Ex Has a Surprise

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I ring the bell, the door opens. I’m here to watch Sunday football with my ex, Erica. She’s in town for a long weekend and will be leaving tomorrow morning for NYC. Erica and I dated about 10 years ago. It didn’t work out, but we’re still close and I often fantasize about her. In the couple years after we dated, we had a friends with benefits thing going on. It’s been 8 years since we had sex and I assumed that those days would be permanently gone.

Erica is in a sun dress, which while unusual, isn’t a major thing. She looks amazing. Her shoulders and legs are bare. The dress itself is sheer with a flower pattern. It’s low cut in the front and doesn’t go down all that far at all. She’s barefoot. I breath out instinctually, I feel my balls tighten and a rush of blood into my cock. Erica’s body still turns me on even though we haven’t had sex in almost 10 years. Something inside my body just is never going to turn off. When she’s looking sexy, I can always feel my body on edge. Once again it’s surging.

“Hey!” we both say, and hug. Her body squeezes against me and I feel her breasts. I touch her back. She’s smiling. To me, she’s radiant. I try not to get my hips too close, as I don’t want her to feel the growing bulge.

“Wow, you look great!” I say. This gives me a chance to, in a socially-acceptable kind of way, look her over.

“Thanks,” she says and smiles as she dips her hips. She does look especially hot, this is not normal wear for her. Typically she’s pretty frumpy and doesn’t do a lot to really show herself off. Yet here she is, cleavage bursting, half naked in front of me. “Damn, I want to fuck you,” goes through my head. I try not to betray, on my face, the raw lust inside me.

“I guess I’m a little dressed up. I didn’t bring too many clothes from New York, so I’m kind of short. Plus, I haven’t wore my stuff from here in a while, so I figured why not.”

“Why not indeed” floats through my mind. My semi-hard cock tingles as I continue undressing her with my eyes.

“Hey, before the game, can you help me with a few things upstairs? I want to get the beds made up before I go and it’s way easier with two people” she says.

“Sure. No problem,” I say. We leave the doorway and start to walk up the long, straight stairway to the upstairs. She heads up first. My eyes are immediately drawn to her legs. As she gets higher above me, I get a better and better view. I see her bare thighs as the fabric of her skirt flows with her movements. My brain is on fire, I never thought I’d have such a view. I let her get just a little higher. I get the briefest peek at her panties. “Yes!” I think, “It’s my lucky day!”

We have three beds to make. I continue to ogle her body in secret. The first bed is a single, we make it quickly. The next two are queens. My eyes wonder over her breasts. As she tucks in the blankets, I can get oh so brief looks down her top. I’m even harder now, but am doing a good job hiding it. Inside though, my heart is racing. “I would fuck you so hard.”

We go back downstairs. We crack a few beers and I the thought of her body fades a bit from my mind. We sit across from each other on her couch. We catch up on how we’re doing, what some of spring-time plans are. We’re both quick drinkers and within just a short bit of time, we’ve each had several. I drink a lot, but I’m feeling it. The game comes on and we get distracted with it.

As I get drunk, my eyes begin to wonder over her body again. She looks sweet but sexy. The fact that a beautiful woman is into sports is a turn on. I wonder if she’s starting to get a little drunk too. I notice that she’s slowing being less and less ladylike. First she stops crossing her legs, then she begins to spread them. I try to keep my eyes on the game, but it becomes harder and harder to do. Damn, it’s killing me. I want to shamelessly watch her, I want to see her body, but I don’t want to be a creep either. This is my friend after all, I’m supposed to be a gentleman.

It’s halftime and we’re both getting a little tipsy. She moves to get us another round and gives me my first wide-open view up her skirt. I nearly groan out loud. Her panties are white and yellow, I clearly see the mound between her legs. She goes into the kitchen out of sight. “Yes!” I pump my first in the air. Oh god the sight has me trembling hard, I’m so turned on. I massage the head of my cock through my pants.

She comes back. We talk more. Is she flirting with me? If it were anyone else I would have said yes, but with her I’m just not sure. Maybe it’s the booze playing tricks on me. I don’t want to mess anything up just because I’m horny. It just seems like she’s showing off more and more. She’s laughy and cheerful. “I’m not this entertaining,” I think to myself. Her legs are spreading farther and farther, tempting me to look. She touches me once, then again. Her sheer top seems to be sinking lower and lower. More than once I watch her nipples get hard. It’s getting unbearable. How can I stop maltepe escort from looking? I want her so bad, doesn’t she know this is killing me?

