Forever Lenny

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I first saw Lenny at our local YMCA. I don’t know what it was but it was just something about him that sparked my interest as he leant over the pool table to score a terrific shot . His colleague was a bad looser, waved his hands in the air, swore and slammed his cue down.

I empathised with Lenny who I knew was a shy boy, he looking a little dejected and I asked I could I play with him. “You will probably lick me easily but I’d like to have a go” I said smiling and shyly he turned and handed the other cue to me which was obviously an ‘okay.’

From that point of time I would find out an awful lot about the real Lenny Barker – he was a sweet, sweet guy and , because of the way he was brought up as an adoptive lad he had gone a little on the wayward side, having both been abused as a youngster and mislead later.

And that’s why he was attending the YMCA under one of their schemes to help wayward teenagers and I was one of the staff there.

Lenny had just had his nineteenth birthday, was a handsome guy and in my mind had everything going for him. I grew to like him ever so much, not only as a person but sexually too. But no way did I want to take advantage of him, because of his shyness and weaknesses in having been persuaded by the bad guys who got him onto drugs.

I just contented myself that in fact it was nice seeing him attending about three times a week and that way we could spend lots of time talking. I was determined not to spoil this relationship no matter what because of my secret urge to share more than just conversation with this lovely guy.

He was so terribly inhibited and eventually I guess I earned his trust when he told me about having been sexually abused as a kid which instantly shut off any notions I had about having him, even although my arousal was constant just seeing him in those wonderfully fitting tight jeans he wore, he was seriously the best guy I had ever seen in jeans, the fitting everything was perfect and all the time that urge running through my mind which in a way made me quite paranoid, that in no wait must I touch, thinking that would spoil it all. Content, be it very difficult for me, to let it flow and just continue to be happy talking with him.

When eventually we got around to sex I was quite expecting him to freeze – mainly because of the ghastly experiences he had suffered as a youngster which suffice to say are unmentionable here – but at least he was coming out of himself which had to be good for him to rebuild his confidence again, That was a very precious factor so I had to be more careful than ever when we got onto the subject not to press myself on him in any way.

But I needn’t have worried. I was so happy when it happened. When he really came out to me with his true sexuality and how he feared his leanings, always having been brought up that such thought were unnatural.

“Well you can rest assured they are definitely not and you know you can share anything with me, Lenny because I do think the world of you.”

His eyes met mine in a way that I can’t explain, but they expelled warmth and trust and he gradually started to tell me about something that had happened just a year ago for which he felt so absolutely dirty and ashamed.

When he told me I reassured him that it was only curiosity that had led him to it and in fact I had been there too.

“You have, but I would never have imagined. You look to be a straight sort of guy, married and with kids>” Lenny said with a sort of relief in his voice.

“Hey! I’m not that old, just ten year older than you – but yes, I guess you are right, I could have had couple of kids by now but no, I have always been like you. So no worries you see, Lenny – you casino şirketleri are with your kin so to speak.”

He smiled at me, he was a different guy then, his inhibitions, well with me anyway, had dissolved.

“And if you want to know I didn’t enjoy it – meeting that guy , a stranger at that, and spending those brief moments with him in a public toilet.”

“Well you could have got done for it, it is a public indecency offence>”

“That too, that’s why I stopped short when he wanted to – you know – with me.”

“Fuck you?” I asked taking a chance he would not be offended.

“Yes. Pete I think you are such a great guy, with you I can talk about things I have never shared with anyone before and anyway. I was thinking I want to do that with someone I loved, not with any old Tom Dick or Harry”

So from then on I knew he wanted me to say what was in my mind, he almost prompted me too with his enquiring questions as to how was it for me, that time in the toilet.

“I guess like you I had second thoughts, he was an older guy too and not exactly inspiring – I was like you curious, just that but when it came to the crunch and he dropped his trousers I felt no way was it like how I imagined in my dreams, that I could enjoy fucking this guy. But he was desperate and the best I could do for him was to give him a massage, just that and no more – and he went away happy enough. He wanted to do the same for me but somehow the urge had gone, not as though it was there in the first place, then I realised what a blundering idiot I was, and should just concentrate in finding a meaningful relationship.”

