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Big Tits

It was the second night of my first-ever stay at a bed and breakfast-this one in the sea-side town of Cook, Alaska. I was worn out from the day of sightseeing on the tour boat so I just dropped straight to sleep.

I hadn’t been especially pleased with the b&b experience, but it hadn’t been especially bad either. It was annoying to share a bathroom with others, but-aside from some snoring-the other boarder hadn’t bothered me at all. On the second night, however, a couple took the room next to mine. They were young and attractive, and quickly got on my bad side when they hogged the telephone, imperiling my tour boat plans. The woman was about 25, with blond hair and a perfect ass accented by her tight blue jeans that were standard attire in Cook. The man was about the same age, but tall and thin. His face seemed stuck in an obnoxious sneer.

The building was a rickety old structure that looked as though it hadn’t fared well in the ’64 earthquake. The stairs were crooked and the house seemed to shake as I walked across the hallway.

That night I had been sleeping fairly soundly, when I was jarred awake by a rattling noise. The couple in the next room was making love.

They were going at it hard and fast. The doors barely even closed all the way, so it was as though I was in the same room with them. I could hear her every pant and moan of passion.

It wasn’t just the rhythmic moaning or the rattling of the headboard that woke me up, it was the shaking of the house! The building was rolling back and forth with every stroke.

“If the house is a’rockin’…” I thought to myself, imagining that a person across the street could probably tell what was going on.

It was pretty arousing listening to their pounding, so I tossed the covers back and started to stroke my cock in time with the moans.

“I’m gonna come,” I heard her tell him softly. He moaned once, then slowed down his thrusts. A moment later, I heard him start up again-she had cooled off, but did not seem to have come. A few minutes later, she was getting close again.

“I’m gonna come!” she said again. This time, he started really groaning. I got ready to come myself-nothing in the world turns me on more than the sound of a woman having an orgasm. Suddenly, he moaned three times and stopped.


The rat had shot off before she could finish! What an asshole, I thought. He gave a few finishing thrusts, eliciting quiet moans from his partner. A moment later, he went to the bathroom, then they went to sleep. It was 4am. The man in the next room never stopped snoring throughout bahçelievler escort the entire affair.

The next morning, I went to the café downstairs to sample the breakfast portion of the b&b. As I sipped the coffee and ate my danish, I noticed the good looking couple walk right in. I felt a stab of scorn for the fool and a flood of pity for his lover.

They sat at the table behind me, her back to mine. They discussed their plans for the day. He was determined to charter a halibut boat; she wanted to explore the local art galleries. Their voices never rose, but I could hear the tension between them. Before I had finished my danish, he was on his way to the charter fleet.

As he walked out the door, I heard a quick sigh from the woman. I waited a moment, then turned around and placed my hand on her shoulder.

“That was really rotten of him,” I whispered.

She was startled, but she recognized me as another of the boarders at the inn.

“It’s okay,” she said. “He likes to fish.”

“No, not that,” I said, leaning over and putting my lips to her ear. “Last night.”

I watched her shudder and blush.

“What do you mean?” she stammered.

“He didn’t let you come, did he?”


“Orgasm. You were about to orgasm, when he finished. He left you on the edge. Just sitting there, ready to come.”

She turned around. I couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed or just angry.

“That’s why he’s a rat,” I said in a normal voice. “I would never do that to someone I loved.”

“We were that loud?” she whispered.

I nodded.

She blushed again.

I patted her on the shoulder.

“Now that he’s gone, maybe you should just go back to the room and take care of it yourself,” I suggested.

Her mouth dropped open for a moment, then she took a sip of coffee, stood up and left the café. I watched through the window as she opened the door to the inn and walked upstairs.

I gave her a few minutes, then quietly went upstairs after her. I could hear her moans and feel the gentle creak of the house. I approached her door and found it ajar.

I touched the door and it slid open. She was naked on the bed. Her clothes were flung around the room. Her left hand was on her forehead and her right was between her legs. Her fingers slid quickly up and down her slit. She turned her head and looked at me, letting out a perfect gasp of pleasure.

I sat down on the bed with her and watched her hand in action. She clearly knew how to touch her pussy. The bahçeşehir escort fingers flew up and down her lips, giving a butterfly-quick twist over her clitoris at the top of each stroke. She let out a gasp with each of these touches, then gave a ragged exhale on the down stroke. I wondered to myself how many times she had waited for her boyfriend to leave so she could finish his work with her own hand.

