Entice Me: Maya

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This is a story about sex between consenting adults who are related by blood and/or marriage. Everyone, including you and those in the story, must be and are over 18 years of age.

The first three book titles are real. The dialog Maya is reading is from one of those. The title of the fourth book is not real.

Constructive criticism is always accepted and appreciated. Anonymous comments about how shit sucks and stuff are not helpful.

Thanks for reading.


Rob’s feet padded up the carpeted stairs. He licked his lips with anticipation. Not-so-far below him were the murmurings of his friends and relatives. They’d been lured over with free food and booze. No one really enjoyed the company of Rob’s wife, Rhonda. Her ability to look down on anybody regardless of social standing, integrity, and wealth was mythic. She once cut down a girl scout troop leader, stating that she was undoing all efforts for female independence and enforcing conformity. The exasperated woman was never seen again.

Rhonda especially enjoyed cutting into other groups namely cheerleaders, sports participants, and clergy. And she was always this way. Rob met her in college. She was a size eight blonde, with C-cup tits. Her self-confidence won him over as she captained the debate team and could answer any challenge. Rumor had it she was a closet lesbian as no man would dare ask her out. The blonde braiding of her hair was always rigid, her posture unyielding. Her ass was as legendary as her tongue. Whispers circulated that she was found fucking a professor mercilessly during an away debate. The sounds were more like an exorcism than a willful copulation. Those who boasted of witnessing were quickly put down when challenged to verify with the female participant.

He snared her by being exceedingly bold and invited her to debate on how she could be wrong about something. “The greatest failure is a person who never admits that he can be a failure – Gerald. N. Weiskott”, Rob said.

“Wait wait wait!,” she replied, “I was thought I was wrong once. But then I realized I was mistaken.” Her lips coiled into a smirk.

Over chicken parmesan and white wine they went back and forth. The night ended with a hug. She’d pressed deeply into his arms, allowing her breath to fall on his neck. But he wasn’t fooled. He figured she’d get all into it and then feign indignation. This was a long game. Two months and significant amounts of heavy petting later, Rhonda knocked on Rob’s door. It was four in the morning on a Saturday.

“Huh?” was all he could muster.

She roughly dressed him and dragged him to a nearby hilltop. Rob became unnerved at their arrival as it was also a Civil War cemetery. As the sun crested the hills, illuminating the valley below Rhonda dropped to her knees and freed his cock.

On the hill she’d sucked most of the hair off his shaft, kneading his balls, licking every conceivable crevice. Finishing a dizzying blowjob, she kissed him deeply and unbuckled her pants. She threw them to the ground and turned around. Reaching between her legs she guided his shaft, stabbing her pussy. Rob couldn’t moan out of shock of what was happening. His hands clenched down on her hips in response, locking eyes with her.

“Fuck me” she whispered.

He pushed his cock all the way in again. Rhonda bent at the waist, her hands crawling out in front of her to grip the ground. Rob pulled and pulled, ramming his cock into her pussy over and over. The smell of her ran through his nose, into his mouth. He could feel her juice spraying everywhere, her slickness growing. Rhonda moved her ass from side to side, feeling his penis on all surfaces.

Rob’s eyes were shut tight. He could feel the warmth in his belly rising. His orgasm was imminent.

“Cum…in…my ass, Rob…” she hissed.

He was confused. Quickly he pulled out of her pussy and rammed it into her ass. A piercing cry left her mouth and he hesitated.

“Don’t stop don’t stop Don’t Stop!” she commanded.

Rob could feel his cock pulsing against the tightness. He came. Shooting six or seven times into Rhonda’s ass. She had stuck three fingers inside her, he could almost feel them wiggling.

On the hill she’d freed his cock.Or rather enslaved it. Every time she saw him from then on she fucked him.In the photography lab. On a bench. In the planetarium. She was insatiable. Rob suspected that she’d been a virgin, but witnessing her technique his doubts faded. Once she’d been on the phone with her dad discussing seating arrangements bostancı escort for her aunt’s birthday party, he’d come into to pick her up for a date. She motioned him to sit in the chair across from her. Beige was the color of the day. A thick turtleneck sweater outlined her breasts leading down to a knee-length skirt of similar color. The boots were an auburn brown, coming midway up her calves.

