Give me an A

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Anri Okita

“Mr. Davies?” The 19-year-old blonde called out hesitantly, pushing open the heavy, carved wooden door that had been standing slightly ajar. “Hello?”

The 5’4″ freshman tugged self-consciously at her clothing, trying in vain to make her lime-green, pink and black plaid miniskirt a little longer and her black tank long enough to meet the waistband. The stubborn spandex/cotton blend slid right back up, baring her bellybutton and tanned midriff.

Raised by smothering, conservative parents, Tenna felt strange being around older adults while dressed so skimpily. Her first taste of freedom had nearly overwhelmed her, and clothes were the only thing she had gained the courage to change since moving 800 miles from home just over 2 months ago to start her first college semester. She hadn’t gained enough confidence to feel completely comfortable in them around others, though.

Mr. Davies, her Ancient Histories professor, did nothing to calm that anxiety. The 6’2″, muscle-bound, ex-archeologist looked at least 15 years younger than his 42 years. His shaggy brown hair brushed the collars of his button up shirts, of which the top couple of buttons were always undone to show a hint of dark chest hair. He seemed the most comfortable in worn jeans and with his sleeves rolled up to expose the lower half of his bulging biceps. Most of the girls at the university failed his class because they spent the majority of their time creating sexual fantasies while staring at his permanently suntanned skin and perpetual 5 o’clock shadow.

Failing was Tenna’s reason for her Friday afternoon visit to the professor. The Ancient Histories class required a research project in order to receive a passing grade. Final draft was due by 7am Monday morning and she still had no clue what to write the 20 page paper about. She had already missed the first draft grading and now the best grade she could receive was a B, leaving her barely passing the class with a C. Her hope was that she could not only get an idea from Mr. Davies on a subject, but maybe convince him to give her another chance and a better grade.

An early developer in high school, Tenna’s 36-26-38 body and F cup breasts had often helped her out in classes with male teachers. She never tried to seduce them on purpose, in fact, she wouldn’t know how, but she had quickly learned that twirling her hair around a finger, moistening her lips slowly and pushing out her chest while discussing her grades with her male teachers sometimes helped bump her GPA a few fractions of a point.

“Hello? Mr. Davies?” she called again, moving further into the room, the door swinging shut behind her.

The professor’s desk was at the back of the dimly lit room, behind several bookcases arranged in a maze-like formation. She wondered if he liked it that way because of being an archeologist.

Rounding the last bookcase, she saw a head bent over a book on the desk, dark, wavy hair shining in the light from the hanging fixture just above him.

“Mr. Davies?” she asked a third time, stepping forward hesitantly.

The head started and raised, brown eyes sweeping over her body in casual appraisal.

He cleared his throat, his deep voice slightly husky as he spoke, “Ah! Miss Vance! What can I do for you?” His eyes scanned her skimpy attire again, pausing at the mounds of her breasts threatening to spill out the low scoop of her tank before going back to her face.

“Um, I was wondering, about the research project?” She tugged at her shirt hem again, unaware that each tug made the plunging neckline dip, nearly exposing her nipples to the suddenly hot gaze of her professor.

Mr. Davies clicked his tongue. “Seems to be a little late to be asking about the project, Miss Vance. Final draft is due on Monday.”

The coed wrapped her arms around her stomach, unconsciously pushing her breasts into even more impressive cleavage. “I know. I just…I couldn’t find a topic, and then before I knew it the first draft deadline was past and I still didn’t have it. And, I…I really need to pass this class! I can’t let my GPA fall too much or I’ll lose my scholarships and I’ll have to move home and I really just…I can’t do that! Please, Mr. Davies! I need an idea and I’d really like a chance for a better grade. I’ll do anything!”

She paused, slightly flushed from her sudden outburst, her chest rising and falling from heightened emotion as she begged the professor for help, hands clasped in front of her in silent plea.

Tapping his pen against his full lips, the older man leaned back, left hand falling to his leg. “I just don’t know that it would be fair to give you special treatment, Miss Vance. The rules are in place for a reason and I set deadlines so that I can have time to grade things as they deserve and not be rushed.”

“Oh, please, Mr. Davies. I need this to be a good grade! I’ll seriously do anything! Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!” She could feel tears brimming.

He regarded her in silence for a long moment, the pen lightly tapping kocaeli escort first his bottom lip, then his top, back and forth. Finally, setting his pen down, the professor scooted back and patted the desk in front of him. “Come over here.”

