Escapade Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: A Shocking Adventure

A shrill ringing woke me. Opening my eyes, I took in Nick and Kevin, both stirring as well. Nick stood and I took in his gorgeous naked body. Kevin sat up and rubbed his eyes, muscles rolling under his skin. I grabbed the phone and put it up to my ear.


“Mr. Thompson?” a deep male voice said in my ear.

“Yes, this is he and please call me Tim,” I responded.

“Hey Tim, this is Rich, from next door?” A shock ran through my body. Kevin’s father was on the other end of the line. “Have you seen my son? He was supposed to be mowing the yard today but when I got home from work he was nowhere to be found.” I made a motion for Nick and Kevin to be quiet. Nick had pushed Kevin up against a wall and was holding his hands above his head. Kevin’s muscles were pulled taunt and I felt my cock stir. I couldn’t believe how much action I was suddenly getting.

“Who is it?” Kevin practically yelled. I grimaced.

“Was that him? Was that Kevin?” Rich asked angrily into the phone.

“Yes, sir it is. I saw him mowing the yard and invited him in for a glass of lemonade.” Kevin realized that I was talking about him and he pushed Nick off of him. Nick wasn’t one to be denied lightly so he wrapped his arms around Kevin from behind and dug his cock into Kevin’s lower back.

There was silence from the other end of the line. I heard a sharp click and then silence. I looked up at Kevin. “I think he’s coming over.” Frantically we all began to pull our clothes on.

“Where are my shorts?” Kevin asked as he ran around the room, searching in all the corners.

“Here they are,” said a voice from the door. We all slowly turned to see Kevin’s dad, Rich standing in the doorway, holding the shorts. Kevin’s face turned a bright red as he approached his father.

“Sorry dad, I’ll go finish the yard,” Kevin said in a low voice as he reached for the shorts. Rich yanked them out of his reach and looked down at his son’s cock.

“Looks like you filled out rather nice; just like your old man.” I took in Rich’s body. He was an inch taller than me, with dark brown hair and a goatee. He was wearing a pair of slacks and a dark blue polo shirt that clung to his biceps. He wasn’t as fit as his son; he was beefy. I shuddered from where I sat in the bed. I looked over at Nick who was leaning against the wall. He had his pants on and was merely holding his shirt. He looked at me and gave me a look. What Rich had said did seem a little odd.

“Well, don’t you want to see your Daddy’s cock, son?” Rich asked. He reached down and grabbed Kevin’s cock. A shocked silence filled the room. Was this really happening? Did I now have three gay men in my room? Was I about to be part of a gangbang?

“D-d-dad!” Kevin stuttered. He didn’t move from his father’s grasp though. I found myself rubbing myself through my shorts. Nick walked past me and right up to Rich where he did what he did best; stripped Rich of all his clothing. After Rich’s comment I don’t think anyone was surprised when another 10-incher was revealed. Nick ran a hand through the dense hair on Rich’s chest. His large dark nipples were almost completely hidden. Nick took a step back and meandered back to the bed where he sat down next to me.

Kevin simply looked down at his father’s hairy body. “Wow,” he kartal escort said. “It’s just as I thought it would be.” Smiling, Rich pulled his son to him and they shared a kiss. With one shaking hand, Kevin took his fathers’ monster cock and began to jerk it. I noticed that Rich had the largest balls I had ever seen in addition to the near-foot-long cock. They were the size of small apples and very dark in color. My mouth began to water at the idea of having them in my mouth. I watched as Rich poked one of his fingers into Kevin’s ass. Kevin moaned loudly and pushed back.

“Which of you took my son’s virgin ass?” Rich asked looking up.

“Neither of us,” I said. “We just wanted to get fucked by his large cock.”

“Good,” Rich said. “I’ve always dreamed of taking it from him; preferably by force.” Kevin moaned as Rich pushed him down to his knees. Kevin was now eye-level with his father’s member. Beside me Nick’s breathing had become rapid. I took Nick’s cock in my hand and began to massage it, not wanting to take my eyes from the father-son bonding that was occurring in front of us. Nick reached over and grabbed my cock.

