Finding My Fantasy Pt. 04

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Big Tits

We got home from work this morning and just from the car ride I knew you were really mad. I was scheduled with that guy you don’t like again. The one you say I flirt with, and you’re just convinced I’d leave you for, like that could EVER happen!

We park the car and walk toward the house together. A few steps from the car you reach up behind me and grab the back of my neck with your hand and squeeze hard as we walk. Instinctively I throw my hand up to yours at the back of my neck.

You squeeze harder for a moment and quickly say, “What in the fuck do you think you’re doing? Put your fuckin hand down.”

I drop my hand quickly to my side and reply, “I’m so sorry! You’re right.. I’m sorry babe, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”

As we get to the backdoor you jerk the hand on my neck backwards a little-I stop. I fumble with the keys for a second but get the door unlocked. Just inside the door I set my things down on the table. Above the table I look in the mirror hanging on the wall and meet your gaze. You lean in very close, right to my ear, staring me in the eye and say very quietly, “I’m sick of getting mad over this stupid issue you can’t seem to fix. Today I’m going to show you how a real man fixes things like this. Maybe this time you’ll remember.”

Now inside your house away from wandering eyes you press your cock hard against my ass. “I can’t wait to beat this in and out of you.. leave bruises and make it hard to sit down for a couple days. You’d like that wouldn’t you,” you say with a smile. The hand on the back of my neck moves down to my hip and pushes me back into you. Hard enough I can feel your dick, I let out a soft moan and bite my lip. It already feels so big.

You tighten your grip on me as you say, “You might want to take tomorrow night off, cause this is going to hurt..You.” I let out a stifled breath as you move a couple fingers to the outside my pants and grab my pussy, holding your hand in place slowly squeezing and holding.

You whisper, “I can’t wait to stretch apart that soaking wet pussy of yours so it will only fit my big dick. That way if you continue being such a little fucking slut, you won’t be any good to him anyway, will you? Is that what you want me to do?”

“Oh God yes, please! Please tear my pussy up, please teach me how to behave.. It’s my fault you’ve been forced to correct me babe. Make me be your good girl,” I reply. My voice cracks with anticipation.

“Good, you’ll obey everything I tell you to do, won’t you?” You ask, quitetly almost talking into my neck.

I immediately answer, “Of course babe, anything you want!”

You tell me to reach behind me and find your dick, then make it feel good. My hands instantly move to your pants, grab your big, hard dick and start off by rubbing it. You reach up and pull my ponytail by my scalp down toward the ground. You move my head to the side where I can see you. Staring at you I didn’t pay attention to your other hand unbuttoning my shirt.

You move your mouth to my neck where first contact is a sharp and hard bite, I cry out in surprise and pain. I think I hear you laugh a little, but start to lick and suck in the same tender spot. By this time my work shirt is off, my undershirt is up to my shoulders, and my tits have been pulled up out of my bra. You begin to roughly feel my tits and squeeze them pinching my nipples. Periodically I moan and let out a small whining noises letting you know it hurts. Every time I whine I can see your smile in the mirror.

You let go of my hair and put your face next to mine. I can hear you breathing heavy with anger and let out growling adalar escort sighs in my ear with every aggressive squeeze. I reach for your belt and undo your pants to free your huge dick. I hurry and spit on one hand and start rubbing your hard cock again. You grab my hair again and assist me in moving as you say “Turn and face me, eyes to the ground.”

I quickly do as I’m told, “Yes Babe.”

You pull me in close and kiss me, smooth and easy first, progressing to biting my lip so hard it starts to bleed a little. I jerk away a little, not really expecting what happened. You grab both my nipples hard and pull me back toward you, keeping your grip tight. “Why the fuck did you back away from me?! I thought I was what you wanted! Right? Is it me you want or someone else! You really are cheatin on me, aren’t you, fuckin bitch?! It’s that piece of shit you worked with tonight, isn’t it? Are you his little slut now?! Are you wet cause of him??”

I look up to your face to try and make you believe it’s only you I want. You say with a sharp slap to the face, “I told you eyes on the ground, didn’t I?!”