Sniffling back tears, she rounded his desk and stood in front of him.

“No. Up.” His large, warm hands circled her bare waist and lifted her onto the hard wood of his oak desk. “Now,” He scooted back forward, so her legs dangled between his spread thighs, his hands resting on either side of her rounded hips in front of him. “Tell me why it’s so important that you get a good grade and keep your scholarships.”

At the touch of his warm hands on her bare skin, Tenna felt little electric shocks travel throughout her body. This close to him she could smell his cologne. The spicy smell intoxicated her senses, clouding her brain to rational thought. The ease with which he had picked up her 130lb body and placed her on his desk made her feel wet and tingly between her legs. She had only felt that way once before after prom, when Darren Jacobs, the boy her parents had allowed to take her to the dance, had kissed her on the mouth and tried to feel her boob. The door had burst open before he could get in more than a soft caress and her dad had angrily sent him off home. Darren, with his scrawny, 5’8″ frame and timid manners, wouldn’t have been able to lift her with such little effort, if at all.

Glancing at Mr. Davies shyly, then darting her gaze away, she tried to explain the importance of this grade, forcing her brain to function through her sudden arousal. “I have scholarships to go to school here, which is the only reason my parents let me move so far away. They wanted me to stay home and go to school there, so I could continue to live with them.” Her hands twisted in her lap, fingers twining together. “They’re very…protective. I wasn’t allowed to date or really even go out with coed groups. They were always afraid some boy would corrupt me or something. I had to get away, so I applied everywhere I could and got scholarships here. I have to maintain a 3.3 GPA, though, or I could lose my scholarships and have to go home. I don’t want to go home.” Her lower lip peaked out in a pout as she ducked her head. “I like my freedom here.”

Mr. Davies slipped his finger under her chin, lifting her eyes up to meet his. “Well, can’t have you unhappy, Tenna.” His thumb slid along her jawline as he used her first name, sending heat skittering across her face. His voice took on a husky tone. “I like seeing you in my class.”

Tenna ducked her head again, around his finger, blushing. “I like seeing you in class too, Mr. Davies. That’s why I’ll do anything to get a good grade and stay here.”

“Hmmm,” His hands slid to her knees, his thumbs rubbing along the hem of her skirt, moving over silky, freshly-shaved skin until his palms covered the joints where they dipped over the side of his heavy desk. He applied gentle pressure, slowly parting her legs and sliding her skirt closer to her waist.

“What are you doing!” she gasped in surprise, grabbing for her skirt to push it down. As much as she was attracted to him, she hadn’t expected him to touch her like this.

“Ah, ah!” His large left hand caught her wrist and held it behind her, bringing the other to join it and holding them together behind her back. “I thought you would do anything, Tenna.” He paused, his dark eyes assessing her as he held her arms, his right hand resting on her upper left thigh, waiting for her reaction.

She squirmed, the warmth of a man’s hand with his long, strong fingers sitting on her bare skin sending shock waves to her core and hardening her nipples into points. Feeling him hold her hands immobile unexpectedly added to the pleasure. Knowing he was taking charge made her feel more free, as though she was less responsible for what happened next. She glanced at him, feeling his eyes bore into her. It seemed he could see inside to where she hesitated, her parents’ conditioning to stay pure still strong.

Mr. Davies stood, his body looming over her tiny one, still holding her arms firmly, but his right hand sliding further up her skirt to skim the lace edge of her white cotton panties.

“Seems like I have to make the decision for you, Tenna,” he whispered hotly into her ear, his breath tickling at the wisps of hair slipping out of her ponytail. He slid a finger under the elastic leg, making her jump and her breath catch roughly. He pulled his body back, letting go of her wrists to force her face up to his. “Are you a virgin, sweetheart?”

Tenna nodded, blushing as she turned her head away. His hand stilled beneath her skirt.

“Oh, fuck, baby girl.”

She glanced up, embarrassed, in time to see him grin possessively. He tipped her chin up again.

“Have you ever done anything with a boy?”

Her slow head shake made his grin grow.

“Oh, baby, you’re in for a treat.” His kiss was quick, hard, dominant. “I’m going to ruin you!” he whispered, breath kocaeli escort bayan hot and moist into her ear.

She had barely a second to register his promise before the zipper was down on her skirt and he had slipped it from under her ass and down her legs to lie in a puddle on the floor. Her top quickly joined it, followed by her white lace demi bra.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he hissed, hands slowly coming up to cup her breasts, his thumbs sliding over her rock hard nipples.

