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“What are you doing?” Saoirse’s text message read.

Neil was slouched on the sofa scrolling through his phone, not watching the cooking show on the TV in the background.

“Baking a cake with Paul Hollywood.” he replied, smirking as he typed.

“That’s a sandwich I’d like to be the filling in????” she sent back.

“Thank you for your interest in this position. However, Paul & I are mutually exclusive??” Neil replied. He heard her laughing from the next room as soon as the 2 blue ticks appeared on the message.

“Come up and see me, make me smiiiiiiiiiile. Please.??” Saoirse replied. She heard him opening the living room door and walking along the hall.

“I thought you were luxuriating in the bath!” he said as he opened the bedroom door and walked over to the bed.

“I was and now I’m lying here nice and relaxed, thinking about you and Paul Hollywood.” she said as she lay on the bed wrapped in her towel. “Fancy a cuddle fuck?” she asked coyly, reaching out her hand to his where he stood beside the bed.

He grinned and raised his eyebrows at her, gripping her fingers in his. She smiled and raised her eyebrows back at him. He laughed quietly, sitting down on the bed and kissing her hand. “Hmm thinking about a threesome?” he asked. She shrugged and pouted. He ran his left hand up her leg, unwrapping her towel and she stretched her body as he stroked up her stomach, over her breasts, round her neck and caressed her cheek. “You are gorgeous!” he said in his low voice as he leaned down and kissed her lips in slow, gentle kisses. His hand was warm and she sighed and moaned gently, pulling his torso towards her as she snaked her arms up his back. Neil teased his tongue into her mouth and kissed her more passionately. He stroked his hand back down her body, around her hip and down onto her pussy as she parted her thighs. She gasped into his mouth and stroked her hands up into his curly hair when she felt his fingers gently teasing her pussy and, feeling how wet she was, he moaned with her. “I’d better catch up with you.” Neil said softly, standing up to pull his t-shirt off over his head.

Saoirse reached up and undid his jeans while his arms were still in the air. He exhaled sharply as she sat up and pulled down his jeans and pants urgently, sliding the tip of his semi hard cock into her mouth and teasing it with her tongue. He threw his t-shirt on the floor, stepped out of his clothes and caressed her hair, her neck, her back, her shoulders and her face as she looked him in the eye and gently sucked his cock. “Oooh!” he exhaled and groaned in a low rumble as he watched her working on his now rock hard cock. “Mmm yeah!” She stroked her hands up his firm thighs, across his hips and over his ass cheeks, squeezing them as she took more of his cock into her mouth. He reached down to squeeze her soft, warm breasts with his right hand, gently running his thumb over her nipples. He groaned and tilted his head back as she moved her hands between his legs to stroke from his ass round to his balls, rolling them gently in her fingertips while she continued teasing his frenulum with her tongue in soft, flat strokes.

Neil started caressing her back, down to her ass and round to her hips. He reached down to guide her mouth away from his cock, kissing her slowly on the lips and stroking her back. Then he lay her down on her stomach across the bed as he kissed and caressed her neck, back, ass and legs. “Lift up on your knees.” he directed as he lifted her ass up and she relaxed her shoulders down on the bed. She groaned and sighed, looking back at him and wobbling slightly as he positioned himself behind her and kissed her ass cheeks. “Alright?” he asked halkalı escort her softly as he met her gaze.

She giggled and nodded slightly. “Mm hmm. The anticipation makes me giddy.” she replied, reaching her hand back to grasp his briefly. He spread her ass and pussy and gently started licking her from behind. Saoirse gasped and sighed, leaning forward on her elbows as Neil slowly lapped at her pussy and up round her asshole. She breathed in long moans with the build up of pressure in her pelvis against his tongue. “Ohh that feels so good!” she whispered. Neil continued licking her at the same speed and pressure while she moaned softly. “I could lie here all night.” she sighed. Neil moaned in agreement with his mouth around her pussy.

Neil slowed and kissed her thighs and ass before sitting up on his knees. “Relax.” he whispered, gently pushing her back down on the bed on her stomach. He lay on top of her, their skin in contact from his front to her back, and kissed and caressed her softly. His hard cock was neatly nestled against her ass.

“I love feeling you against me.” she whispered, reaching her hand round to stroke his face and grasp his hand. “Your skin is so warm.” she murmured.