I quickly fix my gaze back to the floor and reply, “Yes you did, I’m so sorry babe! But babe please hear me, I’m only yours. I only belong to you, I’m your property. I don’t want anyone else. Please babe, you have to believe me! No one knows what’s best for me like you do, or would care for me like you.. only you babe… I’m your bitch, and only you can keep me in line.”

I feel like by the sound of your breathing that the look on your face would show you’re just getting more irritated with everything I say. You release my tender nipples and slap my face twice on the same side, hard and a quick. I let out a gasp but keep my eyes fixed on the ground. “Don’t you think you should thank me for correcting you since you can’t seem to follow one simple order..look at the fuckin ground,” you say.

“Yes babe, I’m sorry! Thank you,” I say between multiple slaps to the face.

You stop briefly, “Thank you for what,” you say in my face with a tight, painful grip on my chin.

“Thank you for caring about me enough to correct me babe! I’m so lucky to have you, and that you spend your time to punish and correct me.. Thank you so much for giving me another chance to please you. I’m your bitch and I’m here only for your pleasure. I’ll do anything you say,” I reply.

You push me to the ground, and tell me to put your dick in my throat. As I put my wet mouth on your hard cock you pull it free and walk a few steps away to go sit down. I start to get up and you stop me “No, you can crawl over here. You know better than to try to get up since it’s a rule you can’t get off your knees until I say you can. Did you hear me say you could, bitch? What the fuck, are you too stupid to retain anything I say? Do I just make rules for myself or are you fuckin listening and just disobeying them?!”

“I’m so sorry, no you didn’t say I could get up Babe, I’m sorry!” I say as I crawl a few feet over to where you’re sitting. “I don’t mean to disobey you, I’m just so stupid, and I’ll make it better. I promise!”

I can easily see your hard dick outside your pants, and I can’t wait to put it in my mouth. I crawl up between your legs and sit on my knees. I reach for your dick and start rubbing it again. I take you back into my mouth and begin to suck and use my hands to please you. You take hold of my hair and push slowly down onto your hard cock. With every breath you allow me to take you tell me to beg for your dick, beg to get to continue to please your big dick and taste your anadolu yakası escort cum. Having your cock in my mouth is one of my most favorite things to do. So I quickly beg and plead with you between gagging “Please let me keep sucking your big dick. Babe, please let me make your cock feel good,.. I’m your bitch and you can do anything you want to me,… Please I want your hard cock in my mouth so bad-I want to taste it, please Babe, please!”

You look at me, unimpressed and simply say, “Louder.”

I again say please, and beg you to allow me to put your dick in my mouth and pleasure you. I barely get it all out when you grab my head and force your cock into my throat in one forced motion causing me to gag, hard. For a second I can hear you let out a loud sigh. You keep a hold of my hair and switch between shoving my head down hard on your dick to keeping it in my throat and pulsing it right there. Almost every time you put you dick in my throat and I gag, even just a little, I feel your dick tense up in my mouth. I know you love hearing me gag.. knowing you control how much I can breath.

You tell me, “I wish you could see how much of a dirty little slut this makes you look like, I love it.. this big dick is why I’m in complete control of you… It’s the reason I can hit you, discipline you.. the reason I do what I want to you, whenever I want.. you are here for my pleasure and to keep this hard dick satisfied at all times. Do you understand that, bitch?”

“Yes babe, I understand and I’m grateful to you for letting me please you! Thank you for letting me be your bitch and letting me suck your dick,” I say when I’m allowed to breath again.

Without warning from you, you pull my head off of your huge dick and start cumming all over my face. I stick out my tongue to try to catch some of it in my mouth. When you’re finished you force my head back down and order me to clean you up. I suck the cum off your dick and the tip. You take your thumb and smear the cum on my face around a little. You put your thumb to my mouth and I lick and suck it clean.. While I clean your thumb you tell me, “Look up at me while you clean up the mess you caused.”

I stare directly up to you. Then I lick all around your dick, around the base. Then I lick and suck your balls. I’m getting so worked up I can’t stop moaning. I love your perfect dick.. I love that you let me pleasure you. You take your dick in your hand and say “You say you love to please me, and this big dick. But is this what you’re thinking about all night as you fuckin flirt and act like a little fucking slut in front of me?” You pull my head down and lay it on your leg.

