Full Body Massage

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Authors Note.

Thanks again to slavegirl70 for taking the time to edit this for me.

This is my second submission and I have taken on board some of the more constructive feedback from the previous and tried to improve the sense of perspective in this story. However if you are looking for deep and meaningful characters with well-developed plot lines, you will be sadly disappointed.

I had fun writing this and I hope you have fun reading it.



The room is dark, lit only by the light of half a dozen lightly scented candles, mixing to create an exotic atmosphere. Not that you can see the effect of the flickering light on your naked, stretched body. The instructions were simple, lie naked face down on the bed, your eyes blindfolded and arms handcuffed above your head.

With sight denied all your other senses are heightened; you can hear each beat in the soft rhythms playing through the stereo, feel each light breeze as it caresses your body from the window that stands ajar, allowing the pleasant summer evening breeze access to the normally stifling room. You have lost track of time but it can’t be more than 5 minutes since you read the instructions; already you are starting to feel relaxed despite the cuffs. Suddenly you become aware of a presence in the room, maybe the soft swish of the door over the carpet as it closes, maybe the silent intake of breath, either way you know you are no longer alone.

I can see you lying on the bed, your arms are stretched above your head, handcuffed to the end of the bed so that both hands are together, and your legs slightly parted. I pause in the doorway as I take in your beauty bathed in the soft candlelight. So perfect, so helpless. Silently I cross the room so that I am standing next to you, I don’t know if you’ve noticed my presence near you yet, so I move towards your head and softly blow across your neck and ear, watching as goose bumps follow the trail of my breath. I lean in closer and in my deepest sexiest voice I whisper, “Good girl.” I start to move down your back with my breath, again the goose bumps following as I travel across your body—all the way down your spine until I reach the small of your back.

I pour some warm oil into my hands and start to rub it into your back and shoulders, kneading and rubbing all the tension away from your tired muscles. I can feel you relax a little bit more every time I move to a new part of you. As I move further down your body, caressing and oiling as I go, you make soft groans as you feel tension you didn’t realise you had melt away. When I reach the small of your back the groans start to take on a different tone, more animalistic, and as I reach your pert behind you start to spread your legs ever so slightly.

I don’t stop there, I squeeze and stretch your smooth tight buttock muscles until they give under my unrelenting fingers and it is as though your muscles have turned to putty in my hands. Slowly and tantalisingly, I move closer to your puffy outer lips, but bypass them as I work my way down. First your left leg, paying extra attention to the thigh muscles; moving my knuckles back and forth, creating waves of stress relief up and down your leg until it too is like putty in my hands. When I reach your foot I start to give it a complete massage. Your little moans of pleasure reassure me that it is as sensual as I hope.

I finish your foot and make my way back up your leg, this time kneading the muscles between my fingers and palms, as I move ever closer to where you want me. Your hips raise up to meet my hands, as once again I only just bypass your glistening sex and begin to knead your bostancı escort buttocks again. I manipulate first one side and then the other before starting for the other leg. This time as my hands move down your right leg, I ever so gently run a finger down one petal of your flower, causing the first true moan to escape your lips. I repeat every move down this leg as the other, paying just as much attention to this foot.

As I approach your by now very wet pussy, you are almost straining for me to touch you, whimpering with a touch of pleading in it. I deny you yet again and continue over your cheeks, and while applying pressure I slide first my hands up your back so that my splayed fingers reach from one side of your ribs to the other, with my thumbs meeting just over your spine. Just as my fingers brush past the side of your breasts and continue up your arms, my body joins my hands and slides against your back so that by the time I am holding your handcuffed hands, I am stretched out fully on top of you with my rock hard cock nestled between your cheeks.

Then almost as soon as I’ve stopped, I am sliding backwards, back away from you, dragging my hands and this time my nails as well back down your body, all the way down until I am once again massaging your feet. Back and forth, up and down. Each time I reach your shoulders you lift your hips as you try and snare my member in your aching pussy. Each time I move up I rub the swollen head of my cock up your clit and lips avoiding your oh so tempting opening.

