For Jenni Ch. 01

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PART ONE – Perhaps a little slow moving for some but I don’t want to rush the story and hope when I’ve finished the story (Parts Two maybe Three) it will be worth this build up.

Part 1: Escape

Matt sat back in his chair, staring blankly at the screen. Nothing but accounts accounts accounts, until death us do part, he thought to himself bitterly as the repetitive drone of the office continued around him. He put his hands over his face and let out a long sigh…it was hot outside, the sun shining, everyone starting to dress for spring. Maybe he’d grab a sandwich for lunch, go to the park across the street during his break in an hour and just relax.

Just as a small smile started to cross his lips thinking of some well deserved time to himself, his phone vibrated on his desk. The loud rattle as it shook against the cold hard surface brought Matt back to the real world rudely and he picked it up. Holding it in his hand as it continued to vibrate he read the caller ID. “Emma”. Matt resisted the urge to sigh and reluctantly answered the call.

“Hello?” he said softly

“Finally! What took you so long?” Emma snapped on the other end, clearly angry at being left waiting for a response

“I’m at work!” Matt replied, “You know, my job?”

“Whatever. Look, did you pick it up yet?”

In a split second Matt felt his relaxing lunch time in the sun evaporate as quickly as he’d decided on it. He would now be spending his lunch hour picking up his unemployed live-in girlfriend’s dress from the dry cleaners across town.

“No I haven’t. You know I haven’t even got on my break yet! Can’t you get it?” Matt said, head hung low as he held the phone lazily against his ear wishing he could just drop it and fall asleep in his chair.

“No Matt! I’m busy.” Emma hissed

“Doing what?”

“Just stuff!” she said, clearly enjoying another lazy day off while Matt worked and worked. Four months without a job and she had no problem with moving into Matt’s, letting him bring home the bacon while she ate into his savings.

“Fine…” Matt groaned “I’ll see you later.”

“K…” came the blunt reply

“Don’t sound too excited.” he muttered and hung up before she could launch into yet another rant. He’d had enough of her for now.

“It’s little wonder Jenni’s back in the fucking picture you bitch.” Matt said to himself darkly as he tossed his phone lazily back onto his desk. He rubbed his eyes as he looked up at the screen again and logged into facebook. Looking at his online contacts he saw Emma, who was probably whiling away the hours chatting about nothing with her friends.

And there, tucked in between two friends he kept in touch with on facebook for no real reason, was Jenni.

He clicked on her name and looked at the photo in her profile…sticking her tongue out to show off her new piercing. A familiar naughty, suggestive look in her eyes. As he looked into those eyes his mind took him back to the many nights they’d spent together since meeting in a nightclub a couple of years before. They’d never took it beyond sex. Never clouded their no-strings relationship with dates or flowers. Just met up when they were both in the mood for a night of hot, dirty fucking. Booty calls were their mutual specialty.

Matt met Emma a year ago and she moved istanbul escort in to his place when she lost her job. She was an insatiable woman when he first met her, tall and slim with long blonde hair and dark eyes, and not a total prude in the bedroom. But as the months went on and she lost her job he saw her change completely. She was a bitter, sour woman by now, and as she grew comfortable around Matt, revealed herself to be incredibly selfish, jealous and suspicious of Matt’s every move.

When Matt saw Jenni while at a gig with Emma, the old flame was re-ignited and the two began meeting regularly once again. Where Emma became distant and pretty much went off sex completely, Matt and Jenni were filthy, doing every last thing they could think of to each other, just as they had done years before.

Just looking into her eyes in that photo transported Matt back to countless nights of pure unadulterated LUST. Sure Matt enjoyed playing hot and cold, switching from a hard, rough animal to gentle, tender lover…but most of the time their encounters lent closer to the former. At night in bed or at work, he would close his eyes and picture him and Jenni fucking in her bed, on the floor, on the sofa…her nails scraping down his chest as she stared up at him, their bodies dripping with sweat as he filled her over and over with his cock. Just thinking about it made Matt’s head swim.

