First Gay Tendencies (part 3)

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First Gay Tendencies (part 3)
During the following days and weeks, my wife and I had to endure all the changes within our relationship. It was almost like starting over. Being in public together was a strange, new phenomenon. She had started the habit of not wearing a bra or panties. Her erect nipples were clearly seen through her dresses or shirts, and she was constantly arousing them. In fact, she was now touching herself all the time. Just driving around together got to be a sexual arousal of the ages. Out of nowhere, she would start breathing heavily. I then noticed her checking out three young babes wearing short shorts as we drove by them. As of recently, I had already known she liked them young from our daily lesbian porn sessions. But now she wasn’t afraid of holding anything back from me. She had me circle around the block, doing a slow drive by of those beauties. It was amazing just how quickly brought herself to orgasm. Afterwards, we went home and had an awesome fuck fest.

It seemed she was turned on all the time. I once heard her in the shower orgasming louder and louder. As I rushed in expecting to join her, she was riding a rubber dildo, suctioned to the tiles. She had a small plastic stool for leverage as she was leaning over, also using handles I had drilled into the wall a few years back for perfect stability. It was so hot watching her get herself off, pounding that wall, so skillfully and with power. I could tell right away she had privately mastered the position long ago. She even asked me if I was ever ‘suspicious of the little wet stool’, after almost every time she had showered. I then realized I was married to the horniest woman alive, and I didn’t even know it until then.

And she had a plan. Knowing her like I do, she always had a plan. But this time I thought it undoable…so I first thought. She waited for the perfect moment to lay it all out for me. It was our new neighbors. They were in their mid twenties, and the wife Ellen, had just given birth and was breastfeeding. My wife told me with certainty…”That young woman has a tremendous amount of hormones going on right now, and she has got to be as horny as fuck”. She also showed me that her husband Benjamin, mowed the lawn without his shirt every Saturday. She had me lay on the couch watching him through our living room window, before sucking me off thoroughly. She asked “You want to fuck that young stud, don’t you”? But I didn’t see güvenilir bahis siteleri any chance at all. He was just starting his young famìly, and he had this gorgeous young wife. So why would he want to fuck it all up because of this middle aged couple next door? But then she told me the entire story…

“He had always been checking out my breasts, and he made it was all too obvious towards me”. But then one day, as our second story bathroom faced our neighbor’s, she opened the window after a shower… and there he was, standing there watching her from his bathroom. She immediately closed the foggy window. But then thought about it a moment, before opening it again for him. She told me the urge was just too great. As she dropped her towel, he then unzipped his pants and started stroking. She got back into the shower with our large window wide open. She then told me she used the shower dildo for him, taking it in the ass so he could watch her fully upright. As she was squeezing her big naturals while pounding the wall, he came in no time. She loved watching him cum.

This went on for several weeks, every morning at 8:30…until the day his wife walked in on him. My wife didn’t even know she came into the room. One second she was thoroughly plowing her ass while sucking her tits, the next moment, he was gone and Ellen was standing there watching her. She didn’t appear visually upset, but just stood there observing my wife’s performance. So she continued on, pounding that dildo, as the Ellen scanned up and down her wet body. But after that day, no one ever appeared again for her morning showers. And it became uncomfortable seeing them occasionally outside. Benjamin would wave at her, but only if Ellen wasn’t with him.

I was naturally upset at first. I mean she put on this show for strangers and not me. I didn’t even know she owned that dildo. But then she told me, “He’s coming over tonight to watch the game with us. Just leave everything to me”. I immediately forgot about my jealousy, as all I could think about the rest of the day was his thick, hairy chest.

