Expanding Horizons Ch. 04

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After taking a shower to clean my cum from her hair, Hazel came to bed and cozied up next to me. She started with “What are we going to do about Vickie?”

“What do you mean?”

“It is great that she is now open but I’m afraid that she is going to stay locked up in that house as much as she has been. We need to do something about her awakening so it doesn’t regress.”

“What are you thinking?”

“We need to find someone for her to share her life with?”

“Match maker? I don’t know about that. I mean she has to want to share her life with them.”

“I know…But what if we can find someone that can seduce her and sort of make her realize that she shouldn’t be alone. Do you know anyone like that?”

“All the guys I know that have that much game, I wouldn’t trust her with them. They would use her and give her I don’t know how many diseases.”

“I figured as much but was hoping.”

Something popped in my head and I excitedly said, “What if we open the boundaries some?”

“What like a three way? I don’t think…”

“I could never share you. What I meant was what if we found a woman..”

“She’s not a lesbian.”

“She might not be but she said she wants to try sex acts but can’t imagine another man. I think that we are limited in our options.”

“Fine, who are you thinking of?”


“That stripper, I don’t think that Vickie would ever go for that.”

“You must not be remembering that night correctly. Don’t you recall what you did?”

“I’ve been telling myself that part of the night was just a bad dream. How do you think that you can get a hold of her, go to the club?”

“No, I have her number and before you react, she wanted to go home with us. I wasn’t trying to get her number.”

“Fine, when do you think that we can go forward. Should probably strike while Vickie is still in her fog.”

“I’ll see what Candy’s schedule is tomorrow.”

“It feels like you had already planned this out?”


Sunday morning I left the following voicemail for Candy. “Candy, it’s Bob from the club on Friday night and I might have some tempting fresh meat for you. Give me a call.”

About an hour later she calls me back and starts with, “Are you finally going to let your wife taste me?”

“No, but I have someone else that might interest you.”

“I’m not interested. Just lose my number.”

“Before you rush to judgement, I’m sending you a pic..”

“Where did this come from?”

“I took it after she finished playing with herself watching Hazel on a sybian.”

“You guys are kinky. OK, I’ll play. Tell me about her.”

“Widow. No kids. Works out daily. Just had a sexual awakening after the death of her husband. Likes to watch and be watched. Doesn’t know that we are talking about this so you can really seduce her.”

“How do you know my type so well?”

“I’ve always had a knack for reading people. So are you game?”

“Why not.”

“What day works for you and any request for dinner?”

“Thursday is best and I haven’t had swordfish in a while. Work for you?”

“Sounds like a plan. White wine goes best with swordfish, how does a Riesling sound? Any other requests?”

“You realize what that fish costs?”

“About $35 per fillet for fresh.”


“Remember what I told you, when you come to our house you are our guest. We take care of our guests. And try to get a piece of pussy for our friends. So 5:00 on Thursday?”

“Sure thing friend.”

About an hour later Hazel returned home. “Invite Vickie over for dinner on Thursday night at 5:30. Tell her we have a new recipe for swordfish that we want to try.”

“Candy is going along with it? How does she know if Vickie is her type?”

“I described her and sent her this pic.” and showed my phone to her.

“When did you take that? Delete that this instant. I knew you were already planning something.”

“I hadn’t been planning anything until I took the pic. You can delete it if you want to but I’ve already saved it to the cloud. I have Candy coming at 5 so if we sense anything we can cancel with Vickie.”

“I hope that nothing goes wrong.”

Thursday afternoon both of us stopped working early to get ready. I picked up the fresh fish from the market along with fresh veggies for some kabobs. Hazel went past the bakery for desert and a couple of bottles of white to get Vickie in the right mindset.

I was getting everything ready and the doorbell rang a few minutes after 5:00, “Hazel can you get that?”

“Sure thing”, I heard the door open and “So good to see you again Candy.”

The door closed and they started walking towards the kitchen as they reached me Candy said “Candy is for the club but my friends call me Candice.”

Me, “We are glad to welcome you into our house Candice.”

Hazel, “Would you like something to drink? Bob, why are there five fillets, there are only four people coming?”

Me, “Well I figured that Vickie might be uncomfortable if it was only us and Candy… sorry, Candice, but if we tell her that her ‘boyfriend’ had to back out at the last minute it wouldn’t raise beylikdüzü escort any sort of suspicion.”