“No, dad, I don’t see what you mean,” she said in a very bland tone. “Sitting all the cousins at one table does nothing to liven the evening. If we spread them out among her friends they will get a chance to know one another.”

The banality of the conversation evaporated at the word “spread” when Rhonda uncrossed her legs revealing the absence of underwear. She further placed two fingers at the entrance to her womb and began to rub.

“My thoughts on seafood appetizers would be that since we have no idea who has a shellfish allergy we should limit it to bacon-wrapped scallops.” Her fingers moved faster.

She glanced at Rob who showed the beginnings of an erection inside his pants. Rhonda motioned him to stand and come closer. Unzipping his pants and lowering his underwear, she began to stroke his cock. She pointed it right beneath her chin and licked her lips.

“You want Uncle George to do photography?” she asked, and stopped stroking long enough to lift her sweater. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her C’s came completely into Rob’s vision.. “Daddy, you know I love Uncle George, but the man takes pictures like I play golf.”

She went back to stroking him. Twisting her wrist and giving the head an occasional flick of the tongue, Rob knew he would cum soon. The biggest turnon was the conversation. Her father had no idea that his prim daughter was jerking off her boyfriend.

“For a soup we can serve cream of mushroom head…” she said. “Never heard of it? Oh I meant cream of mushroom. Sorry daddy.”

She licked his shaft from base to head and jerky him faster. Rob couldn’t hold back. He clamped his hand over his mouth and tried not to make an noise. Rhonda leaned forward with her mouth open. Rob splattered her tongue first, then her chin. She closed her mouth so the cum ran out. Her left hand popped three fingers in her mouth and spread the cum all over her melons. Rob let out a final spurt.

“Is Aunt Ada lactose intolerant, dad?”

After the birth of her two children, Maya and Alexis, she’d kept herself tone, and shapely, at a size twelve. Rob always lusted after her. Sex between them had fallen to the wayside after Maya was born. It would happen occasionally, but never with the zeal that had overtaken them when they were dating. He would take her out for “date night” and buy her pretty much whatever she wanted. Rhonda busied herself working part-time as the comptroller for a security company and various charity events. Alexis was off to the Air Force Academy and Maya, now eighteen, would be graduating high school in two short months. The girls looked very different from one another. Alexis was the spirit and image of her mother. From tits to toes, hair to ass, everything was identical – including the attitude. Rob and Rhonda had a difficult time, to say the very least, when Alexis had made up her mind about something. Maya on the other hand was an amalgamation of all the recessive genes in their families. Maya was a size thirteen with luscious hips and deep chestnut hair. Her eyes were as blue as a carbuncle; and even darker when angered. Maya was more pragmatic, thoughtful and sentimental from time to time. It was her Rob was sneaking away to see.

It was a recent development. Although Maya had always been a reader and read everything in the house, she’d never seen the books resting on top of her dad’s bookshelf. She’d been looking for a Stanley Middleton book when she saw a few thin ones resting on the top of the adjacent shelf. They weren’t dusty, and looked fairly vintage.

Maya was always inquisitive and quiet. She was thoughtful, but direct. She allowed all opinions but formed her own based on all the evidence. Wondering why these were relegated to their place she reached for them. Awe overtook Maya as she read the titles:

The Disciplined Daughter by Kipp Cameron.

Aimee and Chloe by Valerie Grey.

Kneeling to Daddy by Brad Conway.

She realized why these were hidden away from prying eyes. Her dad was a pervert. Having little experience with writing pornography Maya flipped one open.

‘She was obviously enjoying it as much as büyükçekmece escort I was. She was half-naked, having put on a pair of short-shorts, but still topless so that her breasts jiggled and bounced as she beat me.

