For You

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You are in a chair, a nice sturdy chair. The seat is shortened and there are a few other modifications. Your wrists are cuffed in leather and fleece, and attached to your ankle cuffs, pulling your feet back, widening your thighs and pulling your shoulders back. The shortened seat allows your hanging sack to dangle, and your cock is coming alive.

I walk toward you, my hips swaying and my corset holding my breasts steady. They jiggle a bit, the nipples just showing. This is your desire, this being bound and pleasured, and I am going to let you experience it fully.

Reaching to your face, I caress it slowly, my warm hands soft agasint your skin. I smile softly into your eyes and cover your face with a blindfold. Gripping a handful of hair at the back of your head, I tug your head back, attaching it that way. you feel the chair tilt backward. I step back and smile. You are exposed to me: your thighs open wide, your sack dangling, your cock erect, chest out and head back, what fun!

I move closer, settling on the floor between your knees getting comfortable. You feel me brush against you. You feel my hands on your shoulders, caressing you, and then my nails drag down your chest, harsh scraping along your skin. They flick over your nipples roughly. I spend a few minutes torturing them, pulling and tugging each in turn, your whimpers sound nice to me. I smile, but you don’t see it. I’m talking to you, murmurs kadıköy escort really, just a soothing babble as I play with your body.

Leaning closer, your feel my warmth as I lick your nipple, sucking the tiny nub into my mouth. The warm wet of my tongue circles the sensative nip. My teeth hold it and my tongue flick it over and over. I tell you how I love to do this. I’m getting aroused but control it, My turn is next, but this is for you, now.

Running my hands down your chest, I soothe your tummy, feeling your skin and muscles. I love that space just above your cock, that soft tender skin. my fingers run along the ridge between your thighs, that soft hollow that feels so nice. you squirm some, and I dig a nail there, hard and swift, scraping the skin. then I trail my finger tips along your thigh down to your knees. I make little circles, fluttery soft and then drag my nails back and forth up and down your thighs. The shiver that overtakes your body excites me.

You’re squirming some and I whisper how much I love you. I know you are impatient, wanting my mouth on you. But you must wait, my lovey.

I slide my hands around your waist, rubbing your back. I love the small of your back, the smooth skin, the dimpling there. I rub that flat place and knead it with my knuckles. I’m pulling you forward, but your hands and üsküdar escort feet remain shackled. Your cock bobs close to my face, you may even feel my breath on it, but I want to see you experience the touching and loving of my hands. You groan, and I flash a smile. You do feel the warm breath on your cock.

I can slide a couple fingers along the crease in your ass, back and forth, rubbing you there. Of course, I drag a nail a time or two. Your groan tells me you are still with me.

I nuzzle my face in your groin, rubbing my cheek agasint the shaft of your cock, my mouth in the crease of yor thigh, kissing with small nips. I lick and kiss your groin, turning my head to nuzzle under the hanging sac.

My mouth catches a ball and sucks it, rolling around and around it. My hands are still kneading your back, holding you close to my face. I pull back, your ball in my mouth and shake my head, tugging further. I wet your sac totally, I’m breathing faster now and my warm breath cools your skin. I know you want to ravage me because I can feel it, but the bonds holding you are a sweet torture.

I lick along your shaft, leaving the long wet trail of my tongue. Your deep groan makes me tighten inside. I run my lips back and forth along your shaft, wetting it. Im not near your swollen tip, but you wiggle, trying yo get it there. I know you, lovey, and avoid that just to tease tuzla escort you. My tongue plays with that soft place under the ridge.

My tongue continues to tease that ridge of your cockhead. Around and around you feel my soft tongue. My nails are digging into your back. Pain and pleasure, this is for you. I’m pulling you forward, your back arched toward me, cock exposed for me to have.

At last I cover your head with my lips, pressing against it, sliding your swollen crown into my mouth, your exquisite groans and body movements tell me how you feel. I’m so pleased, you are mine and I’m playing with what is mine. You give me all you have, and submit to my mouth. I’m sucking you, back and forth, lips tight along your cock. You are deep in my mouth, your head stroking my throat, back and forth, you are fucking my mouth. You’re bouncing with me, our bodies yearning for release.

Groaning, whimpering, I suckle you, harder and faster. My hands grip your waist tight, and I’m jerking you in the chair. Growling, the sound adding vibrations to your cock, I suck you, mouth you, fuck you.

Oh god I love you. I feel you tighten, arching closer to me. I’m plunging you deep and deep, our bodies slamming together.

I slow, my tongue rubbing your head, curling around the ridge, rubbing the tight purple skin, my tongue flickers in your slit and then I suck you deep, tasting the cumming start. Your cock quivers, exploding in a torret of cum.

I swallow and swallow, taking you inside me. Gently, I rub your back, soothe the marks and ease you down. I hold you close to my face, nuzzling softly again with my lips, panting hard.

I release the cuffs, remove the blindfold and gather you close to me on the floor, cuddling you. I whisper: for you, Lovey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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