Hazel getting to the point, “She is a sweet old lady that we love and don’t want to see her miserable for a second longer than she has been. But we think she needs some help to push her along some. Please, don’t hurt her.”

Candy, “I always let my prey think they have the upper hand but know to not crush them. You were the only one that was able to get the upper hand on me.”

Hazel blushed at this and was about to say something but the doorbell rang, “Vickie is early, what are we going to do about her story.”

Me, “Simple, she just started at my company and we are welcoming her and her boyfriend. We can go from there, just simple.” They both agreed and Hazel went to the door. “This will be fun and you will love her.”

Candy, “I’m sure it will be but if not I’ve made friends and those are hard to come by.” as she was walking around looking at everything.

As Hazel and Vickie returned to the kitchen Hazel said “It won’t be just us, there will be a couple from Bob’s work here.” It seemed like a sad look came across Vickie’s face for a second but she hid it well. “Where did Candice go?”

“I’m here, what can you tell me about this painting? Where are my manners? Hi, I’m Candice and you are?”

Me, “Victoria, she is one of our longest friends from the neighborhood.”

Vickie shot me an evil look and said, “Vickie is what my friends call me. Only he calls me that.”

Candy, “Well I hope that we can be friends too. But I so like the name Victoria.”

“Vickie, “I hope we can be friends too. I’ll give you permission to call me Victoria.”

Candy, “Bob, what can you tell me about the painting? Is it an original? Where did you get it from?”

Hazel, “It’s an original. We got it last year from a new studio in town. The artist just started.”

Candy, “Bob, I hate to tell you but the artist wants to do unspeakable things to you.”

Me, “I told you so Hazel.”

Hazel, “What do you mean? How can you tell?”

Candy, “There are a ton of things. The brush strokes, the color pallet, and the way everything flows. I’m guessing that he started over here, look at the smooth strokes. He was thinking about you, the build was slow. Look here as the paint gets thicker and the strokes become more passionate. He was fully excited. Now look at the anger over here. Everything is thrown together. He realized that his fantasy is coming to an end and he would only see you once more when you paid him for his services. That is all he is worth to you, some money.”

Vickie, “How do you know this?”

Candy, “I have a degree in from Rutgers in Modern Art. Bob’s firm just hired me to dress out buildings.”

Vickie, “Does knowing this make you feel uncomfortable Bob?”

Me, “Should it? Crist, I should have tried to flirt with him some to get a better price.”

Candy, “Victoria, come her and tell me what you see with this other painting.” As Vickie reached her position, she was pulled in tightly. “See anything interesting?”

I could tell that Vickie was trying to figure something out but was distracted and finally said “I wish I knew what I was looking at.”

Candy, “Let me help.” She moved behind Vickie and pulled her hips in tight and put her mouth close to Vickie’s ear. “See these strokes are the same all over the painting. It is missing passion. Very robotic plus the color section isn’t adventurous. Do you see it?”

Vickie could only respond with an “Uh-huh.” She was falling quickly without any booze.

Hazel decided to move it along. “Who would like a glass of wine?”

Me, “Why don’t you go out to the deck and I’ll be out in a couple of seconds to start the grilling?”

Candy, “Where is the powder room?”

Hazel, “Over there,” pointing to the doorway outside of the kitchen. “I’ll have a glass ready for you.”

Both groups went their separate way. As soon as Hazel and Vickie closed the door, Candy came back out.

Me, “Modern Art from Rutgers, that was a nice touch. So what do you think of her?”

Candy, “I really do have a degree in Modern Art. I have bad news, she is beautiful but not my type.”

Me, “What do you mean? She seems to be putty in your hands? I’m just curious, what is wrong with her, not a challenge?”

Candy, “All of that is fine, my issue is she has tasted pussy before. That is what I get off on, spoiling virgins.”

Me, “Excuse me? She hasn’t done that. No!”

Candy, “Yes she has. It is a sense that I’ve already had.”

Me, “It has to be wrong. She hasn’t.”

Hazel walked in, “What is taking so long?”

Me, “Candy thinks that Vickie has tasted pussy before.”

Hazel, “No way.”

Me, “Same thing I said.”

Candy, “Listen you two, it is a sense that I’ve always and she has.”

Me, “Not that I disagree agree with you, but I can’t believe that she has.”

Candy, “I’ll bet you that I’m right. If I’m wrong..”

Hazel, “You will end up having her eat your pussy. You have nothing to lose in this bet.”

