Extra Credit

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My life was pretty boring. I was 22, in college, but was experiencing the “muted” version of life. I didn’t drink, i didn’t party, didn’t have sex, didn’t stay out late. And to be honest, i liked this life. I still do. It’s very good for me.

But my life got interesting about the time I started my fourth year of college. I was starting all my new classes and had been to all of them except my Friday evening class, Psychology 1A. I had English, math, etc. And all of my teachers were pretty boring. I had about 3 balding guys in their late 50s, one lady who looked about 30 and wouldn’t have been so bad except that she had a totally unbearable voice. Anyway, I went to psychology, and as soon as I walk in, I sit down in an empty seat, and there’s another leaning against the desk next to mine, He was an absolutely gorgeous guy. About 26, 27, long black hair and a winning smile.

“Rough day?” He asked.

“How’d You Guess?”

“It’s in your eyes. You look tired. And that’s a bad sign in the first week of class.” He said compassionately.

“Oh, just a bunch of unbearable teachers. And knowing my luck this guy won’t be much better.”

“I understand that. My Name’s Jason.”

“Hi, I’m Amy.” He was flirting with me, I could feel it.

“Anyway Amy, class is about to start. Good Luck.” And he started to walk away.

“Thanks! You too!” And then he proceeded to walk to his desk. Not one of the desks beside or next behind mine, but in the front of the room, facing the students. He wrote his name on the board. Jason Stillman. I was shocked. Had my Psych teacher been flirting with me? I was totally taken aback. As a matter of fact, I pondered this so long that I missed half of his opening lecture! And this was not a one time issue.

Over the course of the semester, he would give me coy looks, shooting me a somewhat inviting glance, or dropping a small hint in my direction verbally that he was attracted to me. I couldn’t understand it! And it sure wasn’t helping me pass Psych class.

Anyway, I ended up testing my theory that my Teacher did, in fact, have interest in me. I wore my most revealing shirt to class one day. I sat in the front, and didn’t take off my jacket until he was standing at the head of the class. This way, only he would be able to see my little peep show. I was wearing a black lace bra, and a fairly transparent, very low cut shirt over it. Because of the angle, i don’t think anyone could see what i saw then, but there was a bulge in Jason’s pants the size of a baseball. It was official, This man wanted me. And just my luck, He wasn’t so bad himself. What i failed to remember was that today was the final! I failed miserably, having not studied. I was totally freaked. Then i had an idea. I had heard that some teachers would exchange sexual favors for higher grades. Normally i wouldn’t have even CONSIDERED this, except that i expected it to work because of Jason’s obvious attraction to me. Obviously şişhane escort this was highly illegal, but it was his fault I wasn’t paying attention, So I didn’t really feel bad about using unique methods to raise my academic standing, since I had already raised Mr. Stillman. So after class, i took a long time packing up until i was the last one in the room. As i was leaving, instead of walking out the door, I Slammed it, and in surprise, Mr. Stillman turned around. What he saw was me. Transparent Shirt, Black lace bra, long brunette hair, black leather skirt, staring him down.

“Mr. Stillman, I have to admit, I’m doing fairly poor in your class. I just get so distracted.” After getting over the initial shock, he loosened up.

“Distracted by what, Amy?”

“Well, that bulge in your pants for one.” It totally shocked him, and he tryed to cover it casually.

“Amy, I…”

“Jason, I need a little extra credit. I.. um… i’ve heard about teachers that offer extra credit for… extra curricular activities…” i said nervously.

“Amy, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can do what you’re asking me to do…”

It was now or never.

“You don’t have to do anything. That’s my job.” And I dropped my shirt. I felt a slight tingle run down my spine as the fabric of my shirt ran across the surface of my hard breasts The bulge in Mr. Stillman’s pants was larger than it had ever been before. It seemed like it was about to burst his zipper. He started to say something, but I kissed him quickly and pushed him against his desk, sitting down on his lap. I detached my lips.

“Jason, just let me plead my case for a while.” And i kissed him again before he could say anything. I was afraid to stop kissing him, because it would allow him to protest. But i couldn’t do very much with my mouth attached to his. I was so nervous. My hands were shaking on his back, and my lips were trembling against his. But at the same time, there was a distinctive wet spot between my legs, growing, flowing from me. I decided to get risky. I slowly detached my lips in hope that he wouldn’t say anything. He didn’t.

I started to unbutton his shirt, very slowly, never moving my eyes away from his. I stared deeply into his soul. He was aroused, I could tell from his crotch, but he was also afraid. When I Finished unbuttoning his shirt, I took his trembling hands in mine and lead them around to my back. I slowly led his hands until he had unclasped my bra. It fell silently to the ground. My full breasts were now open and available to him, but i could see in his eyes a struggle between looking my in the eyes and checking out my tits. I slowly moved his hands to my front and put his hands on my so that they were cupping my breasts. A shiver went up my spine again as the wet spot on my legs began to grow. I kissed him again, and pressed my bare chest against his. He moved his hands instinctually to my back and then, for the şişli anal yapan escort first time so far, kissed me back. I Smiled and let out a small laugh, then slowly lowered to my knees, once again never taking my eyes off of his.

