Fantasy Fulfilled

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She was a nurse working in a doctor’s office; he was her friend and lover of 25 years. Today the drive to work held exciting expiations for today she would fulfill one of her fantasies; to make love in Exam Room 1.

This fantasy began innocent enough as a tease while talking on the phone to her lover. She would describe making love to him in that room and from that day on it was not only a reoccurring theme in their talks but became a burning desire in her breast.

The chance of fulfilling this fantasy was remote due to the fact that the cleaning lady came everyday after work to clean the office. Short of bribing her to look the other way there would be no opportunity to carry out her secret desire. Then came the unexpected break: a subpoena to testify in court! The cleaning lady had to travel to a distant city to testify and would not make it back in time to clean the office. This was the chance of a lifetime!

During her commute to work that morning she thought about their plans for the evening. She was always the last of the staff to leave the office so when the doctor left for the evening she would set the plan into operation. Her lover would be waiting in the parking lot at the end of the day. She would beckon him to come in and then……..

Her coworkers noticed she was somewhat distracted but no one asked about what was on her mind. The answer would have shocked them!

While sitting at her desk she could look into Exam Room 1. She could not believe that she would finally experience something quite pleasurable in a room that is usually cold, embarrassing, and formal. Exam rooms have their own etiquette; to simplify the exam for the doctor not to ease the mind of the patient. She always thought it ironic that you would be stripped naked save for a paper gown and a paper sheet to cover yourself while waiting for the doctor only to have to expose your body piece by piece anyway. Such is the price of modesty! She also wondered how many times had she been in such a room either as a nurse tending to the patient or as a patient herself.

The cold impersonal metal stirrups on the exam table glistened in the light. The light grey upholstery with the white paper runner down the middle awaited the next person. She was always embarrassed to have her feet cupped in the stirrups to expose her genitals to the doctor while he examined them. The stimulation of her genitals would get the moisture flowing and this added to the embarrassment.

Tonight it would be a different story, for tonight it would be her lover between her legs. His touch would bring the welcomed moisture. His exam of her genitals would be both loving and welcome. She would be naked and uncovered without embarrassment. He had always enjoyed looking at her naked body including her genitals. She did not understand why he enjoyed that but she was comfortable with his gaze and particularly his touch!

The day crept by. She called her lover and teased him about The Room. She could feel the moisture begin to wet her panties as she teased him. Boy was she ready for tonight!

The last patient was finally brought into the exam room at 17:30. Her mind was racing about what was to happen as soon as this patient left. She could feel the excitement building. The doctor seemed to take forever to finish the exam and prescribe some medicine for the patient’s affliction. As the patient dressed, she finished her paperwork and called the pharmacy. The patient soon left. The doctor said his Goodbye. Alone at last! She could feel the excite building in her breast. Now to wait for the doctor’s car to leave the lot. Time seemed to stand still!

After a minute or soon, (it felt like an hour), she opened the door and looked for her lover. His car was parked at the back of the lot. She waved him over and stood expectantly at the door. She could feel the excitement building. She could feel her nipples hardening and her pussy getting wet in anticipation. She watched as her lover got out of his car and ‘adjusts’ the furniture. She could tell he was just as excited as she was. This was going to be an experience to remember!

His walk across the lot seemed to take forever and only intensified the excitement she felt.

FINALLY he arrived at the door. She ushered him in, looking to make sure no one saw him enter. The door was locked behind him and the long awaited for fantasy began!

They kissed and held each other by the door. She thought it strange to be kissing someone halkalı escort in the waiting room, something she had never done before. She could feel his penis pressing against her and could hardly wait to release it from its confinement. They separated and walked hand in hand to her desk.

This is where the fantasy always started. He sat her on the edge of the desk. He leaned in and kissed her while removing her lab coat and placing it next to her on the desk. He spread her legs and stood between them, his hands roaming over her back and then under her top to unhook her bra. Her breasts were very responsive to being touched and she could hardly stand waiting for her lover to touch them.

He took his time, as he usually did. Slowly rubbing her back and sides, just missing touching the sides of her breasts. This always heighted her excitement and did so even though she was excited as she had ever been. His hands continued to touch her sides but now began to brush against the side of her breasts. A moan escaped her lips. He knew she was on the edge of no return and preceded full bore.

Both hands came around her breasts from the sides and found her nipples. Rolling her nipples between his fingers brought about more than a quite moan. Heavy breathing coupled with sounds of ecstasy now filled the office, sounds that had never been heard there before.

