how his intention to have his way came through in all he did.

I moaned out loud.

Reaching over with his left hand, Marco got the lube – the lube, where did that even come from? He had prepared this from the very beginning; he knew exactly what he was doing. Through dazed eyes I saw him pour it out on to his finger. He lowered his hand, down to my ass. He kneaded my ass cheeks. Them he found my hole, and I felt the cool lube being applied around my hole, and then on it. Suddenly he slipped a finger in through my sphincter, it happened so quickly, worked it in, stretching it.

I was far beyond thinking.

Unconsciously, I moved my hand to my dick, to rub in time with the incredible feeling I was getting from my butt. But Marco’s hand grabbed my wrist, and moved it above my head.

“No,” declared Marco sharply.

“Your focus is here,” he said rubbed, and teased my butt, making me groan in frustration that I could not do what I wanted. This was crazy. I had never before been denied my own dick.

“Just remember – your dick is for your wife. So you don’t need to worry it. Here, in this room, there’s only one dick that matters. ”

He was applying pressure to his finger, pushing it in, inch by inch.

“The time is now…time for you to feel the power. To open up to the magical cock. And feel it deep.”

His finger was all the way in, it must have been. I felt invaded already. No way in hell was I going to take more than that, shit, I would never allow it! But Marco couldn’t have cared less, had he known what I was thinking.

“It arouses me to see you so hungry to be used, so willing, such a perfect prey for me to conquer.”

Again I moaned, as a woman about to be fucked by a man would moan. At the same time as I wanted to get away, for it all to end, I wanted it, I wanted to be mounted by Marco, the Alpha Male. I was surrendering, I was giving him my body, my will.

Marco pulled out his finger. I would have gasped with relief, but his cock was already at my back door. A lot larger than his finger, it pressed hard against my ass, my male cunt.

“Yeah…” he hissed. “The moment when I finally conquer yet another man. So sweet…”

“I’ve…I’ve never done this before,” I casino firmaları said. I felt like a schoolgirl. I had never, ever, said anything as pathetic as that in all my life.

“I know. And it will hurt some. But you’re in my hands now. And I will get you through it, honey.” said Marco, as his powerful fingers gently again squeezed my glutes. I bit my lip out of pain as his cock head forced its way through the sphincter. Slowly, but with an even push, he pressed it inwards. And inwards. And inwards. I could literally feel how he was plowing into me. Holy shit, when would it ever stop, how long as his cock?

“Ah yes, deep into my prey’s virgin territory, your cunt. Deep into what now is mine.”

His cock blotted out all thoughts I had going on in my head, until the only sensation left, was one of total invasion. And then, as the pain eventually subsided…open myself up more to feel it deeper. I had no other thoughts, then an overwhelming desire to accept this man. To let myself be used.

Then, after letting me get used to his huge pole, Marco began to use my hole, my willing hole. He would pull back, and then push back in, feeling each inch of my insides. He seemed to fill with indescribable power as he made me quiver and dance on his dick, as he rammed it in deep. I had no idea, how could I have? of how far in a cock would go into a guy’s ass, but it sure as fuck felt as if he were rubbing the entire length of my chute.

Gradually Marco picked up the pace. He was humping me hard now, moaning for every single time that he banged his hips into me.

Again, I tried grabbing my own dick. Fuck, I need relief so badly, surely he wasn’t going to deny me that? How could he, he was getting off, by sodomizing me! I was about to explode. But Marco grabbed my hand, and held it.

“No, no, darling. None of that. I already told you. My cock is the only one that matters. You will have your pleasures, and they will all come from my cock,” Marco softly said, as gave a powerful thrust and flex of his steel pole.

“Your pleasure is from me. So yield to me…open up to me…and feel what I have for you,” Marco continued, as he gave thrust after thrust.

His balls were slapping against my ass cheeks, harder and harder.

I braced myself on my arms, and shove my face down into the bed. I didn’t want to see, or hear, any of this going on. I wanted to disconnect myself from it all. Everything, except the feeling of being fucked in the ass. It was hurt in the beginning, and it still did. But the pain was beginning to mix with something else, something far more powerful than I had ever felt when fucking a woman. Was this how it was, being one of them? Helplessly lying there, being pummeled and smacked into, until all resistance was gone, and the incredibly feeling of total submission was the only thing left?

“Almost there, my wonderful, perfect, fuck!-toy!”

A little whimper escaped out of me as I heard Marco’s deep, low growl, I understood that he could not stop it.

“I am about to mark you inside. Ugh!”

“As my conquest. Ugh! “

“For all to know. Ugh!”

“For you never to forget.”

At the words, and with his final thrusts, he shot.


He roared like an animal. His final güvenilir casino thrusts were violent, savage, as if he was actually trying to rip me apart. And as he did, and I didn’t think this was possible, I started coming. It was crazy, but lying there, smashed into the bed, my cock started shooting. It must have been the friction from it rubbing against the bed linen, or maybe even just the entire experience. But I came, and I came, and my cum smeared all over my stomach and all over my thighs. Marco collapsed on top of me, and we lie together, as one, panting and heaving. He kissed me on my neck.

“Lovely, honey, lovely. Such a nice fuck, suck a beautiful cunt…”

After many long minutes Marco slowly pulled himself out. His dick slid out of my chute, leaving a trail of his seamen up my ass crack. Totally spent, we must both have fallen quickly asleep. We spooned, him holding me in his strong arms, as if I was a little girl in need of his protection. So pathetic, so perfect. I could not deny it. There and then, I was his little girl.

When I woke up, the room was empty. Not a trace left. Had I imagined it all? But of course it was no dream. The air was pungent with out activities, and my briefs were lying on the floor, where they had been discarded by him. Although my ass told my it had all happened, I wished it hadn’t. How was I supposed to return to my regular life, as a CEO and married man, after haven been brutally fucked by a man many years my junior, a guy I hadn’t even known until recently?

I got out of bed, and had a long, hot shower. However much I tried, I just could not forget what had happened. The feeling of his cock in my mouth, his cock in my ass, my total submission. How could this have happened? I loved fucking women more than anything! I had never let myself force into any sort of relationship that I didn’t want!

As I was drying myself with the large, white, hotel bath towel, my phone received a message. Unknown number. I swallowed hard. I knew already who the sender must haven been. The message contained a film clip. I wanted to delete it, but yet, my finger pressed the play-button.

Even before the picture came through, I could hear the sounds of a man panting. No, those were the sounds of two men panting, breathing heavily. The camera swung over a naked, muscled, back. Standing on all fours, the head didn’t show, but there could be no doubt who that was. It was me. The camera swung back, paused over a dark brown rod, was pumping in and out of a white ass. Mine. In and out, in and out. And oh have mercy, but that ass was even pushing back, against the cock that was impaling it! Had I really done that? Had I actually wanted that cock even deeper into me? The clip ended with a brief shot of a triumphant face. Marco. That bastard, I hadn’t noticed him using his phone cam.

Oh no. Despite everything, despite the shame of seeing my ass being stretched and plowed by his cock, I noticed how my own cock was growing, precum already oozing out.

I lost it. I was overwhelmed by lust. I tore away, and pumped my cock until I shot my load, it couldn’t have taken more than just a few seconds. Panting, I lay on the bed, and stared up at the ceiling. I had crossed every boundary I thought existed. I despised myself. I would never let anything like that happen ever again.

This was my secret, and it was to remain my secret. I needed to get back home and fuck my wife, my secretary, every single woman in sight.

I had no idea how much I would fail.

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