Freemount High Ch. 01

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Day One: Introduction

It was the first day of school at Freemount high in the small California town. With only one year away from high school graduation, the senior class strolled into the school with excitement. Freemount was a loosely structured school, save for an enrollment policy that ensured that all incoming seniors were 18 by the first day of school.

Kimmy was one of these excited seniors. Looking at her schedule she saw Calculus, U.S. Government, Economics, Chemistry, English, and Human Sexuality/Education. Nothing unusual for a senior at Freemount, she had chosen the classes herself before the summer and the Human Sexuality class was a required course to graduate from her school. Walking to her Human Sexuality class she saw her best friend Cindy. Both girls were average height, but had been blessed with narrow hips and 36 DD busts…and not to mention gorgeous looks. Both girls knew they were probably some of the hottest girls to walk through Freemount high that year, though most of the other girls in the senior class could have given them a run for their money.

Cindy smiled at Kimmy. “Hey Cindy, you excited to be back in school?” Cindy had always been more excited about school, and seemed to always put in the extra effort, marking one of the few differences between the two girls.

“Of course, I couldn’t wait to get into our Sex Ed class; do you have it first period?” Kimmy nodded, and began walking to their first class. They both chatted about their plans after school and where they would be working throughout the school year.

Entering the bakırköy escort classroom, Cindy immediately took a seat towards the front of the room. Kimmy scowling at her best friend’s choice in seating, felt obliged to sit behind her. The bell rang shortly thereafter, and Kimmy looked around the room. The class was small compared to other classes she had been in; she was told by past students that the school administrators wanted to keep these classes small to avoid overwhelming the students with information and allowing more personal hands on teaching. There were 5 boys and 5 girls including her, but not including the teacher.

“Good morning class, and welcome to Human Sexuality and Education. My name is Miss Cartwright, and I look forward to a fun semester with all of you learning and exploring the complex anatomy of the Human Body.” Kimmy smiled inwardly, thinking that even if she wouldn’t be interested in the seriousness of the class like Cindy, she at least would have an interesting teacher. Miss Cartwright looked to be about 30 and was very voluptuous with dirty blond hair tied back in a pony tail and cute little glasses. She was dressed very simply in a conservative dress, which could not even come close to hiding her dynamite figure. Her breasts were 39 DDD, she had a very thin tummy which fed into the flair of her womanly hips and she had an amazingly round ass.

The other girls in the class were drop dead gorgeous like Cindy and Kimmy also. One girl was on the school basketball team and showed off an athletic build, another girl was beşiktaş escort generally ordinary save her 36 DD breasts held in a rather tight t-shirt, and lastly an average girl save for her awesome hips and round ass. The guys in the room were all well built, and generally between 5’10’ and 6’2″.

Miss Cartwright moved around the room as she continued talking. “First we must ask ourselves, what is sex?” Some of the guys started to snicker, go figure thought Kimmy. “In classic definitions it is the act of reproduction, where the male reproductive organ enters the female reproductive tract. Have any of you experienced sex, or anything closely resembling this?”

Kimmy had never even seen a male sex organ, except in books and on the internet. Looking around none of the girls raised their hands, and for that matter neither did any of the boys. “Alright, that’s good. This will allow us to form a better understanding of what sex really is without past actions and attitudes interfering with the learning process.” Miss Cartwright moved back to the front of the room and grabbed a small stack of papers.

“These are your consent and release forms. While you all may be 18, we will be discussing potentially embarrassing subjects in a class room environment. Please sign, and have your parents sign, these before class tomorrow. Tomorrow we will begin by discussing the male anatomy, and then we will move on to female anatomy. Later on in the semester I may begin imposing a classroom dress code for our girls, please be flexible on this when it comes up.”

Kimmy’s beylikdüzü escort mind began to race. Why only a dress code for the girls? Looking at Miss Cartwright though, Kimmy began to relax. She had heard great things about Miss Cartwright from older students, and believed them when she was told that this teacher really put herself in the student’s position.

Looking at the consent form Kimmy read through the class schedule for the semester. She saw Male Anatomy, Female Anatomy One, and Female Anatomy Two. Raising her eyebrows slightly though, Kimmy read on and as she saw what came after. Masturbation, Orgasm, Toys, Female Assisted Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Sex with Multiple Partners One and Two…the list went on. Wow, thought Kimmy, this really will be an in depth class.

Miss Cartwright returned to the front of the room. “As you may see on the Syllabus with the consent form, this class will go into a great many concepts. Some of the male concepts will probably be gone through a little faster, and we will take our time more with the female topics…as my being a mature woman will allow me to convey a greater understanding of the subject to you the students.”

“This class will throughout the semester be based heavily on participation, with an in-depth and intensive final at the end of the semester to cover everything you will be learning. Lastly, because of the desire for a small class room environment some of our topics in the semester will be requiring additional students, who will come from our neighboring district’s all boys’ school. We will be going over that more though as we get farther along into the semester.”

With that last statement, the bell rang and the class moved to grab their books and head off to their next classes. With the end of their class, Kimmy and Cindy parted ways for their different classes.

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