Enticed Pt. 13 – Holiday Gaiety

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This is part thirteen of my adventures in the early 90s with a gay man about 15 years older than me who saw me as a near-reincarnation of his first boyfriend. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.

A couple weeks after I’d learned of the heartbreaking story of my private client Johnny committing suicide out of despair over his AIDS diagnosis, I decided to do a show just for him.

Johnny had requested a private audience with me wearing normal street clothes — jeans and a button-down. He wanted a regular, normal “date” that ended in a mutual masturbation session — no touching, just sensual watching, so to speak. I gave him a sensual strip and the masturbation he was looking for. But, he was the one who really gave me a show of how to direct an audience and a lesson in sensual control over your lover.

In his honor, I walked through the audience in a pair of jeans and a button-down, the same outfit I’d worn for him. To somewhat moody music, I began a slow striptease, releasing each button in time to a mournful tune without really engaging the audience.

My shirt came off slowly and was tossed off-stage to Blaise before I popped the button on my Levi’s and slowly lowered the zipper. My black contouring thong was the only concession I made to “the show” and allowed my growing cock to push forward, nearly escaping the spandex cage as I slid the denim down my thighs.

The expectant audience was on pins and needles as I disrobed before them, never having seen this performance. Once I was completely naked, I began a slow stroke and caress of my cock and balls sometimes closing my eyes in both ecstasy and mourning for Johnny.

I leaned back on an arm of the chair I’d placed on stage and found myself rocking back and forth as my entire body responded to the sensations my hand elicited in my meat, stroking slowly, sensually up and down, my cock skin pushing and pulling up and down. I was leaning on the same chair I’d used for Johnny’s private audience and had one foot propped on the seat to give my audience the same view I’d given Johnny. I gripped the back of the chair tightly with one hand as the other worked my cock to a meaningful crescendo, much as I’d done for Johnny a few weeks earlier.

I slowly stroked myself for minutes on end, rocking and moaning loudly — just as I’d done for Johnny. As I felt myself getting close to completion, I opened my eyes and immediately found Samuel and Evan just off to my right in the front row. I called them up in a breathy voice and had them kneel in front of me. The speed of my strokes increased along with my breathing and moaning. In a few seconds I was spraying showers of white cum on their waiting faces. As it hit them they both opened their mouths to catch as much of my sperm as they could.

Before I was empty, the room was on its feet, applauding and screaming. It was the best response I’d ever received. It took me a moment to respond as I was in such a mournful, erotic trance cumming so powerfully for Johnny. I felt almost drunk with passion and grief. A single tear ran down my face as I struggled to catch my breath.

Caught up in the moment, Samuel and Evan kissed and licked my cum off each other’s faces to the delight of the crowd. I just reached down and rubbed their heads like good pets. Then, I pushed my dick between their faces and let them clean me off with their tongues. My audience loved that even more than seeing me cum on their faces. Cash began falling like rain.

After the show, I came out in the same one-size-too-small bikini underwear I’d worn for Johnny and a jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up I thought he would have appreciated. I flirted heavily with the regulars as I walked through the crowd. Some of them took the opportunity to slide a hand along my chest through the open jean jacket. I took the same opportunity to squeeze their crotches. If they could touch me, I could touch them. And, they loved it. Other men patted my barely covered ass. By the time I made it to Blaise, I had filled my bikini with cash and transferred it to one of the pockets in the jacket.

Several men expressed their appreciation for the more subtle show and down-to-earth after-party outfit. I admitted both were closer to my real style.

“This is actually the underwear I wear every day,” I told them. Their intrigue was obvious. My audience was beginning to seem more turned on by my real life than the stage persona. Of course, they were responding only to what I let them think was the real me.

I made a show of caressing Blaise’s cock through his slacks when I sat beside him on the couch. I noticed several men nearby bite or lick their lips. I’d found that gay men were terrible at hiding their horniness.

I motioned for a couple of the regulars to lean down so I could whisper in their ears and told them that I also offer private performances if they were interested. I slyly slipped a business card into each of their hands that included only the Greek letters casino siteleri for alpha and beta and Blaise’s phone number.

Sam and Evan both came up to us after cleaning themselves off and thanked me for including them in the show.

