First Time BBC Wild Ride

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First Time BBC Wild Ride
I am a 45 year old woman who is really turned on by younger guys. I was out at one of my favorite clubs the other night, and although it was a Friday night, the place was pretty empty. I was just enjoying talking with my friends and enjoying being off of work. I had drank a few beers and was just talking to this person, and then walking around and talking to other people.

I had just gotten another beer and was standing near the bar, when this black guy walked up to me, and introduced himself to me. He said his name was Sid and that he had seen me the last weekend out there, and had been watching me. He said where is your boyfriend? I told him I didn’t have a boyfriend so I didn’t have to worry about talking to people because there was no one to tell me who I could talk to and I couldn’t talk to. He said, I have been watching you. Who was the black guy you were talking to earlier? I said, He was just a close friend of mine and I have known him for years. He said, well I would like to get to know you better.

Sid told me he was 33 years old, and loved older white women. I am 45 years old, love life, and live it to the fullest. We talked to each other for the next hour or so, and he bought me a few more drinks. We stood there talking for a while and Sid told me that he wanted me to go with him to his house. I told him, that I couldn’t because there was something important I had to do the next morning, and couldn’t be late. He informed me that he did have an alarm clock and could wake me up if I would just come home with him. I said I understood he had an alarm clock but that if we got started with illegal bahis something, I probably wouldn’t sleep at all. He said, I will make sure that you sleep if you will just come home with me. I said, ok, I will definitely go home with you, but I have to leave by 7:00 in the morning.

I told him I would leave my car there, and go with him in his truck. He told me where he lived, which was a street over from my sister’s house, so I knew he lived in a real nice neighborhood. He told me that he was the only black guy who lived in that neighborhood. We drove to his house and he gave me a tour of the place. He lived in a huge 3 bedroom house, and had a guest house in the back yard. He took me out into his garage and showed me all his work out equipment. He told me that he played semi pro football, and that he was very sports minded. He loves sports and plays most sports and is very active.

We sat and watched TV for a while, and he started kissing on me. I was really turned on by his tongue ring, and told him I had never been with a guy who had a tongue ring before. He told me, that is nothing compared to what else I have. I said what is that? He told me he had his cock pierced three times. I was kind of in shock because I had never seen that, let alone been with any one who had that done. He said before the end of this night you won’t be able to say that again. I was really getting turned on and wet just thinking of seeing him without his clothes, and having his cock riding me.

We played with each and other, and by the time, he had my clothes off of me, and I had his clothes off of him, we left the living room youwin giriş and climbed into his bed. We played with each other, and had each other so turned on that as soon as he felt my pussy it was already dripping wet with excitement.

He put that huge cock inside my pussy and I put my legs behind his head and let him ride me and ride me. He said you aren’t even complaining that I am to big for you. I said you are big, but it feels so damn good. I really want to feel you shoot your come deep inside of me. It wasn’t long before he shot his load deep inside of me and I told him that he felt so good. He pulled out his cock, and I played with it again, and before long, he was so rock hard.

I wanted him again, and this time when he put his cock inside of me, I started whipping him on his ass. He told me he was a pain freak and loved being whipped. I would whip him, bite his nipples and this just turned him on more and more. This time we both came at the same time, and it was just so awesome. He told me that I was the first woman who took all of him and never complained that he was to big, or that I didn’t want this huge cock inside of me. We laid in his bed and talked for a while, and he held me in his arms and we both fell asleep.

Before long I was woken up with his hand playing with my pussy and feeling his big fingers playing with my clit. I was getting very horny and knew that I wanted to ride on him. I sat up and asked him where the bathroom was. He told me it was down the hall. I got up and went to the bathroom and when I came back, he was on his back. I straddled him and started rubbing youwin güvenilir mi my nipples in his face. He loved big boobs, and he went to town biting and playing with them. The harder he bit on them, the better I felt. I guess I am a little into pain too, because I love having my nipples bitten on.

He put his hard cock inside of my pussy and I rode him and rode him for a while, I was really turned on, and loved having his cock inside of me with me in control of the situation. I was so turned on, that I didn’t even realize when he flipped me over and started fucking me really hard. He put my legs behind his back, and was riding me for all he was worth. Before long, he was whipping me and telling me to take that cock, all his cock.

I wanted him so much, and when we came together once again, I knew that I was hung up over him. He was one of the greatest lovers that I had ever been with. He told me that he wanted to see me again, and knew that this was not just a once in a life time event. When we were finished and laid in each others arms, I told him that I was going to have to go so I could get home and get ready to leave with my friend. He took me back to my car, and I left for home. He got my phone number from me and said he was going out of town but when he got back he would give me a call and we could get together again.

The next night I went back out there, but knew he wouldn’t be there because he was to be out of town. I was kind of shocked when he walked into the club. He told me that he hadn’t left yet, and was waiting on his friends to call him, and then they were leaving. I told him that he had worn me out so bad that I slept all day and could barely walk straight before this. I said I have never been with anyone that could wear me out like you did and I said I am really looking forward to being together with you again tonight, and he said so am I.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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