Licking his lips, Kevin looked at his father’s stallion. One vein throbbed rapidly under the shaft; the balls hung low, and the head had turned a dull red.

“It’s alright, Kev,” Rich sighed. “Make Daddy proud. Don’t you want to make Daddy happy?”

“Yes,” Kevin sighed in return. “So very much.” And with that Rich moved forward. His cock pressed against his son’s lips and then passed over them. Kevin moaned as Rich continued to feed his cock into his son’s hungry mouth.

Nick’s hand was a blur as it stroked up and down on my dick. The amount of pre-cum oozing from Nick’s cock was surprising. It was covering my hand and wrist. Rich pulled Kevin to his feet and turned him around. Kevin spread his legs and leaned up against the wall. Rich looked over at us and raised his eyebrows. Nick held up the lube.

“No, I want natural lube,” Rich said. “You boys want to help me out?” In a flash Nick and I were on our knees behind Kevin, licking all over his ass. Taking turns, Nick and I filled Kevin’s ass with our saliva. The sweet scent of sweat was filling the room again. “That’s good boys, let Daddy in.” Nick and I returned to our positions on the bed.

Nick looked at me, “He tasted so good.”

“Best I’ve ever tasted!” I agreed. Nick cocked an eyebrow.

“That’s because you haven’t tasted me!” Quickly I flipped Nick over on his stomach and lowered my head between his cheeks. I flicked my tongue playfully into his hole over and over again. “Shit,” he moaned. “I want to fuck you, Tim!” I stood up and leaned against the edge of the bed so that I had a good view of Rich and Kevin. Rich had managed to get his entire rod into Kevin’s ass and by the look on Kevin’s face it still hurt like hell. I felt Nick move into position behind me and I readied myself to accept him. He lubed my hole and without pausing, shoved into me. I had been worked so much that it barely hurt. I looked up in time to catch Rich plough hard into Kevin. Kevin screamed. As Rich picked up the pace, so did Nick. They matched each other, hump for hump.

Suddenly Rick pulled out. “Who’s the real bitch here?” he asked. Kevin, Nick and I all looked at each other and I realized kurtköy escort that if one of us had to fill that position it was me. Slowly I raised my hand. Rich smiled. “I thought it might be.” He helped his son over to the bed and they pushed me onto my back. The three of them began to lick me all over, teasing my lean body. Breathing harshly I reached up and grabbed two dicks. I knew not who they belonged to and neither did I care. The third cock was forcefully shoved down my throat, choking me. I was experiencing my first gangbang and I was loving it

“Lay down on the bed, Kevin,” I heard Rick demand. The cock in my left hand was taken away. Kevin positioned himself on his back, his giant member sticking straight up in the air. Rich pulled me over to his son and had me lay down on top of him.

“What are we doing?” I asked, concern filling me as a suspicion came to mind.

“Kevin and I are both going to fuck your ass,” Rick said, as if it were going to be so simple. I heard Nick gasp and I looked over at him with pleading eyes.

“I’m glad I’m not you,” Nick said and took a step back.

“Don’t worry, Nick. You’ll have a part in this too,” Rick laughed. He grabbed the lube and emptied it into his hands. A large amount he placed on my ass and I knew I was going to need it. He shared the rest between his cock and Kevin’s. “Kevin will fuck you from below and I will fuck you from above.” I knew there was no way I was getting out of this, but still I protested.

“Guys, I can’t take both of you! I could barely take Kevin so it’s impossible for me to take both and come out alive.”

Rich’s teeth shone as he smiled at me. “They I guess we’re about to fuck you to death.” With that he placed his hands on my shoulders and heaved downwards. Gritting my teeth did nothing and a scream escaped me as Kevin’s third leg completely entered my asshole.

“Yeah, scream like a bitch,” Kevin moaned from underneath me. I took a deep breath and puffed it out. Without waiting for me to become completely comfortable with the additional 10 inches inside of me, Rich grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulders. Kevin moaned as my entire weight was shifted down onto his cock. I gave a short cry before I felt Rich’s head playing around in between my ass cheeks. Gasping I waited for him to plough his way in without an invitation. After so long I noticed he was becoming frustrated.

