Funny How Things Turn Out Ch. 04

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I sat at the breakfast bar on Thursday morning reading the sport section of the newspaper, making my way through my bowl of muesli and I was so engrossed by the headlines that I didn’t hear Laura until she was right behind me and her hand came to rest on my cock.

“So, are you ever going to stick this in my pussy and fuck me or do I have to make do with you cumming in my mouth all the time?”

I don’t think I have ever gotten so hard so quickly and as she spun the stool around to face her, my cock was straining to get out of my shorts as Laura continued to rub it through the thin material as she got down onto her knees.

“I mean I do love it when you shoot your load into my mouth,” she continued, “but I really do want you to pound it into me so I can feel my pussy clinging to your every thrust!”

I thought my dick was going to burst at the image Laura was painting in my head while she slipped her hand up the leg of my shorts and started wanking me off while she continued talking.

“I want to feel your big hard cock throbbing inside my tight little pussy as you pump your seed into me. I want you to dominate me and tear me apart so that I can’t walk the next day!”

I stared down at her blue eyes as she stroked my shaft faster and faster, her cold hand moving rapidly over my hot dick. She was already dressed for work in a suit jacket and matching skirt and from above I had a great view of her ample cleavage through the top of a pink shirt that barely managed to contain her tits.

“I need to feel you stretching me as you enter me for the first time and I want to watch as your dick slides in and out of my pussy while my lips cling to it. Fuck it’s getting me so wet just thinking about it.”

As she picked up the speed of her hand on my cock she slipped her other hand under the waistband of her skirt and began to rub between her legs until she brought her hand back up and I could see it shining in the light as she took it to her mouth and sucked it clean.

“Mmmmm, I taste so good. Do you want me to taste you now Dave? Do you want to cum for me as I wank your big hard cock?”

“Of fuck yes, make me cum Laura,” I replied as the feelings rose within my cock and my balls began to tighten in my sack

“Come on Dave, let me feel your hot cum all over my hand as it spurts out of you.” Laura’s hand was moving so fast within the confines of my shorts I thought they were going to rip and when she put her other hand up the other leg and massaged my balls I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching.

“Oh fuck Laura, I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck yes I’m gonna cum so hard,” and my dick started to throb as the first stream of cum surged up inside it ready to explode.

“Shit, look at the time!” Laura stopped suddenly and pulled her hands back out of my shorts. “I’m going to be late for my presentation”

“What the fuck?” I yelled as she was gathering her things and making her way to the door.

“Sorry Dave, gotta run. And don’t even think about finishing off yourself, that’s for me later!” and with that she was gone out of the front door while I sat on the stool desperate to feel the release that I had just been denied.

I looked down at a small wet patch that had formed on my shorts as the precum leaked out of the head of my cock and cursed Laura for her timekeeping. It was all I could do to stop myself from taking matters into my own hands metaphorically and literally, but I knew that waiting until I saw Laura again would be more than worth it.

I still couldn’t quite get my head around the fact that this time last week Laura was just my flatmate and although I cared for her deeply as a friend, that was all it was and all I thought it would ever be, but that was before her birthday five days ago. That night she had walked into my bedroom after a night out and caught me wanking off over photos of her friend Amy but rather than being annoyed or embarrassed, she had finished me off with an amazing blowjob making me cum all over her face. Since then we had been making each other cum with our hands and mouths at every opportunity but we had yet to have sex and to me it felt like it was the final barrier between us and once we had broken it down there would be no turning back.

As my dick finally started to soften I got myself ready for work but even the slightest touch made my balls tingle, such was the state that Laura had left me in and it took several minutes just to pull up my boxers and trousers as I was getting dressed. I had met Laura for lunch every day so far this week and each time we had found an occupied toilet or a quiet corner to bring each other off before heading back and I was already looking forward to this afternoon’s liaison to relieve my aching balls.

Sure enough as soon as I met Laura around midday she dragged me off into the disabled toilet without even the pretence of food this time and she sat up on the hand basin with her legs spread and her shirt undone. As her legs parted I was astonished to see she wasn’t wearing şirinevler escort any underwear and as soon as I saw her pussy lips sticking out my dick got hard and I pulled it out of my trousers as I walked towards her.