The game’s dwindling. We’ve clearly won and we’re drunk. There isn’t a whole lot of reason to watch the TV. So we’re even more focused on each other. She’s lounging deeply in her seat with her legs spread. I can get a clear view of her panties. I can’t take my eyes off them. I know her pussy, I want desperately to see it again. In my mind we’re already fucking. I’m a mess.

But now the unthinkable happens. Suddenly she crosses her legs, looks me straight in the eye and sits up in her seat. She doesn’t say anything but gets up and goes into the kitchen. “Oh fuck! Fuck! I’m caught. She finally noticed. I’m in trouble.” Jesus, I’m going out of my mind. How do I explain it to her? Is she going to be pissed? Oh god, I hope I didn’t throw everything away just to see her panties.

To my surprise she comes back into the room, hands me another beer, and sits down again. I’m a raging ball of anxiety. At any moment I expect to be chewed out as a pervert. She takes a long pull, tosses her hair back, and looks straight at me.

“Were you looking up my skirt?” She finally says. There’s no sense of anger. Her body language isn’t telling me anything.

“Yes. I’m sorry! I…” I stammer off, but she stops me.

“That’s okay,” she smiles. “Do you want to see my pussy?”

My mouth drops open. I’m totally disarmed. Paralyzed. “Yes,” I manage.

She spreads her legs, her skirt falls all the way to her hips. Her eyes are on me. I’m in the palm of her hand and she knows it. There in front of me is her bare pussy. She must have taken her underwear off when she went into the kitchen. She’s now got a knowing, sexy smile on. That slinky bitch! She knew this whole time I was watching! I fell right into her trap! Our eyes are locked, I still don’t dare take to take her fully in.

“Don’t worry, I could tell.” She said, smiling like the devil, obviously quite pleased with herself. “Go right ahead.”

Her legs are fully apart. Finally my eyes are free. I’m sure the look on my face said it all. Shock. Amazement. Lust. She looked just like I remembered from all those years ago. The lips of her pussy glistened, she was obviously as turned on as I was. I take her in but keep my distance, I don’t touch her yet. I’m still barely able to move I’m so anxious. She wiggles in her seat, and starts massaging her lips, letting out little moans in the process. All I can do is look.

“I wanted to show you. It’s been forever.” Her eyes are back on me.

“My god, you’re beautiful,” I say. Finally I can smile. “You little bitch! You knew you were torturing me!”

“Mmmmm… And it was so much fun! You didn’t enjoy it?”

“Oh my god, did I! Seeing your body gets me so turned on! I felt like I was going to have a heart attack!” I’m now crouching, staring at her.

“You sure? You don’t want me to stop?” She closed her legs, smiling and biting her lip. “I can stop.”

“Oh no! Not this time!” I pulled her legs apart. “You’re going to show me everything!” She puts up no resistance, she was loving this. She is set deep against the couch, more laying than sitting. I hold her legs forcefully, it was my turn to be in control.

“You teasing little bitch! How long were you going to lead me on like that?”

“Mmmm… Forever!” Her eyes were rolled back, she was twisting in pleasure. She knew just how badly I wanted to see her.

“You bitch!” She just giggled and squirmed. I was now grabbing the outsides of her thighs, my head just a few feet from her pussy. With her legs spread, her lips now spread slightly open, she was wet as could be. I could see goosebumps on her arms and legs, her face was flushed.

Her eyes were closed. Now it was my turn to surprise her. Without warning, I swooped in, and locked my mouth to her pussy. I obviously caught her off guard because she let out an “OoohhOOOOOOHHH!!” and pushed herself against me with all her might.

She relaxed, but thrust to me again, “AaahhhghAAhhhA!!” Her juices squished against my face, I could taste her pussy. It was amazing, I couldn’t believe this was happening.

I raised my face from her mound, “Maybe I should stop. Should I stop?”

“EAT ME!!” she shouted out.

“Haha!” I smiled in pleasure and moved back to her pussy. I began to make out with her pussy. It had been so long, I grabbed her hips and just locked lips (so to speak) and wouldn’t let go.

