Female Athlete Addicted To Sex

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Sometimes, I simply don’t know what to do anymore. I crave thrills. Sometimes, it endangers my life but I can’t help it. Honestly, I am beginning to think I might have an addiction. When I think of addictions, I usually think of drugs, or maybe alcohol. However, in my condition the term still applies. How else could I explain some of the things I find myself doing these days?

My name is Joanna Brando. I’m a young woman of African-American and Portuguese descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Life in the so-called city of champions is cheap, dangerous and brief. I can’t tell you how many guys and gals I knew in high school who died of drug overdoses, shootings and other senseless acts. I guess that’s what made me so determined to get the heck out of town, you know?

These days, I attend the University of Russell in Boston on an athletic scholarship. It’s an okay school, I guess. About twenty five thousand people, many of whom are black or Hispanic. I didn’t feel too out of place. The school is famous both for its student body diversity and its sports programs. Russell University sponsors men’s varsity baseball, basketball, archery, rugby, cross country, soccer, swimming, ice hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, golf, rowing, track & field, water polo, rifle, gymnastics, fencing, wrestling, football and tennis along with women’s softball, basketball, track & field, archery, gymnastics, fencing, rifle, cross country, soccer, wrestling, rugby, equestrian, swimming, rowing, water polo, ice hockey, golf, field hockey, lacrosse, tennis and volleyball. We compete in the NCAA Division One.

When I first came there, I was enthralled by the campus. It was so much bigger bahis firmaları than my old hangout, Brockton Community High School. Also, the people were so much more diverse. Over forty percent of the student body was non-Caucasian. And there were an equal number of male and female students on campus. I came to Russell University mostly for that reason. That and to get myself a degree in criminal justice. I see myself as a state trooper someday. I’ve already served two tours of duty in the Iraq War so I can handle myself in tough situations.

I busied myself studying criminal justice. Playing on the women’s soccer team was okay. We handled our own against schools like Boston University, UMass-Amherst, Boston College and Northeastern University. The four Division One athletic powerhouses of Massachusetts, after the local ivies of course. I began dating a friend’s sexy brother. A tall, good-looking black guy named Stewart Stovall. The younger brother of my friend Stephanie Stovall, captain of the Russell University women’s rugby team. Little did I know that he was about to seriously rock my world.

When I first met Stewart, I thought he was a charming young man. He was nineteen and only a freshman. I was a twenty-two-year-old junior. I’ve always had a thing for dating guys who were younger than me. Within limits, of course. No Harold and Maude thing going on with me, thank you. I was just really drawn to him. I don’t know why. He was an offensive lineman on the football team. At six feet six inches and two hundred and sixty pounds, he looked more like an NBA star than a college football player. However, he only played one sport his entire life.

Many people consider me to be a tall kaçak iddaa woman. I stand six feet two inches tall. A bit thick, with large breasts, wide hips, and a big brown ass that makes guys go crazy. I call it my ghetto booty. I’m big and beautiful, and damn proud of my body. Enough to violate one of the top commandments of womanhood and divulge my weight. I weigh two hundred and forty pounds. And it doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m healthy and I look good. I must say that Stewart and I looked good together.

The first time I got him alone, I couldn’t wait to get a piece of him. Folks, I didn’t get laid much when I went to school in Brockton. I was too busy playing sports and getting good grades. Also, I didn’t want to wind up pregnant like a lot of the black, Hispanic and white chicks I knew. However, now that I was almost done with college, I decided to have myself a little fun. Try to make up for lost time, so to speak. I think I ravished Stewart that first time. I don’t think either of us really saw it coming.

There we were, in my dorm. Stewart sat on my bed, drinking a Forty and watching The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. I had gone to the bathroom to freshen up when the need arose in me. All of a sudden, I felt so damn horny. I just had to have sex, right here and right now. I surged back into the room, and practically ripped Stewart’s clothes off. He was a bit surprised, but also turned on. In a few moments, I had him naked and ready to go. He stroked his dick, which seemed about nine inches long, quite thick and uncut. That last part didn’t bother me. I’ve hooked up with a Brazilian stud once and he was also uncut. We had tons of fun together.

I knelt before Stewart kaçak bahis and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked on him like my life depended on it. In no time, he was hard as hell. I climbed on top of him, impaling my aching pussy on his thick cock. Stewart placed his hands on my hips and thrust into me. I put my hands on his shoulders for support and began riding him for all he was worth. Hard and fast he thrust into me. I screamed like a woman possessed as Stewart’s thick tool filled my pussy. He buried his face between my flopping breasts and held me tight as he fucked me. We fucked and sucked the night away, until we lay exhausted in a field of our own juices.

Gradually, I found myself craving sex more and more. Is this what it feels like to be a guy? Damn! Stewart and I tried rougher and kinkier stuff all the time. I couldn’t get enough of it. The crazier the better. Once, Stewart put me on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. He slid his cock into my asshole. Oh, man. I’ve never had anything up my ass before. It hurt, even with the lube we used. Stewart began pumping his dick in and out of my ass. Although it still hurt, it also felt kind of good. I found myself wanting more of that ass fucking action. It feels heaps good to take it up the bum! We went at it until Stewart came, flooding my ass with his manly seed. I screamed loud enough to wake the dead. It was that good.

So here I am. Deeply addicted to wild and kinky sex. And not just with Stewart, either. Unbeknownst to him, I’ve hooked up with some of the guys from the football team. I also had sex with his sister, who turned out to be a lesbian. Yeah, I’m having all kinds of fun these days. I love the feel of a big dick in my mouth, pussy and ass. I also love the feel of a woman’s breasts in my hands and the taste of her pussy in my mouth. Told you I was making up for lost time. My adventures are just beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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