And he was right on time. The tall, darkbrown haired stud with hazel eyes had his top three buttons undone, and his thick nest seemed to feel the need to desperately surge outwards. My wife brought us a couple of beers and sat on the couch inbetween us. She was wearing a long white dress and high heels. Benjamin asked her “Do you always dress perabet güvenilir mi this formal, just for watching a game at home”? As she crossed her legs, her stockings were quite visible through two slits towards the bottom of her gown. “Only tonight” she said while mischievously smiling. She moved in closer towards him. Then he looked at me and confusingly asked “Are we watching the game or not”? She then put her hand on his crotch and said “Fuck the game. I want two hard cocks inside me. Now”! He immediately grabbed her breasts and pulled them out of the top of her dress. I got behind her and started squeezing them myself. He stood up to pull down his pants, and my wife took care of the rest. She immediately started sucking him while moaning. His hard cock looked so irresistible, the front of my underwear became soaked. Then she stood up and started kissing him, while he fondled her breasts. She pushed my head towards him and signaled me with her hand.

I couldn’t resist and started sucking his gorgeous young cock. “Hey! What the fuck are you doing”? She grabbed his head and said “Keep kissing me” and put her tongue down his throat. He was hesitant at first, but then just allowed me to continue. Still while kissing him, she grabbed the back of my hair and pushed me into him hard. I started to gag as she controlled my head movements for a few more moments. I rubbed my hand up his sexy abdomen but he pushed it away. I tried again but the he stopped kissing her and looked at me. “No” he said before locking my wife’s mouth with his once more. Then he paused again. “Look , I’m not comfortable with his homosexuality”. Just then, my wife let her dress drop to the floor. Benjamin could see she wasn’t wearing panties, just straps and black stocking as she turned around to show off her round ass. “Not comfortable about what?” she asked while slapping her behind hard. He then grabbed her butt cheek and began kissing her again, passionately. I continued working him once more with my mouth, but this time around uninterrupted, it became clear.

I was soon stroking him frantically, all the while bobbing my lips over his big swollen head. I could taste the large amount precum, probably that he had built up inside of him for quite a while. His lubricant had thoroughly mixed with all of my tastebuds, and I was thinking about the damm he had inside of him that was ready to burst. I stroked him as perabet giriş fast as I could, and a few moments later he started to moan. As it turned out, this young stud hadn’t cum in over a week, and then he started to scream. Exploding into my mouth, my wife yelled out “Don’t swallow it. Save some for me”. But I was greedy, and I wanted all of his fluids inside of me. Now I started to moan. I massaged his testicles as I sucked him clean. When he was finished, I started sucking his balls. I too had a massive amount built up semen inside me. But then he pushed me away and pulled up his pants. “You two are fucking freaks man”! And then he ran for the door.

“What a dickhead” I told my wife. She replied “Don’t worry about it. He’s just surprised. That’s all”. But I wasn’t as understanding as she was. After all, I sucked him off while he fondled and made out with my wife. Then he insults us and just leaves. “Give him some time, he’ll be back for these tits”.

And sure enough, he came back the very next night. But it wasn’t for her big beautiful breasts. He apologized to me personally before sticking his tongue down my throat. I was shocked but immediately gave into him. We were standing there kissing, while he grabbed the back of my ass using both hands. We then started humping our hard cocks over our pants. His stiff hard on felt so good rubbing up and down on my cock. And he tasted good, very good. We unzipped our pants and humped over our drenched underwear. He was such a good kisser, I started to cum. As soon as he realized, he knelt down to finish me off. After he licked me clean he asked “Can I fuck you in the ass? Please”? I told him I had ‘never done that, taken it myself’. “Let’s do it in the shower” I recommended. My wife handed me the suction dildo and said “Have fun you lucky guys”.

So there we were in the shower… he was fucking the dildo on the wall while he fucked my ass. The warm water felt so good as I was surprised how relaxing anal sex was. I was thoroughly enjoying my anal massage, until I felt a cool breeze from out of nowhere. I looked up to find my wife had opened the bathroom window and was standing there with her phone. And then I could clearly see his wife Ellen watching us from their adjacent bathroom. Benjamin was now fucking me really hard. He didn’t seem to notice his horrified wife, or maybe he just didn’t care? Then he pulled out and yelled “Ahhh…I’m cuming”. My wife looked at Ellen who was just in total shock. “I told you he was. So why don’t you come over and join us”? she said into the phone. Dumbfounded, Ellen just closed the window and pulled down blinds.

But the next day, my wonderful wife would have her reward, as the two housewives were all alone….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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