He leaned in and gently flicked his tongue over her left nipple. He then licked his way over to the right nipple. After lingering there he began to tenderly suckle her nipple. She was close to climax and he knew it. The gentle tender sucking gave way to a hard, face pressed into the breast suckle that caused her moaning to increase and her long anticipated first orgasm to begin. He kept the pressure and suction on her nipple as she bucked wildly and pressed her drench crotch against him. The climax was wild and noisy and perfect!

He smiled at her and lifting up the hem of her shirt removed both the shirt and her bra and set them with the lab coat. She now sat semi-naked on her desk, trying to calm her breathing. She had dreamed of and talked about this moment and it was better than she could imagine.

She, after regaining her somewhat shattered composure, reached up and unbuckled her lover’s belt. She unbuttoned the button and pulled the zipper down. She smiled to her self as she noticed his underwear had a large wet spot where his precum and leaked from his erect penis. She then pulled his shirt from his pants and over his head.

They leaned into each other and felt warm naked skin against their chests. This has always been a highlight of their love making. They held each other tight and enjoyed this feeling for a while. The closeness they felt both spiritual and physical added to the intensity of this aspect of their love. It also hastened the need to remove the rest of their clothing.

He pulled her gently to her feet and began to rub her back again. His hand strayed all over her back down to the top of her pants. His fingers would slip under the waistband only to move away again. This also would drive her sexually nuts. He then moved both hands under her waistband and panties on her hips. She loved this and would hardly stand still waiting for the continuation of his touching.

Both hands moved from her hips to her bottom. He pressed his hands against her bottom pulling her into his body for a long embrace. He could feel and hear her sexual tension build.

His hands now worked their way back to her hip, turning over so as to grab her pants and panties and pull them down over her hips. He stopped just below the “Y” where her legs met her trunk exposing the fine hair of her pussy to his eager eyes. He now began to rub her belly and upper thighs, just missing her pubic hair. This began again to elicit moans from her lips. He began to move his fingers gently over her mound and into the valley between her thighs and her pussy. He was careful not to touch the opening to her pussy. She was again beginning to move her hips in rhythm to her wanting.

With a sudden movement his hand pressed down on her eager mound and his fingers began to explore the opening to her pussy. Running his fingers in the slit between her lips and brushing her clit lightly he could feel that the moisture was sufficient for his fingers to penetrate her. As his fingers probed the depths the heel of his hand pressed against her clit driving her wild. She bucked against harbiye escort his hand and loudly moaned. He kept up the pressure and movement of his fingers until she again climaxed.

She had always been able to have multiple orgasms and they both enjoyed this fact immensely. In many of their loving making experiences he would try to give her as many orgasms as he could. This would be in as many different ways and places as they could. They enjoyed the huge variety this afforded them and would talk and try to remember the different places in conversations. Some day they would have to make a list and count the number of locations, but that was not on their minds today.

After her climax he finished the job of removing first her shoes then her pants and panties. The sox came next. She stood naked by her desk with his eyes looking lovingly over her body. She could see the love in his look and although she was naked her place of work she felt no embarrassment. There was although an unequal distribution of nakedness.

She sought to alleviate this immediately. She hooked her fingers under the waist band of his underwear and gripping both pants and underwear pulled them out to release his erection. She loved to look at his penis and this once again caused her breathing to quicken. He had removed his shoes by stepping on the back of them so she deposited his clothes on top of his feet for him to step out of. He removed his sock and at last they were both naked. Fifteen feet of distance now separated them from the fulfillment of their long awaited fantasy. They crossed the short distance hand in hand both of them feeling the cool of the office air against their naked skin.

She sat on the end of the exam table and pulled her lover to her. She grabbed his penis and placed it between her ample breasts. He responded by pressing her breast together enveloping him in their supple softness. This was always a major turn-on for them. He thrust his penis up and down this wonderful valley, the tip of his penis rising above the level of her breasts, wet with his love juice. She would flick her tongue over the tip at its zenith and taste his love.

This continued for a while then he gently pulled back from her. He could see the moisture sticking to her breasts. He motioned for her to lie down.

Again she thought of the many times had she lay in this position and placed her feet in the stirrups but never with this degree of anticipation. She could feel the cool of the vinyl through the paper runner. Into the cold metal stirrups went her feet. There was no sheet to cover her nakedness and she enjoyed it. Never before had she felt so free and excited in this room. She was ready to fulfill the one fantasy that she never thought she would be able to.

He sat in the doctor’s rolling chair and rolled up to his lover. Running his eyes lustily over her nakedness he looked finally at her now exposed genitals. The stirrups did their intended job giving him easy access to her. And he took advantage of the opportunity.