On the third descent back down your body I murmur, “It’s time for your front now.” Then I turn you over ever so carefully, making sure that your hands are as free as the cuffs will allow before pulling you down so that you stretch just that little bit more than before. Your gorgeous breasts are pulled tight on your chest, swelling with each lust-filled breath as I drink in the vision before me. Your nipples are standing proudly and not from the cold, although I believe the breeze is causing goose bumps to form across your areolae.

Starting at your neck I apply more warm oil to your upper body, covering every last inch of exposed flesh with my touch and the oil. I don’t stop in any one place long, but I do pay particular attention to your breasts and nipples, running them between each finger and gripping them between index and middle fingers while squeezing and stretching your breasts. Then suddenly I am back at your neck, massaging and taking all your stress away, replacing it with wanton lust and need. You beg me to touch you, to make you come, but I continue the slow, sensual massage as though I am deaf to your calls.

As I move from your neck to your chest I avoid your nipples this time, to your frustration, adding to your mewls and moans. “Please?” you beg, “Please stick that cock in me now!”

Again I ignore you as I move to your legs, which are now spread completely open in front of me giving me a perfect view of your beautiful shaved pussy, glistening with your excitement. It is all I can do to carry on with the massage, but continue I do, moving down your legs one last time.

I move from between your legs and kneel next to you so that I can have better access to your entire body. Then I slide my left hand to your breasts and, while playing with each nipple in turn, pulling and squeezing, my right hand moves down to your sopping pussy. “Yes! Oh god, yes!” you cry out, “Play with my clit and cunt, make me come…” Gently I reach down and smear your juices around to coat my fingers, then I start to move them over your outer lips, slowly drawing circles around büyükçekmece escort your tight hole, not quite touching your clit, which drives you mad as you thrash under my ministrations.

When I decide I have teased you just enough, I stop and move to your clit, carefully releasing it from under its hood so that it stands proud, just like a little cock. And just like a little cock, I take it between my thumb and forefinger and slowly start to work it, up and down, around and around between my fingers. By now you are leaking cum furiously, making a small lake under your ass, all the time the moans escaping your lips are turning more and more into groans and the beginnings of the screams I am looking for.

When I think you are almost there I replace my finger with my tongue, using it to pull on your clit instead, as I wrap it around the small nub, giving it a blowjob—sucking, licking and nibbling at it. At the same time, I place two of my fingers at your entrance and slowly tease them in and out not quite fully penetrating, just playing with the tight muscles that I find there, continuing the massage.. I work my fingers back and forth until they penetrate your tight pussy and I can feel your g-spot respond to their intrusion. It is already swollen and I trace it under my fingertips, firm yet giving, soft yet ridged—it’s almost enough pleasure in itself, so much so that I could come just from pleasuring you, and I moan at the thought; my tongue and lips passing the vibrations to your very proud clit.

You are screaming unintelligible noises as you ride one orgasmic crest to the next, never quite coming down. Your pussy walls are now squeezing my fingers as if trying to expel them from your body. It is too much for me, I need to feel those walls and muscles contracting around my cock, not my fingers. So I withdraw my fingers again to your brief frustration, which lasts just long enough for you to realise that I am lifting your knees to your chest, and pointing my aching cock at my prize.

You moan from the bottom of your chest as my rock hard and throbbing cock enters your sweet pussy, slowly impaling itself until I bottom out as deep as I can get. I stay there until I regain my composure, as just the incredible sensation of sliding inside you almost made me come. While I try to gain control by not moving, you can’t stop and your squirming underneath me is driving me nuts. I can feel every swell and pulse in your cunt, and the heat from our joining is intense. Then as the edge fades away I start to pull out until my head is just about to leave it’s warm home, I push back in with all the force I can muster, once again pushing you closer to the edge. Over and over I piston in and out of you, and each time I threaten to pull out you scream, “NO, NO, NO! Put it back in Pleeeeaaaseee?” Followed by, “Ungh, Oooooohhhhh, Yes, Again! Harder!” as it sinks all the way back down again.

