Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 09

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**The Next Morning – Wednesday**

It’s a good thing that I set my alarm clock, or my crew would have sat around outside my warehouse/studio/home drinking coffee and shooting the shit on my time. I had to get up and open the big warehouse door to let them in to continue working on the big background wall I was having built for my photo work.

What started as a hobby and a dream looked like it may turn into a real business. With the help of Britt, my girlfriend/lover/ employee, and over all wet dream; we were a real company with our first job on the books and scheduled to begin this weekend.

Anyway, when the alarm started its incessant beeping, I couldn’t reach over to swat it because my little want-to-be porn star was draped across me with one hand cradling my balls and her head nestled next to mine, softly purring in my ear. With the family jewels in such a precarious position, I gently tried to lift her hand up, only to have her latch on to the old morning wood. She squeezed me gently and whispered in my ear, “Can you please turn that mother-fucking thing off.”

I turned my head to look into her sleepy blue eyes, “Well, if you would let go of my dick, I might be able to get to it.”

“Party poop, “she said, but not before giving me a couple strokes before releasing her grip.

I drug myself to the edge of the bed and sat up to turn off the alarm. Focusing on the time, I saw that I had just enough time to take a leak, slip on some clothes and go open up. I reached over and gave her a little pat on the butt and headed to the head


Britt was still invitingly spread out on the bed and the temptation to burrow between her legs was tempting, but at about $200 an hour for the crew, it seemed more prudent to go open the door.

The guys rolled in just as I opened the door. We went over the tasks for the day and after I got them lined out, I went back into the house. I heard the shower running before I made it to the bedroom and snuck around the corner to peek inside the bathroom.

The lights were on low in the shower and combined with the mist and the steam, my naked vixen looked like a Greek goddess, virtually radiating beauty. I wanted nothing more than to strip myself naked and join her, but I knew that it would only turn a 15 minute shower into a 45 minute bacchanal. I slipped back from the door and retreated to the kitchen to make some coffee and a light breakfast.

The shower ended in a few minutes and soon thereafter, dressed in one of my t-shirts and nothing else discernible, Britt came out into the kitchen, hair dryer in hand.

“Do you have time to dry my hair for me? “She asked with a little pout. “You didn’t come in to help me wash it, so the least you could do is help me dry it.”

For some reason that I can’t begin to explain, I absolutely love to wash and dry her long blonde hair. Washing it in the shower is really some incredible foreplay while drying it is like some intimate Zen-like moment for us both. See, I can’t really describe it, only to say that it is closely followed by my shaving her legs and privates for her. That one is pretty self-explanatory.

“Of course I have time to dry your hair, “I answered, as I followed her back into the bathroom, watching her butt undulate beneath my tight cotton tee.

“So the guys are here to finish up the drywall hanging and they’ll get starting taping and mudding today, “I told her as I worked a brush and my fingers through the tangles. I watched her in the mirror as she stood with eyes closed and a smile as she enjoyed my pampering.

“So what is on your agenda today, “I asked in a louder voice, competing with the hair dryer.

Britt’s eyes made contact with mine in the mirror, “Well, I hope to get the website on line today and I also told Gina that I would come by the store and we would pick out and try on some suits for the shoot on Saturday. Are we still set on black for me and white for her, “asking this as she played with her nipples through the thin cotton.

Pushing my crotch into her butt to let her know her effect on me, which of course was a given, she grinned at the contact as I answered in the affirmative, “Yeah, I think that will work. I probably should talk to John and see what kind of arrangements he wants to make as far as a mention on the calendar or just a sale.”

Britt ground her ass on my cock, “I can talk to John if he’s there or I could get Kate to ask ‘Johnny’ how he wants to handle it, “giggling.

I shook my head and laughed, “Yeah, I think that would probably be unfair to John to have Kate negotiate with him. If Gina is right and Kate has any interest in John, well let’s just say, Kate is entering the negotiations with a real advantage.”

Smiling back, “I think it’s cute that Kate is attracted to him. I know she has missed her family a lot, so John is probably a safe haven for her.”

“I don’t know, “I kidded as I finished up with the dryer, “John has a pretty lecherous look on his face when he is checking out the action on the boardwalk. I kağıthane escort think that may be the only reason he started the store, was to have a private parade of scantily clad women around.”