“That was so amazing,” they both exclaimed. “We’re still so horny now.”

“We might need to leave soon,” Evan said, excitedly.

“Go to the master bedroom,” I instructed them. “Make the most of what you’re feeling now and the freedom you have. — Just make sure you clean up after yourselves. I have to sleep in there”

Without a word they both turned to walk away.

“But,” I caught them. “If you think you need some help, come get me. I’m always available for you two.”

I noticed a couple intrigued looks from men nearby who overheard that. That should reinforce the “Gay Sensei” mythos.

A couple minutes later, I rose and told Blaise I’d be right back. He winked, knowing where I was going.

I headed straight for the bedroom and found Sam and Evan naked in a tight, deep-throated 69 on the floor. They stopped when I opened the door. The expression on both their faces went from surprise to welcome longing when they saw it was me.

I dropped to my knees beside them and pounced first on to Sam’s straining cock and then alternated to Evan’s. In a second, they both adjusted their positions to push their stiff cocks together between their spread legs. I dropped my face between them, squeezed both their heads together and licked around them.

I pushed as much of their combined cocks into my mouth as I could and fucked and sucked them together as deeply as I could until I felt them both pulsing and throbbing together almost in perfect unison. I lifted up and began jacking them together allowing their shafts and heads to slip side to side so they were doing some of their own masturbating.

Sam’s white goo pulsed out first. Evan followed him in a couple seconds. I let their cum slip down over my fingers and between their slippery dicks.

I milked them until they had nothing left to give. When I let go they weren’t even dribbling anymore. There was a heavy wet spot on Evan’s jeans under them on the floor.

Without a word I rose and went to my bathroom to clean up. When I walked back through to leave the bedroom, they had resumed their 69 position to clean each other off.

When I returned to Blaise’s side I got everyone’s attention.

“As you all know, the holidays are coming up,” I said. “And, I’m wondering if there will be enough of you available to come to a show on the next scheduled date of the 22nd. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of family plans. Or, on the flip side, there’s no reason for me to schedule something if no one’s going to be here.

“So, I wanted to leave the decision up to my boys. Do you want a show the weekend before Christmas? If not, the next one would be a full month from now on January fifth.”

Not quite as one, but certainly unanimously, the group requested a Christmas show. Some said they couldn’t go a full month without seeing me. A couple even announced they planned on bringing certain family members to see me.

“Then, it’s settled,” I replied. “I’ll see you all in two weeks.”

That Monday, Blaise received two calls for private shows requesting almost exactly what I’d done Saturday — regular clothes with a “normal” strip and masturbation show. I already had one private show booked for that week. But, Blaise booked another and then two more for the following week based on Saturday’s “street clothes” show.

One of those shows was going to be a Christmas gift from an audience member to a new acquaintance of his who he wanted to introduce to my particular form of entertainment. It was the first time anyone had asked for a two-person private show. In a way, I liked the idea. There was an obvious difference between performing for one man and forty. A single audience member was clearly more intimate and I could tailor my performance to their desires. But, two “watchers” somehow seemed even more intimate. I knew I would be sharing myself with two men who already were sharing themselves. They were inviting me into their intimate relationship if only for a brief moment. It was both an honor and a turn-on.

On Tuesday of that week I did a private deep-throat show in my white costume by request. That Thursday, though, I was allowing Malcolm to unbutton my blue button-down before I slowly pushed my Levi’s down and jacked off for him — my first “street-clothes” private since Johnny’s.

The Tuesday after that, I greeted Dave, a regular attendee, and his new friend, Sean. Dave was a few years older than me, maybe 30 or so. Sean, however, probably was about my age or a couple years younger.

Where Dave was dressed for the office — probably having just left work, Sean was wearing the latest, hippest fashions straight off of MTV and every bit as obviously gay as any pink boa. From what Blaise had explained, Sean was a fairly recent “convert” and probably canlı casino Dave’s new toy.

Dave had asked that I start off in jeans, a button-down and sweater. After I got them settled and drinking, I pulled the sweater off quickly and began unbuttoning my shirt. They both followed my hands intently.

Once my shirt was open I pushed a hand down into my jeans and groped my cock and balls.