“I can’t get this fucker in!” he said. Nick approached, cum all over his chest. He must have jacked off while I was screaming. He already had another hard-on. That guy never stopped! With some pulling and tugging, Nick helped Rich open my hole a little more but it was nowhere near enough room to accommodate another cock. Sighing with relief I allowed myself to relax and enjoy Kevin’s cock in my ass. Unfortunately this was a bad move. Rich, sensing I was completely relaxed rammed forward, pushing through my outer ring and into my ass. I felt like someone was attempting to tear me apart; right down the middle. Nick shoved his cock down my throat, ceasing any shouts that I had had in mind. I now had a mind-stunning 20 inches of cock up my ass. Beneath me, Kevin was groaning loudly. I could only imagine how tight it must feel inside my ass with all that cock. Rich leaned across my shoulder and kissed his son. maltepe escort

“Ready son?” he asked.

“Ready Dad,” Kevin answered. In unison they began fucking, one sliding in while the other slid out. Screams filled my head but I couldn’t release them because Nick’s fat cock was filling my mouth. Rich’s hairy chest rubbed up against my chest, tickling me. Finally the pain subsided to a dull ache and pleasure swelled in to fill its place. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to walk normally for weeks but at the moment I was in heaven. Grunting, the father-son team fucking me picked up the pace. As if he were somehow connected, Nick also began to fuck harder and my jaw really began to ache. Rich reached up and grabbed both of Nick’s nipples and pinched hard. Nick moaned and shoved his cock as far into my mouth as he could. Kevin took a deep breath and heaved upwards. He clenched his muscles and stayed there while at the same time Rich bore down harder than ever, really forcing himself into me. I now had a grand total of 28 inches of meat in me.

I couldn’t think straight. Why were they just sitting there? Suddenly a wave of salty sweetness washed over my tongue as Nick released his load. His moan started low but quickly built to a roar. Kevin and Rich joined him as they both released in my ass. A gallon of man juice was spewed into my body. I took one of Rich’s nipples into my mouth and simply sucked it as we laid there. None of them removed their cocks from my openings but chose to let them soften where they were. Rick pulled out first and stood up. He helped Kevin to his feet as well. I sat on the edge of the bed and cleaned off their members with my tongue. I could taste a mixture of their seed and my ass juice. I made sure to pay special attention to Rich’s large, hairy balls. I inserted one into my mouth and gently rolled it around. He sighed with pleasure. I did the same with his other ball before cleaning off his softened tool. Kevin was already hard again and it didn’t take long for him to blow a second load down my throat. The taste was completely sweet and enjoyable. I could get addicted to this stuff.

Without even touching my cock, I shot my load all over my chest. Kevin began to lap it up eagerly while Nick went to work sucking up whatever was secreting from my ass. Rich just stood there, watching his youngest son clean my cock off. I managed to stand up and we all looked at each other; four sweating, smiling men.

“Well, we have to get going. The missus will be home soon,” Rich said as he grabbed his slacks off the chair. He pulled them up, hiding that delicious piece from sight. He tossed Kevin’s shorts to him. I gave them each a passionate kiss after they had dressed.

“Feel free to come over anytime,” I winked at them. Nick grabbed Kevin’s ass as he walked out.

“Make sure I’m here though,” Nick laughed. “I want a go at that gorgeous bubble butt of yours, Kev!” Kevin only smiled and followed his dad out. Nick grabbed his own clothes and got dressed. “I’m exhausted so let’s just call off our trip to the gym today.”

I looked at my watch. Three in the afternoon!? Wow, time does fly when you’re having fun. “I think I might go up by myself then,” I told him.

“Alright,” he said as he pulled his shoes on. “But don’t work yourself too hard. I can’t imagine the pain your ass is in.” He stood, gave me a kiss, and left. What Nick didn’t know is that I had my eye on one of the other members of the gym, Blair. He was stunningly attractive. Smiling to myself I made my way to the shower saying his name over and over again in my mind…Blair, Blair, Blair.

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