First Time at the Sauna

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I turned into the narrow entry and followed a solitary, small sign pointing towards a black door. I was nervous, but as I stood outside searching for the courage to push the buzzer, I knew there was no turning back. I had come this far. Searching for saunas in my area on the Internet, I found the phone number of one and called to check opening times. I knew that if I walked away now I would not forgive myself. I stared at the door, then pushed the buzzer. Imagining a scene from the movies, waiting to enter some underground members only club, I broke into a nervous smile. I tried the door but it was locked. After what seemed an eternity the door was opened and I sheepishly entered a new world.

If I were to define my sexuality, I would say bisexual although straights would call me gay and gays call me confused. I wanted sex with male and female, preferring neither. I wasn’t confused; I wasn’t experimenting or trying to ‘find myself’. That I had done years before. My first gay encounter came while a teenager, some twenty-five years earlier with an older boy I knew well. I enjoyed the experience and wanted more but for some years never took up my desires. I was nervous of acting on these desires, remaining somewhat frustrated. In the meantime I was involved in heterosexual relationships but none ever lasted. I had confided in a couple of close friends but to most of the outside world I was a typical straight guy. Behind the facade I secretly desired the love and intimacy of another man.

I completed the formalities at the front desk.

‘Please fill in this form, but you don’t have to put your full name’ said the assistant.

I wrote my first name and hometown, received a membership key ring and a towel. Within seconds I was through the reception area and into the locker room. I scanned the deserted room lined with countless small grey lockers. Checking the number on my key ring, I quickly casino şirketleri found mine. Shit, I was nervous as I kicked off my shoes placing them inside the open locker. Nobody had entered the room as I started to undress. Instinctively I turned my back as I lowered my pants. Laughing at myself realising that in a few minutes I could be in an embrace with another man, why would I hide his manhood like an embarrassed teenager?

I pulled the towel around my waist and walked through the door on the other side of the room. The area was dimly lit and I adjusted my eyes for a brief moment. To my left were the showers and hanging my towel on a nearby radiator, I entered the open showers. I had, of course, taken a shower at home before, but this gave me an opportunity to view the area without standing in the middle of the large room like an idiot lost. Further on there was a hot tub on the left and a small pool on the right. I could see two men in the hot tub, the pressure bubbles bouncing around their bodies. The pool looked less appealing and was empty. I soaped himself thoroughly watching the few people present mill between the hot tub and the sauna room at the far end. I felt uneasy, a voyeur invading these people’s privacy, but we were all here for the same thing, I just had to find the courage.

As I climbed into the hot tub, the two already present stared at my exposed cock. I saw their eyes follow my slim body from head to toe pausing at my semi- erect member. I carefully negotiated the steps down into the tub and immersed myself in the warm bubbling water. I felt the jets against my body smiling politely at the two middle-aged men sat with me. Nobody spoke, but then we weren’t here for polite conversation. The two men stood to climb out of the tub and I moved my legs allowing them to pass. I watched them collect their towels, the water dripping from their slightly overweight bodies. Now I stared, casino firmaları at their huge, thick cocks. They crossed the room and headed upstairs. I would explore upstairs later, for now he relaxed.

The sauna room was dark and I could barely see anything once the door was closed and the light from outside had gone. I felt the climbing benches in front of me and found myself a seat near the front. Slowly I let the towel drop and hearing a ‘telling’ cough further back, I knew he wasn’t alone. Once my eyes had adjusted, I could just make out the outline of a body a couple of rows back. I moved up a bench and leaned against the side using my towel as a sheet under my now hot buttocks. The heat was building up and I enjoyed the sensation of my drying skin after the tub. Within a few minutes the man further back had come down and sat next to me.

I was nervous though not too nervous as to prevent an erection. I felt my cock grow hard as the man stroked his hand across my chest, stopping and gently squeezing my hard nipples. I never knew the procedure but instinctively opened my legs apart inviting the man inside. It was impossible to see the man but I felt the stubble rub across my face as our tongues met. Still no words spoken as I spun around taking the man’s semi hard cock as I did so. The man let out an enthusiastic groan and I guessed his age as late 40s. I enjoyed the smell and the taste of his new friends hardening cock. While licking the tip, I felt his tight balls. It wasn’t a full erection but still large enough to negotiate in my virgin mouth. I waited for the man to lead but nothing was forthcoming. I moved slightly pushing my hard cock into the man’s face. It was accepted gracefully and we 69’d. I was enjoying my meal like a child with an ice cream.

Finally the man spoke asking me if I wanted to go upstairs. I nodded, an exercise futile, as the room was too dark to see an answer. güvenilir casino The man stood up and I followed. It was cold as we climbed the stairs to one of the small rooms on the first floor. The man opened the door and I followed awaiting further instructions. The room contained a double bed and two pillows, the walls painted off-white.

‘My name is Joe, what is yours?’ asked the man as he leaned over taking my cock in his mouth.

I felt a little annoyed, I wasn’t against being polite, but I wasn’t there for a social chat. I gave my name but successfully avoided answering any other questions. We lay on the bed and I felt Joe’s tongue explore my mouth before moving down my body to my firm, tight ass. Joe lifted my legs onto my shoulders. I enjoyed the wetness of Joe’s tongue inside my arse, closing my eyes to maximize the pleasure finally opening my eyes to see Joe put on a condom. I watched the rubber roll onto Joe’s hard cut cock and readied myself for pain and pleasure. Sensing this was my first time; Joe offered a few calming words and instructions, which I followed. I watched and smiled as little by little the hard cock found its way inside. I let out a muffled cry at the initial pain but that soon turned to joy. I felt his own hard member as Joe worked his way in and out, he wanted them to come together.

‘You have a beautiful body’ Joe kept repeating, as he came closer to climax.

I could feel myself ready to shoot as my balls and thighs tightened. Joe pulled out and pulled off his condom. He pushed down my legs and straddled my stomach jerking his cock as I shot my hot creamy load over Joe. Seconds later Joe exploded, his cream shooting over my stomach and face. I resisted the desire to taste it rubbing it into his body instead.

Joe smiled and I returned the smile. This had been better than he I ever imagined. My cock was still solid as I climbed from the bed throwing my towel over his shoulder.

‘Thank you’ said Joe.

‘No, thank you’ I replied.

I showered and returned his locker key to reception.

‘See you again’ said the manager.

‘You bet’ I replied, smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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