“Can’t you hit any harder than that?” I said.

She complied. “You must be some kind of masochist.” she said.

“What a masochist?”

“That’s a guy who gets a hard-on when people kick him around, especially girl people.”‘

Maya closed it quickly. Oh my God, she thought. Sick! Yet different. She’d hadn’t had much experience with boys or girls. They all just wanted to fuck. With sympathetic ears and looks of understanding they tried to get her pants off. She’d been curious, but wanted a real experience. Different and special, enticing and singular for her first time.

She opened another and read. The more she read, the more she understood. These fantasies weren’t about some sick attraction to your own flesh. There was a bond, a trust between parents and their offspring. That they would be cared for and never be hurt. She figured the sexual expressions were the adult way of it. When you were a kid it was to be clothed and fed. As a young adult, you were provided discipline and knowledge to grow. As an adult procreation and pleasure were given. Society taught it was SO wrong, but somehow left out the “why” in it all.

She stowed the books back where she found them. Yet over the next few weeks she kept returning to them. Like a grimoire of black magic she conjured images of what would happen next. Even scenarios in her own head. She’d take to her father’s big leather chair, prop her feet up on the teak desk and read.

Three Sundays ago she’d been reading “Devil in My Daughter” by Jim Witness. She’d been out playing tennis in shorts and decided to take a little break inside a fantasy. Her feet were propped up on the desk, her socks drawn all the way up to just below her knees. Maya’s hand had crept down to inside her baby blue shorts. She rubbed her hairy pussy round and round. Stroking up and down, moving her clit back and forth. A small gasp escaped her lips as she inserted two fingers. The story told of a father resting his penis against the small of his daughter’s back, moving it almost imperceptibly across her ass. Maya closed her eyes, bit her lip, moving her fingers faster. Her mouth opened as she came. In her mind she watched the father slowly part his daughter’s hips and bring his pelvis forward to enter her…

Rob had arrived home early. Stupid meetings, he thought. Wanting to make sure the plants had been watered her went around the back of the house. Looks good, he thought, entering the back door. Dropping his keys on the counter, he opened the fridge. Nothing looked appetizing. He closed the door and headed for his study. To his surprise the door was opened. And there, sitting in his chair with a book in her hand, was Maya – masturbating.

Rob stopped, unsure what to do. He could see the door was more open the closer he got. She was jilling off all right, he thought. There was his beautiful daughter in all her womanhood. Why was she using his office? He pondered that point for a moment until he saw the book. Shit, he thought. She’s found one! His heart dropped, his mind raced. How would he explain it? What would he say? Did she tell anyone? Would he be just a pervy old man? Thoughts of her revulsion darted inside his head. Suddenly he realized she was pleasuring herself with it. It must turn her on. Rob’s cock spoke up. Watching his daughter finger herself awoke the sex-deprived monster within him.

The office being carpeted Rob walked slowly towards the desk. Maya was engulfed in orgasm after orgasm. He crept until he stood beside her. It was the zipper that gave him away. Maya was resting in a valley between climaxes. Her fingers slowing when she heard the noise. She jumped at the sight of her father, home early with his cock pointed at her. There were no words. She knew what she wanted, what he wanted. They looked at each other for the longest minute, their breathes the only noise in the house.

Slowly Maya took her drenched hand to her father’s cock. She pressed it taut, stroking it slowly at first. Never having been this close to a penis she took in every detail. The veins, the head, the slight pulsing in her hand as she rubbed it firmly along the shaft. Rob shuffled closer, now inches away from Maya’s mouth, he could feel her breath. He never looked away. She licked the head of his cock. He moved forward more, the head çatalca escort entering her mouth. She sucked on it gently, moving her hand faster at his nascent direction. Rob couldn’t believe this was happening. He was going to cum and couldn’t say a word. He erupted. White drops splashed and splattered all over Maya’s mouth. Some got on her nose, a little in her hair. She was surprised, but recovered quickly. The texture and taste intrigued her. It was salty, but she wanted to try more, licking up as much as she could. Father and daughter stood in silence. Rob reached out and stroked her cheek. Maya brought her legs to her chest and cradled against him. He stroked her long chestnut hair, listening to her breath softly. After what seemed an eternity of unspoken understanding, Maya got up, kissed him on the cheek and went upstairs.