“Ooh, someone likes what they see?” Laura teased.

“Fuck me Laura, you not been wearing anything all day?”

“Course I have, I’m no slut! Just making sure you’ve got easy access so I took them off before I left the office. Now stop talking at start eating.” As the words left her mouth she hitched up her skirt and pulled her lips apart, opening the engorged flaps of her pussy for me to see.

I dove straight in, burying my tongue into her pussy and lapping at the juice that was already forming as I moved my tongue in and out, fucking her with it while she held her lips apart. I moved my head up and turned my attention to her clit, circling it with my tongue before taking it between my lips and sucking and nibbling gently at the engorged bud.

“Oh yes,” cooed Laura, “you know just how I like it.”

I kept my lips on her clit and rubbed along her pussy lips with my right hand while I squeezed her tits with my left. As I rubbed around the outside of her cunt and sucked on her clit I could hear Laura’s breathing becoming laboured and I returned my mouth to her pussy and licked it up and down before spitting on her hole and jabbing a couple of fingers in up to my knuckles.

“Oh fuck yes. Oh Dave fuck me hard.”

I let go of her tits and held back the protective hood of her clit with one hand and sucked on it even harder as I rammed my fingers in and out of her sloppy pussy, turning them up and rubbing quickly against her G-spot. It wasn’t long before I could feel her body start to shake and the juice began falling from her pussy as I ploughed into it with my fingers while running my tongue over her clit as it throbbed between my lips.

“Oh fuck yes Dave. Oh god don’t stop. I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck I’m gonna cummmmm,” and as I continued my relentless assault on her pussy it began to quiver and her legs shook violently before she wrapped them around my head pressing me further into her as she came. I lapped up her cum as it oozed out of her in a thick white stream while maintaining the pressure on both her clit and her G-spot until she spasmed hard and then went limp as the feelings washed over her. I kept pumping away at her soaking pussy while she lay still, begging me to stop but unable to move to do anything about it as another orgasm quickly erupted inside her just moments after her first. Her whole body shook uncontrollably as she thrashed around on my fingers while cum seeped out of her pussy around my hand until she managed to reach down and forcibly pull my hand out of her causing a cascade of liquid to fall out of her over the wash basin.

“Oh fuck Dave, two at once!” Laura exclaimed as she slouched back against the wall, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Never mind that. Get over here and suck my dick!” I demanded. “You’ve still not finished what you started this morning.”

Laura slid off the sink and crawled over to me on her hands and knees, still breathing hard as she watched my dick swinging around in the air.

“That’s it bitch. Get yourself over here and suck me off!”

“Yes sir.”

When Laura had made over to me she reached out and grabbed my cock as she ran her tongue from my balls to the tip and then parted her lips and took me into her mouth. I loved watching her as she opened her mouth wide and began bobbing up and down on my cock, slowly progressing further down my shaft taking in as much as she could. I could feel Laura’s drool coating my cock and as I watched her spreading her lips to take more of me in I could see strings of saliva escaping out the side of her mouth and pooling on the floor beneath us.

Once she had five inches of my hard cock buried inside her mouth I could hear her gag and she came back up my shaft with a gasp as spit hung from her mouth and my cock, which she took her hand to and began wanking me up and down. The air was filled with the sounds of her messy handjob as she stroked my dick faster with one hand and alternated between rubbing around the head of my cock and fondled my balls with the other until my entire cock was soaked and the spittle dribbled from my sack.

“Fuck, it looks so good covered in your spit,” I leered as Laura took it back into her mouth again. “Yeah, that’s it bitch, suck me off good. Fuck yes, I’m gonna fill your throat with my cum.”

Laura mumbled into my dick causing her mouth to vibrate around it and as her soft lips glided up and down I could feel the pressure building in my balls.

“Oh fuck yes. God I’m gonna spunk in your mouth. Fuck yes that’s it. Oh fuck that’s it. Oh god yessss.”