The first touch of his hands on her nude breasts and sensitive tips made her gasp and arch up, inadvertently thrusting them closer to him. He moved closer, head lowering until his hot, wet mouth enveloped the tip of her right boob. A slight moan escaped her and he sucked, his hands lifting the heavy weight of her tits up to his mouth as he suctioned hard at the tender nub of flesh. She whimpered, her hand weaving into his thick, silky hair and pulling his head tighter to her chest.

“Ohhhh, Mr. Davies!” she mewled, pleasurable shudders winding through her body from his mouth, down through her stomach, to between her legs.

Her professor pulled back, nipping at the tight bud as it left his mouth. “Alec,” he instructed, his voice low and strained as he switched to her other breast, his mouth somehow hotter on the second one.

“Alec,” she breathed, as his body moved closer, pressing against her knees until she opened her legs and let him step between them. She could feel a hot, throbbing bulge against her thigh as he sucked on her tits, his tongue rough as he laved her tight buds and then pulled them deep into his hot mouth in a wet rhythm that stole her breath.

His hands moved away as he pleasured her breasts with his lips and tongue, caressing the soft skin of her back in slow, erotic circles, moving lower to cup the twin globes of her ass, lightly massaging, pulling her closer to his body until the bulge she had felt on her thigh pressed against her panties. The heat and throb of his cock made her gush, soaking the thin cotton sheath covering her slit.

The pulling sensation of his mouth on her nipples felt like it had a direct line to that spot between her legs. She whimpered, trying to close her legs around his body and only succeeded in pulling him closer, the pulsing bump he touted simply pushing nearer, rubbing against that oh so sensitive spot. She moaned again and received an answering groan coupled with a nip against her tender nipple.

“You’re driving me crazy, Tenna, my little slut.” His husky voice and use of the name she felt as though she should take offense to slid over her body like electrified honey, her eyes catching his, dark with lust, as her body spasmed in unnamed pleasure. He chuckled low in his throat. “Oh, you like that, don’t you?” His hands gripped her hips and pulled her groan tight to his. “You like to be called a slut, don’t you, baby?”

Tenna felt mute, her body given over to the sensation of his hands on her, his hot, hard body pressed against her sensitive, soft, wet one. She nodded, her eyes never leaving his as she tried to speak.

“Yes,” her voice came out as a whisper. “I shouldn’t, but…I do.” She dropped her eyes, embarrassed.

“No!” Alec’s voice was firm as he used his hand to bring her face back up to his. “Revel in it, Tenna. You are MY slut. Mine. You’re not a whore, sleeping around with anyone who wants you.” He leaned forward, his full lips capturing hers in a searing kiss, his tongue invading, filling. She smelled cinnamon and musk as he possessed her mouth with his. His scent had changed as he became more aroused. The spicy cologne now tinged with the smell of horny man. He pulled away, bringing her to meet his eyes again. “Baby, this,” his hand landed firm on her crotch, middle finger sliding along the wet slit hiding behind the cotton of her saturated panties. “This is all mine.” He kissed her again, mouth hard. “Be proud to be my slut, sweetheart.”

Tenna felt a thrill at his words. His. She had always thought sluts were girls who had no control, who slept with anyone and anything that moved. It made her feel dirty that the label was a turn-on. This was different, though. She felt treasured as Alec’s slut, like it was something to be proud of that he wanted her and she wanted to please him. She smiled shyly and Alec grinned.

“That’s my girl!” he kissed her again, then stepped back. “Now…seems I’m a little over dressed!” He unbuttoned his dark blue shirt and let it fall, her mouth going dry as he exposed his chiseled stomach and chest, dark hair curling across the broad expanse and circling the dusky forms of his nipples. She knew he must work out daily to maintain a body that hard and conditioned. A dark trail led from his stomach down past his waistband. She watched with wide eyes as he snapped open his jeans and slid down the zipper, letting them hang loosely on his hips. She could tell he wasn’t wearing underwear and she swallowed audibly as she waited for her first look at a real, live cock. Instead, kocaeli escort he stopped disrobing and moved toward her again.

“I think you should get naked first,” He slid his fingers into each side of the band on her panties, pulling gently, but firmly. She lifted up slightly and slowly they descended down the length of her legs, leaving her nude on her teacher’s desk. She moved to cover herself, suddenly self-conscious, but he caught her hands again, moving them to rest on her thighs.