“You men are all alike,”as she turned to face me, her hand on my bulge.

I sat the dryer down on the counter behind her and pulled her close, my hands on her bare butt and kissed her lightly, “Yes we are.” Kissing again, our lips caressed the others as our hands did the same.

Playtime over; we broke and retreated back to the kitchen. “I don’t have much time; will cereal and toast do you? “I asked.

“After the fucking you gave me last night, I could eat a horse, but I’ll abstain from a big breakfast. Maybe I’ll have lunch with the girls or something. How about you; what’s on your plate for today?”

“Pretty much just more of the same, but I’ll tell you, the chance of us really doing something with RBP is really distracting. My mind wanders all day just think about the opportunities.”

Britt sashayed up and hugged me while running her hand up and down my crotch, “I hope the business isn’t the only thing you think of during the day, “She whispered.

My hands naturally gravitated to her bare ass once again and pulled her tight and kissed her deeply. She moaned into the kiss as she ground her pussy against my denim-covered crotch. I looked her in the eye and said, “Feel that? I’m pretty much like that all day because of you.”

Britt smiled and then tried to swallow my tongue as moaned louder yet. Sorely tempted, and at this point I truly mean sore, I was tempted to throw her up on the kitchen island and take care of that business, but a knock on the door squelched the deal.

It was one of my guys with a question about the wall. I looked at my watch and shrugged my shoulders; “Sorry babe, but I really need to hit the road. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Your loss, “I heard as I closed the door behind me.

**Later that morning**

Britt walked into John’s shop and found Kate busy with a customer while Gina and John stood behind the counter looking at a catalog. It was all Britt could do not to walk up behind her little roommate and give her perky butt a pinch through her white short shorts while she expounded on the virtues of the support mechanism hidden in the bikini top she was holding.

“Hi Gina, good morning John, “she said as she approached the counter.

“Hi babe, “Gina, roommate number 2 responded. John just sort of stood there; slack jawed as he watched Britt’s hips and long legs approaching.

“Oh, good morning young lady, “he said, shaken from his trance by an elbow from Gina.

“How is George, “he asked. “I haven’t spoken to him in a while.”

“Oh, George is just fine, “She said with a wink to her roomy.

“Well, I hear you have a calendar to shoot and you need some swimsuits for it.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how much the girls have told you, but it is a thirteen month car calendar for a local body shop. There will be a different custom car for each month and a girl, maybe two, posing with the car. We don’t know what cars we will be shooting yet and George wants to color coordinate the suits with the cars. We do know that our first car is a black El Camino so he wants to go black and white on the suits.”

“Well, Gina can tell you that we won’t have any trouble with those. We carry quite a few styles in black and white. Gina and I were just looking over a suppliers catalog, and if we have a little heads-up on other colors and styles, we might even finagle some samples to use. I can’t tell you the number of manufacturers that approach me to carry their line.”

“Oh, and that reminds me, “He continued, “When you get a little time, I would like to talk to you about helping me out with a website. I’ve been looking over some others and I have some idea what I want, but I have no idea how to get there.”

Britt smiled at John’s comment. John is old enough to be one of the girl’s fathers, maybe even grandfather, but being a born and bred Californian, he still had that laid-back demeanor. “It’s not that big a deal John. If you want, I can work with Kate or Gina, or both, and they can easily do any updates you want as you go along.”

“I’d really appreciate that, “he said, “So should we see what we have in black and white?”

About that time, Kate walked up to the counter with her customer’s purchases and her credit card. “Hey B, “She said, standing on tiptoe to give Britt a kiss on the cheek. “How’s George and the new business going, “handing the items and credit card to John to process.

Britt returned the kiss, “George is doing great, in fact, he is so excited about doing this first big job that he is almost beside himself, but I’m doing my best to keep him grounded.”

John handed Kate the bagged merchandise and the credit receipt, “Here you go sugar, “he said.

“Thanks babe, “she replied, turning to return to the customer.

Britt and Gina winked at each other as John’s gaze kartal escort followed the little girl’s sexy gait, her butt-length black pony tail swatting at her bouncing cheeks.