For the first time i looked away, as I focused my attention on that monster in his pants begging to get out. I slowly unzipped his pants, and as soon as i was done, the button on his boxers came immediately undone and a giant ten inch cock came flying at me and smacked me in the face. I laughed again and started to lick the head, teasing him a little. He started to make small noises as he took sharp intakes of breath. I stuck his whole head in my mouth and started sliding my tongue all over his hard cock. He was so hard, and i was having so much fun I almost forgot i was dreading this. I pushed off everything on his desk and laid him down. He started to talk again, so, not knowing what else to do, I slapped him hard across the face. He seemed shocked as I laid down on him, and stuck his cock back in my mouth, this time getting as much of the behemoth in my mouth as I could. I could feel his chest heaving under me.

Suddenly i felt a poke from behind. And then another. Finally I realized what it was. Jason had apparently discovered that i was not wearing any underwear. He was poking his tongue all along my clit. I started breathing sharply, as I sucked him harder. His tongue was licking all up and down my wet pussy, periodically sliding in and out of my vagina. I grabbed his solid cock with my hand and started jacking him off, still with my mouth around his head. He placed what felt like two fingers inside of my wet hole, and started moving them around in circles as he continued to lick up the juice flowing from my throbbing cunt.

We stayed like that for at least 20 minutes. Me jacking his shaft firmly with my hand while teasing his pulsating head with my tongue and lips. He, fingering me relentlessly while exploring every part of my pussy with his mouth. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and I started rubbing my cunt in his face, he just kept licking and licking until eventually i came all over him. My juices must have been all over his face and chin. As soon as i came, he shoved his massive cock, all of it, into my mouth. At first i thought i was going to vomit or choke. Maybe both, but after a few seconds, i realized just how much of this stud i had inside my mouth. Pulled off of his cock and then went back down on him a few times, each time running my tongue along his throbbing shaft.

But this wasn’t enough. I stopped, and got off of him, much to his disappointment. I started to walk away, and i could here him trying to muster up the words to get me to stay. I walked over to the door, but instead of leaving, i slid the bolt over, locking it. I started to walk back, swaying my hips, and, on the way, dropping my skirt. His cock got even perkier şişli bdsm escort than it had been! I grabbed him by the pants and stood him up, then quickly pulled them down to his ankles. I pushed myself against him, his cock was now rubbing gently against my pussy. I had juices flowing all down both of my legs! Then i pushed off and bent myself over his desk.

“I want you to put that monster inside of my cunt right now. I want you to put it ALL in there, and i want you to fuck me until you cum. Maybe then that little guy will settle down.” And he did. He slid the entire thing in immediately. I grabbed onto the desk, clenching my teeth. He wasn’t going to tease me at all. I had all ten inches of Jason Stillman inside of my wet, 22 year old pussy. He started to thrust. My Breasts hurt from being pressed against the desk so hard. But i wouldn’t let him stop he just kept slamming his cock again and again into me. I lost count of him many times he fucked me, or how many times i came.

I was practically starting to lose consciousness, when he abruptly stopped. I turned around.

“Why did you?” And then he pushed me down. I was now sitting against the desk, my bare ass on the cold linoleum floor, my throbbing cunt flowing even more of my juices onto the floor, as i was staring at Jason’ massive cock. He was jacking himself off. I was totally confused. He just kept pumping that cock of his, his eyes closed and head back.

“Finger.. for me..” He moaned. I did. I started to rub my own pussy, then stick my fingers inside of myself. I couldn’t believe how wet my hand was getting. Suddenly, as Jason was watching me pleasure myself on the floor his classroom, I was drenched in warm, sticky, cum. He came all over my face. I was dripping. There was cum in my eyes, dripping from my nose and chin. I tried to lick it up, but he pushed his cock into my mouth and i swallowed the remaining cream. I licked his cock clean and he pulled out. He Pulled up his pants and instructed me to do the same. I put on my skirt and started to follow him, but he threw me my bra and shirt. I got the idea. As I got dressed, he started grading papers at his desk, his shirt still unbuttoned. I couldn’t believe this guy! Maybe this was his plan all along. Oh, this ass-hole really had a lot of nerve. As i started walking out of the room, i passed him on the way to the door, and he kissed me. Just a peck on the cheek, but enough to let me know he understood.

“Thank you” he whispered into my ear. And I left.

I went to class the next week, dressing particularly conservative, but Jason was no where to be seen. It was the last day, and the class was just supposed to relax and mingle as the substitute called us up to get our grades.

“Amy O’Neil?”

I headed up to the front of the class to get my grade. “Ms. O’Neil, I’m afraid to say you received an ‘F’ this term on your academic work.” I has struck. Maybe he didn’t understand. I Just couldn’t fathom why he would have let me… “But… that grade balances out with your other ones to give you a ‘B’ for the semester.”

Other ones? “What do you mean other ones?” I was totally confused.

“Mr. Stillman gave you an ‘F’ academically, but you received A’s in both Participation and… technique…”

The End

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