He kissed her neck gently. “Your skin is so soft,” he whispered, laughing quietly. “and you always smell good.” he said before playfully nibbling her neck. “Good enough to eat.” She giggled then she squealed and squirmed as he tickled her sides. “I love doing that to you.” Neil said, laughing heartily. Saoirse giggled and tried to catch her breath. He kissed down her back and then sat up with his left knee to the left of her ass and stood his right foot on the floor as he lifted her ass up and guided his cock down, rubbing it between her pussy lips and then slowly slid the tip of his cock inside her wet pussy. He exhaled and let out a slight groan. Saoirse moaned quietly and reached back to grasp his knee. He eased the rest of his cock inside her slowly, further with each thrust and lifted his right foot off the floor to straddle her with his knees on either side of her ass and gently pushed her body back down on the bed.

Saoirse sighed a breathy moan and shuddered. “Oh my God.” Neil lay his torso down on her back again and rocked his hips. Saoirse reached her hand back searching for his and Neil grasped her hand and held their fingers entwined on the bed as he fucked her slowly and kissed her back, shoulders and neck. “Mmmm,” moaned Saoirse. “That feels good.” Neil breathed out heavily and groaned as he leaned on his arms and thrust faster. Saoirse panted against him. “Can we change?” she asked.

Neil stopped and lowered onto his elbows, catching his breath. “Yeah, are you uncomfortable?” he asked, leaning down to look in her eyes.

She smiled at him and kissed him. “No, I want to see your face.” she said. “Let me turn over.”

Neil sat back, pulled out of her and sat up on his knees, helping her turn on to her back. Saoirse bent her knees up and reached down, grasping Neil’s cock and guiding him back inside her. Neil leaned down and kissed her before sitting back on his knees, lifting her right leg up against his chest and thrusting steadily into her. “That’s better,” Saoirse said “Now I can watch you when you cum.” she smiled a coquettish grin. Neil stopped, sighed heavily and dropped his head, pursing his lips to hide a shy smile. “What?!” Saoirse asked. “Don’t pretend you’re shy, Neil!” she flirted.

“I can’t concentrate now, you’re making me feel self-conscious!” Neil teased. Saoirse laughed, biting her lip and shaking her head. She stroked her fingers up his chest and olgun escort under his right arm, pulling him down to kiss her. “I know what you mean, I love watching you cum.” he whispered as he thrust firmly into her. She stuck her tongue out at him playfully. He watched her as she rubbed her clit while he fucked her faster and her breathing got heavier, she gasped and moaned and her brow furrowed. She held his torso with her left hand and he kissed her lips, face and neck as she got closer to orgasm. She panted and moaned as the sensations overwhelmed her and her eyes closed, her hips bucked up against him and he felt her pussy gripping his cock in strong contractions.

“Yes. Fuck! Oh yes!” Saoirse moaned as she came. “Oh! OOOHH!” she groaned and gasped. Neil watched her face crease in pleasure.

Neil suddenly stopped, he held his whole body stiff and Saoirse opened her eyes to see his face contorted, eyes scrunched closed and his mouth dropped open. “OH MY GOD!” he gasped, stopping himself.

“Yes, come on. Don’t stop, don’t stop!” Saoirse begged, strong aftershocks still pulsing through her. “Oh yes, you’ve got it!” she moaned, nodding at him and holding his head against hers.

Neil opened his eyes and looked into hers. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed.

“Don’t stop, you were nearly there!” she whispered, stroking his face and kissing his lips and neck as she moved her right leg to sit to the side of his left hip. “Come on.” she whispered. He breathed out a long, slow breath and she ran her hands through his hair, down his back and up his torso. Neil kissed her and sat back on his knees, Saoirse stroked her hands up his thighs as he starting fucking her again. “Mmmm yeah, that’s it.” she groaned. “Cum for me.” she murmured. Neil groaned and his breathing staggered as he edged closer again.

He reached for her left hand, holding her by the wrist and she grasped his right hip. “I’m gonna cum.” he groaned, looking her in the eye with his face starting to frown. She nodded and moaned in encouragement. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum.” he moaned louder, urgently and immediately he growled and his cock throbbed as he came inside her, his eyes shut and his head dropped forward slightly.

“Yes.” Saoirse whispered, pulling his thighs closer to her body. Neil leaned over her, opening his eyes and licking her neck up to her mouth and kissing her. He rested his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes as they both got their breath back. “Well?” Saoirse asked, smiling at him. His cock still pulsed slightly inside her. Neil laughed, smiling wide, closing his eyes and nodding. Saoirse kissed his lips, his forehead and ran her fingers through his curly hair. He opened his eyes and kissed her then sat up, pulling out of her and lay down beside her on the bed with his arms folded behind his head.