She was moaning in pleasure. I’ve never known a woman who likes oral sex more. I knew I was driving her wild. Her juices were literally covering my face. I explored her everywhere, licking and sucking her lips, then her clit. It had been so long I didn’t want to ever stop. She squeezed my head with her legs like I was a thighmaster. She began to thrust her hips in rhythm. She clutched the couch as she moaned. Her eyes were shut tight mecidiyeköy escort and she grit her teeth. Her clit was so hard and her pussy so wet. God it was amazing! Her breathing was becoming more shallow, her moans more consistent. I knew she was getting close. I pulsed my toung quickly on her clit. Making her cum was like riding a bike, I knew just what to do.

“Aahh.” She ground into me.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhh.” A little harder.

“Aahh. Mmmmmmmmm!!” She pushed my head down and she thrust her hips up.

She gnashed her teeth and pushed herself against me one final time. Her orgasm broke. She pulled her pussy away from me. Her body shook and trembled. She twisted and thrashed, moaning wildly. I leaned back and smiled, and watched as orgasm washed over her.

Finally she collapsed back into the couch. “Mmmmmm. Ahhhh. Mmmmmm…” was all she could get out. When she finally came to she looked me in the eyes.

“Oh god, that was so amazing! Oh god, I came so hard. Oh god. Oh god.” I had to chuckle to myself, her eyes might have been open, but she must not have been seeing much of me. While she was in bliss, I had slipped my shirt off. I was knelling on the floor, my hips were right at about couch level. Erica was still blissfully unaware, slowly coming back to life. My belt clicked as I opened it. Erica suddenly shot back fully awake, her eyes locking on my waist.

“Oh yes. Yes! Yes! Please!” Her body was alive again, she arched her back and spread her legs wide. “I want to see it… Now!” She began fumbling with my pants. “Mmmmuh… Rrruh …” she clawed at my button. I had to laugh, she never was very good at this.

I grabbed her hands. “Allow me.” She sunk back and smiled. “When we were together, I never realized how beautiful your dick was. I’ve seen a bunch of cocks since we broke up, no one’s been the same. You’re so thick, I want it.” My zipper finally came to the bottom, I folded the fabric back to expose the huge bulge.

She sat up again. “Do you remember sending me a picture of your cock?” She reached out and began to stroke my bulge. “I masturbate to it all the time.” Ah, stroking the ego and the cock. I was in heaven. I couldn’t make words. My muscles contracted unconsciously as she slid her fingers around the edge of my boxer-briefs.

Finally, she couldn’t wait any more. My cock bounded out as she slid my pants to the floor. She gripped the base of my cock and gave me one long lick from the base to my head, then took me inside her mouth. Erica was never much of a deep-throater, but I would rather a woman work my head anyway, and that’s just what she did. As her head bobbed up and down, little “mmm’s” or “hummummm’s” came out, which just made it more intense for me. However, I didn’t want to cum, so I pushed her back on the couch.

“You know, I masturbate thinking about you too. Remember us taking pictures in bed a couple of times? I still have them. Every time I look at your body, I get so hard.” I gripped the bottom of my cock and rubbed it against her wet pussy.

“Oh god,” she whimpered. “Please. Fuck me. I… can’t… take it anymore.”

I didn’t have a condom and she didn’t mention one. This wasn’t incredibly unusual though. When we were together, we stopped using condoms about half way through our relationship. I would always pull out and cum in her mouth, or tits, or just bust on her pussy (she would finish herself off using my cum as lube). I assumed that we would do something similar tonight.

I moved the head of my cock to her opening. She spread her lips wide. God, what a view. That is such a hot moment for a guy. That moment before your woman gives herself to you, takes you all in, it’s amazing. I pressed against her and slowly let my head enter. She let out a deep moan. She was so wet, I could feel it surround me. I let my cock go and gripped her legs under the knees. I pushed again and she took every inch. We both were moaning and thrashing our heads in beautiful agony. It had been so long since we were together, I think we were both a little overwhelmed. I didn’t move for what seemed like ages. We just enjoyed being one.

Finally my senses came back enough that I was able to look down. We were pushed completely together, you couldn’t really even tell where she started and I stopped. It was unreal, I never thought I’d be inside her again. And I wasn’t lying, I masturbating thinking about her regularly, so this was a dream come true. Our moaning continued, but at last I pulled back then thrust deeply again. I could feel her all around me, and she was loving being filled. I gripped her legs hard. I started to slowly move in and out, trying not to get overwhelmed by the feeling of her wetness around me. I watched my cock disappear and reappear, her lips gripping me tightly.