Right now he needed her more than ever, an escape from, let’s face it, his dead-end life. He had to have her as soon as he could.

Matt opened a chat window with Jenni and began to type…in the hope of arranging another meet fast.

“Hey” he said, “how are you?” and sat waiting in his seat. Cock semi-hard in his trousers, he almost squirmed where he sat trying to stay still. And then suddenly the reply came. No hello. No how are you.

“Call me.”

Matt didn’t need to be told twice. He turned off the screen, stood up to put on his jacket, grabbed his phone and turned to his supervisor.

“Hey, er, Ali? I gotta go quickly, something’s come up. I’ll be back soon!”

Ali looked up from her desk and smiled as if to say it wasn’t a problem. Matt always liked her, and she had made sure Matt was kept on during a huge wave of redundancies, but right now he loved her!

He strode across the office, hurrying to the stairs. He practically ran down them and ran across to the park where he sat on an empty bench. Taking out his phone he called ‘Mike’, a name he kept Jenni under after he started dating Emma.


The phone rang and rang. Matt knew she was teasing him and lay back against the bench smiling. Eventually Jenni picked up. “Hello?” came her voice with a slight giggle, knowing full well that Matt knew what she had in mind.

“I have to see you.” Matt blurted out

Jenni let out another excited giggle, “Mm-HMM! And I gotta see you too baby. Was just thinking about you last night, it’s been a few weeks. Where you been??”

“I’ve been dividing my time between my shitty little job and the nagging girlfriend from HELL!” Matt said miserably

“Hmm, yeah I see you’re still with her.” Jenni said politely, “I like sending you away knowing she’ll taste me on you.” her voice trailed to a whisper, Matt avcılar escort could hear that she was smiling as she said this.

“I wonder if she suspects anything.” Matt said “But look, I’ve got to pick up her fucking dress from the cleaner’s in an hour, but I can come see you on the way home tonight?”

“Ohh, I wish you could honey! I’m at the gym tonight and tanning again” Jenni laughed

A sense of disappointment hung heavy over Matt as she dashed any hopes of a SHRED of excitement during this otherwise terrible day.

“BUT-” Jenni began, “I could always come over to yours tomorrow. On one condition.”

“Anything.” Matt said, not sure if he was agreeing to ‘anything’ out of desperation or not.

“You let Emma catch you. Balls deep, In my ass.” Jenni said bluntly.

Matt paused…unable to say anything. In a strange way he wanted to shout yes and just hang up but instead he just let out a feeble “…what?”

“Oh come ON, Matt! You’re fucking miserable with her. I only see you once in a blue moon right now and even I can see that. God knows what they must think at work when you slope in, face like a sad puppy.”

Matt laughed, “I don’t slope.”

“The point is,” Jenni continued “I think the only time I see you happy is when you’re with me obviously” Matt laughed again “but remember when I bumped into you and Emma before the Streets gig last month? You looked so fucking DOWN, Matt!! And she hated me too. Definitely ditch her.”

Matt laughed out loud, remembering the incident immediately, not least because of Jenni’s ridiculously revealing short dress.

“She hated you because you bounced over wearing…that dress, then introduced yourself as my EX, and spent the rest of the conversation touching my arm when you laughed.”

“Well yes, so? I was trying to help. I figured she’d get really jealous. You’d have an argument and you’d finally grow those balls back and ditch her. I honestly expected you to call me that night and come over to screw me.”

“Well, sorry to disappoint you.” Matt said, wanting to kick himself for still being with Emma all this time upon hearing this bombshell.

“Listen. You know what to do. You’re either in or you’re out. Pick now.”

Matt paused again…..staring around the park for a distraction and watching all the people in shorts and t-shirts, soaking up the sun. Was this it? Was he about to just kill his relationship stone dead for this woman?

“….Yes.” said Matt finally, and hung up.


