Getting what I wanted

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I was horny as fuck so I headed out to the glory holes last night hoping covid didn’t close them down. As luck would have it they were closed ! Fuck I thought to myself, here I am all dressed up and the holes are closed.

Well I might as well head home and pound my hole with my boring toys.

The walk home is only about 10 minutes, it’s 9 pm and plenty of light left so I headed up the street the opposite direction to where I live. To be honest I’m not sure what I was thinking. My heels clicking on the sidewalk always turns me on and the vibrating butt plug I had in was only making me wetter.

Saturday nights are usually a lot busier but with covid and the curfews there weren’t many people around.

I moved to this area of town because of the glory holes and now they are closed. There has to be somewhere else I can go to get fucked j thought so I pulled my phone out of my purse.

Craig’s list is gone so I loaded up Grinder, another hookup site. In no time I was sexting with some random guy. I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was walking when a horn went off scaring the fuck out of me. I jumped back and dropped my phone. Realizing I was in the middle of the street I quickly bent over to pick up my phone when my plug shot out of my boi pussy. Embarrassed and red as fuck I’ll bet I spun around and had to take two steps to pick it up. I could hear the guys in the car laughing their asses off. I made my way to the sidewalk strutting my stuff a bit and kept walking. They sped off in the opposite direction.

I was checking my phone to see if I damaged it while I was walking and a few minutes later the same car came up beside me.

I stopped and looked in the car. There were two guys in the front and a girl in the back. The passage in the front asked me if I wanted to have a good time. His eyes undressed me as he spoke. Smiling, I said what did you have in mind? He said it depends on what kind of a suprise I had. Bending over so he could see my nice tight 38C’s he asked me how much. I told him we could talk about it later. Get in, he says.

The driver punched it squealing the wheels.

So honey what do you charge? It depends, how hung are you and how many of you guys are gonna fuck me. The girl next to me reaches over and kisses me. Well there’s only one way eryaman escort you’re gonna find out he says. I just smiled as we kept kissing.

We stopped kissing long enough for her to ask me to show her ? Not yet I whisper back. She put her hand where my tucked clitty is and started to rub so I put my hand under her micro skirt and fingered her through her crotchless panties. She moaned into a soft kiss. Our tongues battle for position. We were really getting into it when the car came to a stop. It was dark now and I didn’t know where we were. I heard one of the two guys say let’s go we’re here. We all got out to discover we are in the country by a lake.

The girl grabs me by the hand and says if you’re not cool with this let me know. I’ll do what I can to get them to let you go.

Not a great thing to say I thought as I have no idea where we are.

I just smile saying I’m here for some fun and excitement.

You’ll get that and then some she says.

We walked down this path until we came to a clearing. Everyone started stripping off their clothes as they jumped and danced in the tall grass. Both guys disappeared but the girl walked up to me completely naked. She smiled and helped me get my top off, then my bra fell off. I felt like I was mesmerized somehow by her eyes. Next my skirt and heels. Both the guys appeared on either side of me and my panties and stockings slid down my legs.

All of us are completely naked now and slowly walking to the middle of the clearing.

I’m kissing each one of them as our hands are exploring one another’s bodies.

I am laid out on the grass on my back. She gets on top of me holding my hands above my head. She uses her feet to spread my legs and kisses me hard. I can feel something clasp over my wrists but don’t fight. I relax more and then the same thing happens to my legs. Then my arms and legs are pulled tight. I’m spread eagle in this clearing. She gets up and says you better be ready for what’s coming. All three of them run off in different directions. The night was clear so I could see the stars and the moon was full and bright. One of the guys walked up to me from above my head. His cock was hanging between his spread legs. He kneels down with my head between his legs. His cock and balls on esat escort my face. I open my mouth as he slides his semi hard cock in my mouth. His balls are so big they cover my eyes and nose. He leans forward and starts humping my mouth. His tasty cock gets bigger and harder the longer he does this. Suddenly his cock slips into my throat. Slamming into my hard now he force fucks my throat hard. I’m gagging and choking on his impressive cock but he won’t let up. What feels like a belt or strap is wrapped around my waist. My legs are pulled to the sides so I’m in the splits position. Then two pillows or something are placed under my lower back. Two straps are then pulled over my inner thighs. I can feel the second guy getting into position to fuck me but there’s no pussy there. He pulls the tape holding my little 2 inch cocklet. Then someone grabs my tits and squeezes really hard causing me extreme pain.

He lines his cock up and slams into me in one hard thrust. The combination of choking on one big dick and getting slammed by another big dick sent me over the edge. My little dicklet shot off landing all over my belly and tits. That didn’t slow them down at all. They got into a rhythm where both cocks would slam into me at the same time. Then it was like a seesaw, one would slam into me and the other would almost feel like it was being pushed out. This went on for hours and hours. Finally they both filled their respective holes. Thank God I thought as the burning was really hurting me a lot. Both guys got up all covered in sweat. They walked around me a few times.

That’s when I noticed the girl was recording on her phone. She said well folks, looks like she wants more. Another couple pillows were placed under my lower back and a big dog was brought in. He sniffed at my dicklet and then my boi pussy. He got really excited. The guys got him to mount me. I could see his doggy cock push out it’s sheath.

I’ve never been fucked by a dog before but I didn’t have much of a choice here either.

He started humping by my hole but I was too far down so they told me they are going to have to reposition me on my knees.

They untied me at the steaks in the ground and I flipped over. They put a small step stool under my stomach with a couple small pillows and then pulled ankara escort the chains tight again.

Come on Brutus the woman says and the dog is led up to my much more accessible boy pussy. With one paw on each side of me he started humping again. It didn’t take him long to find the mark. Then the dog grabs me by the back of the neck with his teeth and growls loud. His dog cock is destroying my ass with hard fast strokes. I couldn’t move anyway but he was making me his bitch in short order let me tell you. I was amazed at how I didn’t dry out then I felt the bulge working its way in my well used boi pussy. I’d heard stories about this and wondered if they were true. The bulge felt massive. He kept working it into me. Slowly but fast at the same time the bulge slid in. He stopped humping me and just stood there. He let my neck go and panted hard slobbering all over my back.

The girl was still recording as she walked around us. She said oh wow Brutus is buried balls deep in there. One of the guys sat down and slid under my head. He tapped his cock on my mouth. I hungrily opened my mouth and took him in. Sucking him with a dog cock locked in my boi pussy really turned me on. A short time later I heard the girl moaning. She must be getting fucked I thought. Sucking as much as I could as the dog started to try and pull out but couldn’t.

It was starting to hurt a bit. I tried to tell the guy but he slammed upwards into my mouth. I relaxed and allowed him to slide into my throat. Bobbing up and down milking his cock felt really good. Suddenly the dog grabs me by the back of the neck again stopping me from sliding up and down so the guy lifts up and down himself.

The dog finally fills me with his seed. I could literally feel the knot shrink as I was filled. He cummed so much it was rushing out the sides of his hard cock as he pulled out.

The guy filles my belly at the same time.

I’m totally spent and ask to be let go.

The other two are still fucking and the guy that just filled my gut just laughed as he walked away.

I drifted off to sleep in that position.

When I woke up it was daylight. I was still chained in place. I tried calling out but I was so dehydrated I could barely make a sound. I tried moving around a bit, shaking the chains but got no response.

I fell asleep again.

I woke up a few more times throughout the day but I was alone as far as I could tell.

Let me know if I should continue this fantasy and please leave a comment.

Thank you

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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