“C’mon Britt, let’s see what we can find for this weekend, “Gina directed.

“Oh John, “Britt said.

“Uh, oh, a, what?” breaking him from his spell.

“I was supposed to ask you how you wanted to handle the payment for the suits. George didn’t know if you wanted a mention on the calendar or just an out-and-out sale of them.”

“Geez, I don’t know. Let me think about it. I really feel like I owe him something for his help on the ad and also introducing me to you girls; so let me think about it. Just take what you want and write down what it is, at least for inventory sake.”

Britt leaned over and gave John a long kiss on the cheek, “Thanks babe,” she winked.

The three girls chattered and giggled as they picked through the various bikinis. John was happy to stand behind the counter, concealing his hard-on as he fantasized about the three roommates.

Opening the store was probably about the wisest thing John had ever done since he retired. He didn’t need the money and he thought he would be happy spending his time sitting out on his front deck and watching the bevy of scantily clad females prancing up and down the boardwalk. He soon found himself getting antsy and grumpy, particularly during the brief winter months when the scenery was not as abundant. John would be the first to admit that he didn’t know squat about retail sales, but he certainly thought he knew all about women’s beachwear, so when the little shop came up for sale, he didn’t hesitate to buy it.

Not long after the grand opening, he soon realized that he might know what he liked, and he could figure out the money end, but knowing what appealed to rest of the population, and women in particular; well he was pretty much lost.

He thanked his lucky stars that he became acquainted with George, who then introduced him to Kate and Gina. These two girls and Kate in particular, were a blessing. They helped steer him in the right direction when it came to choosing what to stock and they brought a youth and vitality to the store that he just couldn’t pull off. He even found himself eating better and walking to work for exercise and he hadn’t felt this good in years. Also, the fact that Kate was constantly flirting with him didn’t hurt. In fact, it would almost fall under the category of sexual harassment, with the employee doing the harassing. John’s blood flow had definitely benefited from the relationship.

Pretty soon, Gina and Britt disappeared into the changing area with an arm full of clothes. Giggling and yelping echoed from the back as the girls tried on the first suits. In a few minutes, the two stepped out into the store to get John and Kate’s opinion. John leaned a little closer to the counter as Kate tugged and pulled the two-piece suits around on the statuesque females.

“What do you think Johnny, “Kate asked as the girls did a slow pirouette?

Gina in a white string bikini, tied at the back and the hips looked stunning; her breasts peeking out the sides of the undersized cups. Britt, barely wearing a matching black version of the bikini looked equally amazing as she turned, stopping momentarily to show the little bottom trying to crawl up between her butt cheeks.

“I love my job, “he answered as the girls struck a little bookend type pose; facing each other, bent slightly at the waist, butts out and giving each other a little kiss on the lips.

The kisses turned to smiles as they heard a groan of appreciation emanating from behind the sales counter.

This went on for three more changes until the girls were satisfied that they had what they needed. Britt brought all the suits to the front of the counter, “Here we go John. I think these should work out fine, “she said.

“Well, they certainly looked good from where I was standing, “he teased as he gently folded them and put them in a bag. Britt smiled at the reverent way he handled the apparel.

As she took the bag from him, she said, “Hey, it’s about lunch time. Does anyone want to go grab a bite or can I go pick you up something?”

Kate chimed in, “Thanks B, but Johnny always orders in something for us. It should be here any minute. You’re welcome to stay though; he always orders way too much.”

“That’s okay; I probably should get back to the studio anyway. I really want to get the website on line today. Thanks anyway.” Britt left the store, bag in hand, but not before giving out three hugs and kisses.

**10 minutes later**

Back at her car, she thought that she should probably check in with George and let him know she had the suits for Saturday.

“Hey babe, “he answered, recognizing the new phone number for the studio.

“Hi lover, “she answered in a sultry tone. “I’m just leaving John’s store with the bikinis for the El Camino shoot.”

“Great, thanks for doing that. Did you talk küçükçekmece escort to John about buying them or whatever?”

“He said he would think it over. He really appreciates the help you gave him on the ad and he thinks the world of Kate and Gina, so don’t be surprised if we have to pry a bill out of him, at least for this round.”