In and out, harder and harder until the sweat is running off me and pooling on your flat stomach. I am so close to filling you I don’t think I can hold on much longer, when you say, “Release me, I need to fuck you now.” Kissing and nibbling my way from your breasts to your neck I reach up, pushing my cock even deeper if possible and making you come yet again as I hold it there throbbing in rhythm to your contractions.

I unfasten your cuffs.

The moment your arms are free you push me over onto my back without breaking our union. Now with you on top you set the rhythm, and it is furious. You go from slamming down on me repeatedly to teasing the head in your opening, all the time your pussy is squeezing çapa escort my cock, making it my turn to groan and squirm under your control. Then you take my hands, force them over my head and hold them there while you use my cock as a fuck toy.

I can’t hold back any longer and match your thrusts with ones of my own so that I am very nearly bouncing you back up my cock every time you reach the bottom. It only takes three or four more of these before I too am screaming out, “Oh god! I’m coming, I’m coming so hard, don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

That is when I notice the evil little smile through the lust in your eyes as you pull up and stop, just holding the head of my cock in the entrance to your pussy, moving backwards and forwards—just enough to keep me on edge but not push over it. I can feel the ridge around the head of my cock being held in place by the tight entrance to your pussy just threatening to pop either in or out. It is torture, not enough to bring me off but too much to let me down. My cock feels so much bigger, with each throb I think it will explode.

This pause only lasts a minute or two but it seems like ages before you are once again plunging down on my cock and the moment your clit grinds into my pelvis we both explode at the same time. You throw your head back as you wail your pleasure to all who care to listen, while my back arches and I feel my seed leave the end of my cock and fire up deep into your womb, over and over.

My orgasm seems to last forever, just as yours does, It could maybe even have been two in a row but I’m so lost in the throes of the pleasure you have just given me it all just rolls into one long all-consuming moment. All I am aware of is your pussy wrapped around my cock, milking it of every last drop, and your hands gripping my chest and nipples.

As we come down from our mutual explosion you lay on top of me, grinding your entire, oil covered body over mine, while my cock twitches with aftershocks. Your grinding and rubbing starts off as random movements but soon develops into a more purposeful motion. I can feel our nipples rubbing together, sending electric shocks throughout my chest. Your hands start moving over my sides and arms, spreading your oil all over my body, so that it is impossible for us to stay in one position for any length of time. At no point do we break contact, lips and tongues included, as they dance like lost lovers with minds of their own.

You place one hand behind my head, and breaking our kiss you lift yourself and my head up, until you place your nipple between my lips. I need no more encouragement and start to play with it between my lips, flicking my tongue over the very tip with feather-light strokes. All the while you have been teasing my cock with your pussy, squeezing and grinding, in an attempt to revive it before it can retreat.

Unsurprisingly, with the attention the rest of my body is still receiving it seems to be working, as I feel it throb, once again filling with hot blood on its way back to full hardness. You groan as you feel it throb as well, pushing my head over to your other nipple at the same time. I treat this one like the other and tease it with my tongue while squeezing it between my lips. Your breath is getting ragged, as you let my head drop so you can use both arms to start riding me, my cock starts to grow once again, only this time inside you.

It doesn’t take long before you reach that place of bliss, and as your walls tighten around me you scream out in pleasure, sitting up and arching your back, using our locked hands to give you balance.

It takes you a few moments before you once again look deep into my eyes, that devilish glint reappearing. As you slowly rotate your hips you lift off my impaled member, taking a finger you run it up the length of your slit before placing it on my lips whispering “Wait here, I will be back soon.”

Leaving me with your taste on my lips, you walk out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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