They lay in silence for a few minutes, the only sound was the gasping from them recovering their breathing. Saoirse turned onto her side to face him and Neil moved to slide his arm around her but stopped, smelling his armpit. “Eugh fuck I need a shower!” he said. Saoirse moved closer to him, putting her nose in his armpit and inhaling. Neil made a face at her.

“I love the way you smell, it makes me want you even more.” she said quietly, smiling. She leaned in and licked his armpit. “It’s your pheromones!” she said, laughing at Neil’s horrified facial expression.

“Seriously Saoirse, you’re on a list somewhere for that carry on!” Neil said, laughing and shaking his head. He stretched his arm out, wrapping it round her and pulling her over to rest her head şişli escort on his shoulder.

“You like the way I smell too!” Saoirse said defensively, looking at him and stroking her left arm across his chest.

“Yeah but I don’t want to lick your armpits!” he exclaimed, chuckling.

“What’s so bad about my armpits?! You’ve licked everywhere else on my body!” she said, nudging him.

“Touché!” Neil said, laughing heartily. Saoirse giggled and tickled his right armpit.

“We haven’t talked about fantasies for a while, have we?” Saoirse asked.

“No but if you’re suggesting an armpit licking threesome with Paul Hollywood, I’m out!” Neil said, raising his eyebrows at her.

Saoirse laughed. “Damn!” she said playfully. Neil smiled and leaned over to kiss her forehead.

“What’re you thinking?” Neil asked, looking at her and stroking her back reassuringly.

“Butt plugs. And other general ass stuff.” Saoirse said, looking down and gently slapping her left buttock.

“For you or me?” he asked.

Saoirse looked at him, surprised. “Oh… well I was thinking for me but…” she said, hesitantly.

“Ha! That’s thrown you!” Neil chuckled. “Only joking, yeah I’m down.” Neil said, smiling at her. Saoirse looked happily surprised. “Show me your phone, I bet your online basket is already full of ass toys!” he said. Saoirse opened her mouth to dispute it but instead grimaced a smile and nodded. Neil burst out laughing then leaned in to kiss her. “Right so how do you imagine this playing out?” he asked softly, looking at her.

“I want you to fuck me, cum inside me and then lick me out, while I’m wearing a butt plug.” she said, matter-of-factly, looking at him.

“Ohhhh that is… very specific.” he said, in a low groan, narrowing his eyes as he thought about it.

“I mean you gotta be OK with tasting your own cum obviously cos the rest of that you have no issue with since you’re down with the butt plug idea.” she said, almost trying to convince him even though it wasn’t necessary.

He nodded. “Well I kiss you after I’ve blown my load in your mouth so…” he shrugged. “What if I wore a butt plug while all this was happening?” he asked.

“Oooh!” she smiled with her eyes wide. “Hmm that’s kinda hot.” she giggled.

“Yeah I’m not actually sure I want to have one at all, I just wanted to gauge your reaction.” he said. “Apart from that, I hope for your sake you like it. Still no threesome on your list yet?” he asked, kind of hoping the answer might’ve changed to ‘maybe’.

“Well… I’m not saying never,” Saoirse started. Neil looked at her wide-eyed. “but I’m still not comfortable with any part of it.” she continued. Neil tried to hide the disappointment on his face. “Although maybe the butt plug would be a bit of an introduction… like the silent 3rd person?” she concluded.

Neil nodded. “Some other butt fun sounds good.” he said. “I’m not pushing the threesome. To be honest if you agreed to it then the reality of it would be far scarier than my idea of it and my brain would implode.” he said.

“Uh huh, same.” Saoirse said. “What about pegging?” she asked. Neil didn’t react. “No?” Saoirse asked. He still said nothing. “Silence?!” Saoirse said.

“What? No, I’m thinking.” Neil said quietly. “I’ll think about the butt plug for me for a while.” he said reservedly, leaning down to kiss her.

“Sure, no pressure obviously.” she said, nodding, shrugging and smiling. He squeezed her in his arm. “Have you nothing to counter with?” she asked, eyes wide.

Neil lay looking at the ceiling, he moved his right arm from behind his head and stroked his beard. “Hmm? I’m still reeling from this. As usual, you’ve given me food for thought.” he said, giving her a knowing smile. He wrapped both his arms around her and pulled her against him. “Now, we’ve had the fuck so where is the cuddle?!” he asked, jokingly. Saoirse threw her left leg across his and lay over his chest, stretching her arm across and up to his right shoulder. “That’s better!” Neil said. “It’s always better when you’ve draped yourself across me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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