Finally We Cum Together

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I look into his eyes and for the first time, I let myself feel what I have always felt. Now that I am single, I can lust after my closest friend without feeling guilty.

He looks back at me, in a way he never has before. I could tell he sensed something was different.

“It’s over,” I said. “I’m free now.”

I see relief, excitement, a bit of surprise, and desire in his eyes. He wraps his arms around me and nuzzles his face into my neck. Feeling his breath on my neck seems to awaken my body. I am suddenly aware that I could do whatever I wanted right now, I’m a single woman at last.

I was aware of how close our bodies now were. And I was very, very aware of my urge to get a lot closer.

“I’ve wanted to be yours for years now,” he whispers in my ear. “And I’ve wanted to say and do things to you that I couldn’t.”

“Like what?” I ask, breathlessly awaiting his response. My heart was racing now. The days of sitting on the opposite sides of the couch are over. We don’t have to hold back anymore.

Next thing I know, our lips are locked and my tongue is exploring his mouth. He bites my lip and I immediately feel a pang of desire; I could feel myself getting wet already. His strong hands are hungrily exploring my body, frantically trying to feel everything he has never touched before. My lower back, my breasts, my ass. His heavy breathing is such a turn on. I pull away to look in his eyes. Holy fuck, I’ve always wanted to see his eyes filled with that much lust. The only look I’ve wanted to see more is the look he will have when I make taksim rus escort him cum.

I begin tearing his clothes off, as he scrambles to get me out of my jeans to reveal my lacy black thong. Before long, there’s no clothing in sight.

“I’ve pictured you naked a million times but I never thought it was possible for someone to look so beautiful,” he says, as his eyes running over my body.

He pulls me towards the bed and throws me down. He’s all over me, kissing me everywhere. He begins kissing my lower stomach, and then my inner thighs, teasing me with his tongue. My clit was throbbing as I pulled his hair and begged him to lick me. I feel his teeth bite down on my inner thigh. The pain was so exciting. Why the hell did that feel so good? I feel myself moan.

“Please, pleeease. I can’t take it.”

He looks up at me, his face looks so fucking sexy when it’s between my legs. He smiles at me and bites me again. Oh how I love that feeling, it’s like something I have never felt. Finally, I feel his warm, wet tongue lap at my clit, and two fingers enter me. I begin to ride his fingers and I can’t help but moan loudly.

“I’ve always wanted to make you moan. You taste so, so good,” he says.

His words turned me on, but my clit was aching for his mouth again. After a few more licks, I could feel my body getting tense, I was so close. But I knew for me to have the best orgasm, I wanted it to be when I was watching him cum. I wanted to feel his hot cum and hear the sounds he makes when I push him over taksim türbanlı escort the edge. I want to give him pleasure like he has never felt.

For the first time, I reach for his cock. It was so hard and thick, a defined head that begged to be licked. As he continued to rub my clit, I closed my hand around his shaft. He exhaled and closed his eyes. I could already feel his precum, it made his shaft slick. I can’t wait to have it inside me.

“Oh Fuck, you feel too good, I don’t want to cum yet,” he says. Just hearing him whisper the word cum brought me closer. But I needed to taste him.

I climbed on top of him and started biting his ear, which made him groan, then licked my way down. I gently played with his balls, loving the swearing that happened when I did.

“Please, mmmm. I’m aching for you. Fuck, you’re killing me here.”

Rubbing myself as I did so, I took his cock in my mouth. His salty precum nearly did it for me. I loved how he was silky soft and yet hard as steel as my lips and hand moved up and down his shaft in unison. I knew this blowjob/handjob combo would make him blow his load soon.

“Holy Hell, what are you doing to me? Do you want me to fuck you now? We’ve teased each other enough,” he says, nearly growling.

I smiled at him as I stopped all of the pleasure I was giving him, and sat up just rubbing myself. His cock pulsed, missing the sensations I had been giving it. He looked at me in agony and appreciation.

“I like to tease though,” I say, my voice low taksim ucuz escort and playful.

Suddenly he sits up and moves his cock towards my dripping wet pussy. My clit is the biggest I had ever seen it. In one swift moment, his cock slides into me, our arms hold each other close as we both rock together. Oh my fuck, so this is what I have been missing. I feel so full, he is so deep. I want to ride him forever. Our bodies are glistening with sweat, our hands everywhere. Our moans combine and I can no longer tell what is his body and what is mine, I feel so lost in pleasure. I ride him like I just cannot get enough. He quickens the pace of his thrusts.

“Mmm, I – I’m gonna cum for you babe. You ready?” he says to me through his heavy breathing. Thank god. I’m right on the edge and all I want is to make him cum. I squeeze my pussy as tight as I could and throw my head back, back arched.

“Shiiit, oh fuck I’m cumming, here is comes,” he says, his face becomes lost in the beautiful agony that takes over him. Feeling his hot cum pump into me, I could feel my whole body begin to tense, the warmth was coming, I close my eyes and hear him beg me to cum.

“I want to see you cum babe, cum for me. Cummm” he demands, still thrusting into me. With that, my pussy and clit let go, and my legs shake as a let out a moan so loud but I don’t care who hears. It seems to last forever, rolling deep within me. For a few moments, we stay there, sweating and breathing together as we bask in the beauty of our intense orgasms.

Then we hear a knock at the door, his landlord yells at him to turn the porn down. We laugh and fall onto our backs.

“So that’s what I’ve been missing out on eh,” I shake my head in disbelief. “I hope you realize I’m going to need that several times a day.”

He rolls over and bites my shoulder, and grins. “I’m up for the challenge,” he replies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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