“That is really odd because almost the same happened with the guy I was with in the toilet. Except he wanted me to suck him if I refused the fuck.”

“And did you, Lenny?”

“Just a little. I hated it though, I tasted him in my mouth all the way home even though it was just for a minute or so, because after I gave him a really brisk wank and he was off like a jack in the box, I never saw him again and never wanted too, It was simply horrible.”

“Poor you,” I whispered touching his hand.

“It is okay, I feel better now for having told you. You are really so nice and understanding Pete.”

His flow was natural now, no more hesitation in his speech. “Just tell me how it is” I said hoping that somehow he would come to me, having disciplined myself that because of my circumstances, I must never appear to take advantage of using my job as and entry into Lonny’s sexuality but of course, I really fancied him like hell, I just had to get into those wonderfully tight fitting jeans that did everything for him.

It was a wondrous thing just how Lenny seemed to read me, the way he moved now, the way he swayed that so beautiful rounded rear in such a provocative way , looking back at me all the time as he swayed his rear – just having got up to get a drink and then come back again to join me on the long bench.

“I can almost read your thoughts, Pete” he teased.

“And?” I urged.

He just smiled sweetly. I touched him for the very first time. It was a quiet moment, the other guys had gone for lunch, there were just the two of us.

Her closed his eyes leaning his head backwards as I gently smoothed my palm across his jeans. He was superb and made no move to stop me opening his fly zip.

But then came to mind his mention about his abuse, and how his step dad had did that. I pulled my hand back and zipped him up again.

“Sorry, lenny,” I don’t know what came over me.

He looked so disappointed.

“It’s alright, I don’t mind!” he returned.

“I just thought -..”

Once again he read my mind: “You don’t have to worry, casino firmaları I was a kid then, well almost and it was different, Lenny I really want to share with you. Please done stop.”

“It’s a bit dodgy here,” I said looking around, someone could come back any minute and it would not look good at all.”

Again he looked so disappointed, his hand rubbing himself and I could see he had an erection.

“Tell you what, lenny. I do like you so very much and want to be with you too. let’s be brave and leave it until tonight, when the both of us can just be alone and enjoy each bother to the full” I suggested.

“At your place,?” he asked.

“Yes. Shall pick you up at the clock tower at 7. You can stay the night if you wish but no demands, up to you?”

“I want that, shall I bring my overnight stuff?” he asked with a wry smile.

Just what you are in and maybe a tooth brush” I returned showing him how much I wanted that too.

For the rest of the day and when Lenny had gone going through my mind was the thought of him and I being together …

The magic moment had come and there we were, just sweet Lenny and I completely alone and he looking do delightful and appealing in those so tight blue jeans and a blue over shirt which suited him perfectly, it was summer and hot that made for me too.

We got more acquainted within the boundaries of my home, I showed him around hoping he would be seeing much more of it soon and, looking ahead to the future, maybe for his to move in with me. He lived in digs at the moment and not very comfortable at that.

“You are not with anyone presently then are you?” Lenny asked cautiously over a glass of cider. I had to tell him of my former partners. Like there was Danny who was great, we got along so well together until for no reason at all he decided to dump me, and then there was sweet Jeffrey who passed away with Cancer. But for about a year I have been on my own so was keen to start a new relationship with Lenny who , apart from his unhappy episode in a toilet had not had any sexual experience at all.

I sidled up to him, his hand stroking my knee – we were meant for each other. “If you have any second thoughts or if there is something you don’t like us doing just give the word.” I said feeling the need to gradually coax and comfort him, not like my body wanting to take him like some mad animal, that’s how I felt for him, that beautiful ass just asking for attention..

I started where we left off earlier, stroking him there and getting the wanting – gently unzipping him, his head leaning back again as he gave a deep encouraging sigh.

“That is so good, Pete” he whispered. Never thought it could be like this.

