Erotic Fantasy

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I wake you up in the morning by gently kissing your luscious lips; you start to stir you slowly open your eyes as I kiss down and around your neck, I say good morning my love. Slowly every so softly I kiss my way to your breasts kissing and licking them all over gently sucking your nipples into my mouth. I slowly run my tongue around your nipples and flick them with my tongue barely grazing them with it. I kiss my way down your chest and stomach down your waist to where pussy is waiting for me. I flick my tongue across the outer lips causing you to shiver with expectation. My tongue runs up and down your outer lips till it just barely inserts itself to the inside. I use my tongue like a second cock pushing it further and further inside of you till I cant get it in no further then I piston it in and out while flicking it back and forth increasing the speed to steady pace till you cum all over my face. I slide up and we embrace while kissing each other deeply you proceed to lick all your cum off my face suck my tongue dry. I look deep into your eyes and see a look like I cant believe you just did that knowing I have to go to work this morning.

I look at you and say I know you do baby but I just wanted to make this morning a little special for you before you went etiler bdsm escort to work. You get up take a shower a cold shower on top of it you are still coming down from the sexual high I just gave you. I come into the bathroom and ask how do you feel? I get the answer I want which is I feel wonderful you made this extremely wonderful one that I will never forget I respond by saying I am glad you really enjoyed with kind of a weird grin on my face. I walk back out of the bathroom and into the kitchen where I make your lunch for today.

Time for work now so I walk you out to the car. Kiss goodbye and tell you once again I love you and dragging my hand across your pussy pushing in somewhat and you begin to get weak in the knees again thinking of what I did to you this morning. Its now 6pm you been thinking about this morning all day long you haven’t been able to concentrate on your work all day long and have had the biggest smile all day long and everyone at work cant seem to figure out what is wrong with you today. They ask but all you say is nothing I am fine. You pull up to the apartment and wonder how come I am not out there to meet you. Walking into the apartment you realize something is wrong nothing has been made for supper etiler elit escort and there are candles all around the apartment. I am no where to be found in the apartment. You walk a little further into the apartment and start to see rose pedals on the floor and there on the dining room table there is a single candle with a note that says you have a nice warm bath awaiting you. I had just got done drawing a warm strawberry passion bath for you. The note continues though saying there is a present waiting for you in the bathroom. You slip out of your work clothes and slip into the bath you ease yourself down into it slowly savoring the feeling it gives you as the warm water makes contact with your skin.

While your enjoying your bath I slip back into the apartment with out you knowing and start to chill a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. When you emerge from your bath I walk in and hold a towel out for you to dry off with. I then take your present and hand it to you and you wonder what it is you start to ask but I stop you by putting a finger to your lips and you open it to find a brand new negligee. I help you to slip into it and then we walk out to the living room where I pour two glasses of champagne. We drink the glasses etiler escort of champagne and I start to kiss you again this time I also start rolling your nipples between my fingers. I love the affect it has on you as I roll them around between my fingers. I start rubbing my hands up and down your chest and your back slowly inching my way closer to your pussy. I put my hand under your new negligee not surprisingly you are extremely wet as I push two fingers inside your dripping wet pussy.

I pull the fingers back out run them under my nose to inhale you fragrance. I love the smell of you on me. I can’t get enough of it. I begin to lick and suck my fingers you also start licking them along with me. You then start kissing me and tongue my ear and start to kiss your way around to the back my neck and all around my neck back down to my chest. You slowly inch your way down my chest to my hard throbbing cock.

My cock is really throbbing as you lick it up and down then slowly take the head in your mouth and suck it. Your mouth slowly engulfs my whole cock till you can’t take any more into your mouth. You begin bobbing up and down while licking and sucking my cock like it’s a Popsicle. Just as I am ready to cum you stop. I ask why you stopped you said I don’t want you to come yet I want it inside me. You slowly mount me easing your way down on my cock. Your pussy is so wet so hot I almost cum right then and there. I stop myself somehow as you begin to start rocking back and fourth increasing your speed till we cum together. I then tell you this only the beginning of our night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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