Placing his hands of her thighs he massaged them from the knees to her trunk. She was quivering in anticipation but he was not in a rush to fulfill that anticipation. He again, as when they were standing by her desk, touched her mound and into the valleys between thigh and trunk. This time though he did not penetrate her with his fingers. Instead he parted her lips and pressed his face into her, flicking his tongue over her clit. This did not last long tough!

She was now past the point of being able to stand the foreplay. She needed him inside her desperately. She lifted his face from her and motioned him to stand and mount her.

Rising to his feet he kicked the chair way from the table and stood before her womanhood. Grasping his penis in his right hand he rubbed the head against her clit and between the folds of her lips. The head was drenched in her love and she was more than ready for him to penetrate her.

Placing his penis at her entrance he placed his hands on her hips and slowly began to enter her. She gasped and started to moan in anticipation. When he was half his length inside her he thrust quickly and forcefully the rest of the way. He knew that she loved fast and forceful penetration and he would oblige her. Gripping her hips he would thrust his penis hard and fast into her, his balls slapping against her thighs and bottom. Louder and more passionate came the moans from her lips. ikitelli escort Her voice expressing without word the love and passion she felt for her lover. Her climax was coming quickly and the tempo of his thrusts increased. He was close to climax also. They had a special gift of being able to have simultaneous climaxes together. Both of their climax hit like a wave crashing on the rocks. Deep inside her his penis erupted sending hot cum crashing onto the walls of her vagina and cervix. Shot after shot until there was no more to expel.

The trusting slowed and continued slowly as his penis softened inside her. She was no longer moaning but had a blissful look on her face. He loved to watch her as she started to relax. Her breasts, which had been heaving with the deep and powerful respirations during their powerful lovemaking, began to slowly and gently rise with her calming state. The look on her face, once again, showed the love that she felt for him. His face carried that same look.

Finally his penis softened and fell from her body, followed by a considerable amount of his cum. She removed her feet from the stirrups and sat up. He embraced her and they held each other, naked chest to naked chest. They were aglow with love and the beauty of the moment. The experience was much more exciting and passionate they either of them had imagined.

They separated and took stock of themselves. Both were sticky with the product of their passion. She retrieved a towel and moistening it with warm water. They proceeded to lovingly clean each other. This too was very sensual and added to the overwhelming sensations they felt that day.

She, as she had done many, many times in the past, cleaned the table and removed the old runner and replacing it with new. Although this was not new to her this time was special, for this time she refreshed the room after fulfilling her fantasy. And she was naked while doing so! In fact she would never again be able to clean the room with out the wonderful memory of that day entering her mind and exciting her.

With the room clean they again traversed the fifteen feet to her desk. There piles of clothing awaited them, some neatly piled on the desk, others strewn haphazardly around removed in the throes of passion. They would have to wait to be reclaimed.

He sat in her chair and gently pulled her over to him. He was at the perfect height to again suckle her breasts. Gently sucking a nipple and touching the breast with his hands he once again stimulated a response from her. She closed her eyes and began to sway. He switched breast and continued his pleasing of his lover. As he continued he felt his penis becoming erect. She noticed also and reached down and gently held it. This always sexually stimulated her and tonight was no different. Once again her breathing became rapid and deep, her breasts moving to the new and heighted action.

They had never teased each other about making love in her chair. Other places in the office, but never the chair. It mattered not to them though.

She removed her nipple from his mouth and her hands from his penis. She then, facing him, straddled him and taking his penis again into her hands expertly guided him into her. As they thrust their bodies in rhythm the chair squeezed in unison. He again suckled her breast as he thrust deep inside her. The wonderful music of their passion once again filled the office. She climaxed and then he a short while later.

She climbed off her lover and again the towel was used lovingly on each other. When he stood she noticed a drip had hit the upholstery of her chair. This would stain the fabric and provide a constant reminder to her of this fantastic day. They hugged each other and he leaned down and kissed her. They held each other and basked in the warm glow of their love. Making love to each other had always intensified the love that they felt. Making love at her work just added a new dimension to their love. She would never again look at her desk or Exam Room 1 without feeling the love that she felt now.

He was a visual person and wanted to have a memory of her sitting naked at her desk. She sat in her chair and he stood on the other side of the desk and watched. She stared at him coyly and he burned into his memory how she looked sitting there. In the future when she called him from work the vision would refresh itself.

They dressed and walked to the front door and out into the night. Over dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant they relived the fantasy and smiled at the thought of it. If only her coworkers knew what had taken place at the office. Of course they would only be able to look at the physical side of their sexual acts. They would never know of the love that was shared in the office that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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