Rob approached the shared bathroom between Maya and Alexis’ room. The light was off, but he could make out Maya’s shadow. The shower curtain was drawn making him think that they could fuck in there, but it would look strange should they need to exit quickly. Her arms greeted him in a firm embrace. Two sensual kisses lay themselves at the base of his neck. He loved that feeling. A hand reached down and unzipped his pants. That same hand reached for his engorged cock and began to stroke it. Rob stretched under Maya’s shirt and felt for her breasts. He pinched her nipples, swirling the areola with his thumb. Her breath quickened and she stroked him faster. Maya was wearing her yoga pants that were easy to remove and dress with depending on the motivation. She slid them down to her knees and turned around, spreading her legs. Resting her hands on vanity, her father’s hardness pressed against her labia. Rob loved the feeling of sliding his hardness back and forth along her pussy. The warm wet felt heavenly on his dick. It drove Maya mad. But this wasn’t their first time and they had to be careful. Twelve people were less than eighteen feet away.

Rob entered Maya with full force, his hands reaching forward to interlace with hers. He thrust his pelvis up, making sure to be as far inside of her as possible. Maya’s breath quickened and small yelps escaped as her eyes tightened shut. Clenching her fingers around his, Maya’s orgasm hit her. She pushed back against him, trying not to call out his name. Rob kept fucking, his daughter’s pussy enclosed his cock completely. Her wetness growing with each thrust. He glanced in the mirror seeing Maya’s breasts bouncing, her face contorted in ecstasy. The smell of hair and skin was all around him. Rob knew he couldn’t last much longer when suddenly he heard a thump.

He froze.

“Whatwuzat?” he panted.

“Mmm probably…shutting a closet er something.” she stammered back.


“Yea. Yea. C’mon dad. Make me cum again.” she pleaded.

He couldn’t say “no” to her. He resumed fucking, this time moving to one side of her vagina. The side that made her cum the quickest.

“Oh…dadddd.” she groaned, pushing back against him harder. “Remember where to cum.” she said quickly.

He grunted back in assurance. She wanted him to cum in her panties. Days ago she shared with him that after fucking her before school she tasted him all day long by the ropes of cum he’d left in her underwear. Rob was nearly there. Feeling his daughter cum on his cock again pushed him over the edge. He pulled out, Maya’s hand was there to jerk him off into her panties. Her vice-like hold milked every line of cum from his penis. She smiled at him, blowing away a curtain of hair drawn over her one eye. She bent down and sucked the rest out “for good measure”, winking at him as she did so.

He shot a look of concern at the door and tried to tuck his glistening penis back in his pants.

“You go ahead, dad.” she whispered “Be down in a minute.”

He kissed her deeply. “Love you.”

“Love you too, dad.” she replied.

Rob walked slowly back downstairs, making sure his legs were not going to go out from under him.

Maya adjusted her shirt and pulled her yoga pants back up. Turning around she whipped open the shower curtain. “Jesus, could ya make any more noise.”

“Whaaattt? I was SO quiet!” Alexis protested.

“That huge thud was not quiet!” Maya accused.

“Oh that. Yea. Sorry.” Alexis shrugged. “I promise to be more careful…next time..”

Her demeanor changing to seductive, Alexis drew Maya closer by her pants, sliding a hand along her thigh. Wiping three fingers against her pussy and bringing them to her mouth, Alexis closed her eyes. She inhaled deeply, then swallow.

“Does dad know you are home on leave?” Maya cooed.

“Not yet” said Alexis, licking her fingers thoroughly.

Maya ran her own hand across Alexis’ lips and leaned in. Her tongue parted those lips and kissed her sister deeply.

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