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We went up the coast on a date. We didn’t have any set plans, or so you thought, but I’d gotten us reservations at this really cozy, quiet restaurant on the waterfront in one of the smaller towns. Our table was right between a big picture window looking over the beach and a circular fireplace in the center of the room. Even with all the scenery, I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You wore a strappy red dress that I’d never seen before. The sheer material seemed to find and hug every part of your body like silk in the most seductive way. You weren’t wearing a bra and I could clearly see the hard pebble of your right nipple through the fabric. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, actually. More than once you caught me staring, but you just smiled this thin, hungry smile and slid your foot to my leg, sliding it slowly up the inside of my leg.

We finished dinner and went out to the restaurant’s patio after dessert. The sun had already set, and as we leaned on the railing and watched the last rays of sunlight slip away, all I could think of was the feel of your body pressed next to mine. The feel of your breasts against my arm, your cheek on my shoulder, your foot on mine – all made me want to wrap you in my arms. We decided to take a walk on the beach, and as we talked, all the stress of my week just seemed to melt off me. With every step I felt lighter, and younger, and happier. I looked at your face in the starlight and couldn’t believe how lucky I felt to have you. I gripped your hand and hummed a little “la di da” to myself.

You laughed and halkalı escort said, “You and your noises. What did that one mean?”

I hadn’t realized I’d done it, so I said, a little nervously, “Oh just that I like you an awful lot.”

You stopped walking and turned to me, smiling. You slid your hands up my chest and tilted your head back. I pulled your waist towards me and pressed my lips to yours gently, tenderly. I slid my hands up your back and ran my fingers through your hair. When you stopped for air, I lowered my mouth to your neck, tracing down to your collarbone, leaving a wet trail that glistened in the moonlight.

You tapped me on the shoulder, then acted like you weren’t paying attention to what your hand was doing while you pulled your dress down and away, exposing your left breasts. I looked up at your face as I lowered my mouth, slowly sucking the shy nipple out into my mouth, and watched as the trouble-maker smile was replaced with a surprised gasp while I flicked your hard nipple with the tip of my tongue. I was on my knees in front of you now, and I played my hands up your sides, pulling a little of your dress up then letting it go again repeatedly as I worked my hands up your body to your breasts. I pulled and caressed your right breast through the silky material of your dress while my other hand cupped your left breast into my mouth.

You pulled me up gently to my feet by my hair and pulled my face down for a deep kiss. I felt your taksim escort tongue slide between my lips and felt your hard nipples against my chest, your breasts crushing against me. Then you pushed me back and pulled your dress back on. I was only disappointed for a second before you turned and pressed against me, grinding your ass against my firm cock before sliding down my body to the sand. You went on all fours in front of me, arching your back and pointing your ass at me while you looked at me over your shoulder with your most serious bedroom eyes and said, “Do me on the beach, lover,” and you pulled up your dress to your waist, showing me your wet pussy.

I didn’t bother to respond, and I followed my pants to the sand behind you. I reached under you and stroked your clit with my fingers while I ran my other hand over your ass cheeks, appreciating their soft roundness. When I heard you start to moan, and felt your hips turn back, pushing yourself against my hand, I leaned forward and kissed your cheek. You turned your head a little more, and my lips found yours as the head of my cock pressed against you. You moaned and shook your head ‘yes,’ before I leaned back and grabbed your hips in my hands. I didn’t push into you, I pulled you back onto me. I stayed there for a moment, reveling in the feeling of you pushing all your weight against me, grinding your hips against me, fully inside you before I started doing you.

I started slow and deep, only pulling out a little bit at a time while I hunched şişli escort forward over you, kissing your back and stroking your breasts with my hands. As the energy built, I started focusing on your clit, circling it with two of my fingers as I started to speed up the pace of my thrusts. I leaned back and grabbed your hips in both hands. I dug my legs into the sand a little bit for added traction, then quickly brought up the tempo. I pulled out almost completely, then slammed back into you, pulling you down on me with every stroke. You stretched your arms out in front of you, lowering your chest to the warm beach sand while I pounded away. I took myself right to the edge quickly, then changed my focus to you. It took a lot of concentration, but I managed to reach down and find your clit without slowing down. You started moaning loudly, panting my name constantly. I felt my orgasm start at the same time yours did, and instead of focusing on it, I threw all my concentration into doing you as hard and as fast as I could. I felt your pussy contract around me, sucking me closer to you. You reached back and grabbed my arms as you started to cum, lifting your body off the ground. With one final thrust, I exploded inside you. When you felt my hot cum filling inside of you, your orgasm skyrocketed. I grabbed your wrists in my hands and pulled them back towards me. As my orgasm declined, by cock kept throbbing deep inside you, prolonging yours for quite a while before you finally collapsed back to the sand, leaning on your elbows while you gasped for breath.

We cleaned up as best we could with what we had, and laid together silently there in the sand, looking up at the stars while we caught our breaths. We didn’t get up until we started to shiver in a sudden cool breeze, a half hour later. We laughed and brushed the sand off of each other as we made our way back up the beach, hand in hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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