I squeezed him through his opened jeans and through his briefs, he wore nice snug fitting red ones which were a great turn on. I was determined not to do as my body urged , to take him fast, I wanted to enjoy him and for him to enjoy me, squeezing him still through his briefs, hearing him moan was a wonderful sexual turn on.

“Don’t stop, that is so nice, Pate” he gasped – as I cupped him in my hand.

“Just open you thighs slightly” I urged

“Like this?”

“That’s better, mind if I remove your jeans for a bit?”

“A bit of what” he teased. Yes, the ice was broken and he felt at ease with me. I could tell with his huge uprising.

He stood up and dropped his jeans and his briefs to reveal; all, although I could sense his shyness. I leant forward on my knees, saying he had no need to be bashful, that he was lovely, that just to relax and let it flow. I pressed my face into his erection, feeling its warmth stroke my face, then sniffing his scent. I so love the scent of güvenilir casino cock, it has a certain pungency to it, especially when aroused, and it is with someone you adore – lovely stiff pulsing cock was just what the doctor ordered, and Wow! Did Lenny have just that, his ripe red balls hanging so fruitfully like a bunch of plums, for the next few minutes, Lenny simply standing there for me, I enjoyed him to the full, sniffing and tasting him, teasing my fingers along the sensitive ridge between his cheeks until I felt his soft just moist ring which I gently rimmed, hoping to get into soon, would he want that, would he be ready?, I turned and lay my head down on the floor between his thighs, asking him to open more and nestle down, just so that his balls were hanging over my face, so I could lick and taste him everywhere, and when my tongue teased his ring I felt him shudder, was that because he didn’t want that? I asked him to which he gasped, “Please don’t stop!” and so I ventured to tease my tongue as deeply as I could into him, he really tasted so good, that beautiful ass I had craved for so long was now all mine, I must have licked and sucked him to cum, He said he was sorry, I said what for, he said that he thought I would want his fuck inside. His rich hot cream oozed out delightfully as I whispered to him that I would do the fucking, how I wanted that, he steeped for me like he’d been doing it before, on his hands and knees and really pushing it all out for me, his ass was gorgeous, I would be wanting so much more of it big time, I would want it bent over my knee for a fabulous spanking and pampering, we had talked of that, of our deviations, and he said he was willing to try, his lovely tight jeaned ass would be a real temptation for me to lightly spank and fuck his red ass afterwards – all those things he had never known, his fuck was as good as I knew it would be, with plenty of KY jelly I made sure it was smooth for him, and my cock, after a little working with lenny’s mouth, soon slipped up inside him, like a natural he moved with me, I felt his throb inside as he squeezed my cock moving his ass from side to side, so working it right into him up to the hilt until he was full of cock.

He groaned that he was so happy with me, that it felt so good, that he wanted always t be all ass for me hook, line and sinker, and I would go for that.

When I let loose all my pent up feelings it was like I was fucking an animal, and he responded so, I wished I was fucking without a condom but ventured I thought so much of him I did not want to spoil the relationship giving him trouble. He said he would be exclusive for me and I said I would be for him, and after that I had the thrill of feeling his fuck without the ghastly shield spoiling the sensitivity of his quality fuck.

Afterwards, sucking my cock numb, peeling my foreskin back as tight as he could, Lenny had a wonderful time sucking me as deeply as he could manage, we spent a lot of time just experimenting on that score, it was great fun, he said he wanted to feel me spurt into his mouth, I said are you aura, he said he wanted that, because then he would feel complete with me, it was so lovely just laying there, feeling his hands explore, balling me as his fingers tease up the shaft pf my throbbing cock, and his mouth and tongue taking me all the way to heaven. I felt the surge come, looked down to see his head bobbing up and down as he took me so beautifully, and then I just had to return the gesture, I was soon tasting his fine young cock all stiff for me, his red knob and p-hole a delight to suck and lick, and then the sensations I I felt the spurt of his hot cream fill my mouth son quickly, the salty taste of prime fresh cream, and it was his cream, for the first time we felt the urge to kiss, to share our cream together, that seemed to be the ultimate experience between two lovers, and then we were well and truly complete.

Forever Lenny was my byword from now on ….

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