“Oh, no, my beautiful slut. Let me look at you.” He pulled his chair up and sat, lowering the seat slightly until his head was level with her knees, which he parted gently to expose her naked pussy. She had recently trimmed the hair to a barely there fuzz, still working up the courage to completely strip it away. She gasped at the first touch of air on her wet flesh as he leaned in and breathed deeply. “Mmmmm, Tenna. Your pussy smells divine, baby.” His tongue flicked out and tasted.

“Oh!” She gasped, trying to scoot away and failing as his hands clamped down. “What are you doing? That’s my…my…”

“Your what, slut?” His voice had darkened.


“Your pussy?” His tongue swept the length of her slit. “Your clit?” He flicked against the hard, sensitive bud at the top. “Your cunt?” His finger pressed inside, swirling through the liquid honey gushing from between her legs.

“I…” Tenna’s head fell back, pleasure flooding through her as his long, thick finger pressed deeper.

“Say it, Tenna,” His finger paused.

“I…my…it’s my pussy.” She colored, whispering the word.

Alec pressed his thumb against her sensitive bud.

“And this?”

“My…my clit.”

“And whose are they?” He sucked her clit into his mouth and circled it with the tip of his tongue, imitating what he had done with her nipples.

“Uh, yours?” She moaned softly.

“Is that a question?”

She shook her head. “No! Yours. They’re yours.” her voice was still a husky whisper.

“Damn right.” His finger moved slowly, just at the entrance to her opening. “Now, baby, I want you to ask for it.”

Tenna raised her head, puzzled.

“Ask for what, Mr. Davies?”

“Alec,” he corrected. “Say it after me: ‘Alec, please eat my pussy and suck on my clit and make me cum.'”

She blushed furiously. “I…”

“‘Alec, please eat my pussy and suck on my clit and make me cum.'”

Her voice was barely audible as she repeated his words. “Alec…please…um…please eat my pussy and make me cum.”

“Louder.” His thumbnail flicked up against her clit, making her jump.

“Oh! I… Alec, please eat my pussy and make me cum.”

“Ah, ah! Not quite.” He lightly ran his tongue up and down, his finger starting to withdraw from inside her.

“Alec!” her voice was almost a squeal as her hips arched up to follow the retreat of his hand. “Please….please eat my pussy and…suck…suck on my clit and, please, Alec, make me cum!”

His grin was instantaneous. “Better!” His finger slid in again, moving in swirling circles as his open mouth engulfed her pussy, his tongue flicking and stabbing in all the right places as she writhed on his desk, his other hand splayed across her stomach to try and hold her still. He gently nibbled on her clit and then sucked it into his mouth, his tongue flat as he ran it over the tip, back and forth.

“Ooooohhhhhh, Alec!” Her moans and whimpers grew louder as she felt a wonderful kind of pressure building where he stroked and licked her wet pussy. Her stomach muscles tensed in anticipation.

“Mmmmm,” his mouth vibrated against her clit. “That’s it, Tenna, my little slut. That’s it. Cum for me, baby! Mmmm, you taste like coconut, sweetheart. Coconut and vanilla.”

He added a second finger to the first, still only sliding in a couple of inches, the added digit stretching her tight opening deliciously as he drank up her juices. His tongue moved faster around her clit, drawing patterns as the bud hardened further. Tenna felt the pleasure building, spiraling through her body. Alec reached up and pinched a nipple between his fingers, squeezing down as he sucked her clit between his lips, tongue whipping across the nub. Somehow the stab of pain through the tender bud sent bolts of pleasure shooting down to where his mouth hummed and suckled. She arched up, his arms compressing in to keep her still as he sucked harder on her clit and her body shattered, shocks of pleasure ripping through every limb, her pussy clamping down on his fingers as she gushed into his mouth.

He softened his sucks, tongue slipping out to lap up the cream from her orgasm, his fingers receding from her wet slit.

“Good girl,” he purred, sending a satisfied wave of emotion through her at his approval.

She watched, dreamy and relaxed on the desk, as he stepped back and pushed his jeans down, stepping out of the denim and kicking it aside. His dick jutted up toward his flat stomach, released of its confinement. Suddenly startled, she sat up, eyes wide.

To this point, she’d only seen penises in books or health class, and once when a friend’s brother had been watching porn with his door open and they’d walked past, but his room had been dark and his hand had covered most of his equipment.

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