Fantasy 01

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It made me think for a good time how should I write this first fantasy to Literotica. There’s so much of the erotica here that I couldn’t stop jacking-off while I read stories about BBWs being sucked, licked and fucked. I guess it would be a great idea if I start this series of my fantasies with a conjugal scene.

As for me, I’m a skinny male, who has spent his thirty one years of life residing in India. My beautiful wife Shoma knows well how to cook eatables as tasty as herself and to keep our home in order as a knack housewife. Unlike most Indian women who are darker in complexion, she is a voluptuous, twenty seven years old nymph with rosy-pale complexion and I’m always turned-on to roam my hands over her curvaceous soft contours. Being 39DD/29/38 loveliness she looks elder to me apparently and sometimes we enjoy playing our games regarding this.

How do we make love? It’s just a common question. After I got the job in the University, we’ve been residing in a smaller single storey home at the Colony. No one else from our family lives with us and we make love on almost alternative nights. I get excited sometimes just getting a glimpse of her naked belly when she ties the pallu of her sari around her rounding waist. With a naughty gesture I hug her around the waist and play with her long silken dark traces that wave down to her huge arse. Laughingly we kiss and hit each other to make fun.

I can’t tell here about all the sessions of our lovemaking, but I’ll include here some narration just to hint for an idea that may fit to a fantasy.

After taking supper we go to our bedroom to watch TV and have a happy chat for sometime. Then I proceed to start our adventure. I take her to a corner of the room and we hug while our lips meet in a smack. I press my mouth on hers and my tongue pushes into her full lips. She sucks on my lips and tongue. I roam my hands over her back and ass. She moans into my mouth enjoying the kiss.

I move my mouth to kiss over her neck and then over her etiler ucuz escort big bust which is yet covered under the blouse. I don’t stop there but continue to kiss down her belly over the pallu. My member starts to harden and lengthen just sniffing on her odor when my face gets buried into the folds of her sari under her half naked abdomen. I stroke on her still-covered buttocks and she fingers through my black hair.

I get up and we walk hand-in-hand to our bed. I take-off her pallu, unstrap her blouse and untie her chemise. Now she stands before me representing her gorgeous, voluptuous stark-naked splendor.

I push her on the bed gently to let her lie on the back; then stoop down to lie beside her. My reluctant strokes over her soft flesh sends pleasure-waves into her as she closes her eyes. I can’t just stare at this close-eyed beauty for long and move down to press my mouth over her lips. We hug each other locking our lips together in this passionate kiss.

I’m not so forgetful about the taking glory that lies underneath me but this kiss is indeed a magic. To savor for what I wanted a few moments ago, now the journey of brilliant valleys, plateaus and mountains begins. I kiss her chin, cheeks, nose, almond eyes and forehead. My mouth again covers hers but this time we are gentle. I lick on her neck and kiss further down between her huge mammas. I always prefer to suck her left tit first and so I follow my custom now. As I take her left nipple into my mouth with a slurping sound, it gets mixed with her moans. She fingers through my hair as I lick and again suck on her erect nipple. My tongue strokes in circles on her large areola before I suck her tit for the third time.

I kiss my way to her right breast and lap it like a hungry cat. My tongue strokes over the soft flesh in circles till my mouth seeks her nipple. I lick it and then press my mouth over the areola. I hear her “Ooh…” and “Aah…” while my ardent mouth begins to suck etiler üniversiteli escort on her right nipple as if it were unwilling to break the contact.

I suck and lick her huge tits for longer moments alternatively and then continue to kiss her soft creamy abdomen. I try to push my tongue-tip against her belly-button and lick it in sweep strokes. After pressing my mouth hard on her soft flesh, I kiss her body further down. Now I can smell her odorous bushy triangle that has covered her honey-entrance from the view. I hear her moans as I touch her soft round thighs when my hands roam over her flesh.

She shifts on the bed as she parts her thighs wide. With left hand I part her dark tendrils that have hidden her tender pink petals. I lick her groins and gently stroke the entrance of her sheath with right hand. She moans loudly and I can hear her say, “Yes…aah…aah…yes…”

I don’t wait for more as I quickly dive my face into her vaginal slit. I rub my nose into her labia and her moans get even louder. My tongue darts out to slash-stroke her little morsel like a whip and it continues to lick her for more. I take a bite on her swollen clit and suck her labia in slurps. Her “Ummm…” and “Ohhh…” excites me even more and I am now sucking her labia harder this time.

I lick and kiss and suck her cunt with vigor and energy. I don’t want to stop and she doesn’t want me to stop. Her hands now grab my head and with a mild move of her wider hips, my face seems to get sunk more into her womanhood.

She cries loud and I eat her more. She screams as her pleasure-wave builds at the peak. With a gushing tension raised into her slit, she sprays out the fountain of her honey into my hungry mouth. I drink her cum to last drop and lick her slit clean of her honey without any pause. She heaves a sigh of contented release while I continue to serve her cunt with gentle licks.

For some time I lick her cunt, kiss her thighs and then fatih escort crawl over her. We take rest in a mutual hug and during that she helps me to be denuded like her. Then we stroke each other to get the recharge and I take the initiative again as I kiss her body from head to toe. I lick her soles and suck her toes and then crawl up slobbering her front all over again in reverse.

Our lips meet in a passionate kiss and after breaking it, we shift together. I turn her over to lie face down and start to lick her back from nape to flanks. I stroke her bigger bottom and she moans as I lick the crease between her two ass cheeks. I kiss and bite on her buttocks alternatively. Without any pause I kiss down her legs and lick her ankles. Before turning her to lie on back again, I lick and kiss her buttocks again for some time.

After kissing her body from head to toe for the third time, I crawl over her. Then I lick her cunt and suck her engorged nipples to rebuild the heat waves into her loins.

While kissing her on the mouth, I push her thighs apart. She reaches down to stroke my hard-rock shaft and guide it to her entry. She hisses as my bulbous tip presses on her sensitive petals. I know they have been lubricated enough to allow my hardened cock slide into her.

I dive into her and move up to make a second thrust. At first I keep my weapon sunk into her and gently slide it out. I don’t have to move out my tip completely as I make the third thrust. I slide out and thrust into her, again and again; each time increasing my tempo.

Then I grow violent as I fuck her even harder, increasing my tempo as she screams of her building pleasure. I bite on my lower lip as I swiftly thrust and re-thrust my cock into her honeyed sheath.

Her screams grow louder as she grabs on the blue bed-spread. I raise my tempo to the peak, feeling my glands tighten under the pressure.

And then we are released…Gushes of our juices ooze out and get mixed into her love tunnel at the same time. We scream out our orgasm as I press my groins hard against her hips.

For some time I lie atop her. Her legs are parted wide around my narrow hips and our genitals are still merged together. We kiss and re-kiss gently. Then I slide down to lie beside her and we stroke each other in a hug before falling into a deep slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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