My dick lurched forwards but just as the first spurt began to rise up inside my cock Laura quickly moved away and removed her hands and mouth from my dick. One long stream of cum pumped şişli escort out of my dick splashing the wall behind her and dripping down onto the floor, but with my dick now swinging about in the air receiving no stimulation my orgasm faded before it had even begun and I got no relief from my aching balls.

“What the fuck Laura!” I screamed as she got to her feet and straightened out her suit, once more looking every bit the office professional.

“Sorry Dave, I may be your whore but I’m nobody’s bitch. And now I have to get back to work,” and she gave me a wicked smile as she walked passed me towards the door. “You’d best get that mess cleaned up,” she continued, “and no touching yourself when I’m gone. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll let you cum properly next time!”

As she closed the door behind her I was left standing with my dick waving in the air, cum gently seeping out of the head and dropping down into my trousers along with Laura’s saliva. I hastily waddled over to the toilet with my trousers around my ankles, grabbed some tissue and started to clean myself off but every time I touched my cock it throbbed and jerked and it was some five minutes before I could wipe it clean. My boxers were damp with spittle and cum and I had no choice but to bin them and pull my trousers up over my bare cock and spend the rest of the afternoon at work commando. By the time I had wiped my cum from the wall and made myself look half respectable again I had to skip lunch and head back to the office at a brisk pace causing my uncovered dick to rub against the inside of my trousers, making it twitch and tingle even more.

I had barely been back at my desk for ten minutes when an email came through from Laura

“Hi babe, thanks so much for helping me out at lunch, it’s so much easier to concentrate at work once all that tension is released, don’t you agree? I do hope that you saved that desert for me though as I’m planning on going for a long ride tonight and I’ll need filling up after. I can’t wait! L xoxo”

Despite myself I could feel my dick starting to rise at the thought of Laura riding me and before I knew it I was imagining her bouncing up and down on my dick as her tits swung from side to side.

“Dave, meeting in the boardroom, two minutes,” the call from my boss snapped me back to reality and I deleted the email and tried to picture anything but Laura as I grabbed a pen and my notepad but without my boxers to hold it down I was sure my dick was still pressing against my trousers as I made my way to the boardroom with my notepad held in front of my groin.

By the time I got home my balls were sore but I knew I couldn’t really be angry with Laura, after all I was playing her game and I knew there was no malice in her, just an uncanny knack of leaving me teetering on edge of sanity. She was nowhere to be seen when I got back so I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and headed out to the leisure centre, figuring a good work out would relieve some of the tension I was feeling but when I got there I found the gym was closed.

“Maintenance to the equipment,” the receptionist told me, “it should be open again tomorrow as long as they don’t find any major problems. You can always go to any of our other locations?”

I rolled my eyes and looked up at the ceiling feeling the tension in my shoulders as I contemplated driving to the next town when the receptionist interrupted my train of thought.

“Or,” she said barely louder than a whisper, “we’re not really supposed to but we are letting the gym members use the steam room and sauna if you want? Just don’t tell anyone you got it for free today, ok?” and she beamed a huge smile at me.

I looked at her suspiciously and curiosity got the better of me. “Why are you telling me this? I mean, I appreciate it but why tell me and not say the next person? Or have a sign for everyone?”

“Most people get really shitty with me when I tell them the gym’s closed” she replied “so I keep quiet and just tell them to drive over to Withersfield and use the gym there. Plus you looked like your world had just ended!” she added with a giggle as she handed me an electronic pass. “Now, just remember this isn’t Sweden and this is a unisex centre. So shorts or swimwear must be worn at all times and towels can be found on the shelves in the corridor just outside each room. Enjoy!” and she pointed towards the third door on the left.

I still wasn’t sure this was going to achieve what I wanted as I entered through the double doors but I continued to the changing rooms and stripped down to my shorts, grabbed a pair of the complementary flip flops and headed out to the steam room picking up a towel on the way.

As soon as I entered the steam hit me and it took a while to acclimatise and get used to the hot vapour entering my lungs but as I sat on the ledge and let the steam wash over me I could feel the tension beginning to leave my body. I relaxed my shoulders and leant back against the wall of the taksim escort room as my body began to slowly unwind as I enjoyed the solitude of the steam. I was the only person in their but even if someone had been sitting beside me I wouldn’t have been able to see them through the haze and I shut my eyes and cleared my mind of the days frustrations.

