Familiar Whispers

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Raven was heading home for the evening, her mind occupied with tons of things that all lead back to one Whispers. Mr. R.J. Whispers, President of her division. Raven thought to herself, he seems so familiar. But that was not why he stayed on her mind, Whispers as Raven called him transferred to her department four months ago and from the first day she met him Raven could not wait to get home to masturbate with him as the main character in her fantasy.

Today Raven just could not seem to wait until she arrived home. Her mind began to race before she made it out of the parking lot. Raven thought about it she did not have to wait when she had a perfectly private office her disposal. With that thought she made a beeline from her car to the lobby elevators. Once in her office in behind closed doors she could not keep still her hands were all over her nipples, gentle pinching and pulling wishing to herself that those hands belonged to Whispers. She moved a hand down below discovering just how much her body craved that man. And again her mind filled with fantasies of Whispers.

Whispers stood roughly 6 ft tall, he was the most perfect shade of cream with just the right amount of coffee in it. He had a sexy, raspy voice that in Raven’s opinion commanded attention. It was the kind of voice that made you wonder what it was like to have him whispering sexy innuendoes in your ear while in a crowed room. He had the sexist gray eyes, and a devilish smile. Damn, Raven C R A V E D this man.

Raven knew Whispers was the kind of man that women chose to be stupid for. (Ladies you know that type of man…we’ve all had one.) Whispers, was they type of man that you did not bring you heart out to play with. A woman elmadağ escort who could/and did have any and everything would be willing to let it all fall by the waste side, willing to risk it all for a man like whispers. Even if it were only for one night she knew he would be worth it. (Some of us ladies, are now smiling cause we are remembering that man in our lives and then some of us are not… but anyway let me get on with my story.) Men like Whispers were and are a part of every woman’s fantasy weather she admits it or not…But he was more than just a part of her fantasy he WAS her fantasy.

Every time she heard the sound of his voice or someone mentioned his name, she was through. If he brushed past her in the hall, or just came into view, she was though. And Oh God, every morning when he would knock on her door as he past and said “Good Morning Raven” her juices would flow and her panties would be soaked half the morning. Raven had it bad…Ladies wouldn’t you say she was sprung. And gentlemen, you all are thinking if only he knew, Raven fingering herself while deep in fantasy…

…Whispers enters my office and takes me into his arms, caressing me, telling me, mmmm that voice, telling me how much I am going to enjoy the things he has in store for me, the things he has in store for my body. Oh the thing we are going to do to each other. He slowly undresses me, taking his time like he is savory every inch of me. Taking his time making me shiver with anticipation. Raven has finger her way through her third orgasm and is so into to it she is calling his name soft and low over and over Whispers, Whispers, who unknown to Raven is passing her office at that exact moment esenyurt escort on his way home. Hearing his name the first time he pauses and looks behind him, then he realizes it is coming from Raven’s office.

He slowly opens the door to find Raven with her back to him her tilted back sitting on her desk with one leg propped up in the throws of a wild self induced orgasm. He smiles to himself waiting for the end result.

But Raven was far from done. Not realizing she had company she reached down into her purse and pulled out what she likes to call her lifesaver. She slides it in her mouth and begins to nurse it not for moisture but for the sheer pleasure of having something to suck on.

As she does this Whispers decides it is wither now or never to make his move. So he makes his way behind her between the desk and the chair and slides his hands under her blouse and her bra at the same time. He leans in and whispers in her may I, and the sound of his voice alone sends her over the edge. He turns her around sits in the chair in facing her between her legs watching her fingering her now dripping slit. He takes her hand away and brings it to his mouth, tasting her juices, he scoots closer and places his tongue in her. Raven lays back to give him better access and he continues to saver her sweet cum as it continues to flow from her like syrup. Just as sticky and as sweet.

Raven is begging him please stop please Whispers, please please, I I I can’t oh please Raven tries desperately begging him plea plea, please, orgasm after orgasm hit in wave after wave. While completely taking her over the edge Whispers is freeing his self because he wants her, hell he needs etiler anal yapan escort her and he needs her now. He takes his tongue away from her dripping pussy licking his lips he leans over her and begins to rub him self around her pussy lip she begins to cum again and when she reaches the peak of this orgasm Whispers gives himself to her in one thrust.

He slowly begins stroking her letting Raven flow all over him. Raven is so consumed by the pleasure he is giving her tears flow from her eyes. Now he is taking her deep he pulls all 8 1/2 inches out right to the head and then all the way back in. To places Raven did not realize a man could take her. Whispers is almost on the desk with her is so far inside of her. And Raven is loving every minute and every inch of it. Whisper knows he can’t take much more of this, he eases out of her and stands her up or rather he has to hold her up because Raven is far to weak to stand. He lays down on the desk and she climbs up and straddles him.

In one stroke she has impaled herself on him and he is deep very deep and but she is taking him taking, all of him as deep as she can get him and no she is riding like she may never get a chance to ride this dick again. Whispers, begins to thrust up getting even deeper which causes that familiar stirring in his in his balls. And again tears flow from Ravens eyes she is now crazed rocking, grinding and bouncing her self fast and hard when she begins to shiver Whispers wants to make this last until Raven comes knowing that when she comes she will probably pass out from shear exhaustion.

With tears streaming downing her face she mouths, she is cumming it is so intense she can make no sound and Whispers lets go spraying her walls there is so much cum it is running down his balls and pooling on her desk. With all she has left she leans forward on his chest trying to rest her where Whispers holds he in he arms were the both drift to sleep right there on her desk. The head of his penis still nestled inside of her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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