Feeling Good

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Music filled the room and flowed over the bars occupants in gentle waves. She soaked in the moody rhythm of the female singer and was glad she came. This was just what she needed. Her short blue dress rode high on her thighs as she leaned back in her chair. She closed her eyes and soaked in the atmosphere maybe a little too much.

He watched along with most of the men in the room as she inhaled deeply and was glad he came. He almost didn’t go out tonight. Part of him wanted to forget the day’s events and surrender to his bed. He still had thoughts of bed as he watched her. How could she relax in a crowded bar, she seemed to block it all out.

As the singer’s voice rose he left his seat at the bar and moved toward her. His step was slow, his approach driven by an uncultivated desire. She opened her eyes at the moment he stood above her.

She smiled up at him and got out of her chair. Part of her body brushed his arm. Wordlessly she led him to the dance floor. Her right had touched his left. His right hand curved around her waist as her left hand rested on the back of his neck. ortaköy escort The song changed and the room’s energy became charged. Some men looked on with envy others with curiosity. Why hadn’t it been one of them to approach her?

Her eyes closed again as she rested her head against his shoulder. They both experienced that moment in a bar that you hoped to experience but never did. Her scent was fresh and musky it must be her hair he thought as he tilted his head closer to her long brown curls.

“Who are you?” he whispered. She tilted her head upward brushing his ear with her lips. He involuntarily groaned.

“Cassie.” she whispered back. She did not ask him his name and that suited him fine. He felt anonymous in this accidental moment and wanted to stay that way.

As the song neared its end she broke away from him took his hand and lead him away from the dance floor. Despite the nights chill she took him to an outside patio. They walked around the building’s edge to a dark corner. No one was out there, just them, the sound of distant otele gelen escort music, and a heat that warmed them when they should have been cold.

She backed him against a nearby wall her hands resting on his upper chest. He bent slightly and placed his hand under her right thigh. Drawing her leg up and around to catch on his waist. This hiked her skirt up to reveal a delicate lacy black material between her legs. His mouth opened on a sigh, he saw his breath cutting through the chill night air and realized he was panting.

With his free hand he unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, moved his boxers aside and pressed his hard exposed cock to her black lace. She gasped not because of his boldness, but because of his size. She knew he was hard. She had felt him on the dance floor, but she didn’t expect his size. His shaft was thick, his length eye opening and his erectness was straight up, flush to his stomach.

“These have to go,” he said as he ripped her panties up and off of her. She let out a moan as he placed her torn undergarment in his otele gelen escort pocket. His hands moved under her naked ass and lifted her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he lowered her onto the tip of his shaft. He let her sink down around him, but only slightly just to tease.

He felt her moisture slide down his erection. He slowly rotated his hips teasing the outer edges of her sex. Again her gorgeous eyes closed and her head tilted back. He guided her down edging his cock into her inch by inch. She let out a long moan as her body convulsed around him. She panted and bucked while he stood still absorbing her reaction to his length. Her orgasm was quick and all that he wanted.

She held onto him tightly not believing her body’s reaction. When her trembling slowed he lifted her away from him. His hard sex covered with her dripping release. He straightened and smoothed down her skirt. Her eyes were fixated on his cock. She watched unbelieving as he pulled up his boxers and fastened his pants. His bulge was very apparent by the outline of it through his trousers.

He pulled her to him for their first kiss. The kiss was quick, deep, and it made both their bodies shudder.

“Thank you, Cassie.” He whispered into her hair. “Close your eyes.”

She closed her eyes reluctantly one last time and she knew when she reopened them he would be gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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