Fun at the Party Ch. 01

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank angel love for her editing skills on this story.

Me and Tasha had arrived at 8:00pm and parked in the garage under the hotel. There were other people parking at the same time as us and Tasha took notice of the lovely evening gowns they all wore. As they got into the cramped elevator, it struck Tasha as funny that all these fancy dressed people were crammed into this tiny bland grey garage elevator! Tasha squeezed my hand as my corporate parties always made her nervous and she did not want to make a fool of herself and ruin my chances of climbing the corporate ladder!

Tasha looked around and I was gone. “Where the hell has he gone to?” she asked herself.

She took stock of the women around her. As much as she did not want to make a fool out of herself for her husband’s career sake, she also did not want any woman thinking that Mark did not have something good to come home to. The women were all dressed provocatively craving the attention of the males or at least to look better than the other females in the room.

There was the older woman at the bar. She had brown hair with strategically placed grey streaks. Her backless gown showed some of her best assets – her lovely shoulder blades and nice butt. The gown was high on her neck in the front and Tasha realized that the poor woman had no bust to match her sweet ass.

“Too bad; she would look much better if she did,” Tasha thought.

There was the twenty-something year old clinging onto the divorced fifty year old vice president. “What a pair!” she thought.

Though he was 50, he was extraordinarily good looking. It was obvious that he spent more time in front of the mirror than most women did! His date looked somewhat store-bought. Her thick, long bottle blonde hair flowed down to her shoulders swinging out casually. Her light brown eyebrows showed her real hair color. Her gown was light blue but very attractive next to her tanning-bed toned skin. Naturally, her teeth were perfectly straight and she wore natural pearls around her neck.

Tasha giggled when she looked at the woman’s arms versus the size of her breasts. The woman’s arms were anorexic and her breasts were huge! Silicone had replaced fatih escort diamonds as a girl’s best friend!

“What bra size?” I asked as I snuck up beside my wife.

Tasha pretended to not know, what he was talking about and feigned ignorance. “My dear,” she said with a fake British Royalty accent, “I know not what you speak of!”

“Her tits honey!” I said quietly, “they’re enormous”

Tasha laughed at my lack of candor. “They’re double d’s, but she isn’t wearing a bra, so there really isn’t any size at all!”

I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the neck whispering, “I like my wife with her mother of 1 body!”

“You can have my mother of 1 body any time you like,” she rubbed my dick, which was hard already. She did not know if this was because of her or because of the women around her.

Tasha knew what clothes to buy, and how to wear them, to take advantage of her considerable assets. Her breasts were big and full and had never returned to their original size after breastfeeding their child. Her hips were full and though her stomach was not flat, it was not fat either. No, she would never fit back into her college days clothes, but then again, she loved having big breasts.

I returned with a scotch and soda followed by Rob and Lori. Hugs and kisses were exchanged, and Lori was nice enough to remark how nicely Tasha’s dress fit her. Tasha returned the compliment but wondered why Lori would wear a short red mini skirt to a semi formal affair. On the other hand, Lori certainly had the body for it.

Tasha looked at me and knew I was looking at Lori. She was different to my wife. And I liked it. And after the party at their house when they had invited friends round in the summer for a pool party I liked her even more. But that is a different story.

As Tasha thought it, Lori tugged on the bottom of her skirt, pulling it down some. The men were talking “man talk” and Lori intimated to Tasha, “I don’t know why the hell I wore this thing. Rob loves it, but it is damn uncomfortable.”

Tasha slugged a gulp of her drink, “I think Mark likes it as well. Guys want you to look good, but check out what they wear? Boring Suits and tuxedos! They reveal nothing while fındıkzade escort we parade around here with our chests heaving and our legs bare!”

They both giggled and Tasha got an idea of how much Lori had been drinking at the open bar already. She was holding onto Tasha’s arm to steady herself.

It did not matter. Soon the four of them were getting more drinks at the bar and rob suggested a dance. All four put down there glasses and went to the dance floor. The first couple of dances were normal but then a slow dance came on. I grabbed Lori and pulled her into a slow dance. So Tasha danced with Rob. I placed my hands onto her hips and she put her arms around my neck. As we, turned I looked over to Tasha and Rob they were doin the same as us. But we were much closer than them. Lori had her leg between mine and she was rubbing my cock with her leg. I moved my hands from her hips and placed them on her firm ass.

I looked back over to Rob and Tasha she was giggling in his ear. As they turned around Rob had both of his hands on Tasha’s ass and was rubbing it. I kept watching as they kept laughing and Tasha gave him a peck on the cheek. I pulled Lori in closer. And she started to play with the hair on the back of my head. Lori put her hands down on my ass.

Just then the two couples got spilt up and Lori and I were in one corner of the dance floor and Tasha and Rob were in the other. Behind us was an old meeting room. I pulled Lori in and closed the door behind us. I pushed her against the wall and settled my mouth on her glossy red lips. I opened my lips and her tongue darted in. Our tongues danced together like we had just been doing on the dance floor.

Her tongue was exploring every bit of my mouth. I brought one hand to her tit and slowly rubbed it without breaking the kiss. She pulled away and whispered into my ear “I have wanted this for so long. Every since my pool party where I saw you slip off with one of my friends.”

“I wanted you at that party, but I didn’t know if you would want to cheat,” I replied.

“I didn’t want to but when I saw you in the pool with my friend and then slipping off into the house with her I knew I wanted you,” she cooed into my halkalı escort ear.

She then placed her lips back on mine and I felted her hand go down to my zip. She undid it and pulled my cock free. She placed her hand on it and slowly worked it up and down.

“Your much bigger than rob,” she whispered in my ear.

“That’s all for you babe if you want it,” I said as I slipped my tongue back into her mouth.

She pulled away and the next thing I knew her mouth was wrapped around my rock hard cock. She licked the underside of my cock and cupped my balls. I couldn’t help but moan loudly. She took the head of my cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She took the whole length into her mouth and started bobbing up and down on it. She felt my balls tighten and slowed down.

Lori let my cock fall from her mouth and then took my balls into it instead. I moaned again loudly again as she went back to my cock and started bobbing up and down on it. This time not stopping, my balls tightened and I blew load after load of cum into her mouth while she drank every drop.

“We best get back to the party. Rob and Tasha will be looking for us” she said as she slipped my cock back into my boxers and did the zipper back up.

We left the room and it was another slow dance. There were a lot more people on the dance floor now. We walked around the out side and soon we saw Rob and Tasha still dancing. Lori turned to me and said “If we get the chance let’s hook up again later and we can have more fun. Try and get our partners drunk.” I nodded at her and we turned and walked over to Rob and Tasha.

After the slow dance, more fast songs came on. We danced as a four again and after about 4 dances Tasha said this was my last 1 for a while. It was a slow one and she grabbed me this time.

“Think you can get fucked tonight by her?” she asked me.

“Sure. You and Rob looked very close. Think you can get him in your pants?” I asked. “Won’t make this into a bet then. If you are not fucked, there is a punishment. And the same for me.”

“Fine it starts after this dance then.”

The dance finished and we went to sit down for a bit. A group of men and women from the office came over to talk to us. I saw Rob and Tasha leave and go off to get another drink. They were laughing and joking and it looked like they were flirting a lot.

The group left and we went to the bar to get Mark and Lori a drink. When we turned round, they were gone. I knew I had to step up my game if I wanted to win the bet.

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