Our eyes met for the first time since entering her. I’m sure we had similar looks: desperation, lust, pleasure that borders on pain. Our breath was heavy. “I love you,” nişantaşı escort she said. “I love you too,” I replied. This didn’t seem weird to me at all. Even though we hadn’t been lovers for years, we were still incredibly close and we said this every time we were together. About 6-7 years previously, she had a friend suddenly die. After that, we always told each other we loved each other. Life’s too short and unpredictable, we both believed in saying it while we’re here.

I was overcome with a dopey smile, she too. Then our minds slipped away into dreamy lust. My rhythm picked up as I starting really fucking her in earnest. My body was on fire, my mind overcome with sensation, I was in another world. It was about as close to a psychedelic experience as you can get sober. I’m sure we were both moaning, but honestly I was so out of it, I don’t remember. I remember her wetness, the squeeze on my cock, that my body was on fire.

“Hey, get on the ground.” Her voice brought me back to my senses. I obeyed and toppled backwards onto the floor. She got up from the couch and positioned herself over my hips. She moved my cock to her pussy and we were together again. This time I was in a little more control. I grabbed her hips, her ass, ran my hands over her. She bucked wildly on my cock. She moaned, squeaked, but never got out any words. She still had her sundress on, but that was a turn on to me. I reached up and grabbed her breasts for the first time. Under the thin fabric, I could feel her hard nipples. I love her tits and I know they’re extremely sensitive. She moaned even louder as I massaged her breasts. She put her hands on my chest, made eye contact, and smiled. She then slipped her hands through the straps and let them fall to the side. I put my hands over them again, keeping the fabric from falling down. I let a little skin show, then a little more. She seemed to be loving this, she rode me with vigor and I could see red splotches on her skin which I know meant she was close to orgasm. I grabbed her top and pulled it down, finally exposing her bare tits.

“Oh god,” she let out. Then “Oh god,” again. Her face was close to me know, she started to pump more erratically, her teeth were clenched. I knew she was close and lightly pinched her nipples using the outsides of my fingers. This was her favorite and would almost always send her into over the edge. Not surprisingly she gasped and shook. “I’m cumming,” she got out before another the wave broke over her. She trembled, I could feel her pussy twitching around me. What a feeling! She was basically screaming, though I don’t think any of it was words. I released her nipples and held her close. My cock was throbbing but I didn’t feel close to cumming. I was personally consumed with the satisfaction of making her cum. Getting your woman off just makes me feel like such a man, if that makes sense.

Finally it was over. She put all her weight on me in utter exhaustion. She cooed between shallow breaths. I let her alone as she came back to her senses. When she kissed me, I grabbed her waist and rolled us into missionary position, my cock never leaving her.

“You’re amazing,” she said and smiled. We kissed. A new serge of blood raged into my cock. I began to really plow her. This time I was the one grunting and moaning like a wild man. My system was overwhelmed from the whole experience; it was like I was tripping. But suddenly my consciousness came rushing back. I wouldn’t be able to last much longer and my cock was bare. I had never cum inside Erica without a condom. In fact, I’ve never cum inside a woman without a condom. “What should I do?” I thought. I could feel her wetness, her pressure, I could feel her arms around me. “Should I pull out? I don’t know what to do.”

I guess the trepidation was obvious on my face. She put her hands on my chest, I stopped. Our eyes locked again. “Don’t stop,” was all she said. I looked at her dumbfounded. My mouth was open as I panted. Did she mean what I thought she meant? Is this really happening? “Please.” Oh my god, that look of understanding was incredible. That was it, I didn’t need any more. We wrapped our arms around each other and held ourselves close. It was so amazingly intimate (the best part about missionary).

My mouth was next to her ear now. I let myself go, there wasn’t any more fighting. My arms started to tremble, then my shoulders, then hips and thighs. My pace became erratic, I couldn’t keep control of myself. I don’t know if I was making sounds or not. Electricity was all through my body, as if every impulse from every cell was collecting together, ready to explode. It felt like my entire life-force was about to burst out of me, like I was one of those insects that dies after mating. A final thrust, I couldn’t even say I was cumming. I exploded inside her. I could hear her screaming and could feel her clutching me. Rope after rope of cum left me, sending me spasming out of control. I was in a whirlwind, a tsunami. Orgasm overwhelmed me. It wouldn’t stop, it felt like it would go on forever. But these things don’t, and before too long I became vaguely aware that I was basically lying on top of her in a heap. My cock was still hard thought I had no more cum left to give. We were out of breath, just a totally spent tangle of nakedness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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