Dave bit his lip. But, Sean was much more demonstrative with a very feminine “Oooh” and faux-demure neck movement.

They both had a hand on each others’ thigh as I unbuttoned my Levi’s.

“Feel free to enjoy each other as you watch me,” I suggested, eyeing their hands.

Dave blushed a bit and Sean immediately slid his hand to Dave’s tightening crotch.

I pushed my jeans down just enough to free my bikini-clad cock and balls. They both gasped a bit. Sean let loose another overt “Oooh.” I ignored it as I rubbed, groped, and squeezed myself through the cotton.

They both knew nothing of the world beyond my groin and hand.

As they watched me bring myself to a raging hard-on within – and eventually escaping – my small triangle of underwear, Dave and Sean began squeezing and rubbing each others’ now tight packages and were openly breathing more heavily.

Sean took the initiative and unzipped both his and Dave’s pants and both of their hands dove in. They stopped only long enough to push their pants down just enough to allow their hard cocks to pop out.

Dave had a mushroom head atop a five-inch thickish shaft that disappeared in a dense black bush. Sean was a bit longer, but thin with a head that was barely differentiated from his shaft. He appeared to be nearly hairless.

As soon as their dicks were out they began stroking each other vigorously. I pointed out the lube on the tables beside their chairs. In a couple seconds they both were slick and shiny.

Meanwhile, I had lubed up and was slowly, sensuously stroking my cock for them, giving them an audible performance with plenty of heavy breathing and low moans.

It took only a minute or two for Sean’s stomach to tighten up and his breathing to become gasps. Dave sped up his tight strokes and soon covered his hand with Sean’s cum.

As he recovered Sean began mimicking my technique of rolling his palm over Dave’s swollen meat and in a minute Dave was humping into his friend’s hand and exploded onto his thighs and the young fist wrapped around him.

I held out a few minutes longer. I had to make sure I gave them a good show whether they were finished or not. I stroked my shaft, rolled my head and squeezed my balls until I could feel my pleasure rising. I always make sure it’s obvious to my audience that I’m actually pleasuring myself and really about to cum. I always exaggerate. But, it’s never fake. Dave and Sean were getting a real live sex show to be sure.

As my abs and ass began contracting, Sean leaned forward placing his face just a foot or so from the tip of my throbbing cock.

“I want it!” he exclaimed. “Let me taste it! Cover me with your cum!”

A couple strokes later, I blew a heavy load into the air between us and every small drop and large wad landed squarely on Sean’s face or in his open mouth.

As I slowed to a breathy dribble, Dave leaned in and began licking and kissing my thick cum off his lover’s face. In a second, they were wrapped in an intense, passionate session of kissing and licking. They both were spent already, so I knew I wouldn’t have to break up anything too serious.

I cleaned myself up and pulled up my underwear and jeans while they made out.

Eventually, they calmed down and got dressed. Before they left Dave gave me a $200 tip.

“A hundred for each of us,” he said. “That was amazing and worth every dime!”

As soon as they left I jumped in my Jeep and headed to Blaise’s. I walked into the living room, surprising him so much he didn’t even get up. He knew I had a private show that night and didn’t expect to see me.

I walked in and, without a word, dropped to my knees, freed his cock and began licking, stroking and caressing it until it was hard and he was breathless.

A couple minutes later I had a throatful of his warm sperm. I licked him clean, rose from the floor and headed for the master bathroom to shower.

Fifteen minutes later, I was beside him on the couch in a pair of lounge pants and a shirt. I had bought a duplicate set of each of my costumes so I could keep one at Blaise’s house. I didn’t offer an explanation and he didn’t request one. But, his hand was on my cock until it was stiff and aching for release.

My next show — the audience-requested Christmas show — opened with me walking through the crowd in my red pants and shirt with a Santa hat on and “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” playing. I carried a sack full of goodies and dropped it beside my chair. I’d decorated a small, artificial tree on stage and noticed several more packages were under it than I remembered.

Blaise leaned kaçak casino close and whispered that several of my audience members had brought gifts for me. I felt my face redden. It was touching. I hadn’t expected gifts. But, I certainly had gifts for them. I wanted to show them how much I appreciated their support over the last six months of stripping, jacking, and butt-fucking.

