First Real Man Ch. 05

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HE told me his name was Hans. The previous week we had enjoyed a day together without ever exchanging names. It had been a day full of surprises.

We had met through the internet. I had had fantasies. I had been curious about man with man sex. HE had invited me to his home. Turned fantasies into reality. Satisfied my curiosity. And satisfied me sexually far more than I had expected. So I had been pleased when HE invited me to come back today.

He said his name was Hans, and then he drew me to him and he kissed me. A long, lingering, sensual kiss, from a big strong man named Hans.

“Wow,” I said, “I’ve never been kissed by a man named Hans before, that was really something.”

“We kissed several times last week.” he said.

“But I didn’t know your name then. Somehow it makes a difference.” I placed my hand on his crotch and rubbed it. “I bet it makes a difference with this too.” I knelt before him. Unbuckled his belt. Unfastened his pants, pulled them down around his ankles. There his semi-erect cock dangled in front of my face. I took it into my hand and started licking it. As I licked it, it grew and grew some more. I pulled back his foreskin and licked at his cock-head. As I let his cock slide into my mouth I heard a discreet cough behind me.

Hans looked down at me and said, “You said in your e-mails that you had fantasies about being with two men at once, so I invited a friend to join us today.” He gestured behind me. “This is Conrad.” I took his cock out of my mouth and looked over my shoulder. Conrad was a little taller than Hans, long and lean. He had thick blond hair and a moustache that reminded me of seventies porn stars.

I decided to make the best of an awkward situation.

“Well,” I said, “any friend of casino şirketleri my new friend Hans…” I reached to his belt buckle and pulled Conrad closer to me. I unbuckled his belt, unfastened and pulled down his pants and revealed his cock. I took one cock in each hand and compared the two. Hans had a cock long and thick and uncut. With thick black genital hair. Conrad had shaved his genitals, his cock was about the same length as Hans’ but not as thick. He had been circumcised. He had a lovely round red cock-head.

I licked the length of his cock, from balls to cock-head. Then I licked Hans cock. Conrad’s had been a little salty, Hans’ had been a little sweeter. I kept one cock in each hand. I sucked one, then sucked the other. Sucked Hans’ cock. Sucked Conrad’s cock. Sucked one, then the other. Put both cock-heads in my mouth at once and sucked. Then I licked each cock thoroughly. One then the other.

I put one of Hans’ balls in my mouth and sucked. Hans’ balls dangled and were covered with hair. Then I tried Conrad’s balls. They didn’t dangle as loosely and were shaved hairless. I sucked on one hairy ball and then a hairless one. Then I sucked the other hairless ball and then the other hairy ball. As my mouth wandered from ball to ball to ball I stroked their cocks. A long thick uncut cock in one hand. A long lean cut cock in the other. Stroking both cocks as my mouth wandered from hairy ball to shaved and back again. Hans came first. His cum spurting onto my face and Conrad’s cock. I tasted the cum as I slid Conrad’s cock once more into my mouth. I had about half of his cock in my mouth when he too came.


There was a blanket on the lawn in the back yard. I was lying back on the blanket and Hans was kneeling casino firmaları next to me leaning over and kissing me. My legs were up with the back of my calves resting on Conrad’s shoulders. He was easing his condom covered cock into my ass. Nice and slowly I felt him filling my ass. He was a talker. “Oh, yes, oh that feels so good. Oh yeah, you’ve got such a nice tight ass. Oh fuck yes.” He kept up the monologue as his cock filled me. As he rocked back and forth. His cock going deeper and then pulling back. Again and again. “Oh yes, oh fuck yes. That’s so tight, that feels so fucking good.” He kept talking and fucking me.

As Conrad fucked me, Hans’ lips moved from my lips to my chin. From my chin to my neck. He started kissing my chest. His hand was on my cock. He squeezed it. He stroked it.

Conrad was still fucking my ass. Nice slow steady strokes. Slowly filling my ass. Slowly pulling back. Slowly pressing forward again. Still talking. “Oh fuck yes. Oh yes, fuck, that feels good.”

Hans ran his tongue down to my stomach, still stroking my cock.

With a nice steady rhythm Conrad was fucking my ass.

Hans’ mouth made it’s way down to my very erect, very hard cock. His tongue licking at my cock-head.

Conrad had picked up the pace as his cock plunged deep into my ass, then pulling back, and plunging deep.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,”

Hans’ head was now bobbing up and down with my cock in his mouth.

Conrad was now fucking me as fast as his hips and friction would allow. His monologue was now a single repeated monosyllable. “Yes, Yes, Yes…” Again and again his cock plunged into me, filled me and then with a rather loud “OH, YES!” I knew he was coming.

Conrad slowly eased his cock from my ass and güvenilir casino it was then that I shot my load up and into Hans’ mouth.

As Hans licked up my cum Conrad made his way over to my head. He removed his condom and presented his cum covered cock for me to lick clean. Which I did gladly. As I was licking Conrad’s cock I felt Hans pushing my legs back up, felt his cock, which is somewhat thicker than the one I had just experienced, as it entered my ass.

Hans didn’t start slow and easy. He just plunged right in. He fucked me hard and fast. He didn’t talk as he fucked me, he just grunted. He fucked me hard. He fucked me fast. And I was the one repeating monosyllables. “Yes, Yes, Yes…” Fast and hard he fucked me. “Yes, Yes, Yes…” And still he fucked me. Hard. Fast. He was pounding my ass but I was feeling the orgasm all the way out to my fingertips and toes and to the top of my head. “Yes, Yes, YESSS.” I was looking up into his face when HE came. Saw it on HIS face at the same time I felt it. He didn’t pull his cock out right away. He left it resting in my ass as he looked down on me, smiled and winked.

-post script-

After this I continued to see Hans. Three months later I moved in with him. We enjoy frequent and oh so satisfying sex with each other and sometimes, for a little extra spice, we invite someone else to join us for a day or an evening. Sometimes this will be a third party, like Conrad, more often it will be another couple and we’ll pair off as fancy takes us. I even get some pussy once in awhile. One of our friendly couples, he’s bi and she’s straight. So when they visit us, he’ll go off with my Hans and I go off with his Sylvia. Fun is had by all.

A couple of weeks ago Hans and I celebrated the second anniversary of our first “date” and… I’m sorry, you’ll have to excuse me now. I just heard my big hairy teddy bear come in. I’m going to go rip his clothes off him, kiss his feet, suck his toes and then ride his big cock for all he’s worth.

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