You slap me with your dick a few times, and I reply, “No babe, I’m not flirting I promise.. but I do think about your big dick all the time. It’s so big I want you to stretch out my pussy because no one else needs it anyway.., and please, do whatever you want to me, please! If you want to hit me, please do. Whatever will make you happy, and know I’m telling you the truth,” I say as you continue to hit me with your dick and slap me as I plead to you.

You pull me down to your lap, straddling you on the couch. You guide me down to sit on your huge dick and tell me to make it feel good again. I move all around on your dick doing everything I can to please you.

I start to get close and you ask me if I’m about ready to cum? I give you a breathless, ‘Yes Babe.’

You tell me, “You better tell me before you want to cum, and you better wait until I give you permission.”

That just turns me on even more and I ride ataköy escort on your lap faster. “Babe, can I cum?” I ask. You look at me and smile. “Please, babe, please. Please let me cum, please?” I say as I continue to move on your lap, desperate not to cum without permission.

You push me up off your dick and down on the couch. “No I don’t think so, not yet. You need to cum when I tell you you do, not when you think you want to. You don’t know what you want anymore. This is my body, and I don’t think it has done enough to cum yet.”

As you lean over me and I try to catch my breath you slap me a few times in the face, chest and my pussy, right on my swollen clit. I moan and breath harder with every hit. I let out a loud painful moan when you smack my pussy. “You like that bitch,” you ask, “Tell me how good it feels when I smack this slutty clit, my swollen little clit. My soaking wet clit that’s just begging to be abused.”

With my legs still spread you hit it over and over again. It hurts, and after a couple slaps I instinctively close my legs. You don’t say a word, you just slap my legs harder than you were my pussy. I quickly open my legs again, and am rewarded with 3 slaps that are so much harder than before. I feel like I’m going to cum just from that, but luckily you quit and I’m able to stop myself before I get punished again.

You put your dick back in me slowly and rest your forearms beside my head. You start very slowly moving your big dick into my soaking wet pussy. You start going harder and pounding into me so hard I can feel your hip bones. I start to get close again and I ask you, “Please babe, I need to cum, please let me cum all over your big dick..please babe please let me.”

You lean close to my ear and say, “Yea, that’s right bitch. You only cum when I say you can don’t you?”

My legs start to shake and I’m really fighting to stay in control of my body as you finally say, “Cum for me.. cum on my dick you fuckin bitch, cum all over it.”

As you’re giving me permission to cum you lean up and somehow push your dick into me even harder and reach to my nipples and squeeze hard and twist them harder. As I try to somehow thank you for letting me cum in a broken breathless cry, you pull out of my pussy and cum all over me again.

Once you’re finished you tell me, “Clean me up again. Some fuckin slut got her juices all over my dick.”

I move eagerly to your dick and taste myself as I suck you clean. As I’m licking you, you wipe your cum from my body on your fingers and stick them in front of my mouth. Every time you put your fingers to my mouth I hungrily open it and suck your fingers clean.

You tell me to give you your clothes for you before I gather mine. I obediently do what I’m told. You stretch out on the couch, look at me and ask, ” Are you ever gonna fuckin leave me?”

In a breathless reply I answer, “Not a chance babe. There’s no replacing a real man like you. Thank you for correcting me today babe, you’re the best, and I need the discipline!”

“You sure fuckin do,” you say as you push me down to the floor on my knees. “You aren’t to get off your knees, speak or take your eyes off the floor until I say so. Understand?”

“Yes babe,” I reply, eyes fixed on the ground.

“..and if you’re told to move from that spot, you will crawl. Only when I tell you to,” you order.

“You must start obeying much better than you have been lately. Until you get it through your fuckin head, this is how you will be when we get home from work everyday until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand that,” you ask angrily, “We come home, you strip, and you’re to be on your knees at my feet and quiet until you get your orders! Answer me slut!”

“Yes babe, thank you so much,” I reply.

You fall asleep on the couch before allowing me to get up. I sit on my knees at your feet until morning, with cum running down my body and from my used pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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