Candy, beyoğlu escort “Ahhh, you’re right. I guess that I’ll get to hold it over you two.”

Hazel, “We should probably get out there before she get suspicious.”

Hazel and I walked outside and Candy trailed a few seconds behind us looking at her phone. “Looks like it’s dinner for the four of us, Danny won’t be joining us. Victoria, why don’t you use this place setting next to me. Unless you have an issue with sitting next to me, Victoria?” in a sultry tone.

Vickie, “N.N.No issue.”

We all grabbed glasses and toasted “To Good Friends, New and Old.” Through cooking and dinner we made small talk. Vickie was oddly nervous and was drinking wine. Like last time, we were barely through one glass and Vickie was on number three. As we started desert, I started with the personal stuff. “Candice, what made you decide to get into art as a major? I mean it definitely isn’t an easy path to being much more than a starving artist.”

Vickie, “Bob, how could you ask someone to forgo their passion?”

Candy, “He is right, it wasn’t an easy path but my dad fancied himself an artist and was going to do anything so I could be properly trained after his father refused to allow him to do it.”

Vickie, “Sounds so romantic, to be following ones passion? How was it?”

It was now that Candy realized that she had Vickie in her grasp and decided to pounce. “The classes were fun but my social life wasn’t too good.”

Me, “What do you mean? Rutgers boring?”

Candy, “The campus in general isn’t but the people that I was primarily in class were the problem. The ratio of straight dick to vagina ratio was 1 to 10. The normal classes were much better but I was a million time more mature than the guys that I dealt with in those. Not saying that I didn’t have fun but they were few and far between. And the program that I was in was very competitive so the hours were long perfecting my skills.”

Vickie, “What is your favorite medium?”

Candy, “I like oil, I find that it has the best consistency and can handle passion better than water colors. Plus it allows me to be more creative than photography and sculpture.”

Vickie, “What is your favorite subject? I’d always wished I could paint. I have seen some amazing sun rises I’d love to capture one but never have been able to.”

Candy, “Subject, now it depends on my mood but I’ve always been fond of portraits. While the outdoors are fine, I hate bugs.”

Vickie, “What kind of portraits?”

Candy, “Mainly nudes. I’ve liked it from the first time. I’d be lying if I said that I was professional but I was embarrassed as hell the first time I painted a nude male. We were all second semester sophomores and Bruce looked like he was practically chiseled out of stone. He had perfect muscle tone. And a cock that when soft was 8ish inches long and thick. Rumor among the students was that he was a favorite of Professor Laura Stone and she was fucking him. I spent the entire session painting his torso and head because I was too nervous that everyone would see me staring at his uncut cock. I refused to look down at it but the tension in my body was causing me to get moist. I’m sure his wash board abs and his pecs were adding to it. I wanted to stare at his cock, worship it, but made my eyes not look down at it. I had stopped wearing panties most days and the dress I was wearing was soaking up juices. After the class was over, I didn’t bend over to pick up my bag for fear of everyone seeing my wet spot so I kneeled to get the bag and when my hand hit the stool I could feel the moisture. I grabbed my stuff in a rush and made a beeline for my dorm.”

Hazel, “For a change of clothes?”

Candy, “Nope, I continued to wear that skirt sans panties the rest of my day. I was hopeful that I could get some cock by letting my scent fly. Unfortunately nobody jumped my bones on the walk and I was on my own.”

Hazel, “What did you use, fingers?”

Candy, “Nope, I wanted to be stretched like I would have been from his cock. I used a small hair spray spritz bottle. It hurt a little at first since I had never felt anything so large. Just imagining him using my tight pussy like that brought me to orgasm in like thirty seconds. I just lay in my dorm room with the bottle inside me and tried to catch my breath. No sooner had I come down but my dorm mate Shannon came in. I only had time to pull my blanket up. She asked if I felt fine since I was never in bed during the day and looked flush. I told her I was fine and just took a nap. She told me that she had forgotten something and would be gone in a flash. Well it took longer to find her calculator and about the time that she was telling me bye the bottle fell out and I flinched as the wet bottle slid down my thigh. I had to run from my dorm to make it to class on time. The rest of the day I just thought about the model’s cock and what I wanted to do to it.”