“Well, it looks like some of you have been overly generous,” I started. “I also have some goodies for each of you. I wonder — should we do gifts now? Or, should I do the show first?

“What do you think?”

There was a sudden cacophony of “Strip!,” “Let’s see it!,” “Give us the show!”

Apparently, they wanted my pound of flesh before we got to the gifts.

“That settles it,” I responded. “But, first, I want to direct your attention to the decorations around the room tonight. There’s a generous amount of mistletoe spread around the room. I expect it to be well-used. And, remember the old song — love the one you’re with.

“I also have several nutcrackers around the room. Please, do not use them. I don’t want any injuries to important parts here tonight.”

There was a wave of chuckles and laughs as Blaise started my usual background music and I began my slow, sensual striptease that didn’t tease all that much. My costume was festive from my red lounge pants to my red thong to the red jewel in my butt plug. The Santa hat stayed on, though.

Once I was down to my thong, Blaise appeared with an appropriately colored double-ended dildo the same size as Double-Date Danny. It was candy striped like a long, floppy candy cane.

I worked it in and out slowly, sensually, making eye contact with several members of the audience the entire time I pushed it deeper and deeper through my throat and into my chest.

When I got to the part of my routine where Blaise fucked my mouth and throat with the dildo I stopped and pulled it out.

“Now, we come to a part of the show where one lucky audience member gets the first gift of the night,” I announced, wiping my throat and chest off with a towel. “Each of you should have been given a ticket when you arrived tonight. Does everyone have a ticket with a number on it? If you don’t have one, let’s hear it. I want everyone to have an equal chance.”

There were some nods around the room, but no negative responses.

“OK,” I said. “So, now Blaise is going to bring up a hat and I’m going to draw one number. And, that one lucky, good little boy gets to come up here and fuck my throat with this dildo just like Blaise usually does.”

There were a couple gasps and some murmuring around the room. I knew this would get their attention. The hat in question was from Phil’s lawn equipment company.

I called out a number and there was an audible gasp from the back of the room.

“That’s me!”

A 50-something man in Polo and Calvin Klein made his way up to the front. He was graying, but showed few other signs of his age. He was obviously fit and attractive, and hid his sexual proclivity well. I assumed only his lovers knew for sure which way he swung — a man after my own heart.

He told me his name was Keith and had been a regular since September.

“Well, then, Keith,” I said. “You know what happens next. Are you ready to fuck my throat with a giant candy cane?”

He didn’t say anything, but I handed him my dildo anyway.

I stretched my throat toward the ceiling and directed Keith to insert the dildo slowly. He obviously was nervous and stood apart. I assured him it was OK, I wouldn’t let him hurt me.

He seemed to relax a little and started lowering the latex into my mouth. Once it entered my throat, I grabbed his hips and pulled him closer. I grabbed his wrist and guided him farther down and then up and down to begin a slow stroke into and out of my throat and chest.

Once he settled on a consistent rhythm, I let go of his arm for a minute. Then, unexpectedly, I reached out and grabbed his growing cock. I could feel it was about half-hard and of a reasonable size, maybe six inches even before being fully erect.

He jumped when I touched him. The audience gasped and oohed and aahed. I squeezed and caressed and stroked Keith to a full, obvious erection.

I looked him in the eye and gave him a questioning look as I grabbed his zipper with my other hand. He nodded vigorously with wide eyes.

I unzipped his khakis and released a thick bulge in his white briefs. The audience again gasped and expressed jealous and envious exclamations.

I pulled his stiff meat out of his underwear and began stroking and squeezing it in much the same manner as I did Blaise’s cock. I worked him carefully, lovingly, as if every sensation mattered. All the while he was pumping long latex in and out of my throat. He’d slowed down a bit since I unzipped his pants.

I looked up at his face and his eyes were glazed over. A second later, as I rolled my palm over his already throbbing dick, his eyes closed and I felt him begin to cum. I pulled him close with his cock as a handle and let him spew his thick jizz onto my bare chest.

There was a loud, audible gasp from everyone in the room as the first few wads of hot cum landed on my hairy chest.

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