I smiled at her, then leaned over and took her nipple into my mouth. She moaned loudly and vibrated her fingers over her clit before starting the rhythm over again. I sucked her nipple into happy hardness, then stood up left the room, crossing to my own room. Inside, I removed all of my clothes and fished a condom from my suitcase.

When I returned to her room, her eyes were closed again. She hadn’t paused her masturbation.

I lifted her hand from her forehead and held it in my own. She mewed as I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. I kissed a trail to her ear.

“Now,” I whispered. “Let’s finish this.”

I put my right hand over hers and followed her strokes. Her fingers were wet and slippery. She had added a long insertion to the bottom of the stroke, now, letting the fingers linger for a moment just inside her vagina before starting back up again. I pulled her hand away from her pussy and kissed the sopping digits. Then, I bent down between her knees and lowered my face to her pussy.

I licked up her juices and caressed her folds. She started to moan the way she had the night before. I used my hand to quickly rub her clit while I sucked vigorously on her lips. She gave a long moan, then grabbed my hair.

“I’m gonna come,” she said in the same hoarse voice I had already heard.

I took my hand away from her clit and lifted my face from her pussy. She gave me a look of such shock and vitriol that I had to laugh and giver her a devilish grin.

“Not just yet,” I said. “But soon.”

I slipped the condom over my cock and ploughed into her with a loud moan and delicious, slippery sensation. She moaned as well and wrapped her arms around me.

“You’d better fuck me, mister,” she said.

“Hang on.”

I started with slow but deep rhythm. I kissed her deeply, momentarily silencing her moans with my tongue. I steadily picked up the pace. It wasn’t long before she was right back on the edge.

Having heard her approach orgasm twice before, I was starting to get the feel of her moods. I took hold of her hips and rolled us over so that she was riding me.

“Fuck me,” bakırköy escort I said, as she lifted her legs underneath her for the best leverage. “And don’t stop until you’ve come.”

Her hips few up and down, driving her pussy over my cock. She moaned loudly as she pounded her mound into me, grinding her clitoris hard before lifting back up.

“I’m gonna come!” I heard her announce for the forth time since I’d met her.

This time there was nothing holding her back. She leaned back, and fucked me hard. Suddenly, I heard a slight quaver in her moan and felt her vagina twitch as she approached the edge. I reached up and held my thumb to her clit.

“Come, baby,” I said, as I stroked her clit.

“Yes! Come! Come!” she shouted. Her pussy gripped my cock hard. She screamed loud enough for the fishing fleet to hear. She fucked me as hard as she could. Her juices spilled out onto my legs. The sensation was wonderful and I let the pleasure take me over the edge with her. My cock erupted into her.

I rolled her onto her back and dove for her pussy with my mouth again. I kept up the pressure on her clit with my fingers while she looked at me with surprise. I smiled up through her pubic hair and drove my tongue deep into her freshly fucked pussy. She tried to say something but just moaned instead. I kept it up until she thrashed into another wonderful orgasm.

Then, she gently pulled my head away and collapsed back onto the bed. I fell over next to her and drifted into a nap.

I woke up an hour later when she rolled off the bed. I watched her dress, then stood and went to my own room. We each took separate showers in the b&b’s shared bathroom, then she went on her tour of the local art galleries, while I went to the beach to work on my drawing and collect a few shells.

The next night, I went to bed after they had already turned in. The couple was soon making love. Once again, the house rocked back and forth under the force of his fucking. Again, I heard him bring her to the edge.

“I’m gonna come,” she groaned, quietly.

Once again, he gave a single groan, thrust three more times, then stopped.

“Hey,” she said.


“I’m not done yet.”

“I am.”

“Look, if I’m not done, you’re not done. Now get your tongue down there and make me come,” she ordered.

“Are you kidding me?” he protested.

“No. If your cock isn’t up to the task, then get your fingers and tongue down there. And do it right now!”

I heard nothing for a moment, then smiled as I heard her start to moan again.

“There you go,” she encouraged. “Get it in there. That’s it, Ooo, now right on my clit… right there… Yes… yes! I’m gonna come!” This time she shouted it. Her orgasm was even bigger than the one that afternoon. The house shook again as her passion was finally satisfied by her lover.

I smiled and rolled over, sleeping soundly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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