Exploring New Depths: Together

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She stood there, naked in the moonlight that shone in through the window. He breathed deeply and took her hand, drawing her down next to him. She sighed and smiled as she moved into her arms.

He drew her to him, kissing her deeply, and making the breath catch in her throat as he did. She kissed him back, feeling his tongue snake between her lips.

As he kissed her his hands moved across her body, gently cupping her breasts. He moved and she felt his hot breath against the side of her neck. Involuntarily she arched away from him, opening the side of her neck to his kiss.

He gently kissed her neck, along the line of her chin and then down onto her chest. All the time stroking his hands over every inch of her body.

He kissed down to her left nipple and took it gently into his mouth. A slight gasp left her lips as he flicked his tongue across the tip and then gently sucked at the nipple. He kissed his way across to her other nipple and repeated his actions.

Kissing his way back up to her mouth he pulled her in closely, and kissed her more vigorously, his hands still stroking her all over. She could feel herself becoming wet and her vagina ached for his touch.

As he gently stroked his hand up her thigh, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she could hear his breath catching in his throat and hers did the same as he carefully parted the lips of her vagina. His fingers found her clit and began to make small circling motions, she began to moan. He bent forwards and sucked her right nipple whilst continuing to play with her. She couldn’t believe how much this man turned her on.

She was so wet already his fingers were slipping around her cunt. The next moment one of his fingers slipped inside her, she could feel him moving around in there. She was so turned on he could slip a second finger in, and then a third and she just moaned louder. He twisted his wrist and began to move in and out of her, all the while still sucking at her breasts. She gave herself up as he made her cum for the first time. She could tell that feeling her cum really got him going too.

He made a slight movement with his hand and all of a sudden he had four fingers inside her and his thumb was playing with her clit, she came again, this time a gush of fluid came from inside her and he growled in anticipation. The feeling changed as he slid a finger out of her vagina and gently massaged her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ass. Stroking that unexplored hole.

She was so wet now that he could slip ever so slightly inside her ass with his finger. All the time still playing with her cunt her gently slid a finger inside her ass, she came so hard she almost screamed!

He gave her a moment and then slipped a second finger out of her cunt and straight up her ass, she couldn’t believe how this felt and how much she loved the feeling. She reached up and pulled him down to her, kissing him so hard that he knew how much she wanted him.

“Fuck me!” she begged. He needed no second asking, he was so hard and big now and as he slid deep into her cunt she felt her muscles tense again as he completely filled her with him. They began to move faster and faster together and then she came again, soaking them both with her cum, she was so very wet now and so turned on that he kept slipping out of her.

“Lie on your side,” he whispered in her ear. She turned and he snuggled in behind her, she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck and the hairs on his chest brushed against her spine sending shivers throughout her body.

Then she felt güvenilir bahis şirketleri a new pressure, something she had never felt before. A pressure that gently parted her asshole, easing it’s way into her. She felt her body relax as just the tip penetrated.

He stopped a few seconds and the pressure stop then came back again as he gently teased his way back in, she moaned and twisted under him as he gently, ever so gently moved himself inside.

Creeping forwards inch by inch, she concentrated on trying to relax her muscles, and then he was all the way in, filling her ass. She couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt, so full and warm and wet, she began to push back against him, and he began to push into her. They were locked together, neither of them could quite believe how good this felt. He pushed her right shoulder gently and she turned onto her front, with him still buried deep inside her ass. The movement drove him deeper and an animalistic growl escaped her lips.

“I want to feel you come up my ass!” she breathed. She heard his breathing increasing as the words registered in his head. He thrust into her harder and harder, faster and faster, until, with a groan, she felt him relax as his hot cum gushed up her ass, and they both came together.

She felt him becoming soft inside her and then he gently slid out and onto the bed next to her. She turned and smiled and nestled into his side. Worn out they were asleep in seconds, both knowing that whilst this was the first time, it would not be the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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