Fishing Fun

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It was a typical summer morning and I headed down to the river to do some fishing. The spot I fish is remote and surrounded by woods. I had sat down and gotten comfortable waiting for a nibble when a large guy about 6’4″ tall and well over 250 pounds came up with his gear and started fishing near me. After about 20 minutes, nothing was biting so I got up from my seat to go piss. I walked about 15 yards into the woods pulled my shorts down and pissed. I sat back down and started fantasizing about sucking this guy off.

I am married and have never sucked a guy off but I always masturbate thinking about it. I started looking at this guy closely he was kind of grubby looking with dirty clothes and greasy black hair. He was wearing work pants and a flannel shirt and this was the middle of summer. I started wondering how to make the move to sucking this guy off. He might be straight and just beat my ass or something. We had not said a word to each amsterdam shemale other just exchanged a few glances.

He got up and started back towards the woods. I knew this was my chance to go for it or always wonder what if? I waited about 30 seconds got up and followed him. I walked up beside him and looked directly at his cock and he looked at me like an angry bull. I got really nervous and blurted out “would you like me to suck that for you?” He got a really sick smile and said go for it. I noticed when he smiled he only had about three teeth but I wasn’t interested in kissing this ugly bastard! I fell to my knees and looked up at this massive goon standing over me. I still had not really had the courage to look closely at his package, but I could smell a strong manly smell coming from that area.

I looked directly at his prick it was about 4 inches flaccid and it was very thick about the same thickness as a small can of rotterdam shemale tomato paste. It had been about a minute or two I’m not sure how long when he growled, “Are you going to suck it or what?” I took the fat dick in my hand and started rubbing it and easing down to his balls, which were gigantic. He started to get hard and his cock sprung to life. It stood straight out and was about 7 inches long and it was really thick. I grabbed the end of his shaft and guided his big prick towards my lips. It stretched my mouth about as wide as it could go. I swirled my tongue around the head of his prick and underneath the mushroom shaped purple head. I ran my tongue slowly up and down the huge vein underneath his cock that was now filling with come.

He had started thrusting his cock into my mouth, gyrating his hips, and grunting. I looked up at this dude and he was in total ecstasy and so was I. He had his eyes closed and beads of sweat blog shemale were on his face and forehead. I lowered my head and took one of his hairy balls in my mouth. I noticed his balls were getting tight, real tight and that he would be coming soon. I went back to the big shaft and began trying to deep throat it. He was getting close so he put his huge hands on the back of my head and began fucking my mouth and throat. It was great feeling the power of this grubby bastard’s fat cock.

It was incredible as he drove it deep into my throat, gagging me then pulling out. I was his slut and I loved it. He continued fucking my throat deeper and I swear his cock kept swelling. He slowed up pumping my mouth and just jammed his prick down my throat while holding my head down giving me no choice but to swallow his nasty semen. The first blast hit the back of my throat! Then another! I was gagging and he pulled his cock out to my lips and spurted his 3rd explosion all over my lips and tongue. I got to taste it and it was awesome. He pulled back and jerked his cock about an inch from my face and shot his final 2 spurts all over my face. I looked up at the big man he was totally satisfied and so was I.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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