Matt walked back to the office practically a changed man. Humming to himself in the sun as he approached the building’s automatic doors, he felt like a massive weight had been lifted from his shoulders. The sort of feeling a man must get if the bank suddenly decided to wipe a debt for no particular reason. He stepped lightly up the stairs, reached his floor, and strolled back to his desk, winking at Ali as he sat back down. He switched the computer screen back on and carried on with his work.

15 minutes later, a message popped up on his facebook wall.

“Jenni: Hey hun, great to hear from you again and have a catch up 🙂 hopefully see you soon? <3 xxx" cute, Matt thought to himself. She knew full well they’d be at it like wild animals tomorrow evening. *** Matt şirinevler escort spent most of his lunch hour stuck in traffic. He didn’t care. Emma called several times nagging him about the dress and somehow blaming him for being stuck in traffic. He didn’t give a shit. She’d be out of the picture by tomorrow night.

He finished his day at work, left the office with a big smile on his face and drove home to his waiting girlfriend. He walked up the stairs to his flat smiling for the first time in months. He flung open the door, casually hung up Emma’s dress on a coat rack in its dry cleaning bag and turned to face her.

“Hi, sexy! How was YOUR day?!” he called out, almost mockingly.

Emma said nothing and just stared at him, a look of pure anger on her face.

“What the fuck is SHE doing writing this on your wall?” she demanded, turning her laptop to face Matt as he walked over and sat down.

“Well, I called her earlier. Just needed to know if she still had Mike’s number” Matt said, surprised at how quickly he just came up with that excuse, the name Mike worked for him a lot, it seemed.

“Well what’s with all the KISSES? And calling you HUN? Hopefully see you soon?? I don’t want you anywhere fucking NEAR her!”

“Oh right, okay…fine well I got Mike’s number off her anyway, so I’ll just ignore the message now and she’ll take the hint.”

“Damn right…fucking bitch, who does she think she is?!” Emma spat

“I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have called her if i knew how you felt. I won’t see her.”

“You bet your ass you won’t…or you’ll be in so much shit-“

“I know I know…sorry. Look why not go pick us up some food for dinner. And a bottle of wine for tomorrow when you go see Lucy!” Matt said, handing her a £20 note.

Watching as Emma put on her coat and prepared to leave the flat for possibly the first time in two days, Matt stroked his phone in his hand.

She opened the door, turned round to say goodbye, and left. Matt began to call Jenni immediately.

Yet again the phone rang and rang. Matt’s cock twitched in his trousers…just her teasing him like this felt so naughty and it turned him on big time. He could never tire of her.

Jenni picked up “Hey you, what’s up? I’m just in the gym?”

“I know sorry I-“

“I’m working up a biiit of a sweat” she interrupted, whispering “but I’d MUCH rather have you between my legs as we work one up together, bad boy!”

Matt lay his head back on the sofa, legs spread as he sat there, cock throbbing, now harder than ever just THINKING about what they’d be doing tomorrow.

“So what was it you wanted baby?”

“You. In my flat. Riding me on my sofa. 3 O’clock.” Matt said gruffly

“Ohhhh, baby I can’t wait.” Jenni purred, “When will she be back?”

“I’d say around 4. She’s seeing a friend tomorrow so you and I will have plenty of time to have some FUN before she gets back and catches us.”

Matt could hear the gym equipment in the background…Jenni had gone silent, save a few short gasps. She was clearly having exactly the same mental images as him.

“So, you’ll be there?” Matt said

“Oh baby….throw away your lube and get ready to fuck my ass RAW!” Jenni said, no longer whispering and obviously not caring WHO heard.

She hung up.

Matt sat there on his sofa, his phone arm dropping beside him…his cock throbbing…aching for her. He let out a long sigh, but this time it was one of satisfaction. Almost jubilation. Things were looking up. Tomorrow, he would be free…..and the way he was going to go about it was the best way imaginable….

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