Far Too Long Ch. 1

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More than a few times a week, Elena wandered around the nearby park alone. It became her favorite haunt very recently. The birches, the white oaks, and the maples that lined the footpath were turning vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red. The air was much drier and cooler than it was a few weeks earlier. On her walks, the breeze would refresh her. She felt energized and alive after these walks. She looked forward to them more and more each day.

On one overcast Sunday, she put on her comfortable hiking boots, and headed down to the park. That day was just slightly cooler than the previous days. She looked forward to the cool air on her skin. She smiled to herself with anticipation. Her took sprightly strides down the trail. She looked into the water of the lake, as she came to the dock. She could see a turtle under the surface of the water. The day was a magnificent sample of a perfect fall day. She hummed a brisk tune as she walked.

The kurtuluş escort work week faded from her mind. The bills that might not get paid on time vanished from her thought. She lived in the moment. Her escape from that reality was complete.

She noticed a man around her own age as he walked toward her. She smiled to him. He returned the smile. His smile caused her blood to charge through her body. She felt warmth in her cheeks. She was blushing! His eyes seemed to be etched into her brain. She turned to watch him walk. Something about his walk looked like a march. There was just something about his gait that attracted her attention. She positively stared at him. He glanced back at her a few times. He had a sly smile on his lips.

She took her walks even more often after that brief encounter. She thought about him at work. She dreamt about him. She didn’t see him again for almost two weeks, though. She persisted. levent escort Finally, when she was about to give up, he returned to the park, one Sunday. Her heart felt like it was in her throat. She suddenly didn’t have the boldness to approach him. All her little fantasies and rehearsals absconded beyond her reach. She stood motionless with her hand glued to the railing of the dock. She lifted her eyes to him, and found he stared right at her. She tentatively offered a small smile. He walked to her. He grabbed the railing and looked out into the water.

She turned to him. Her mind offered her some of that resolve that she so missed a moment before his approach. She smiled more brightly.

“Hello,” she volunteered casually.

“Hi.” His voice sounded like delectable music. She wavered in resolve. She could feel nervousness creep into her throat.

“I’m Elena.”

“Very nice to meet you,” he responded. His maçka escort voice sent shivers down her spine. He offered his hand, and shook hers, gently. “I’m Alan.”

“Nice to meet you, Alan.”

“Want to walk some more?”

She shrugged slightly and said, “Sure.”

He walked close to her. She could feel his warmth. She thought she should try her hand at small talk. She looked at him. He smiled back at her.

“I absolutely love autumn. This park really reminds me of just how perfect this season is.”

“I saw you here before. Usually, I just look out my front window to see the trees. I didn’t realize that actually walking out in it could be so much fun.”

“Oh, you live around here?” She wondered why she had never seen him.

“I grew up here. I’m visiting my mom who lives right across the street. I live closer in to the city.”

She prodded him for more details about his life. He surreptitiously asked her for the same information.

They circled the lake slowly. Neither seemed to want to end the meeting. People passed them, hurriedly moved around them and left the park as they conversed. The sunlight dwindled, and they realized one would have to suggest another time or another place to meet.

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