“Shannon and I decided that we were going to go out that night and make a party on campus. She couldn’t find her hair spray and asked to borrow mine. Before I could think about it I said bostancı escort sure. No sooner did she grab it she commented on the smell, it smelled like pussy. I turned beet red and she asked if that is what I was doing earlier. I wanted to crawl under my covers and die. Shannon decided that we would still go out but needed to take a detour before the party. We walked down to the quad and she led the way to the head shop. I had never been in one of those places and didn’t want to go in but she wasn’t having it and drug me in by the hand. I was amazed at the amount of non tobacco paraphernalia that was in there. Shannon told me to pick out the toy of my choice and some lube, it would be an early birthday present. They only had one wiggly life like one in stock. It was slightly smaller than the bottle. It was flesh colored and had a cup on the bottom. We headed back towards the dorms for the party and she told me that we needed to figure out a way to let the other know person know that we wanted to be alone in our dorm. We had decided to turn our floor mat around. This would only be obvious to each other since it was just a design. I told her to give me a few minutes to put the present in our room and I’d be back down. She told me that I had to properly break it in and would be in for the night. Plus I had to wash the hair spray bottle since she didn’t want to smell my pussy that way again. I was dumbfounded as to what she meant as she walked away.”

Vickie, “How did it go?”

Candy, “I was nervous as I started to walk up to the room. The butterflies were flapping away. I’m sure the head shop would have done this if I knew where we were going. My hands were trembling as I opened the door our room. As I sat down on my bed and pulled it out, I could hear my heart beat in my ears. My mouth was dry and it felt like my tongue was swelling up as I started undressing. I was having trouble swallowing. I knew that I had to get this over with and put some lube on the dong and when I reached down to my pussy to spread some lube there I was shocked that my juices were plentiful. My head and cooch were not in agreement. With that I settled down in my bed spread my legs and slowly inserted it. As I pushed it in I realized how much better this was than the spray bottle. I could feel every ridge as it was going in. And the rounded head slowly spread me open. As the balls rested against my ass, it felt really good to be that full.”

“As I slowly extracted it, the ridges gave me the same sensation until the blunter end of the head hit the ring and it caused me to gasp as it was stretched. Once it cleared, my lips, it felt like they were stretching to maintain contact. I continued this slow in and out teasing for I’m not sure how long. I must have shifted my hold because my hand grinded against my clit and I felt electricity shoot out my toes. I needed to orgasm. I picked up the pace with my right hand on the dong and started playing with my clit with the left hand. In a short while I was in orgasmic bliss. I think that orgasm was probably one of the most powerful ones that I had ever had. It just went on and on.”

“After I orgasmed I just laid there and enjoyed the feeling as I regained my breath. I finally pulled it out and as I set it on my dresser it made an odd ‘sploosh’ noise when I set it on my nightstand.”

Vickie, “Crush a bug?”

Candy, “Nope, it was a suction cup end. I just laid there wondering what that would be for and had a naughty thought. I popped it off of night stand, lined it up as best as I could tell and placed it on the leg of my bed. I slid my feet on either side of the post and slid it in. It was slightly higher than it needed to be but the added friction from the angle felt great. This time when I bottomed out the balls pressed against my clit. I think I moaned. It felt totally different not touching my clit with my hand but getting contact on it felt really good. I started slowly thrusting against it. I think that this is what was missing from the last orgasm, the force behind it. While the friction felt great, the feeling of my weight as I pounded against my crotch felt great Almost like a real person using me for their pleasure.”

“It didn’t take too long and I had pushed the bed against the wall and I was able to put my full weight into it. I was starting to imagine Bruce pounding into me. Long strokes where he would just about me all the way out and then ram me. And it wasn’t him doing the work, he was making me worship his cock and do all the work. I don’t know how long I was at it for but I could feel another orgasm approaching and my hands slipped out from under me as I was on a downstroke and my nipples rubbed against the rough carpet in the room and the friction pushed me over the edge. I shouted ‘Fuck YEAHHH ‘ as I impaled myself as the orgasm crested.”

“I came to a short while later lying on the ground and just relished the after glow. I could feel myself cooling off and when I touched my skin I was covered in sweat. No sooner had all this happen but the door to the dorm opened and in walked Shannon complaining that the party was a bust. When she cleared the door she saw a naked sweaty me on the ground and yelled ‘You were supposed to turn the mat!!’ I was done caring and said ‘Shannon this is Lil Bruce, Lil Bruce this is Shannon.’ I couldn’t move my body to see what she was doing but she started laughing. After I could control my muscles, I got up, dressed, thanked her for the present again and told her about Bruce.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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