George moaned, “Well damn him, he can’t just be giving stuff away. I appreciate it and all, but we need to treat this like a real business. Maybe we can work out something in trade.”

“Yeah, that might work. John brought up his website and asked if I could help him with it. Since I work for you now; maybe we can bring web design and that kind of thing into the company; you know, really diversify.”

“I like the way you’re always thinking, “he said.

Britt smiled to herself and asked, “Do you know what I’m thinking right now?”

“I can only imagine. What’s on that nasty little mind of yours?”

“Well, I haven’t had anything since that bowl of cereal this morning, so I think that big ol’ dick of yours would be real tasty about now, “she growled seductively.

“Tell you what, “he replied, trying to keep pace with his oversexed partner, “I’ll swing into Subway and get you a ‘Foot-long’ and I’ll meet you down at the bayside park in about twenty minutes.”

Trying to subdue her laugh, she said, “I don’t need any more than your 9 or 10 inches, but I wouldn’t object to a little more salami on the side.”

“Okay, “he laughed, “You win. I’ll see you in a bit. I hope you’re hungry.”

“Did you say hungry or horny,” she asked, now laughing out loud.

“Okay, okay, I said you win. I’ll see you in a bit,” and he hung up before she could one-up him again.

**20 minutes later in the park**

George pulled his truck up beside Britt’s car in the back corner of the parking lot. She bailed out of her car and jumped on the running board to get into the passenger seat. “Hi babe “was all he got out before she was in his lap and kissing him like he’d been at sea for a year.

Never one to turn down an amorous assault, George quickly had his hand under her shirt and was kneading her c-cups and tweaking her nipple, which had her squirming in his lap. Thankful for a raised suspension and bench seats, George leaned back against the door as Britt attacked his jeans. “God damned button-downs, “She groaned as she tried to pull the jeans over his hips. Lifting his butt, trying to be helpful, she quickly had him in her mouth, slobbering all over his rigid cock.

“I’m so fucking horny after trying on bikinis with Gina.” She took him in her mouth again, sucking him deep until she had to come up for breath. Looking him in the eye as she ran hand up and down his length, “I was bent over taking off my shorts when Gina licked my pussy from behind. I almost fell out of the dressing room and John was just around the corner.”

She swallowed me again, gathering more saliva from the back of her throat. “So then, “she continued, “it was game on, “her stroking intensifying. “By the time we made it through all four suits, we had licked each other’s cunts, fingered each other and teased each other to a frenzy. John and Kate didn’t know what we were doing.”

“Ah, fuck I love your cock, “She said as she ran her tongue up and over the top, stabbing at the pee hole with her tongue. “Oh,” she moaned as she continued to slather me up, her other hand in her shorts, furiously fingering her pussy.

“Here, “I said as I pulled her lips off my cock. I pushed her back until she was leaning against the passenger door. Britt quickly caught on to my plan and began to shove her shorts and panties down her long, supple legs. I pulled her feet up to help and ran my tongue between her toes.

“Hey, “she squirmed in protest, “Quit sucking my toes and gimme that cock!”

Always wanting to oblige, I pulled the shorts and panties over her feet and threw them on the dash. Her pussy was dripping onto the upholstery. I leaned back and swung my legs up, my right leg over her head and on top of the seat back. “Help me get my boots of, “I said.

Britt looked at the boots and then glared at me, “What’s with all the fucking laces, “she said in frustration and began unlacing.

I tried to contort myself to help with the other boot, but to no avail, so I just pushed my pants and boxers down further and stroked myself, watching her struggle. This just pissed her off more, “I’m buying you some slip on boots tomorrow.”

“I’ve got a pair at home already, “I said. That didn’t help.

Finally, the second boot was off and she grabbed my pant legs and pulled. My wallet, pocket knife and change were soon all over the cab as she finally got them off and threw them on the floor board.

It took us a second to figure out which leg went where till we could get into kind of a scissor position, but once we figured it out, we paused, looked out the window for the first time to make sure we weren’t putting on a show and then we stared at each other for a second and then looked down.

Cock and pussy poised for coupling; we slid toward each other until the tip of my cock rested between her lips. I placed my hands on Britt’s legs and she grabbed onto mine. I caught a brief glance of her licking her lips as we both pulled on one another, drawing us together.

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