After about ten minutes I could feel myself beginning to get light headed so I headed back out into the changing area to cool off for a few minutes and get a bottle of water to rehydrate. I was contemplating heading back home but decided on a quick stop in the sauna before I left to sweat out the last of my stresses and try to cleanse my body of the toxins that had built up after the heavy drinking of last weekend and the junk I had been eating at work now that I wasn’t getting time to eat on my lunch break.

I stepped out into the corridor and entered the sauna area where there was a shower, a stack of soft, fresh towels, a tap for filling the bucket and the sauna itself. As I got closer I was pleasantly surprised to see that once again there was nobody else there so I filled the bucket with cold water and stepped into the wooden room as the dry heat hit me like a punch to the stomach.

I laid the towel on the back step, poured some water over the hot coals and lay down as the heat seared through me, warming my muscles and opening my airways. As I lay on the towel I could feel the knots in my shoulders as they rubbed against the hard wood underneath and I pushed back against the step to try to ease the pain. I shut my eyes and concentrated on my breathing as the hot air burned my lungs and the focus let all other thoughts drift from my mind. As I was lying there in an almost meditating state I heard the door open and close as someone else entered the sauna. I kept my eyes shut, knowing there was more than enough room for someone else without me having to move and sure enough I heard the ladle knock against the bucket and then the sound of cold water on hot rocks and the temperature increased by a few degrees.

I heard a gasp as the air grew hotter and then a familiar voice.

“The first one always takes my breath away,” and my eyes shot open as I turned my head to the side where I saw Amy standing in front of me in a skimpy bikini with a towel in her hand.

“Oh hi Dave, I didn’t realise it was you,” she said as she looked down at me. “I didn’t recognise you with so few clothes on! Haha.” I was suddenly very conscious of the fact that all I was wearing was my gym shorts as I could feel my dick start to stir at the sight in front of me.

“I’ll just lie down here if that’s ok?” Amy continued, oblivious to the movement between my legs as she placed her towel on the bottom seat and made herself comfortable. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as she spread out on the towel, lying away from me on her stomach, her feet just below mine and her head towards the door. She reached out to the bucket that was on the floor, poured another ladle of water over the coals and moaned softly as the sauna temperature increased even more.

“Let me know if it gets too hot,” she said. “I like it really hot and sticky so tell me if it gets too much for you.”

“Will do,” I croaked as my lungs sucked in the heat and my cock stirred in my shorts as Amy rested her head on her arms and shut her eyes.

From my position on the top level I had a fantastic view of her body as my gaze was led along her toned, slender legs up to her small, firm arse where the material of her bikini bottoms disappeared slightly into her crack, exposing the soft flesh of her cheeks. My eyes drifted further up her back to where the thinnest piece of string imaginable was tied in a small bow and her blonde hair clung to the back of her neck and shoulders as the sweat held it to her skin.

As she lay there sweating she moaned softly as the heat consumed her and her body loosened and I watched as a bead of sweat roll down her back and disappeared under her bikini into the crack of her arse and for a fleeting moment I longed to be that bead more than anything else in the world. As I lay there watching her gleaming body and listening to her groans my cock was steadily growing and I had to shift my position to hide it from her should she look up.

After a few minutes Amy got up from the bench, stretched herself and headed out of the door as I lay there and watched her every move from the way her tits seemed to grow as she stretched up high to the curve of her arse as she walked out of the door. My dick was hard as stone and I reached into my shorts and gave it a gentle stroke as the visions in my head remained. I was still stroking my dick a minute later when I heard a noise and quickly removed my hand and looked towards the door as Amy walked back in, only this time she was soaking wet.

“Brrrr! A cold shower and then back in here always wakes me up!” she winces as she leant back and dragged her hand through her hair removing some of the excess water that splashed on the floor and sizzled in the heat. As she leant backwards her tits pushed forwards straight at me, her nipples clearly visible as they poked through the wet top, hard from the cold they had been subjected to and water ran down her body creating a glorious sheen over her midsection.

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